Thursday, June 30, 2011

A time off for the Wife!

                     So since Kimber always has to do the blog updates I figured it would be nice to give her a break for one post although she will probably post again after me anyways and I am ok with that. My family just came into town Tuesday night and we have had bunches of fun some while Kimber is working and I feel bad that she isn't with us all the time so maybe that is partially a reason why I am doing this post because I want her to know that she is not forgotten! Yesterday we kind of toured around Cody's Dental school and possibly a place where we will end up next year as well. We went out to eat at a cute Cafe and walked along the canal in downtown Indianapolis. The food has been great and the company even better. I'm going to cover more of today since Kimber had to miss the morning time so here are a few pictures that we took. We went and played tennis and surprisingly my mom and dad smoked Cody and I in a 6 game set of Tennis. I really am not that great at this sport haha maybe that is why Kimber wants to start playing because she could probably smoke me most of the time. Jaden, our nephew loves the pool so we set up a little play pool in the back yard and I couldn't resist since I haven't gone swimming yet since being in Indiana. So we played with the slide into the pool I kinda just hung out. That was basically what we did today and Kimber really was missed. Jaden would always ask for Ber ber even though he is pretty fascinated with all the grandmas and grammies (a little inside joke). Well Kimber your Awesome and you are loved for what you do to make the Cutler family work sometimes even if it is making money while some of us play. Love you! 
Jaden's gotta eat some food!

I got the splash right in the face!

This pool shouldn't be able to fit us should it haha

We got Thrashed

Had to teach Jaden Sumo Wrestling sometime!

Friday, June 24, 2011

happy birthday to you.

last night,
i watched this little cutie open her birthday presents via gmail video chat!!
here, she is showing me her new necklaces i gave her.
don't tell, but i actually stole borrowed those from my mom back in high school, took them with me to college, and now my neck is too big and they just don't look cute on me, 
so i thought i'd do a justly service and pass them down the line :)
remember when i did this same thing with her on her 2 year birthday?

i am so grateful we have video chatting.
i love that communication!
and it made me feel like i was actually there!
each present she would show to me (the computer) specifically so i too felt included.

so happy birthday miss 3 year old!

and dearest all other siblings and SIL's, feel free to include casey and i on the action via video chat with all your kid's birthdays we're not there for, 
thanks :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

so how old are you?

fact: i'm married
fact: i've been married a year and a half
fact: i'm 20 (although sometimes i may fib and say i'm 21:)
this is probably the first environment i've been around that looks at me strangely bc i'm so young and married but i don't have any kids, gasp! it's far more acceptable and reasonable around here to have kids at my age, but not be married, what's up with that? 

probably half or more of the girls i work with at kohl's have kids, and these girls are pretty much my age and not married! crazy! so in our conversations something will come up about "my husband..." and in awe they say "you're married!? how old are you?" those are the literal words that come out of their mouth everytime, ha. i've heard of plenty experiences like these where when you come out to the east, everyone is just flabbergasted that such a "young, pretty girl" would be married!

i love being married. i absolutely love it. there's one person in this world who cares about all the details of my life each day and doesn't get bored of me sharing them. and there's one person in this world that i know so many things about and i learn of his day everyday and how it went. we are literally best friends. it is just such a blast to be together and share so many things together! everyone should get married i say :)

i am so happy i married as young as i was, there's that many more fun things we can share together! like seriously, how many couples get to go skydiving together? or college together (ok, maybe lots there, but we have literally been in each other's lives since the 2nd day we came to BYU). i'm so happy we get such a long time to be together, just he and i, at this young age, while being married. this time is literally priceless together.

i'll be sad the day we leave provo bc provo is literally our home, it will have been our home together for nearly 4 years! provo will hold a special place in my heart forever. and whenever i drive into that wasatch valley, i will feel like i'm coming home.

so in conclusion, those indianans who think i'm crazy for getting married so young, i smirk and think to myself "you don't know what you're missing out on"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the Kentucky temple.

we were able to go to the temple!
except the temple is TWO hours away in Louisville, KY! ha, but it was still wonderful :)
no really it was, i'm grateful that the temple was even that close!
we listened to efy music pretty much the whole way there,
it was so fun to have all those fun efy memories flood our minds, so many good memories.
we listened to each other and laughed, seriosuly we both loved efy and both wish we got to be counselors,
instead we chose to be married :)
in the temple! ha.
afterwards we took a little detour to downtown Louisville, KY to a little deli place.
very appetizing if i do say so myself.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!

dear casey:
i love you.
one day in the long away future, you will be a real dad (not a wooden one).
and then i can post cute pictures of you and our kids!
until then, we will show a picture of how you've always been preparing to be a daddy,
i.e.: mowing the lawn in your super cool mario slippers at age 3 :)
man, 1989 treated you well sweetie!

dear daddy,
like i said, 
2 posts. 1 week. both about you. you lucky man you :)
truly you are wonderful.
whenever we did things together, you had this way of making everything so special.
you taught us how to ride motorcycles and now all us kids think we're so awesome bc most people just ride quads but we're super cool snobs and think bikes are better. wow. we're cool.
did you know that sometimes i would purposely fall asleep on the couch bc i knew you'd carry me back to my bed at like any age and then i felt like a princess in a movie being carried away.
this is my third father's day away from you, boo! hopefully sooner rather than later i can celebrate right next to you again!
and sorry if my card got to you late, i promise i've had it for like 2 weeks and never sent it!
love you so much daddy!
have a wonderful day!

lastly, to my father in law,
thanks for raising casey.
he has so many of your great qualities!
and let's face it, you had a pretty sweet mustache back in the day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a birthday

dearest padre,
it's your birthday!
and i love you.
i hope your day is wonderful!
remember how when we were younger mom assigned us dinner seats so we'd all rotate sitting by you at dinner bc you're awesome like that?
yeah, you're awesome like that.
hope your birthday is fun and you enjoy the day daddy :)
love you so so much!!!
ps- dad, you're like the only lucky person who's going to get TWO posts dedicated to them in 1 week :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

a little bit of june.

top moments of the last 7 daysish.
1. casey took his big test! wahoo! he's done studying and we are so happy with the results!  
go casey!!!
2. went to applebee's after his test to celebrate being done with studying and relax.
3. we watched the movie CARS k, we love that movie! so cute!
4.  we went and saw pirates 4! (in 3D, boo). but it was still a great movie, they're so clever!
5. we made lots of yummy cookies.
6. we went to buffalo wild wings in honor of casey's pre-testing dinner.
7. we've been playing outside a little bit in the sun. i love the sun so much!
8. we've been playing with chalk outside too!
9. we got to teach the sunbeams on sunday. we kinda love this calling!
10. i got a summer job at kohl's! whoopie! the manager of the store is in our ward and was very kind :)
11.we laid on the bed the other day in the middle of the afternoon and played scrabble on our phones against each other for 45 minutes. bliss.
12. we've been doing our hair curly lately with this tutorial and really like it!
i love being able to get my hair curly without having to use heat on it.
(dear woodruff SIL's, you're not welcome for showing you that video)
13-16. continuing to play with buddy, having yummy tacos, saw someone's beautiful kitchen and envied it immensely, another picture of the cookies we made.
17. and for all 1 of you cross country girls that read this blog, i've started doing 4 corners again. pretty much my whole work out for the day is 2-3 rounds of 4 corners and i'm hurting. ha, wowsers.

overall it's been a great week.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a special little treat

so we kinda love that little mrs curl ice cream place lately.
we went again.
i had another sprinkle dipped one.
casey had a crunch dipped one.

soft serve ice cream in the summer is like the best thing ever next to otter-pops and popsicles.
(i just typed poopsicles on accident which made that sentence way funnier).
i think my favorite part is the bottom of the cone, i love that part :)

yay for ice cream and even better than that,
a hot summer where your ice cream starts to melt before you can start eating it.
that is true happiness.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

take me out to the ballgame

the indiana indians!
last weekend we traveled up to indianapolis and went to the minor league ball game with cody and camille,
and had a blast!



there's something about just sitting back with friends and watching a good ol' american ballgame.
the 7th inning stretch came around and we sang our hearts out to take me out to the ballgame in our loudest voices possible.
good times, good times.


and after the game they had a firework show!
i love fireworks so much!
they are so incredible to watch, hear, and feel (you know, when they boom super loud:)
it made me so excited for the 4th of July!

good company and a good ballgame.
a friday well spent.

ps- they won :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

mrs. curl ice cream


it had been a long day for all of us i believe.
so casey's brother, cody, brought up the idea for us to meet up at this little ice cream joint by the library.
casey and cody practically live there these days so it happened to work perfectly.
everyday i drive by "mrs curl ice cream" there's always a long line which has gotta mean something!

while casey and i waited for our hot dogs,
we ate our ice cream cone topped with sprinkles.
casey also learned from cody that they had frozen bananas for 93 cents!
so he of course had to get one too.

here's our dogs :)
they were so yummy.
casey and cody's were a full foot long, crazy boys.

after eating and relaxing and talking,
we went over to the park and watched jaden run around for awhile.
remember how much fun parks were when you were little?
every one was different from slide to monkey bars, they were all just so fun.
it was relaxing to watch jaden play around on it all and remember how much fun it was for us too.

peacocks, dogs, and blankets

today's run consisted of the 2 following events.
ONE. an incredibly huge peacock in someone's little barn by the road!
seriously, coolest thing ever i have seen here in indiana next to fireflies.
the peacock was huge! and vibrantly colored! seeing it just once more alone will encourage me to go running that much more.
TWO. my new friend named buddy.
it's the only dog i've run by that barks at me happily.
so now at the end of my runs i stop by buddy's yard and we play for awhile. (his owners said i could:)
he loves me.
i love him.

and then i just wanted to randomly add a picture of this little blanket i've been working on.
crocheting the edges of baby blankets is a nice and cute activity i do to pass the time.
keeps my hands busy.
and actually has a purpose other than just looking cute.
1 blanket down. a few more to go.