Saturday, August 31, 2013

good things to come

my brother shared this on facebook and i couldn't help but share it here.
let us remember to put our trust in Him and know that there ARE good things to come

Friday, August 30, 2013

my itty bitty helper

the picture on the right sums of my life of my time working in the kitchen.
maxson clinging to my legs while moaning for my attention to pick him up.
poor boy.
and then, so as not to let him fall, i have to keep my legs planted and can't move around the kitchen.
luckily our kitchen is itty bitty and i can reach most everything if i try hard enough.
as frustrating as it can be while having a little baby crawling up your leg moaning,
i'm so glad that little baby picked me to want for his attention.
 photo IMG_2665copy_zpsd61bd20c.jpg

the picture on the left is his new favorite activity.
when the dishwasher is open he is all over it like milk on cookies.
taking everything out while i'm trying to put everything in.
he first discovered it this last week after a rough night at the dinner table.
i was 100% glad to let him get into the dishwasher if that meant a little more peace and quiet for 15 minutes.
that dishwasher made all 3 of us very happy that evening.
 photo IMG_2804copy_zps25e4faf6.jpg


casey finished his first week back at dental school!
we've joked with a friend how the first week of going back to school it's like you have to get back in shape to be in school, sitting, thinking, learning, and doing again.
that first week is so tiring.
but already this 2nd year is so much more actual dental related which casey enjoys greatly, woohoo!


the past week and a half maxson has been bouncing all over the map of wake up times ranging form 5:30-6:30.
it's MUCH too early (and exhaustingly early) to say the least and we need to do something about it.
any tips/tricks out there on helping babies sleep in longer?


this weekend we have plans to watch football!
i'm excited for about the first 5 BYU football games and then after that i lose my energy.
so here's to making the first one of the season memorable!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a softball game where i almost died from the heat/sun/humidity

Last weekend was our stake softball tournament for our church and it lasted all day long! Literally, we got to the fields at 8 am for our first game and left at 5 pm. It was a bit too long for my liking but still fun nonetheless. We played our first 3 games, and won them all. We found a shady spot to eat the hot dog lunch they provided (with watermelon, nachos, and cookies) with our big old group, had an additional hour break from games and played 2 more games, the last being the championship game and winning the whole thing, go us!

 It was so darn hot though. The whole time from lunch and beyond it was just hot hot and more HOT. As adults, we were hot but we just had to deal with it, on the other hand Maxson was hot and I felt so bad. We worked our bums of to keep him sun-screened up, hat on, sucking on cold water and in the shade as much as possible. He survived to say the least. The game before the last one I kept saying "let's just lose so we can go home!" I'm such a sour wart sometimes. My teammates did not agree with my decision and we won. And then during the championship game I kept saying "Just let them win so we can go home!" Again, our team put in all their effort and we were actually stellar and won!

This year we also had enough women there that we could play which made it way nicer. There had to be 5 women on the field and we usually had 6 there if not 7 a couple times. But even with all of us there every time it was our time to go out on the field, the men would constantly say "ok, we need 3 more girls, come on!" If it was my choice, I'd play out field a couple of times and be good watching, but I felt like I had to play every time, ha. Friends who didn't go on the field helped watch Maxson which was kind of them. Casey was a rockstar the whole game, catching balls left and right making great plays, I was super impressed with his softball skills. I really shouldn't have been surprised, Casey's really good at all things sports related except golf.

Overall it was a really fun day, playing as a team with some members of your ward family. A setting like that really brings out the camaraderie and fun in people, so glad we got to be there and be apart of the WIN!

 photo IMG_2779_zpsf56f693f.jpg
 photo IMG_2778copy_zps77249e35.jpg
 photo IMG_2787_zps79ea28f0.jpg
 photo IMG_2776_zps3cc920a1.jpg
 photo IMG_2786_zpsdd17fab8.jpg
 photo IMG_2772copy_zps96b0a27e.jpg
see my cute pregnant friend in the middle? we switched places this year of being pregnant vs playing.
by the end of the day i wished I was the one pregnant and not having to play ha.
 photo IMG_2770_zpsf74426e2.jpg
I told casey that the plethora of BYU shirts everywhere made me feel very nostalgic at our years at BYU.
but alas, Nebrasaka paraphernalia was everywhere (like on me...)
 photo IMG_2795copy_zpsda0aac61.jpg
 photo IMG_2793_zps9d6070d8.jpg

see last year's softball tournament here

Sunday, August 25, 2013

a list of 10

1. CASEY PASSED HIS BIG DENTAL EXAM LAST MONTH! it's kinda a big deal so it deserved all caps. i never properly mentioned that big bit of happiness on the blog when it happened, but he did. so proud of that husband, hello year 2 of dental school!

2. the past couple weeks maxson waves hi and goodbye when asked to, now i'm eager whenever we get to and leave events/gatherings just so i can get him to do it. it's so precious. high fives (technically low fives) and kisses are also received when asked, can't believe he's learning the actions that goes along to words!

3. when we got back from our trip casey's bike was stolen. it was so so so sad. a) it was his mission bike b) it had the hitch to the bike trailer we own is on it. i hope whoever stole it really really REALLY needed it and is putting it to good use because we sure are sad (kimber's mad, let's be honest here) about the whole situation

4. it's so fun to be back with friends. we love our all our friends on our street and in our ward, we're so richly blessed here.

5. getting home from our trip meant all maxson's toys are so cool, and new, and interesting again! i love it as does maxson!

and now the weekend:

6. we had the most wonderful night with dental friends last weekend, the most delicious shish kabobs with sweet corn and potato salad, fruity pebble treats, a 15 min watching of the beloved movie spirit, and a hilarious game of buzzword. notes on the game: casey's math skills of keeping track of points in his head are sometimes a little off compared to mine, audrey was the most wonderful reader ever, her baseball sign language in favor of the girls team was at its peak, according to her husband. turtle sampling does not mean you go sample turtles to eat. if tall women want to get married, they shouldn't wear tall heels, according to a tall woman's father that is :) maxson is still pro at balancing on casey's hand,.

7. we played softball from 8-5 on saturday and i am all soft balled out for the year. more on that later!

8. it was a year ago this time that i began meeting all of my now nebraska friends. and from what i learned after reminiscing of our first memories of meeting each other my bright red and pink lipstick is not the best of first impressions i guess? ha, that never crossed my mind.

9. we sure are wondering if maxson is pushing some teeth through because BOY was he crabby and whiney today! and that snotty nose? came out of nowhere and ran all day long, come on little teethers!

10. church was great, as always today. new friends came with us, maxson was quite the wiggle worm during sacrament meeting but friends all around made for easier entertainment, i helped teach the CTR 5 class, maxson and our neighbor's little girl that's about the same age chatted non stop during the 3rd hour together, wish i had been around to see it.

 photo Aug1120138_zps079b082f.jpg

and that's my 10!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

our trip to cali: a beach video

and to end the blogging of our cali trip,
a video of our beach adventures!!!!!
i definitely learned how shakey we are on taking videos,
especially me.
i will work on it, sorry for the overwhelming shakiness.
i'm sad i didn't even think about videos while we were with the cutler clan.
so there's just a little bit of us on the beach with the woodruffs.
go here if you can't see it on the blog

Beach Trip 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

our trip to cali: more at the beach

the second half of the week family from utah came in and we spent everyday at the beach.
we love the beach.
it's just so relaxing.
and the sun was out beautifully everyday so there was an extra amount of pretty pictures taken ;)
 photo Aug82013_zpsf44329ed.jpg
 photo Aug820133_zpsc90d8b37.jpg
 photo IMG_1947_zps1840cbdd.jpg
 photo IMG_1934_zps20495687.jpg
 photo Aug820132_zpsecdb83a6.jpg
 photo IMG_1915_zps08a52e43.jpg
 photo IMG_1898_zps1a6539eb.jpg
 photo Aug820131_zps6a3f688d.jpg
 photo IMG_1913_zpse9b35e34.jpg
 photo Aug112013_zpsb47ea3f8.jpg
 photo Aug1120132_zpse8fde74e.jpg
 photo IMG_2036_zps89760866.jpg
 photo Aug1120134_zpse59ca48e.jpg
 photo IMG_2077_zps2cff81f9.jpg
 photo IMG_2032_zps8f4ac9da.jpg
 photo Aug1120131_zps875e319b.jpg
 photo IMG_2050_zps86be083c.jpg
 photo Aug1120137_zpsa51c7e8a.jpg
 photo Aug1120135_zps1b58b530.jpg
 photo IMG_2040_zpsb48c1567.jpg
 photo Aug1120136_zps8a4107ff.jpg
 photo IMG_2093_zpsc4256ecb.jpg

a few special notes if you're going to the beach with little babes:

*baby powder*
it truly does work wonders on getting sand off any skin area.
it made our baby's bums so much happier when switching from swim diaper to regular diaper when not around a shower

*a baby carrier and stroller*
we are lucky enough to be in walking distance to the beach.
we would haul our stroller down there with all the bags, food, towels, umbrellas, etc in it while i carried maxson on my back in the ergo.
best idea ever.
no ones backs hurt from carrying heavy bags or heavy babies.
and then when maxson needed to nap, we'd just recline the stroller seat, put him in there, and cover him with my favorite nursing cover (more on that later).

*lather sunscreen on before you go to the beach*
we made sure to cover ourselves and maxson before we left our time share when going to the beach.
it made the whole sunscreen experience better plus it was easier:
the sunscreen had time to set on your skin before getting wait.
there was no rush job on applying sunscreen because there was no beach directly in front lulling you to the waves.
no sand was in sight while applying therefore there was no sand in your sunscreen.
it's all around better

*bring grandparents*
ha but no really, bring someone who can help watch your little babe so you too can go have fun with your hubby in the waves and not have to fret about your wee ones the whole time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

our trip to cali: this and that

a few of the random activities that went on

a bonfire.
all the fire pits we usually use in the area were gone,
so we improvised and made a fire in one of the bbq grills on the beach.
most likely.
satisfied our bonfire wishes?
most definitely.
 photo IMG_1687_zpsba633a71.jpg
 photo IMG_1709_zps43ef790c.jpg
 photo IMG_1700_zpseb60ff9f.jpg

old town sandiego
we did more walking around old town with my family too.
it was fun getting a second chance to take pictures and enjoy the place in nearly the same week
 photo IMG_2012_zps0417d7e8.jpg
 photo IMG_1996_zps212631ad.jpg
 photo IMG_1998_zps838feb9c.jpg
 photo IMG_2006_zps46194fb0.jpg
 photo IMG_1976_zpsb12f8d86.jpg
 photo IMG_1979_zps5ec00e84.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zps3c7424d3.jpg
 photo Aug1120133_zps64f18601.jpg

we visited a cousin of my mom's in the newport area and happened to be there on the sunday.
the ward we visited was more than half visitors, ha.
but everyone was so kind and it felt like automatic ward members.
sunday clothes always bring out the let's-take-family-pictures in you, right?
this was the first half of the week while the arizona family was there.
 photo Aug3201324_zps4f21c320.jpg
 photo Aug3201325_zpsa9be75a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1588_zpsb8d166a4.jpg
 photo IMG_1617_zpsa21b4516.jpg
 photo IMG_1572_zps484e2f6c.jpg

a random dessert night
 photo Aug620131_zpse02559ea.jpg
these boys are 8 months apart and will one day be bff's
 photo IMG_2016_zps9fb905f1.jpg

we have one more section of beach pictures and then the beach part of our vacation will be over