Thursday, September 1, 2011

since school began

1. what i bought at the grocery store late saturday night: marshmallow matey's (we've got to survive people!), milk, peanut butter, jelly, wheat thins, bananas, and carrots. that is correct people, we've been living off of cereal and pb and j's this week. we rock.

2. we're in a bowling class together together (we love it). going through the class role the 1st day the teacher calls
"casey cutler?"
"kimber cutler."
"...are you two brother and sister?"
"husband and wife..."
ya, we rock.

3. remember how much we love our apartment and practically sold our souls to get back in it for this semester? we forgot how horrible that place is in the summer and late august/early sept = summer! that dang atti turns into an oven!! ha, but we're surviving with 3 fans placed in all the windows and a swamp cooler that turns our bedroom into a little ice box! we can't wait for fall/winter!

4. more on our humble attic: i think a bomb went off. with school and work, there has been no time to unpack and organize. we actually ate our cereal the first 2 days with the same spoon and large fruit bowl bc that's all we could find! if we do need to find something (usually in the wee hours of the morning when we're late to school), we tear through boxes like it's christmas morning and leave quite the noticeable trail...

5. we love our jobs. we most definitely missed our jobs. worst part of our job: seeing people you know but can't remember their name! it's so embarrassing and i'm horrible at it!!! and trust me, i see tons of people. if they don't remember my name, i've got a badge on so they don't have to feel stupid like me. but seriously, give me a break people!!! (espeacially you people i' haven't seen in 2 years!). all that matters is that i remembered them and my (fun) experiences with them, right?

6. do you remember years ago when i showed a picture of our new bed and it was on the ground? well guess what?! our bed isn't on the ground anymore! we don't have to live like savages!!! yay for our landlord buying a bed frame, and most importantly, a queeen box spring that splits apart so it fit up the attic stairs!!!

7. fact: for the first time ever i dropped a class bc the book was too expensive and i decided there was too much work in there that i sincerely did not want to do. heh heh.

8. today i was 10 minutes late to class bc i thought i was going to ride my bike to school and when i got on my bike both tires were flat. boooooo.

9. in the 1 hour's time we did have to unpack, we stopped and looked at our photo album from last year for 20 10 minutes. i am so excited for fall!!!!!!

10. this morning when i left for school, i woke casey up for a kiss, a prayer, another kiss and a goodbye like usual. but today after he said goodbye, 45 seconds later while i'm rustling around in the room he started mumbling goodbye again in his sleep. another reason how he keeps me smiling and happy when he doesn't even try to. thanks dearest husband of mine.

ps- why do i have time to write this when my house is a disaster and homework isn't done? waiting between classes thank you very much

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Megan said...

I miss you. I whole-heartedly, frowny-face miss you. But, your happy blog helps heal the wound:)