Sunday, August 28, 2011

provo utah bucket list

in honor of our last year here in provo at byu,
and in honor of the first day of fall semester,
i present to you,
the provo utah bucket list
in no particular order:

(red= still to do)
5. hike timp? 
8. hike up to the timp caves
9. go swimming in the great salt lake
13. visit park city for a day and do the olympic park activities
14. do a session at the salt lake temple 2/25/12
19. go kayaking in the provo lake
20. fly a kite on campus
24. go to the utah museum of fine arts
26. go to the governor's mansion in salt lake 

if you have any other awesome "must do provo things" i'd love to hear!

we'll be adding on more probably throughout the year!
plus we'll be updating it on what we've accomplished and when!

ps- husband  fell asleep next to me while i wrote this bc he was waiting to get on the computer after me,
he just did the body twitch thing you do when you're almost completely asleep,
giggles :)


Cherri said...

They use to have an outdoor ice-scating rink in Provo.... not sure if they have that some where in the UT valley any more.... you certainly won't find it in AZ. :)

What about the Provo River.... have you done anything going down that...? Love ya and all your fun goals...:)

Jacie Saltzman said...

yeah i agree- you must "float the provo" haha. i cant believe how many of those things you havent done yet!! but i guess when ur gone each summer, your time for that kind of stuff is limited.

Anonymous said...

love this and i'm stealing it. thankyou!

Scott said...

There's a lot of stuff in that list that we also need to do. We should do some of them together.

Rob and Kam said...

Want to go real camping with Rob and I? we're probably going to go again before this little guy comes? I'll call you sometime to see when

Trenton said...

don't forget to cross off snowshoeing!