Monday, July 28, 2014

RIP Corolla, hello Odyssey

A few weeks we got rear ended while waiting at a stop light and then got pushed into the people in front of us. Gosh, being in an accident is such a crazy and fast experience. It just happens. You have no idea what's happening, it just does and you roll with the punches until it's over.

I've been so grateful for a peace of mind during the whole situation. We were all buckled properly in our respective seats. Our car was was registered properly and licenses were up to date. We have great auto insurance (more importantly the person who caused the accident is insured wonderfully). All our ducks were in a row. There were no "I wish we had…" in this situation. The Lord was truly watching over us and all those times we ask in our prayers to be safe and watched over we were even through an accident

I then was suggested to go to the hospital by my doctor and get checked out to make sure the babies were both ok and all was still well with the pregnancy. Yet again, a peace of mind knowing we are all safe and looked after and cared for by insurances is truly a priceless thing.

 photo Jul2120146_zpsab76a805.jpg

Less than  week later we found out our beloved Toyota Corolla was totaled :( so many mixed emotions when we heard the news.

That was the car we dated in, our first experience together I asked him for a ride from one end of campus back to my dorm at BYU. The first talks of marriage happened in that car. So many make out sessions, ha. It was "our" car even though it was originally Casey's. We've lived in Utah, California, Indiana, New Jersey and Nebraska in that car. Countless road trip across the country including Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, Iowa, Kansas. It's been through WAY more states than just those though. We drove completely across the country probably 4-5 times in that car. We brought Maxson home form the hospital in it. Learning how to use baby seats in it, so many crumbs in the back because of that cute little rascal. So many amazing memories in just our first car and now it's gone.

That car was so good to us, 209,000 miles and no problems ever, just normal maintenance. We're both sure it could have lasted us at least another 100,000 miles because Casey took such a good care of it. 

When we learned we were having twins we debated for months on what to do about our car situation. We knew a mini van was an absolute must (that was always in the plans for after graduation but now we had to bump it up a few years) but now suddenly all was changed. We were wanting to get through dental school with one car, and one car only, there was absolutely no need for a 2nd car but we didn't feel great about giving up our little car. We figured we'd get so much more use out of it over all the next years than we could possibly sell it for.  We had come to a conclusion, we weren't going to sell it and it would see us through so many more years. 

But then the accident. Our emotions were everywhere. Was it totaled? Was it worth fixing and keeping? Should we keep it? If it is totaled will the insurance company even give us a fair value for a car? So many conversations. Oh and the accident happened like 4 days before we were leaving for Nauvoo and we were only going to have 1 day between Nauvoo and traveling west for 4 more weeks. Awful timing.

We learned it was totaled and at the same time learned of the amount the insurance would give us and we were OVER THE MOON. We would have never been able to sell it for that price but that number was what the Corolla was worth to us and helped us exponentially when buying a new car.

As we went back to the auto shop to clean our car out we both felt very melancholy during the whole ordeal. It was like cleaning out a locker from high school: so many great memories, knowing you'd never come back to it and it will never be the same. So many great times yet all good things must come to an end. I couldn't believe how sad it was leaving that Toyota Corolla behind!!!!

But onward we had to go. We cut our trip to Nauvoo short by a day so we could car shop 2 days instead of 1 in Lincoln. We were disappointed at the selection we found in Lincoln and thought maybe we'd find something in Wyoming, Utah, or Arizona.

After another 4 or 5 days of car shopping, countless (exhausting) hours visiting dealerships and then talking through all our options over and over we settled on a car that would work well for us at a decent price point. 

So we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family:
the 2011 Honda Odyssey! 

It has lots of room to grow, will be perfect with twins and Maxson and  young family. I foresee lots more road trips in its future

 photo photo-9_zpsda8a7b55.jpg

PS- I NEVER WANT TO GO CAR SHOPPING AGAIN. I would rather go swim suit shopping, now that is saying something!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

trip to Nauvoo

The week after school we took a quick little trip over to Nauvoo, IL. Nauvoo is a place with lots of rich, deep church history for members of the LDS church. The church has reconstructed a bunch of buildings there and just made it really fun place for families to learn all about the history of church. We got in in the super late afternoon one day, saw a tony little music show, walked around their country fair area and then saw the Nauvoo pageant that night. They did such a wonderful job with the production of it all. Maxson did ok during it, near the end we just had to switch out with Maxson so he could run around. We really loved finally getting to go watch the pageant (I've officially now seen all the church pageant productions!)

And to my surprise we were having camera card issues!!!! We got there and it wouldn't read the card we scrounged up! (Maxson lost the main one I use days before). It was great not having to lug that behemoth thing of  camera around for this adventure, a nice break from needing to take pictures of everything. But I did miss having the end result of all the nice pictures. Luckily for us we did have our phones for pictures and that's what matters most!

Nauvoo temple
 photo IMG_1845_zpsb23261aa.jpg
b. Casey walked with Maxson in the children's parade
c. children's parade again
d. wagon ride around old nauvoo. maxson was enamored by those huge horses
 photo Jul2120148_zpsdf580c2c.jpg
a.-c. Thanks goodness for this kids station. It was the only area where we could finally enjoy some of the activities they offered without having to stop Maxson from touching everything and running everywhere. He was at such a hard age for visiting Nauvoo, just so active and busy but you couldn't quite be in that setting. So we were ever so grateful for this kids games area.
d. He FINALLY fell asleep after the kids game stuff and we were able to enjoy a couple of the house tours without chasing after him, glories.
 photo Jul21201410_zpsa574e15f.jpg
a.-c. Definitely a favorites of Maxson's was the blacksmith shop. The loud banging was right up his ally. The fire also got too hot and started throwing out sparks like a sparkler, which was fun.
 photo Jul2120149_zps9d07b8c6.jpg
a.-b. We finished the Nauvoo area with a visit to Wilford Woodruff's home. An original home in the area. He's my 3rd great grandpa so it was special to me!
c.-d. We then drove the 30 minutes to Carthage to visit Carthage jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith was killed. What a sacred building. It was amazing to be there and see it all. The stories of the past are so richly with the filled the spirit.
 photo Jul21201411_zps0604cbd6.jpg

I am so grateful for all the effort time and money the church has put into this history site to remind people of the stories and sacrifices of the Saints in the early days of the church. There were SOOOOO many wonderful senior missionaries making that place function so smoothly and then the sister missionaries and summer performer missionaries were so beyond awesome too. Can't wait to take my family back when we all my kids are older!

Friday, July 25, 2014

picturas de iFono

a. collecting sticks at the park
b. otter pops post park
c. 4th of july parade
d. buying 4th of july fireworks (casey's fave)
 photo Jul2120141_zps6b7f390d.jpg
a. haircut time
b. astronaut maxson
c. camille stopped through lincoln with the kids on their drive out to arizona and we just LOVED seeing them for that brief hour
d. jade gave maxson a yoohoo and maxson devoured it
 photo Jul212014_zpsb1b6e45a.jpg
a.-d. splash pad time. definitely more fun when dad is around
 photo Jul2120142_zpsf2a8ed66.jpg
a. eager for the park and ready with his buckets and shovels
b. for some reason we had a billion computers out at one time
c. found ourselves one of those free tiny library's on a street where you just take a book and put it back when you're done
d. not every moment is happy
 photo Jul2120143_zps75fdaf74.jpg
a. artichoke for dinner, one of my favorites. casey's is starting to warm up to it after 5 years of experiencing it (and when i say warming up i just mean not complaining anymore)
b. begging to go into the neighbors house but they're not home
c. the tractor museum
d. one day lincoln and mesa weren't far off from each other!
 photo Jul2120145_zpsb9ff1380.jpg
my birthday day!
a. library time with a million kids
b.-c. dinner at sebastian's table
d. this boy knows how to get his target shopping done
 photo Jul2120144_zpscbcc6e66.jpg
a. peach cobbler in my spiffy new pie pan
b. back to the library
c. nebraska scenery
d. owies :(
 photo Jul2120147_zps00cba8b6.jpg
a. sleepy car rides with monkey
b. hopefully this picture was him trying to clean up a mess he made
c. can't fit enough cars in his hands
d. putting all his ducks in a row
 photo Jun262014_zpsed6a1d52.jpga. 
a. first tomato of the season!
b. maxson wouldn't end up eating it although he was the one who wanted to pick it
c. contemplating important life decisions over breadsticks and endless salad at olive garden
d, gave maxson a keebler cookie in the car and he made a MESS
 photo Jul21201412_zpsc8c69ace.jpg
a. getting energy out on our car trip by throwing rocks on a highway off ramp
b. family history work
c. tomato watering with grammy in wyoming (and joyous tramp jumping)
d. poor casey. this pregnant wife takes up way more than half the room on the bed. this bed seemed bigger than our queen at home but more often than not, i'll wake up in the middle of the night and find that there's about 1 foot of space between the edge of the bed and my body pillow for casey's legs to rest. that man never complains, he's a saint.
 photo Jul21201413_zps0f38880a.jpg

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

picturas de iFono de casey

finally got casey's phone on the computer and pictures downloaded, here ye be.

a. teeth brushing
b. post bath
c. basketball time
d. balloon sword
 photo Jul32014_zps83c071ef.jpg
a. back in utah months ago, lounging in the blow up tent
b. bike ride
c. lotion fun
d. casey's workout
 photo Jul320142_zpse9bc6c81.jpg
a. emergency weekend doctor's appt for ear infection
b. puddle playing
c./d. pretend picture taking, didn't let him touch that for long ha
 photo Jul320143_zpsa6cda8cf.jpg
a. golfing in wyoming
b. messes
c. messes
d. finding happiness in the back seat
 photo Jul320141_zpsc00acd86.jpg
this next segment are pictures from casey's trip to wyoming for the wyoming dental conference (a glorified boy weekend if you ask me). he texted me a bunch of these pictures during the trip which was great for me.
a. taking a tiny plane to jackson, wy
 photo Jul320145_zps1736848f.jpg
a. dinner with josh and (graduated) adam
 photo Jul320146_zpsfdf096d4.jpg
a. lon and casey tried running up this ginormous mountain in 20 min for $50. they didn't quite make it in 50 min but it was a great workout!
b. dirty fett from such an acitivy
c. the "mountain" they climbed 
 photo Jul320147_zpsc83893d3.jpg
a.-d. making the toddler bed with josh.
we still haven't stained/painted it but i'm excited to have it in our house!
 photo Jul320144_zpsfd30d7cd.jpg
a. churching it
b. sand box playing
c. churching it
d. church twins
 photo Jul320148_zps37de59a9.jpg

Friday, July 18, 2014

the difference 5 days makes

you guys, i kid you not, the difference in these pictures is FIVE DAYS.
#growinglikeaweed (or watermelon)

the first pics were taken on tuesday and the second ones on sunday.
holy moly that's growth!
 photo IMG_3630copy_zpsc23c39a6.jpg
 photo IMG_3647copy_zps0e3e338b.jpg
 photo IMG_3650_zps5c024453.jpg

Thursday, July 17, 2014

gardens and bubbles

this was our sunday evening.
blowing bubbles and admiring our growing garden.
it was a good evening.
 photo IMG_3680_zps2b687f56.jpg
 photo IMG_3671_zps35b2e178.jpg
 photo IMG_3667copy_zpsda92365c.jpg
 photo IMG_3668_zpsb02c948e.jpg
 photo IMG_3660_zpsb9992f23.jpg
 photo IMG_3664_zps8e9a14d2.jpg
 photo IMG_3659_zpsd7e1ce9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3656_zpsfd74f1b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3655_zps2f065d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3658copy_zpsdb8bb329.jpg
 photo IMG_3654_zps208c97d8.jpg

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2 of everything

i feel like i'm beginning to accumulate 2 of everything in my life because of these twins. wow twins are way more expensive than a single child. i mentioned this to a mom the other day who has twins boys and then 1 younger boy, and she totally disagreed. i was mainly referring to clothes, so she said just do laundry twice as often, but that is not the case. so here is my list of everything that i will need twice the amount of the same size because it's twins:

winter coats.
winter boots.
tennis shoes.
church shoes.
shoes in general really (snow boots, rain boots, sandals, water shoes, etc)
swim diapers.
church clothes (especially white shirts).
sports gear.
winter hats.
winter gloves.
snow pants.
fleece lined pants (maxson wore that 1 pair like all of winter).

and other items in life you must have 2 of:
pack-n-plays (because we're a traveling type of people)
high chairs.
sports gear yet again.
baby carriers (ergo/bjorn etc)

and the list goes on. there's plenty more stuff i'm missing that twin moms end up buying 2 of because they twins and i will deal with that when i come to it, but for now, yes twins are much more expensive. ooy...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

home video: june video

recently i went through my computer and cleaned up a bunch of the pictures to put on the back up hard drive to help my computer run faster. what prevents me from doing this more often is videos. you see, once the videos are off my computer and only on my backup hard drive it's hard to make these little videos. but sometimes i'm lazy and just never get around to making these videos. somehow i got june done whiz bang fast which means my computer is now lovely empty for more photos and videos to be downloaded. i present to you june 2014, maxson is 18 months old.

go here to see the video if you can't on the blog

here comes the sun by Instrumental songs music