Monday, April 16, 2012

provo utah bucket list: go to 1 game of every BYU sports

another bucket list item, yayyyyyyyyyy
we have SIX more to accomplish after this!
i don't know if we'll get them all done but it sure has been fun!

so although we didn't quite make it to one game of EVERY sports game at BYU,
we did enough, i think, to cross it off our list.

BYU football
and lastly, BYU volleyball
after casey's LAST organic chemistry final on saturday we ran over to the volleyball game at the smith field house.

wow, was that place packed with energy.
seriously, the crowd went wild over everything, it was so fun!
and you could tell the players had TONS of fun playing and worked as such a great team together.
supporting each other when they were awesome or not so awesome.
they beat penn state 3-0.

i wish we had gone to more volleyball games, it was seriously a blast.

granted, there were about3 other little sports games we didn't get to go to (tennis, gymnastics, track, we'd gone to a soccer and rugby one before), but these were our top ones we wanted to go to, so, i'd say we're good :)


Purposely at Home said...

Yay! So glad y'all had a great time!! I hope you are having a marvelous monday. :)


Shane and Clara said...

Hey, I was just reading in my BYU magazine about a comedy show...."the wizards of Ha-Ha's". have you guys seen them? maybe another last minute bucket list, if you haven't. BYU comedy is quite fun and sure to make you laugh!

Good Luck with Finals you guys.