Tuesday, March 30, 2010

love love love these girls


who knew good news minute could last so long?!
i wish it could've lasted hours longer!
let's do it again ladies, seriously!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


i totally understand why babies cry when they wake up
sometimes i want to cry when i wake up too, especially from naps.
this is a pic of our nephews on the cutler side
we think this picture is the funniest thing in the world, bahahaha
the 2 year old is screaming and the babies are like "dude, chill out"

a big saturday ending the night in the library

busy busy busy day for the two of us

9:15 wake up
10:00 arrive at landscape management club waffle day (which started at 8 am) and realizing i should have gotten there way earlier to actually have waffles bc they had already cleaned up, but they were way nice and got it all out for me again. i'm loving my major, the professors, the students, and the work. love love love L.M.
11:00 went to Shea and Amy Owen's senior singing recital, they are so amazing at singing, goodness gracious
1:00 went to the Shabby Apple trunk show at the riverwoods in Provo. cute clothes, ugly prices
2:00 went to the senior project dance showcase and watched cortney suanders dance beautifully i wish i had her abilities
3:00 finally saw my husband!- we watched a little bit of one of the basketball games
4:00 went to down east outfitters and got a smokin deal on some sweet skinny jeans- $7.83 baby love a steal (also saw oober cute sunglasses i needed  but didn't buy them...breathe kimber, it's ok that you didn't get them;)
4:45 picked up an oreo malt at the malt shop to share with casey
5:00 sat in the car with casey and ate the oreo malt and laughed about old memories
5:15 casey went into work, boo
6:00 went to a little ballroom dance party with my team at our coach's house, the Denney's. sooo much fun! yummy food, fun games {my 2 truths and a lie were 1) i was pick-pocketed in NY 2) i've river-rafted down the grand canyon 3) i've been to the top of the eiffel tower. do you know which is the lie?,}lots of yummy chocolate fondue dipping stuff- betsy is an amazing hostess and also her house/decorating is adorable, great company, good memories, funny stories!
9:00 vacuumed out the car for 4 quarters (i only had 3 but the nice employee gave me another quarter haha). simply vacuuming a car makes it look sooo  much better
9:30 met casey at the library and gave him food
9:35 worked on accounting for 3 hours. boo
12:30 casey and i finally got home :)

(but no pictures of my exciting day, sad i know)

8:00 woke up
9:00 arrived at the incite (pest control) training meeting and listened to super exciting stuff for 4 hours
1:00 lunch break!
2:00 skipped out on the last 3 hours and came home to watch the elite 8 games.
5:00 got in the car with kimber to eat the oreo malt
5:15 went into work for the next 7 hours at the boring library (who goes to the library on a saturday night until midnight!? that goes against everything i stand for! there's much better things to do in life)
9:00 he finally got food! 
12:30 finally got home

Friday, March 26, 2010

the husband

i had this little helper with laundry yesterday,
it made our laundry experience much more fun :)
do you see why it was so much fun?
he was a pretty wrapped present who came to help haha
dumb pic won't not bedistorted...argh

and they had their last intramural basketball game of the season
they played a good gameand it was so fun to watch casey out on the court like always :) 

if you can't tell,
i'm madly in love with this guy :)

have a great day! 

gotta love it

it's in the landscape design room by the fridge and the microwave 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hot indian curr(d)y food?

we celebrated cute mrs. jessie holder's birthday last night!
(above is the scrumptious cupckaes we had at the end!)
we celebrated at Bombay House with indian food!

casey and i don't have too much courage when it comes to trying exotic restaurants by ourselves so this indian food experience was so fun and yummy!!
we really loved the food, you should try it too!

ps instead of having captain sammy at our dinner table, it was "captain rahma" in our presence talking about curry non stop ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

the weekend

played rockband and finally  didn't have the neighbors tell us to be quiet
casey and i worked lots at AG (wife) and the library (husband)
printed out our wedding pictures and hung them up! yay!
watched lots of basketball games (i'm still beating casey:)
i was inspired to make my skin oober healthy and
i learned what my face shape really is, what to do with my hair because of my face shape and what side of my face is my better side, haha, no really it was way cool!
made a cute headband
played my absolute favorite game ever with some friends (catchphrase! that game will never get old to me)
had a wonderful stake conference with elder hinckley presiding
listened to beautiful. uplifiting words from various speakers who truly showed their love
made yummy chocolate chip banana bread
finally made dinner for some of my siblings (got to have cute little abby with us too!)

so yes, that was our weekend :)

warm weather is upon us and i'm so so so happy!
so excited for this semester to be over,
not that i don't enjoy my classes,
more like i just want a break and something new!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i miss arizona...food

yes that's right,
i miss arizona food like a fool right now
tia rosa'a salmon tacos
ned's krazy sub's subs
qt's beverages
sweet cake's yummies
zooshi's sushi
golden spoon's cake batter
tasty joe's fortune cookies (or maybe just the collecting of the fortunes)
and a larger supply of mexican food available on every corner

only a few more weeks until i get to eat all these again!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Casey reporting again and I just wanted to say that the NCAA Tournament has started and I am loving it except for the fact that when I filled out a bracket against Kimber she has somehow picked every right team winning and I have picked every wrong team. So long story short she is going to beat me in my own joy. We decided that I would buy here a gift if she won and vice versa so she might be getting some jean shorts very soon!!! P.S. BYU finally won a first round game it had been 20 years. So that was exciting hopefully they continue to win and it stinks that Utah State lost we are sorry Aggie fans. This NCAA tournament has been crazy!

Dana I didn't copy you I promise, but I read your post after I posted this haha

Thursday, March 18, 2010


today is the eighteenth day of march, 2010
i am so tired 
i was like a walking zombie this morning
i think it's funny that professors have to wear nice clothes and students wear yucky sweats
i saw the first bloomed daffodil today, that makes me happy
i want to wear flip flops but i don't want to chance my toesies getting chilly
i would really like my own puppy or kitty right now
i am watching a lot of basketball right now not completely by choice :)
i love byu
i am excited for general conference
i think it's funny that so many utah people keep christmas lights up for like ever it seems
i want new curtains
i think i ate most of the girl scout samoa cookies...bad tempting/yummy/expensive girl scouts
i need to go do my landscape design project, boo
i am wishing so bad i was in hawaii with all my cousins, no fair and so jealous
i miss all my freshman girls
i want my mom and annalee come visit in april (everyone else in AZ would be nice to see to)
i badly need to go the gym sometime asap
i really need my hair cut,
i want to color it but i'm too scared
i am in dire need of new clothes please please oh please casey
i need/want summer to come
i need that school break
i think bananas should be on every breakfast food, it makes them so yummier!
i am not going to do accounting, i should but i don't want to
i love love love chocolate milk and horde too much of it
i was happy for the over abundance of green yesterday we also had green milk yesterday :)
hopefully the eighteenth of march will end happy like it started :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

have you ever "googled" yourself?

i have :)
i did it again today and it was fun
i found all my old track records, which inspires to get my lazy bum out there running again!
loved those days :)
found lots of links about this blog...

i googled casey,
did you know there's a casey cutler from AZ?
yeah, he's in jail now,
for "sparking a full terrorism investigation"...
uh...that's not my husband,
but my husband is the one with footbal records etc!
good job husband

and then i googled my dad,
his law stuff all came up first :)
oh happy day, good job scott and dad
even his picture did too!

but you know what the first site was for for whomever i googled?
ah, the powers of facebook.

so go google yourselves people!
tell me what you find!

Monday, March 15, 2010

the days are longand the weeks are longer

it's only monday.
but it feels like it should be the weekend tomorrow.
this is going to be a darn long week,
and i don't even have lots of dance practices to look forward to...
only yucky tests... :(

the saga...

yes, i'm talking about this.
haha, we like it.

and i just had to share this when i saw it :)

ps- why be on "team jacob?"
my brother said it well, "it's like watching the re-run of a football game and cheering for the the team you know who's going to lose in the end!" 
true or what!?

so you will all know that on the 30th of June 2010,
casey and i will be at the theaters if work permits :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

another weekend of dancing!

but this time way way more dancing!
it's the national dancesport ballroom competition weekend at BYU and it has felt like non stop competitions
i had noive standard, novice latin, prechamp latin, Gold 1 Foxtrot, and Gold bar Tango.
it was way fun though but  my partners and i did well for ourselves mostly
so much makeup, costumes, fake tanning, rhinestones, hair gel, etc, goodness haha
the ballroom bubble :)
i was excited to finally get to dance and do it all
but also excited for it to be over to have my time back to myself again!
casey has been so sweet, he went to all my competitions and was there cheering for me
it's so much easier and more fun to dance when you know at least one person in the huge audience at the marriot center is watching you and wanting you to do well,
things are just so much better when he is around
so far, the big things we've gotten to watch are amateur smooth, amateur standard, and the professinal showcase. all so amazingly disgusting
tonight we'll go back to watch amateur latin and cabaret, so fun:)

it's fun to watch with casey because he has been to enough comps where he most definitely has an opinoin on dancing: good and bad dancers, good and bad costumes, etc :) so fun

here's some pics!
the pretty (and ridiculously expensive) costumes for amateur standard
casey pretending to be my latin partner :)

gotta love ballroom, dance!

in between the dancing of the weekend casey had his first basketball game for the start of tournament- they had a very nice win, casey made bunches of points, i was a proud wife,
we started wacthing all the college basketball conference tournaments,
we took naps,
we played house (aka we finally cleaned up after all the mess dancesport made in our place [casey just has to leave all his makeup and nail polish everywhere goodness!]).

sunday could not come sooner:
relaxation time
family time
pure casey and kimber time :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pepper Spray Training

So I felt like I had to give this post justice since Kimber was not able to come and watch my Pepper Spray Training. Note to everyone out there Pepper Spray hurts when it gets in your eyes!!! The shower afterwards was even worse because it was unexpected that I got the spray on my hair into both of my eyes. OUCH! We did this for my work at Library Security, who would have ever thought that this would be apart of my work, but to be able to carry around Pepper Spray we needed this training first. I am glad that I did it because it was worth the experience and now I can say I have been sprayed in my eyes with Pepper Spray. Here is some of the pictures and the video. Don't laugh too hard!

Pepper Spray Training from Kimber Cutler on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the husband and our little black book

have i ever mentioned to you about our little black book?
no not the one guys carry around with lots of numbers of one nighters.
it's a like a litttle "i love you diary" that we got as a gift from his brother and SIL.
we love it.
we write in it to each other (anything or however long we feel like writing)
and then hide it somewhere for the other to see
it gets fun seeing the different places we can hide it and it's even sweeter to read what the other wrote to you.
story first before i tell you more about the little black book.

part of that same gift was a jar thing of a bunch of questions that you ask each other
we did a bunch of other questions to each other when we got engaged to learn even lots more about each other than you could in a normal conversation that you really wouldn't ever talk about. we loved that too
well these questions are kinda the same but cuter:
"tell a memory when you were 5"
"describe your dream home"
"when did you first fall in love with me"
etc etc, they're just cute questions.
well we were doing the questions the other night and it was so fun.
in casey's words the next day in the little black book it was so fun
"getting to know you even more."
how true that is. 

i like to think casey and i know each other pretty dang well compared to the rest of society.
but there's always giong to be so much more to learn about one another.
i'm excited for that
i'm excited for eternity with him
have you ever been around casey much?
well at least when he's with me, he makes the funniest 4 year old faces,
so cute and adorable,
we took pictures of some the other night,
i'll share:
pouty face 1- 
NO! face-
cry baby face-
on the edge of tears face-
and lots of chins face- sorry baby i just had to put it up, it's just so funny!
happy baby face-
pictures don't serve these faces justice.
but i am just in love with this boy still.

ps-the other day in church casey whispered in my ear:
"your hair smells like jelly and i want to eat it"
i thought it was terribly adorable, hehe. i loved it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sweet little angel came to visit!

we finally got the cute little abby all to ourselves!
this i our niece up here in utah from my darling brother and SIL
usually when we see abby it's with a bunch of other people and you have to take your turn
but this time it was just her and us, we loved it!
we just chilled and were super cool together :)
Haha this last picture like triples the size of her cheeks, it's so funny!

her lips are to die for
her eyes are always so interested in everything (aka they're always big and staring:)
her headband that day was so cute! it would fall in her eyes every once and awhile and it was just so funny!she like didn't even notice it, not a peep!
can you imagine wearing a headband and it falling in your eyes and you just sit there and don't fix it? haha 

and it's always fun for us to be around babies in general,
casey came home and all of his attention went straight to the little princess
i love the way he plays with her and talks to her and holds her
it's adorable
he's going to be such a great dad when that day does come

she is a cute little cuddle bug and we can't wait to have her to ourselves again! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

it's coming it's coming!

see these?
they're going to turn into these!!!!
 I'm so very excited for spring!
and i love love love love love flowers
especially tulips
they're so vibrant and pretty!
signs of spring are everywhere on campus! and it's wonderful!

lots of fun stuff has been happening this last week i'll update about it all soon! hopefully

ps- don't you hate it when you sit down in a seat and you can still feel it's warm from the last person who sat there? yeah, yucky, i just did that :(

Friday, March 5, 2010

Good ol' Aspen Grove

tonight i worked in the kitchen at AG again.
i loved it.
and working with one of my most favorite people, a miss dyer, made it all the better
it's fun to get back into the groove of things and not miss a beat.
it's also great to work with other people who know exactly what to do too.
every time i work there i just reminisce of summer times
i loved it (90% of the time:).
here are some of the memories:

  • cutting up 150 pounds of mashed potatoes all the time
  • katie using salt instead of sugar for the 7 huge breakfast cakes...gross
  • gutting fish...super gross...i really could never do it by the end of the summer, the nasty feel just freaked me out, bleh
  • ingrid's funny stories of marijuana farming in canada
  • annalise complaining every 5 minutes about whatever task she was doing
  • bacon. death to bacon and death to when we had to inch them
  • rolling all 770 rolls without the a/c on bc they "raised" better and didn't dry out (lies julie, lies)
  • julie giving annalise dirty  looks
  • flour fights (below)
  • the horrible day we had to slice all the ham for sunday breakfast. WASTE OF MY TIME
  • listening to many of the same summer songs over and over (aka dish room and kelly clarkson songs)
  • pizza making with ingrid
  • arguing over who got to cut pizzas (easy/fun job except if you get burnt, that equals no fun)
  • emptying the nasty water crap under the bbq and spilling it all over me and stinking
  • bbqing hot dogs and burgers on wednesdays with a hat and sunglasses and walking into the freezer when it got too hot
  • LTOP's blehhhhhh
  • annalise burning the alfredo sauce bahaha
  • taste testing everything with spoons and giving our opinions
  • lindsay's attitude woman vioce (that i have now obtained)
  • pancake/french toast flipping mornings
  • always getting in trouble by greg for washing the potatoes when making roasted reds
  • annalise making nasty nasty looking grilled cheese
  • death of chicken nuggets and dang quesadillas to adults and children
  • plating pies
  • death thursday night dinners and always trying to get out of them
  • early morning walks to the kitchen and watching the sun turn the mountain gold
  • having my hand hurt from cutting so much meat.
  • lindsay and annalise always getting to make saturday cookies and i always did the dumb salad
  • scotty bff
  • california trip
  • andy being a brat to Jim
  • Glenn's predictable jokes at camp opener
  • the corndog song
  • shea and amy's amazing song
  • christmas in july
  • 4th of july
  • burning tanning with annalise
  • provo trips
  • the swing/bench and hammock outside snowshoe that anyone who was dating had to sit on for hours with each other
  • kimberobics :)
  • kimberobics in the smelly baby rooms
  • watching the bachelorette with the huge group of girls on the little laptop
  • watching here come the newlyweds
  • watching long bbc movies enforced on us by annalise
  • working, playing, and living with all the same fun people that you love
  • missing the one person all summer that i loved the most
  • lover coming to AG in the summer to visit: best. day. of. the. summer. ever.

there's so many more good memories
wish i could remember them all :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

there's not much snow left :( oh and ps- william hung is in the house

why is there like no snow left in utah?
i want more snow.
i need more snow.
my snowboard and casey's skis need more snow.

didi tell you about william hung?
american idol william hung?
american idol asian guy william hung?
american idol asian guy who sang "she bangs she bangs" william hung!?

we saw him in person!!!!!!
we were at a company meeting for casey and that was the big "present" at the end
haha, oh william hung :)
he's quite funny in person  let us tell you
and i won one of the raffles! 
yes a signed cd by william hung!
the rest of the night we were singing that song
over and over and over.

for the record we saw the man in person

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

satin sheets

we did our laundry yesterday.
i couldn't bring home the dry load from the house i do it at bc it wasn't dry.
so when we went to bed last night, we had no sheets :(
except for the new satin sheets in the closet that i still had not used.

moral of the story:


on a side note all growing up i told my mom i wanted silk sheets. but i didn't want her to buy them for me when i had a twin bed bc that would only last oh so long and how little time I in actuality had. so one of my wedding presents from her: satin sheets (she thought silk would make you too hot). but once we did get them i was too scared to use them bc i thought they'd be cold, and slippery etc. boy was i wrongo. they are UMazing. so, to all you out there on an 800 thread count cotton sheet: you're missing out, go buy satin (plus they were a great price:)


Monday, March 1, 2010

this week...

i will actually take notes in my classes so i stop falling asleep in all of them
i will get my landscape project done
i will cook dinner more often
i will pick up my clothes
i will do my to-do list that's been there to-do for a few weeks now
i will be on time to my 7 in the dang morning lab for soil boring science
i will send my mom the stuff she's been asking for
i will do good, meaningful scripture study each day
i will not look at blogs while listening to my accounting lessons
i will do all of my accounting quizzes and turn them in on time i still need to do today's by midnight and it's 10:22 :(
i will enjoy the dang paso doble
i will print out my wedding pictures
i will be happy

what will you do?