Thursday, December 31, 2009

tender moments

a few tender moments of the week of christmas :)

our first christmas together waswonderful!
ever since the summer i was telling casey how excited i was for christmas bc
(1) i love christmas and
(2) it would be a christmas of newlywed bliss!
we absolutely loved the time together,
time with family
time to relax
time to think about our savior
time to have fun
endless time!

sorry but there will still be many more christmas memories to come once i get all my siblings pics!

one more tender its own way:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


well right now we are here in st. george on a little trip with the cutlers!
we went and saw the movie Avatar today in 3-D which was way fun with everyone!

we're having a blast and trying to savor these last few days of no school!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Have you ever played the game things?

for example:

Q: What things would you not say to a friend after killing their pet?
Answers during the game:
-Your dumb dog dented my car
-Remember Fido? Well you can forget about him
-We only drug him for an hour...

Q: What things would get a doctor sued for malpractice?
Answers during the game:
- Putting up someone's butt surgory on youtube
-Stitching your initials into the sewn up part of the surgory

Q: What things would get a coach thrown out of the game?
Answers during the game:
-Kickin the 8 year olds for crying
-Punching the old people to vent your frustration
- Giving the ref's joints

i STRONGLY reccommend buying this game for your family
it is endlessly hilarious!


hope everyone's christmas was great!
we'll report on ours later :)

but check out my mom's new blog for her business!

us kids told her she should do a blog for balloons so this is where it's at right now
call her for any kind of balloons you need!
i'm always AMAZED at her creativity with balloons,
you name it and she can make it out of balloons!

they're cheap, fun, and easy!
they look great for parties or pictures!
but keep having a great time with your families

ps- casey is snoring right now :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas!

 from arizona!
we found this house (above and below) that put santa hats on all their cacti! so cute!
(below) these are our stockings for this year
we bought mine (left) but i decorated all of casey's!
i was very proud of my craft skills :)
merry christmas everyone!!!!

10 reasons why it's easier to go to the temple than to BYU

10. The temple won't make you go home and shave
9. You only get interviewed once every other year
8. Always enough parking
7. Finished construction 100 years ago
6. Temple workers won't get in trouble is everyone passes
5. Temple wants you to come back year after year after year
4. Temple costs the same after 4 years; always 10%
3. The final exam in the temple isn't for another 1000 years
2. The temple doesn't care where you live

And the Number One Reason why it's easier to go to the temple than BYU:

1. If you can't go for your self, someone else will do the work for you :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy one month!

December 21
it's been one month since the day casey and i were sealed for forever!
i can't believe how fast it's gone even so far!
we are absolutely loving married life, it couldn't make us happier!
we are so happy that we took the marriage enhancement class at BYU prior to getting married,
we've already used so many of tools, ideas, elements of the class to smooth it all out!
i am so in love with this man :)

Happy one month husband!
this pic is from either from my couain danielle or my bro weston :)
gotta love scott in the background

Monday, December 21, 2009

honeymoon part 3


i'm pretty sure this is our third day and again,
we had an absolute blast!
we went to the nearby tourist city and looked around and did more bartering!
but it rained on us, ha
it rained hard! and it didn't stop for a few hours!!!
at first casey and i tried to wait it out in a few shops
but decided it'd be more enjoyable if we switched to out swimsuits
and walked up and down the streets!
so we did!

casey was just a crack up the whole time, what's new?
at one point he was walking down a back, cute mexican alley
in his swimsuit (the one i like that he doesn't, what a sport ha),
no shirt,
my purse thrown over his shoulder with a garbage bag over it,
goofy sunglasses,
and flip flops that didn't work,
it was just so funny!
i can't believe it's not on camera!

we found a break in the rain and played on the beach for awhile and it was gorgeous!
white beach,
sparkling teal water,
blue stormy sky
and newlyweds,
just loved it!

your best bet is to press the play again  button to see all the pics

Saturday, December 19, 2009

honeymoon part 2

Here's the second day our honeymoon!
our resort was so beautiful and we had so much together!
casey is just an absolute goof ball and wanted to do all the fun activities, i just love him :)

what's up doc

if you live in/by/are related to the BYU bubble, it's obvious that we are out of school!
we finally got done with finals! woot woot!
both casey and i had 5 each and got through it, it's so nice to just relax

A few matters on BYU this semester

  • 2 girls were wondering if/how much a smiley face in a text means some kind of affection. Do multiple smiley faces mean a higher rate of affection? I'm serious, i overheard this conversation in the RB
  • Evolution and the concept of Adam and Eve are taught in the same biology lecture
  • The Sunday School teacher has a haircut like Spoc
i love BYU

we are in good ol' Wyoming with Casey's family and having a blast!
we have a reception tonight here which will be fun to get all dressed up again!
it's so nice to be away from school and having fun with family
we do love our family!

hope everyone else is enjoying this christmas season!!

sorry for the billions of post during December, i ihave a lot to say this month
feel no obligation to read every post ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Imagine this:

it's cold outside.
you have to go to zee bafroom. 
but your hands are full of bags and all thees other thingz.
zee door is locked.
so you have to fumble around to find your keyz and try to open zee door
but can't put down zee bags bc thas gross putting zem on zee floor.
so you struggle vith all your might trying to unlock and open zee door.
once you finally get in zee house,
zee epic journey is not over:
you (I) have to go up zee stariz,
clanking all zee bags on the side of the wallz as you struggle making it up the stairz,
all zee time youstill have to pee REALLY bad
you put zee bags down
but put zem down so zee stuff in the bags don't get all messed up.
zen you FINALLY are able to start your way to zee bafroom
but by now you're trying with all your might to not pee your pants, literally

but you have to take off your glovez,
zen scarf
zen unbutton your jacket
unzip your jacket
take off your jacket
oh yeah, you had to take off your boots when you got in zee house, that vas horrible too

about now you're trying with all your might to seriously NOT to pee your pants

FINALLY after all the excruciating pain of trying to not pee your pants,
you can go to zee bafroom
but zen you have to sit down on zee freezing cold seat- that's death

moral of the story:
when it's cold outside,
your hands are full,
the door is locked
and you have to pee really bad,
it's going to be a long time til the relief.

note- yes i posed for this picture, that is not my jacket or scarf or gloves
nor my santa toilet decorator- but they are all super cool huh? haha 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in a pickle

(sorry for the blurry pic, it's from my phone)
but do you see this?
i was laughing so hard watching casey at the bottom of the stairs with this mass of stuff in his hands trying to open the door. i couldn't go down and help him bc there was no room for me either! so he stood there for like a minute trying to figure out a way to open the door but not put down the stuff or come back up the stairs, he's a crack up! it was just so funny!

brave or shy

i wish i had the courage to mix prints/patterns like this!
love it.

 one more thing:
remember how much i said i liked snow?

i take it back.

snow creates ice and slush when it warms up
i have decided that ice and slush are utterly horrible

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cooking for two

after making a real dinner tonight for almost the first time,
casey & i decided to be super ambitious and make cookies with our new kitchen aid!

i told casey to put on an apron for fun and help & he decided the skirt one would be best...
what a guy eh?
the cookies turned out delicioso btw

other happenings of december:

1.) we went to my ballroom dance company dinner which was fun
we looked like quite a cute couple if i do say so myself!
casey heard there was a one plate rule so he PILED up his plate massively,
put rolls in his pockets,
PILED stuff on my plate so i looked like a piggy too,
and then they said you could get a 2nd plate later...
so much for the savageness!

2) During the whole ballroom thing casey was so ancy to leave so we could go to the BYU v ASU basketball right next door!
we made it over before the first half was over and had a blast!
scott and megan went that night too which made it way fun!
2 things made me proud: look at this awesome white-out student section!
and we beat ASU, and they were ranked!

3) we finally got our bedding etc!
thanks you everyone for the bed bath and beyond gift cards :)
we both agree it's so much better to have a cute new, fluffy one than casey's...
cowboys bed spread ;)
hehe casey looks funny in this pic :) and his derriere got a bad angle...poor thing

it's these little things in life that really make it happy

ps- casey and i cannot get thesong "grandma got run over by a reindeer" out of our heads!
we just keep singing it and singing it!. mmeh! 
(nicole, amy, or brooke: i thought of you as i wrote that mmeh) 

Monday, December 14, 2009


which do you think is worse?
a stuffy nose or a runny nose?

both are terrible (as i'm experiencing during finals) but which is worse?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

honeymoon part 1

cancun mexico was absolutely wonderful!
we had such a blast and it was so beautiful!

if you really know casey and i, you'd know that we're picture-aholics.
i have no idea how many parts i'll do, i could probably do a ton though haha, but won't

this first slideshow was monday- our trip to the famous chichen itza!
it was so cool to be there!
amazing what those mayans did!

casey just loved bartering with the locals

here's some of our favorites!

ok camille- i need your help on this whole slideshow picture thang

new arrival!

 (picture via jaden's newborns)
we have an addition to the family!
my SIL Amanda had her baby this morning!
little Abigail is adorable!
wish i had pics but didn't have our camera
i'll make sure to get them from my brother Weston :)

Casey and I are up in numbers:
3 nephews on his side
2 nieces (3 in May) on my side

they are all so cute and so fun!
yay for babies!

girl jeans

so, yesterday casey and i had a massive day of shopping
christmas shopping
house stuff shopping
window shopping
all that fun stuff...

well our last stop was down east outfitters (one of my absolute fave stores btw)
and there was a sales rack outside,
looked like guy jeans for once, so i told casey to look through it to see if any fit
he came in with one and said "the sizes were weird but this might fit"
tries em, they fit decent for american eagle jeans, a little big int he waist but they work for 12 bucks
as we go to the counter to buy them, casey reads the tag:
amercian eagle: women's jeans

hehe casey almost bought girl jeans :)

one more story, we came out of a store (to our embarrassingly still decorated car),
found an envelope on our car that said,
congratulations! someone did this for us when we got married, thought we'd pass it on!
inside was a few bucks, so sweet of them huh?!
our hope is to pass on this sweet gesture to others :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

my affair with the library and english class.

I calculated it out, and 16 of the last 24 hours,
i spent in the library working on ONE retarded English project.
Yeah, I pretty much wanted to cry

Yesterday I was in the library from 8-5 straight working on it

note to self: stop procrastinating

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

too legit, too legit to quit

here he is!
your new library security guard!

teehee, casey got a job as a security guard the other week,
so if you're in the HBLL (Harold B. Lee Library at BYU) and you're trying to steal a book, he'll come after you, so WATCH OUT!

he texted me the first day of work and said "i feel so legit!"
haha, oh my casey baby
he loves that he has keys, a badge, a flashlight and all that fun stuff.
i think it's like playing dress up for a boy

i am now understanding the meaning of a man looking great in uniform:) haha

Monday, December 7, 2009


Random thoughts on snow:

  1.  It's so white and pretty!
  2. Kinda like baptism, but not really because after the snow melts away it's actually very yucky and dirty snow is left everywhere...bad analogy
  3.  LOVE the crunching sound of fresh snow under my feet (I purposely go out of my way to step on fresh snow:)
  4.  Everyone looks really really dumb when they slip on ice and try to catch themselves and their arms flail everywhere, if you fall or not you're going to look dumb
  5.  Saw a girl fall today, I giggled (sorry Janell!)
  6.  Slipped on ice myslef today. Didn't fall. Did look stupid as my arms flailed everywhere though. 
  7.  Slipping on ice hurts because (1) you fall on your bum like a small child (2) your body tenses up as you try to stay standing...mmeh
  8.  I broke a nail last year slipping on ice
  9.  Never thought of using an umbrella in snow before until I saw it here
  10. People look funny all bundled up, especially those that look like marshmallows (i.e.- me today)
  11. I feel like it's less cold when it actually snows, is that just me?
  12. If it's cold it should snow, then the cold is fun
  13. I can't drive in snow yet, i feel helpless
  14. I' want to make a snow angel tonight
  15. I do love snow
Thanks for snow Heavenly Father

Sunday, December 6, 2009

microwave macaroni

yeah, so all last week
we couldn't find our pots and pans, actually we still can't find 'em!

so, i did what all wise wives would (wwww haha) do...
i cooked the macaroni in the microwave

fyi- it doesn't work very well


ps- this was my favorite pic of our snow day
in casey's words- "we look like we're married"

and this is my most FAVORITE decoration!
(the stuff above the curtains)
well actually, it runs in close competition with the candy lights
but do you see that garland!?
my mother made it!
it's probably the cutest thing ever!
all the balls are different, and some are glittery, or dull, or bright
and i just love it!
she's just so stinkin creative!
you must come over to our house andlook at it! i just love it!

hope everyone's december is going well and you're loving it as much as we are!

ps- best part of snow? the sound crunching under your feet!!!

a white christmas

ok well maybe it's just december here's a bunch of pictures of our christmas celebrations so far! we picked out our little christmas tree and we love it! these are all the little sections of our christmas decorations! pretty much i only have decorations because of my mom!!! thanks mom! and last of all, it snowed today! so pretty and we loved it!