Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Before I start into photos, if you're a momma of little ones you MUST read this article. Oh my goodness I' needed this article so bad today. My babies have turned into criers it seems like. It feels as if at least one of not more people are crying at all times in my house and I am  numb. This motherhood stuff is harder than I could have ever imagined. So please, read the article, it will make you happy. Ha, My favorite line: The baby years are short, kind of like five minutes…underwater.  I am definitely deep deep deep under water right now and it does not feel good sometimes/a lot of the time.

A crepe place just opened right around the corner from our house and I am so so so excited! Quinny and I went the very first day it was open, delish!
Pi day! Our friends always have a wonderful Pi party each year and we finally got to attend! Pies were galore and children flocked everywhere. I do love any reason to get together so very much.
I brought the (fake from a box no bake dessert) oreo pie there in the front that ws completely gone by the end of the night (thank you small children) there was an apple pie in that back corner that was my favorite of the night! Also my friend has a streamer-banner that includes every number of Pi, it's unreal how long that thing is and hilarious at the same time too that she has it! It was made of course in college.
The phrase "Don't mind the mess, the children are making memories" id not true in our house, I would hang up the phrase "Don't mind the mess, Max makes them faster than I can pick them up"
Weird picture BUT to me dirty feet=signs up summer!!!!!!!!
MAXXXXXx. Always dumps out his beverage onto his plate at mealtimes, weirdie. Also my cute big-little boy ready for church. His bow tie is 1 of 4 that my 4 older brothers all wore on my blessing day!
Favoritest toy EVER! And the twins agree.
Look at my cute little Hawaiin babies! Man I want to gobble them up! QB. QUinn's outfit is from our most recent trip to Hawaii and Bryson's is from our first baby moon trip!
Lollipops and babies
 A family date to the new crepe place. All approved, especially Maxson when he realized nutella is akin to chocolate. We were the circus of the quiet, hipster coffee shop with a baby strapped to both of us and then crazy Maxson running around chasing his remote control car everywhere.
 The staging area for baths (right outside the door of the bathroom) Q
 The bath show. Max switches back and forth between loving baths with babies and telling us they can't come in to play with him.
 Tummy time on the ground = bobbing heads. Tummy time on the couch with a TV on = still as a statue laser beam eyes. Definitely stopped that as soon as it started.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Did you know we went to Wyoming for spring break? Well we did. It was great. Everything turned out great. I'd say of the 21ish hours spent in the car driving back and forth the kids got A-'s. Not completely perfect but just about perfect that I really shouldn't complain about anything.

While in Wyoming we got to spread out into THREE ROOMS. THREE ROOMS my friends, it was AMAZING! Oh how I long for a 3 bedroom place, ha. It was just nice for Casey and I to be in a room with just us, just a little more space, ya know. Max was actually an awful sleeper, waking up in the middle of the night, insisting we lay in his bed with him to help him fall asleep, not wanting to take naps, learning how to take off the baby lock on the door handle, ha, but we survived!

It's so great to be around family. Man I got so so so lucky with the in-laws I married into, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your in-laws is the phrase I've heard. Really, those people are all so great. Listen to this, their exercise room (that they religiously use every morning for hours a day combined) is littered in scriptures, scripture memorizing cards, and ensigns. What an awesome group, right? The house is filled with torn out pages of the New Era taped to walls to encourage and inspire you to be better, do better, think better, and grow yourself towards Christ. Seriously such great people (parents and kids included). I feel oh so very fortunate to have married into such a wonderful family!

The weather was ok. It was good spring weather for Wyoming (for church on Sunday everyone was walking in with no coats in 43 degree weather acting like it was almost spring!). Mostly our trip consisted of playing on the tramp and being with the family. Not a bad combo.

When did this little boy of mine grow up? Jeesh. Kills me

 On our way to Green River, we had to drive 2-3 miles on COMPLETELY empty until we could get to a gas station at 3:30 am. If you see, the car says 0 miles until empty. So nerve racking!!!! We filled up 19.85 gallons of our 20 gallon tank.
 We got to take Max to the rec center to swim! He is one stinking funny boy and so much fun. He just has so much spunk and life and tenacity to go and be and experience! So much happy yelling! Every time he got to the top of the slide he'd yell "Hi, momma!"
 No fear.

 Beginning  the first glimpses of bottle holding! FREEDOM!
 Our little trip to Cafe Rio, it was so crazy yummy! Oh man oh man, that place makes some good food. We all we super happy stuffed walking out, it was a gluttonous feast. Also, I freaking love Max's little smile in this picture, I finally caught one of his true smiles we often see in a picture!
 Love that Uncle Derek of ours
 Full hands, always.
 They sat and watched at first and then insisted to be held during lunch.
 Grammie made salt dough hand prints of the boys. The babies' ones are SOOOO cute and small! She's keeping them for us now but when we move to Wyoming we'll keep them in our garden or something as little stones!
 Love this quote I saw on nie nie dialouge
 Grammie is such a great help, always eager and waiting to hold and help a baby!
 Double duty daddy. Once we got home Max was much better playing with his duplos blocks after loving playing with the ones on Wyoming, happy for everyone!
Uncle Derek and grammie's fishy cookies

Karlee is BUSY!!!! We were able to finally get one family shot with her home!

Tramping outside

The end of spring break. Only 1 more to go while in Dental School!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs of spring.

Scraped knees and constant bruises

Thursday, March 19, 2015

all in a day's work

I realized there was a day a few weeks ago where I took more pictures in one day than I normally do. Some reason it just felt special to me! So here are a few moments from one day of our life in an unorganized manner.

Caught Maxson holding Quinn's hand while selecting all the white noise sound on the iPad. tender motherhood moment!
a. Quinn: common site of eyes peeking out behind bottles
b. TWINNERS! We have out wonderful relatives Jim and Jan to thank for these ones, it gives me a little anxiety dressing them exactly the same and then again it's really cute. I would guess Bryson is on the left.
More cute babies. QB
Whenever I make dinner sprinkled with cheese Maxson is sure to be right there to jump in and help pick off the cheese to eat before it melts. Cheese and all things sugar related are his food love language.
a. Daddy's home to help!!!!!
b. I think it's so funny when Max decides to join the babies under this play toy.
Getting creative with our bottle feeding positions. I've been using this one a lot!
a. Max the jewelry model. He was completely enthralled over these necklaces for awhile
b. Got out the next size up in clothes for the babies which means NEW OUTFITS! Hooray!
a. Cutest hugest pouty lip ever
b. Unloading dad's wallet=pure joy for Maxson and pure anxiety for Casey, hashtag where's my credit card!
Did you notice how many outfit changes those kids had in ONE DAY?!?!?!?! Yep, one day my friends… I believe this day was a little more extreme (mostly for Max) than usual but I do still think it's funny.

Also, remember my phone fast? It's going great! I'm truly so happy with the change I've seen throughout my day. I feel so free now that I'm not absorbed in checking my phone all day long! Funny enough, the days after I wrote that post I read these articles that were about that exact same thing:

The affect of parents on phones in front of children here
What happened around a guy when he did a weeklong phone boycott here

Thus far I've noticed than when I do check various media platforms there's too much to go through now that I don't care about, and I don't have enough time to see the people that I really do care about! So I'm taking my time to weed out my Instagram and Bloglovin to people I want to follow that I sincerely care about and to read. For Facebook I click on the link that says show me less of this person's updates because I feel bed unfriending them even though I'd really like to...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An unsuccessful excursion to story time.

Thank goodness Maxson has stopped fighting us on naps! He's back to being awesome at going to sleep 90% of the time and now that he's back in his bed he doesn't wake up during the night and cry for us. ROUTINE people, routine. So here we are, nap time and I'm blogging!

Today I tried going to story time at the library today with the kiddos by myself. I'd say I felt 35% successful.

Things that were successful
1. We got there
2. Max participated and listened maybe 40% of the time
3. There were no huge tantrums
4. Max was obedient on the way into the library and helped push in the stroller
5. Babies didn't cry cry during story time much

Things that were unsuccessful
1. I planned for the babies to be asleep the whole time, they woke up as soon as I got them out of the car
2. Max suddenly turned all shy and was standing by the wall far away from everyone else and wouldn't participate near others, even his friends. I was kinda surprised.
3. As soon as story time ended Max bolted for the door out into the ginormous library. Max runs really fast, the third time he did it we went home. And he still managed to escape 2 1/2 more times while I tried getting us ready to go
4. Max played with the name tag table for 20% of story time and made a huge mess pulling a bunch onto the ground
5. We couldn't check out the book Max wanted because I left the library card in the car and since it's under Casey's name she wouldn't let me (other branches have!)
6. During said check out time, Max ran almost far away 3 times
7. Yelling/tears ensued when we couldn't leave with the book
8. I had to carry him yelling and push the stroller out of the library and maneuver through small doors
9. I let him down to push the handicap button on the last door out. He then ran outside as fast as he could bolting to the street. I in turn chased after him before a car could hit him and right when I turned around the stroller was right behind me racing towards the street
10. Once to the car Max wouldn't stay in the car while I was getting the babies in and ran 2 car aisles away before I could catch him.

Fun, huh?

Overall he did just fine during story time, I will give him credit for that, it was the whole post story time that was awful. Maybe next time we will just bolt out the door as soon as story time is over…that is if there's another story time in the future. Honestly Max just isn't quite old enough/obedient enough for me to take all 3 kids by myself somewhere. The babies are both kinda demanding with needing bottles or being held and Max, from what you read, just runs away.

Any suggestions on toddlers running away? Other than a leash?

And a picture because we love pictures. After our trip we rearranged the car again. We brought the 8th seat back in so all the kids could be in the front row. It's working out super well actually! I love looking back there and seeing Maxson holding their hands!
Funny, thus far when I've asked him "is that baby asleep or awake?" he'll look at them and yell AWAKE! From what I've learned thus far, if the baby is awake he yells awake in excitement. If the baby is sleeping he yells awake to wake them up. We're working on the proper actions and responses to the question.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Working out post baby 2&3

I am officially on week 8 of Kayla Itsines workouts. Go me? Yes, indeed, go me. And I am oh so proud of myself. I've missed 2 days of her workouts (I was sick on one and we had just driven through the night on another) and maybe a handful of the cardio days.

If I don't exercise during the babies first nap of the day it's reeeeeeal hard to find a place for it otherwise. I have energy from breakfast still but I'm not too full (oatmeal for the win, I absolutely have CRASHED during my workout the days I only eat cereal), I can get the full workout done in 40 minutes if I start immediately after I put them down and then if they take a short nap I'm not frustrated with them not napping long, win win!

My workout time is Maxson's designated "media" time. For the most part this is the only time of day he gets to watch a movie (always requesting "go?!" aka Frozen, still trying to get him loving more manly movies). Once my workout is done I turn it off and we go make "moo-ee!" for ourselves-- smoothies. It's a good little pattern I feel like we have and I don't feel guilty because it's "media" time and then he doesn't interrupt me much during my workout and we're all much happier. 

If any of you are interested in the Kayla Itsines workouts I'd highly recommend it for a few reasons:

1. 3 days a week you do her workouts. They take me 40 min from warm up to cool down. 

2. Since the workout is just a pattern of exercises you follow for a designated amount of time you can easily stop real quick to help a child (or run to the bathroom) without feeling like you're missing "the workout" like a video. 

3. The other 3 days a week you find some sort of other type of cardio workout. She recommends low intensity but I like feeling super tired after a workout so I usually do Insanity.

4. I love that my workout days always are switching around and I can play with it a little.

5. She definitely does a great job at targeting women's trouble areas which I appreciate

6. There's little to no equipment used. I pretty much get by with a chair and two 5 lb weights. 

So, friends, if you're looking for something to do I highly suggest this one, I'm loving it so far! You can get a free 1 week trial here. If you do want to buy it, there's often 10-15% off codes around, just look around or ask me!

Picture of post workout courtesy of Maxson, see them sweaty armpits? Yip, it's that good!

PS- I am not doing the designated eating plan at this point, I have little to no self control/am not desperate enough for that yet, wait until I'm done nursing and then I'll tell you how I feel. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Phone fast

I've realized I am addicted to my phone and I am not proud of it. As soon as I'm not doing anything I turn my phone on and mindlessly click to some form of social media: instagram, blogs, Facebook, email,  or pinterest.

It's time for an intervention.

yesterday I deleted all the apps on my phone I constantly open. I deleted my email so I couldn't access it. Pretty much the only apps I open now are the Gospel Library app and my photos one. I did actually keep instagram on but in a less accessible spot and I only allow myself to check it in the evening once the kids are asleep.

Just today, I can't believe how many times I picked up my phone to "just quickly" check IG, Facebook, blogs etc. I'd read a text from someone, exit out of that app and immediately try to open IG. I want to be so much more present with my children. I want to have time to just ponder life and not always be entertained by something. Sure when I'm nursing I can't do much so I'd always flip through my phone. Now I sit there watching Max play more, thinking of activities I can do with him, what household chores need to be done, reflecting on the scriptures I had already read that day.

For me, my phone is so constantly accessible. It's not always in my pocket and it is often lost, but it does find its way into my hands more often than I'd like to admit and I'm sick of it, I'm sick of the addiction that I have encouraged.

I still get on these various forms of social media, but only on my computer, and let me tell you, as a mother of 3 children less than 2 years apart, finding time to physically open my computer is pretty much never found, literally it only gets opened at night and once the kids are in bed or maybe at nap time.

I don't think all these apps I love are a bad thing though, in many ways they are super awesome: connecting with friends that are good influences inspiring you to be better about x, y, or z, blog posts/pins about being a better wife, mother, friend, or homemaker. Facebook helps me plan events with friends and get advice on raising twins. I need these mediums of social media on my life, just less of it constantly throughout my day. Media can be a tool for good but I've let that "good" become to excessive and it's turned into evil I believe.

I want to be more overall present in MY life, not looking at my phone and interested in other people's lives continually. Of course I need breaks, but I've given myself too many. I want more time to just sit and think to listen to my thoughts, to be able to be quiet and still enough during me day to listen to the spirit, not reading about what someone ate for lunch or pictures of what my friends are doing all day long.

So, we'll see how this week goes. At the end of it I will re-evaluate, do I want those apps on my phone or even my life? Will I put them back on? Am I happier with myself? I will let you know.

Join me?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a video: Jan and Feb 2015

Some videos I was able to finally throw together of the boys the past couple months:

The twinsies

or see here


or see here

A hodge podge of Maxson talking.

or see here

And for my future momma reference, Quinn rolled over yesterday from tummy to back! So fun!!!!!!!