Sunday, February 28, 2010

and we're dancin

so... i had a ballroom competition this last weekend!
casey was suuch a good sport and got up oober early with me and stayed the whole time
(he kinda has to when he's my husband;)
i competed in novice standard and latin and pre-champ latin.
those dances are as follows: waltz/quickstep, samba/rumba, cha-cha/samba/rumba/paso doble
it was really fun to finally get out there and compete the dances we've been practicing for ages
and it's always fun to dress up!
these pics are of my standard dress
we didn't get any of my latin one
(probably bc casey doesn't want to remember anything about latin, bless his heart)
it was a fun and very tiring day!
 if anyone in the utah area is interested, the big ballroom dance competition is at BYU March 11, 12, 13. You're totally welcome to come watch!
And then also, the Ballroom concert is coming up real quick, ask me to get you some tickets! 
and i do have videos of all these, but i don't know if i want to put them up haha 

did i ever tell you?

that casey bowled a 201 on his birthday at the BYU bowling alley?
he did :)
i was proud and stunned.
he was proud and stunned.
and he got a super cool t-shirt
so run over to the BYU bowling alley to see his name on the board!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pirates and dishes

captain sammy.
that's his name.
he comes around our house ever so often.
created in July 2008 on the cutler italian cruise.
a good ol' fellow he is.
funny. very funny. extremely funny while doing dishes.
other pirate members include
crazy cammy
and later created in 2009: shivurrr me kimberrr
i hope you enjoy this dish washing video as much as i do:)

holding the giggles in, or not :)

blog stalking.
gotta hate it.
gotta love it.
it wastes so much precious time.
hence the new column of lovely blogs.
oh well :)

someday i too will have 
-a house to decorate
-time to craft
-a sewing machine
-passion and time for baking and cooking better
-funny children to talk about

talking about children PLEASE visit this blog!
you will giggle so much!
unable to contain your laughter (at least for me!)

during church casey and i love looking at all the cute kids in the ward do funny things
-sit on each other
-cry uncontrollably
-say funny things
-make funny faces
-make funny noises
-get hurt
-steal food from each other
-fall off chairs
it's just a hoot for us during church! (we talk about how we need to pay attention more...)
and then will giggle at each other and think it'll be so funny for us one day too!
so much fun stuff to look forward to...
but for now we get to just look forward to each other :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


fact: i love costco
i love it.

fact: costco is super busy on saturdays
fact: they have way more samples out on saturdays than any other day
solution: go on saturday without a cart, just pick up like 2 things and taste all the samples

haha this was part of our grocery shopping errands on saturday and we loved it
we wanted to buy about 60% of the things we tried!
so thank you costco for letting me taste what i should have
and thank you for letting me buy in bulk
i love you

Friday, February 19, 2010

happy stuff

Dear snow,

why are you snowing and not even sticking!!!!!!! you've been teasing me all day and snowing down all these cute white flurries (which have made the bottom of pants wet bc i did not know i should wear boots today :(boo!) stick to the ground for goodness sakes so i can have fun with you!!!! you better have stuck to the mountains!!!

onto better and brighter things,
Intramurals week 2, 3, 4

week 2- we missed the game bc we were busy, they lost :( boo
week 3- the most amazing intense game eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! game winning shot at the buzzer, so cool! and powerade totally was there to film it for some espn college intramural basketball series. loved it, proud of my man! and the restof the team
week 4- casey was on fire tonight!! seriously, he's never done so well at shooting! (ie- he never makes his free throws bless his heart, but tonight he did :) and there was this one amazing swat against the other team he did- inspirational!


i'm so very lucky to have casey as a guest poster on our blog sometimes :) it bring a smile to my face. valentine's day was great, we just got to be together and i loved it! we made read heart shaped pancakes, pink colored milk, and bacon for our big celebration! i know, sophisticated :) we loved it though. and i loved my flowers and early morning surprise, such a sweetie!
the coldstone cupcakes :)

lovebirds always!

family home evening:

we had one of ourfavorite FHE's the other night! Us. Scott and Megan. Weston and Amanda and Abby. Rockband. Pizza. loved it!
abby liked the drums

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kimber oh Kimber Where for art thou Kimber...

There She IS!

This was something I did for her  for Valentine's Day!

So we have had another busy week due to work and crazy school schedule, but it is always nice to leave a  post all about her because she is a very special Gal!! I love her so Much!! We have a great Valentine's Day with each other and Iwas able to surprise her with some flowers and candy and Coldstone Cupcakes!!! They were so Yummy! Megan and Scott helped with hiding the flowers at their house until Valentine's day so they helped keep the secret alive and then on Sunday I woke her up early after I had made my little surprise thingy and it was so Funny! Oh I love Kimber and am glad we never have to part unlike Romeo and Juliet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a happy late birthday to my honey!

Birthday week was so much fun!
i wish every week were birthday week because we got to do so many activities!
basketball games
the temple
muddy buddies
lots of rockband
food sampling at costco
eclair cake
dollar theater (new moon hehe)

so many fun things!
and it was so  much fun celebrating it as a full week in celebration of casey!
this boy is amazing, he's always make me laugh, being silly, having fun, being oh so sweet, working hard, fulfilling his duties, helping me out out in every aspect of life and making be me a better person.
so this is to you my husband. 
i love you so much!!!!!!!!
happy 23 years!
 can't wait to be apart of the next 23 with you!
like i said we went tubing, 
but we did it in midway at soldier hollow where it's like a lift back to the top!
so much fun!
6 huge lanes
fast speeds
and all smiles with my casey love!
there is a 23 in there, can you see it!?
and our always and dependable band members who we came to celebrate with us!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow on east coast= sad kimber in west mountains

Hey! Snow storm in the east! What are you doing over there!? Come to me in Utah! I will love you more! I will snowboard on you! I will sled lots on you and make snow angels and have snowball fights (but mostly i want to snowboard)! I will appreciate you! The east doesn't know what to do with you so come over and play with me! please!!!!!!!

love, kimber

 these are pictures of some of our activities last year on casey's birthday :)
there was so much snow!
so much powder!
so much in fact that if/when we fell it was hilarious bc we could not get out!!
but it was heavenly

i hope it snows before friday :(....
it was heavenly

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gold's Gym Membership!

This is Casey here, and I am putting this post in because we just got a Gold's Gym Membership not too long ago and this was after an Abs class the first day we used it. Ya I am really really sore in this picture and even worse the next day. I think Kimber was ok because she does this kind of thing, but I died! We are crazy! Life is wonderful and we are happy to be Married and experiencing life with one another.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ps- casey says ps now :)
this makes me happy

the start of birthday week celebrations!!!

casey will get one year older this friday! (and he's getting wiser as i write:)
so we're having a week of celebrations!

to begin, we went to WY to be with the cutlers for what little time we could squeeze in!
so glad we did!
such a blast!
we saw the movie Leap Year with the family, super cute!
how can you not love chick flicks?
ps- i was loving those cute, red heels in every scene with every fiber of my heart
pps- the movie theater had 2 theaters...oh wyoming :)
early birthday celebration time!
this is what you call frosting :)
some of the gang,
we celebrated during the half time fo the superbowl :)
they are a hoot to be with
as you can see from the pic above, there was also eclair cake that we made.
it was divine
and one of the easiest "cakes" ever.
saying casey enjoys it is an understatement
monday celebrations: 
love. love.
happiness. happiness. happiness.
yummy. yummy. yummy.
it was our first excursion to the provo one
lovin the special treat of milkshakes!!!
  all gone.
like magic.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

wedding pictures round dos

i'll try not to overwhelm this post with pictures! 
but' it'll be hard for me!
here's some more of my favorites!

almost the first look! so exciting and nerve racking!

details, details...
as you can probably tell our little theme was fall
colors: red, purple, orange
favorite decorating accessory: pumpkins :)
(this pic belows sums up the wedding theme/colors
red, orange pumpkins, and purple)
and yes i wore 3 in heels on my wedding day and loved it
 this was our family picture table, my mom's idea (stolen from amanda's wedding)
i loved it, it was pictures of all our siblings', parents', and grandparents' weddings just somewhere at the reception.
i loved our cake!!
lynette bayles did wonderful! if you want more info about her just ask
loved the fish and the balloons :) thanks mom
our videographer tried out this cool live video-cam at our reception!
it was fun for family and friends who couldn't make it watch us live online!
and this is just bc i love this picture,
i love her smile,
i love how she's just hanging there in my squeeze,
i love my chinese eyes,
i love her double chin,
i just completely adore this little girl!!!!

if you'd like any numbers of people i used i'd be glad to give it to ya!
happy wedding pictures!

ps- all these pics were from auburn!
and the lady who made the big flower on my dress can be found here