Saturday, March 31, 2012

provo utah bucket list: ride tandem bike together/walk down university ave and center street in the spring or fall.

2 bucket list items with one stone!
friday was a gloriously nice day here in provo (saturday as well but we're talking about friday).
firstly, we rented a tandem bike and began learning how to ride that thing together.
boy, were we laughing our heads off the whole time!
have you ever ridden a tandem bike with someone?
ha, you definitely have to get used to it.
i rode in the back (because the seat was shorter) and felt like i had absolutely no control nor could i see much,
suddenly the weight of the bike was going one way but i wasn't doing it!
ha, no control!
starting and stopping was a joke, we were just laughing.
talk about being in sync with someone else,
we learned lots about one another.
and i learned to give control over to casey completely on that bike.
who knew one little bike ride could also help me in my relationship with my husband!
oh, goodness.
and much of the time we were laughing at that whole "tour de family" talk from john bytheway,
you know that one, yes we were laughing.
and then while going on a little uphill, i didn't push, and it was much harder for him,
and then he didn't push and i could barely do it myself
i was laughing inside how john bytheway talked about how some members actually petal backward!

we will most definitely be riding a tandem bike together the next chance we get :)

so where did we ride this bike?
we went all the way down university ave and center street looking into all the shop windows, admiring all the fun shops, counting how many foreign restaurants there were, and being surrounding by beautiful  blossoming trees!
lots of pink and white, we just loved it!
there are so many fun shops in "downtown" provo (some i don't know how they stay in business)
but it was just son wonderful, and i feel like i know provo a little more than i once did!

we also stopped by the old provo tabernacle because a bunch of people were standing around the fence.
so we joined the crowd and there was a mini tour going on of excavation/archeology site!
very cool indeed!
there's a big old building they found there underground and lots of fun artifacts to look at!
apparently the old church building was torn down after a little earthquake, since the tabernacle was unaffected they kept that one and took down the small building.

on our way home we stopped at provo bakery and split a doughnut.

on the way home i tried to be the driver of the bike...yeah that didn't happen.

but we had such a wonderful time.
yay for provo and tandem bike riding!

ps- we've been watching general conference all day!
it's been so wonderful!
we'll be watching it all day tomorrow too.
if you have a chance, you should watch it too!
in UT it starts at 10 and 2 and can be found on KSL
in AZ it starts at 9 and 1 and can be found somewhere on TV...forgot which channel.
or you can go the easy way and watch it online here!
happy conference weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

free crappy portraits.

ave you heard of free crappy portraits?
i sent in our bio at the end of February and was SO excited to get ours back this weekend.
it's the silliest picture and so outlandish but that's why i love it.
it's just so gosh darn funny!
we were laughing our bums off while looking at the picture!

 here was the bio I sent:

We are Casey and Kimber Cutler.

One day Casey will be a dentist and loves snowcones. Sometimes Casey wears V-neck shirts that are koolaid colored.

One day Kimber will be a full fledged balloon lady, bc balloons make people happy!!!!! especially HUGE pink ones!!!!!! Kimber also always wear really bright pink or red lipstick, and has bangs.

They went skydiving together last year.

We're moving to Nebraksa this year, you know Nebraska? Like the one Lady Gaga sings about in You and I!?!?!?!? We'll be famous!!!!

This year we're going to buy a dog and it's name will be Jimmer (like the b-ball player...ya know?)

We're going to move back to  Arizona someday bc it's way more fun to play buy a pool all year and be hot than freeze your bum off in Nebraska.

We eat doughnuts for breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, onesies, supper, and dinner. Don't forget the sprinkles!!!!!!!!!


if any of you ever get one please share so i can see yours!
they're just too funny!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casey Post #12 Being Alone is No Fun!

Kimber left early Tuesday morning for her student career days in Kansas so I have been basically by myself in the house and it is very awkward, lonely, dark, all those words that mean something is missing from your life. Luckily, I have been able to work almost every night since her being gone so that kind of makes me forget that she is not at home for a moment.

Anyways we randomly decided that I would go pick her up on Sunday and on our way back we will go up to Lincoln and look for housing in the area and go to the ward that we would like to go to etc... We will spend Sunday there and drive back to Wyoming on Monday and than probably get up early on Tuesday and  and go to school. I like our little sporadic adventures they are fun! I plan on going to Wyoming on Thursday to be with the family for a day or two. It will be a fun weekend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life update from the phone

apparently i hadn't dowloaded iPhone pics in awhile from our phones,
thus the plethora of upcoming pictures.

1. our window. why i took this idea.
2. strawberry and chocolate milk. 10 points if you can guess which of us drinks which one.
3. my morning view.
4. another window in mi casa
1. arizona: breakfast outside. heavenly weather
2. driving annalee around in the mini-van. i'm cool.
3. tia rosa's in AZ. my all-time favorite meal in life.
4. goodbye arizona.
1. wedding!
2. papa and phoebe!
3. annalee and ruthie
4. reading books. she's so attentive.
1. we went to a BYU baseball game. it was suddenly windy and freezing at the game.
2. baseball games are so fun. so american, i love them.
3. abby came over last weekend and i put curlers in her hair
4. she looked pretty darn cute once they came out :)
1. new necklace, walking to class. happy girl.
2. who rides a bike with this kind of seat? ouch.
3. the view at our feet while bowling.
4. wings at applebees. whoever decided to include celery with wings was a brilliant person.

Monday, March 19, 2012

provo utah bucket list: hiking the Y (one last time)

did i mention we don't have school fridays?
well we don't.
it's the best part of our week.
3 day weekend, ALWAYS!?
uh, yes please!
so we slept in a bit on friday morning, as always (but also because we stayed up for hours thursday night backing up our pictures/music/documents etc, jeeze, that made my computer run SO much faster! but i was also completely scared while deleting the pictures! luckily it worked, plus there's pretty much a back up on facebook/my blog)

back to hiking the Y...

i persuaded casey into going getting up and actually going.
the sun was out and it was a crazy beautiful day.
it was 65 degrees when we got in the car... halleluiah.
i forgot how steep that mountain is.
it's not even a full mile up, but jeeze, it sure is UP.
not kidding you, after the first 2 minutes my heart was pumping.
we walked and walked and walked.
surprisingly, hand-in-hand most of the time.
we talked.
we laughed.
we whined.
we dreamed.
we planned.
twas a great little hike for us.
i told casey my top 2 best moments of the week:
1. a completely unexpected little necklace from him. sweetest moment.
2. buying my first child, a very nice sewing machine for an amazing price.
he told me his top moment:
1. getting a 100% on a world religions test he barely studied for
and his top not favorite moment:
1. that moment during the football game.

we huffed an puffed our way up the hill.
i was completely inspired by a family in front of us:
a mom, with 3 little kids, ages 3/4-8.
woah. i want to be that kinda mom.
they seriously did awesome.
an old man with an arm in a sling passed us...kinda made me feel like a baby.
saw an old high school friend coming down the mountain as were going up.
anytime a dog passed us i wanted to stop and love it.
but then we finally saw the white plaster on the mountain.
a light at the end of the tunnel.
i always forget how beautiful provo is.
i know people complain about it a lot,
but it sure is a beautiful, unique place.
provo will always have a special place in my heart!
but really, snow-capped mountains, a large city, a blue lake, and BYU.
i love provo.
the way down was seriously worse than the way up, it's so steep you're forced to run but don't really want to because you're about to slip form the steepness.
isn't it so true that when you're going, up, you wanna go down,
when you're going down, you wanna go up...

after we rested from our hike,
we took our free, semester bowl at the BYU bowling alley.
we miss bowling class.

then we went to applebee's with a gift card that's been in casey's wallet for ages.

then we worked all friday night long.
i watched almost all of the 1st season of downton abbey... :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

a few last photos from kirky's wedding.

photobooth at kirky's wedding.
seriously so fun.
there was always some small group of people taking their pictures and being silly.
photobooths are just so fun.
1) casey and i pretended ruth was our baby all night, everyone believed me :)
2) i persuaded the brothers into doing one of our own. it was a hoot.
3) of course the cute new bride and groom.
4) weston flew solo for the weekend and had his own fun.

i also lugged the little polariod camera around during some of the wedding day.
some of my film is bad, but oh well.
it's still fun to have those pictures around, 
even if some of them don't turn out perfectly.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Casey Post #11 Intramural Football

Ok, I got to admit ahead of time sometimes I get a little angry and I run my mouth a little when I don't agree with a call, or when a person on another team lowers their head and busts your teammates nose and he is bleeding. I would be fine if the opponent did it by accident and apologizes for his actions right away, but when they don't think any of their actions are wrong that is when I flip a lid. It doesn't stop at that, but this same player was cussing and just ranting up a storm. I think to myself who allows these people into BYU. Classless, rude, angry, unsportsmanlike people to others and don't even feel bad about it kinda make me mad. My biggest pet peave is a person who when they get angry and they know that they shouldn't curse at others and they do it because they are angry. I cant stand that. I am sorry if I am sometimes a poor sport, but I usually don't let it take over fully and I realize my stupidity and end up apologizing at the end of the game, and I never let myself to curse at others. Please MR. CLASSLESS you make the game not fun! Thank you for hearing my rants!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

other activities while in arizona

more pictures of logan and blair's family since that was who i was around all friday.
on sunday we went a visited the temple site for the new gilbert temple!
wow, that place will be crazy beautiful.
there are 2 sealing rooms inside that can fit 100 people sitting.
how wonderful!
it really will be such a beuatiful temple!
we also took a walk on sunday with mom, blair, the girls, casey, and tazz.
holy cow, tazz is not a dog to be walked!
she is to be ran with.
but we love her anyways because she is apart of the family.
casey caught this beautiful picture of me as we waited for phoebe,
who insisted on pushing the stroller she was in herself.
that girlfriend was like a drunk driver all over the sidewalk, ha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kirky got married

for the actual wedding day,
i'm stupid and pretty much took no pictures of whitney and kirk.
it was just annoying to have my camera on me and i didn't want to ask them to keep posing.
i'm crossing my fingers i'll get a hold of some beautiful ones from their photographer!

but whitney was completely gorgeous.
and kirk looked so happy all day long.
we loved every bit of the day.
and it was the most gorgeous day of weather ever.
i felt like we were waiting outside the temple forever for them to come out so i did take out my camera and snapped a few of the little ones.
they were so cute all day long.

after the temple kirk and whitney wanted IN-N-OUT for their first newlywed meal.
so we followed them to take pictures.
it was so cute watching them go in there.
everyone was just staring at them, it was darling.
and the man behind them kindly and graciously paid for their lunch!

we went back to the house for a bit,
visited with grandparents and aunts and uncles.
that's the best part about weddings: getting to be together as a family.
it truly was splendid.
we then went over to the pre-reception dinner and had the most wonderful bbq dinner.
whitney's parents actual have a side-bbqing business and boy was it incredible.
we seriously loved every bite!!
as the sun went down the little ones found the playset area.
the playset area had gorgeous  sun setting behind it so i snapped a few more pictures.


like casey mentioned a few days ago,
they had mini cupcakes that we GORGED ourselves on,
seriosuly, i'm embarrassed how many i ate, they were just so good!!

kirk and whitney had a spectacular came smash,
that's the only way to do it people,
they were so cute!

the 4 married siblings with a few of the in-laws went and decorated the car
(go mom for being prepared and actually bringing stuff...)
all i can say is that we had quite a bit of fun with it.
fdeciding what the windows would say was the funniest thing ever
luckily our father did not have time to read everything window :)
points to be remembered:
1. as scott was writing "yay, kirk's not gay"
casey said, "gay has a silent h in it, scott"
scott now questioned his spelling
(spelling is not scott's best subject:)
2. weston wrote grom, not groom.
3. logan wrote beb not bed.

sparklers were lit and the two were whisked away in style in the Just Married car!
such a wonderful evening!

we were talking all night how this was the LAST woodruff wedding.
how crazy is that!?
the next wedding in the family will be a niece or nephew!
but we do have many cousin weddings to look forward to.
cough cough holman girls cough cough
crazy enough us siblings are 9 years apart and got married within 8 years.
I helped lots with those numbers.

happy wedding day to kirk and whitney!
and happy anniversary to scott and megan!

PS- you absolutely MUST hope over to my SIL's little fabric blog!
firsty, she's an amazingly talented sewer.
secondly, she has a giveaway going for bundles of BEAUTIFUL fabric!
i think i'd pee my pants if i got my hands on that fabric...

ruthie's newborn pictures

we are officially back from arizona.
we originally had planned on driving back sunday but on saturday night talked about how we wanted to stay just one more day.
we weren't set on it but the longer we stayed on sunday, we just decided to stay another night.
i just love arizona.
waking up friday morning was like a dream vacation:
bright light shining through the window,
breeze blowing in through the window with a 70 degree breeze...
so perfect.
the whole wedding was so wonderful and so beautiful!
we are so happy for them.
i'll share wedding pictures soon.
but first...

we spent much of our time on friday taking pictures of new little ruthie!
this was my first time i've gotten to photograph a newborn and it was so fun!
i'm so happy blair had confidence in me, ha, and i'm glad blair was there to help me with that little sweetie.
so here goes a few of my favorites from little ruth lova woodruff.

and here are a couple more we took with annalee and phoebe!

definitely learned a ton about photographing newborns.
i read a bunch of tips on the internet to help me, and they really did.
one thing i did not read about:
how to control an almost 2 and 4 year old during pictures.
ha, what a joke! if casey hadn't been there it wouldn't have happened, seriously,
he's a miracle worker when it comes to getting kids to look at the camera.
blair held the light reflector which improved the photos a billions times.

ruth is a cutie and so small and precious!
i was wondering all weekend what kind of girl she'll be.
looking back and the other 4 neices/nephews it's funny thinking about their baby personalities and looks and characteristics and seeing what they are now.
i'm so excited for all these kids to grow up,
and one day get to experience this with my own little babes!

next up: some wedding day pictures!