Tuesday, January 8, 2013

baby stuff favorites

in honor of 1 month of motherhood and babyhood,
here are some of my favorite baby products to have around thus far:

the wubanub
i personally love being able to give my baby a pacifier to go to sleep because that sucking motion is so natural/soothing to them.
problem: he'll let go of it after a few minutes in the crib and then get mad when going down for a nap.
answer: the wubanub. when the baby lets go of it it comes out, but stays close to where they let go so they can get it again because the little animal is attached.
napping has gotten much better because of it.
and it's so adorable to see him hold onto it!
great for swaddling.
they're light weight so the baby doesn't get super hot.
they're cute.
and they're large.
totally worth the money.
helps me keep track of sleeping and feeding.
i always have my phone with me so it's always around.
plus you can keep track of diapers, milestones, doctor's appts, and other stats.
i really love it.
(i'm realizing it now costs money...sorry, i got it like 2 years ago when it was free)

whitenoise app for the phone and sound2sleep app for the iPad 
with being around lots of family over the first 5 weeks, the whitenoise app was able to keep maxson sleeping while loud adults/children were not sleeping.
we have it on our phones and iPad. 
again, it's another soothing thing that they're used to from the womb :)

expensive? yes.
worth it? yes.
watch the video, you'll fall in love with it.

a great rocking chair.
we love ours.
it swivels.
it rocks.
it's comfy.
i just love it so much.
the 2 things we spent more money (than necessary, yes, i know) on were the diaper bag and rocking chair because i heard so many other moms say those are 2 things they wish they had invested in.

that's about all this baby wears.
find the zippers people.
granted i've found the snaps ones to be convenient in their own ways :)

makes diaper changing in the middle of the night lightning fast.

waterproof pads.
they save you from having to take off crib sheets constatnly for washing.
we put these under his head when sleeps or just hanging out on our bed to protect from unwanted liquid.

there you have it folks.
my 2 cents that costs you nothing :)

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Jared + Carly Reid said...

wow kimber. you are such a life saver! i feel like i owe you for this amazing list, haha. :)

Shane and Clara said...

I wish I would have had this list before having my babies! I love that diaper bag....the snack pocket that is insulated....AWESOMENESS! and a specific cell phone pocket, yes please! and that fabulous blanket slot. TOTALLY a mothers dream bag. Wish I had use for that bag. ;)hum.

And your rocking chair, so cute and cozy looking. Enjoy that for sure!

Shane and Clara said...

I want one of those rocking chairs to rock my self in and my kids would for sure join me. :) I love the rocking motion. Very soothing even for myself.