Tuesday, July 22, 2014

picturas de iFono de casey

finally got casey's phone on the computer and pictures downloaded, here ye be.

a. teeth brushing
b. post bath
c. basketball time
d. balloon sword
 photo Jul32014_zps83c071ef.jpg
a. back in utah months ago, lounging in the blow up tent
b. bike ride
c. lotion fun
d. casey's workout
 photo Jul320142_zpse9bc6c81.jpg
a. emergency weekend doctor's appt for ear infection
b. puddle playing
c./d. pretend picture taking, didn't let him touch that for long ha
 photo Jul320143_zpsa6cda8cf.jpg
a. golfing in wyoming
b. messes
c. messes
d. finding happiness in the back seat
 photo Jul320141_zpsc00acd86.jpg
this next segment are pictures from casey's trip to wyoming for the wyoming dental conference (a glorified boy weekend if you ask me). he texted me a bunch of these pictures during the trip which was great for me.
a. taking a tiny plane to jackson, wy
 photo Jul320145_zps1736848f.jpg
a. dinner with josh and (graduated) adam
 photo Jul320146_zpsfdf096d4.jpg
a. lon and casey tried running up this ginormous mountain in 20 min for $50. they didn't quite make it in 50 min but it was a great workout!
b. dirty fett from such an acitivy
c. the "mountain" they climbed 
 photo Jul320147_zpsc83893d3.jpg
a.-d. making the toddler bed with josh.
we still haven't stained/painted it but i'm excited to have it in our house!
 photo Jul320144_zpsfd30d7cd.jpg
a. churching it
b. sand box playing
c. churching it
d. church twins
 photo Jul320148_zps37de59a9.jpg

Friday, July 18, 2014

the difference 5 days makes

you guys, i kid you not, the difference in these pictures is FIVE DAYS.
#growinglikeaweed (or watermelon)

the first pics were taken on tuesday and the second ones on sunday.
holy moly that's growth!
 photo IMG_3630copy_zpsc23c39a6.jpg
 photo IMG_3647copy_zps0e3e338b.jpg
 photo IMG_3650_zps5c024453.jpg

Thursday, July 17, 2014

gardens and bubbles

this was our sunday evening.
blowing bubbles and admiring our growing garden.
it was a good evening.
 photo IMG_3680_zps2b687f56.jpg
 photo IMG_3671_zps35b2e178.jpg
 photo IMG_3667copy_zpsda92365c.jpg
 photo IMG_3668_zpsb02c948e.jpg
 photo IMG_3660_zpsb9992f23.jpg
 photo IMG_3664_zps8e9a14d2.jpg
 photo IMG_3659_zpsd7e1ce9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3656_zpsfd74f1b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3655_zps2f065d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_3658copy_zpsdb8bb329.jpg
 photo IMG_3654_zps208c97d8.jpg

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2 of everything

i feel like i'm beginning to accumulate 2 of everything in my life because of these twins. wow twins are way more expensive than a single child. i mentioned this to a mom the other day who has twins boys and then 1 younger boy, and she totally disagreed. i was mainly referring to clothes, so she said just do laundry twice as often, but that is not the case. so here is my list of everything that i will need twice the amount of the same size because it's twins:

winter coats.
winter boots.
tennis shoes.
church shoes.
shoes in general really (snow boots, rain boots, sandals, water shoes, etc)
swim diapers.
church clothes (especially white shirts).
sports gear.
winter hats.
winter gloves.
snow pants.
fleece lined pants (maxson wore that 1 pair like all of winter).

and other items in life you must have 2 of:
pack-n-plays (because we're a traveling type of people)
high chairs.
sports gear yet again.
baby carriers (ergo/bjorn etc)

and the list goes on. there's plenty more stuff i'm missing that twin moms end up buying 2 of because they twins and i will deal with that when i come to it, but for now, yes twins are much more expensive. ooy...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

home video: june video

recently i went through my computer and cleaned up a bunch of the pictures to put on the back up hard drive to help my computer run faster. what prevents me from doing this more often is videos. you see, once the videos are off my computer and only on my backup hard drive it's hard to make these little videos. but sometimes i'm lazy and just never get around to making these videos. somehow i got june done whiz bang fast which means my computer is now lovely empty for more photos and videos to be downloaded. i present to you june 2014, maxson is 18 months old.

go here to see the video if you can't on the blog

here comes the sun by Instrumental songs music

Monday, July 14, 2014

24 years old and 21 weeks a long

my 24th birthday came along quietly. quietly yet happily. i spent the day being the momma to my sweet little boy, and cheering on casey in his schooling. maxson did  give me a birthday present of sleeping in until 9 am, that was great. we went to story time at the library and we took long naps. once casey got home from school we went to this new spanish restaurant i've been wanting to try, sebastian's table (it's from the same creators of my favorite burger place in town, honest abe's). it was much different than we expected. more of a fancy, sit down, hipster type of place. the food was way delicious though. everything was served in the style of appetizers and you ate it all as a group. the dessert was incredible, churro like dough balls with pear filling inside.

afterward we took a quick trip to target to pick up  few birthday presents for me (few times in my life i can buy things at full price and not feel bad about it, this birthday was one of those).

once home we were outside blowing bubbles with maxson when my dear friend, tasha, walked up with a delicious red velvet birthday cake for me, such a wonderful surprise! as they sang a roaring happy birthday to me, the wind blew out my candles :( let's hope that's not bad luck. 
 photo IMG_3610_zps0499c22a.jpg
 photo IMG_3611_zps0f3a419e.jpg
 photo IMG_3614copy_zps69865030.jpg
 photo IMG_3621copy_zps478aa577.jpg
 photo IMG_3622_zps433baf90.jpg
the next day i entered into the 21 weeks gang. you guys, i seriously get so much bigger every week, it's crazy. we learned the twins share a placenta this week, that means they could either be identical or fraternal, we'll find out when they get here! lots of movement from these boys. i had a dentist appointment this week and after an hour i was done, i was literally about to pass out after lying back like that for so long, ooy, gave my dentist a little scare. saw the baby boys this week in the ultra sound at our appointment and one was kicking the other in the head, ha, they are wiggly!
 photo IMG_3630copy_zpsc23c39a6.jpg
still so crazy we're having two babies at the same time. i'm over the shock and news of course, it's just so surreal to me still, i NEVER in a million years thought i would have twins. what's even crazier is that they will be here in less than 17 weeks, doesn't that sound SOON??!!?? this pregnancy is just going way too fast. with maxson keeping me so busy, a long trip around the corner, and the wish of having more time before we add 2 more children to our family is going to make this all zoom by. before i know it, we'll be back from our trips and i'll be nearly 30 weeks, that's the last push my friends! ahhh!

Friday, July 11, 2014

sick babies

sick babies are the saddest, don't you agree?
 photo IMG_3400_zps810c6273.jpg
a couple weeks ago we woke up to maxson screaming and as soon as i opened his door i knew what had happened (during that 45 min of awake time in the night i was ever so grateful to have my husband at my side helping me and max through it all. single moms were on my mind so much, how do those brave ladies do it alone?). you just feel so bad for your little one. here's some tips i've learned over the past year or so of dealing with sick little babies and toddlers

1. as seen from the picture above, we put down heaping layers of towels (old towels usually that are kept only for the purpose of this or drying off cars or cleaning up huge spills on the ground). you never know how many times in the night this will happen so if it does happen again, you just peel off that top layer of yucky towel and your little one has a new clean layer to sleep on. so much less work than crib sheets in the middle of the night. (lucky for us this night only consisted of that first episode and the layering of towels was never used, but better safe than sorry)

2. if any throw up gets on the floor or a couch, first use 2 spoons to pick up as much as you can. it helps not rub it into the fabric.

3. for car rides we always travel with an old/extra 72 oz plastic cup you get from gas stations, so much better than a bowl. also for the car, keeping the plastic bib on your child that has the catching pocket at the bottom is great for unexpected bouts in between the episodes.

4. again for the car, putting down a big black plastic bag between your child and the carseat will protect the carseat from the worst of it (of course being safe to avoid belt attachment areas.)

what about you? i'd love for you to comment with any wise suggestions you do with sick babies/toddlers (this is a really enjoyable topic, ha), especially you mommas with much more experience than myself.

ps- speaking of sick little babies, maxson has surgery today to get tubes in his ears, he's had nearly constant ear infections or fluid on his eardrums since january so we're going to get it squared away. he's such a champ when it comes to pain, hoping he does well with it today!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

fourth of july palooza

 photo IMG_3473copy_zpsc6167087.jpg
we had such a wonderful fourth of july this year. oh how i love this holiday oh so much! we celebrated this wonderful country with friends, food, games, fireworks, and memories. in the morning we went to ward's annual pancake breakfast. yet again, it was a little stressful for casey to get all the food cooked, griddles working, and other food warmed, but it all ended great. maxson loved running away from us to the playground. we came home and began getting ready for the get together that night. i do love planning get togethers, they always end up as so much fun but oh man, even with friends volunteering to help with the event it's a lot of stress to host, ha. there's so many things you can't ask people to help with or so many last minute things in your house you want to bring out that you think about at the last minute. so fun, but so much work ha. i might have to take a break from hosting over the next while to a) reduce my stress during this pregnancy and b) stay a live while having twins and maxson. but on to the party!

we began with the children playing in the front with kiddie pools and the sprinkler slip-n-slide, even though it wasn't hot hot that day, the kids still ate it up. and it's fun to watch them all interact together. not to my benefit, maxson's aim with squirt guns is getting better
 photo IMG_3445_zpsf8937a8d.jpg
some of the boys then pulled out a water balloon launcher and began playing with that in the street. funny how they all turned into teenagers in about 10 seconds. some went to the further end of the street and began trying to hit the launched water balloons with baseball bats. silly boys…maxson wanted all in on the action
 photo IMG_3447_zpsc1f0879f.jpg
we ventured to the backyard and began eating all the yummy food everyone brought (for most get togethers we do as friends it's bring your own meat and a side or dessert to share, and in this case for a special holiday it's a side and dessert, and then i try to assign out the paper products to others to relieve the burden/stress/cost. usually we always use ours and our neighbor's grill)
 photo IMG_3476_zps1f19517d.jpg
 photo IMG_3458_zps4fd3113c.jpg
 photo IMG_3478_zps8236976c.jpg
everyone always makes such great efforts on the dessert area, it seriously is spectacular every year, here's some of the first desserts i got pictured (not pictured were 2 delicious trifles and layered jello) (also maxson is too tall for his own good and swiped so many desserts off the table when we didn't see. let's just say his bowels did not agree with him the next day…)
 photo IMG_3455_zpsb96a432a.jpg
 photo IMG_3451_zpsbefaecf8.jpg
 photo IMG_3449_zps964ee67e.jpg
 photo IMG_3450_zps6c0d0396.jpg
 photo IMG_3452_zps4655da15.jpg
 photo IMG_3454_zpsd9e283c4.jpg
 photo IMG_3453_zps811ad833.jpg
maxson parked himself by the water jugs for a lot of the evening. he loves to push the water out of these jugs and in the special case of never before, one wasn't just water. it was (very concentrated) gatorade thanks to casey. maxson went hog wild.
 photo IMG_3482_zpsa49adc54.jpg
a few of the families brought the little snapper popper things that even tiny kids can throw on the ground. all the children loved it. they would throw them and if the didn't pop they would go over and stomp on them , so cute. maxson did not like being forced to sit on casey's lap as he lit off a few of the first rounds of ground flowers, it took more than just those snappers to get him used to it all.
 photo IMG_3467copy_zps7a95ab19.jpg
our great neighbors filled up a bajillion water balloons and the kids (and adults) had a flipping blast with them, i couldn't believe how long they lasted with the little kids just going over there and throwing them on the ground to watch them pop, they must have filled up so many. but they lasted forever and were tons of fun. we had an adult water balloon contest which was fun for everyone and then we had one with kids and they loved it.
 photo IMG_3499_zps8535279f.jpg
 photo IMG_3495_zpsa3415444.jpg
 photo IMG_3496_zpsdc7fab70.jpg
 photo IMG_3497_zpsdce242ce.jpg
 photo IMG_3479copy_zps7704c076.jpg
 photo IMG_3506_zps745a7cb9.jpg
the water balloon launcher came back out and the little boys dads saw how tall they could launch them and try to catch them in their shirts, they were hoots to watch
 photo IMG_3502_zps73e660cd.jpg
 photo IMG_3514_zps1dbd7f64.jpg
 photo IMG_3504_zps03d3e7f7.jpg
we did a few games with kids and adults
i don't have a picture of the funniest one, but we did one where each couple had a large balloon sandwiched between them, and without touching your partner we ran a race around the tree. so hilarious.
 photo IMG_3528_zpsd9c2b5af.jpg
we had the 1 and two year olds do  straight up foot race and it was SO FUNNY. some kids sprinted from start to finish real well, some just happened to follow in the excitement of others which worked for them, some slowly walked over staring at all the parents on their way, and some just cried and cried and cried. children are the best. the finish line was filled with parents holding their best bribing object: mom, a cookie, pop, or in maxson's case, an iPhone
 photo IMG_3515_zps0fd9f839.jpg
 photo IMG_3522_zps0d636d1b.jpg
here's a really awful video of the race, it was so funny. at the end you'll see a little boy on the far left just barely, he cried his whole way to his mom, so funny/cute. i should have kept videoing but didn't.

the cookie face competition was great to watch everyone's strained faces.
for the first time in my life i got the cookie in my mouth and was SUPER proud of myself
 photo IMG_3533_zps5f8086c5.jpg
 photo IMG_3550copy_zps6b52f672.jpg
 photo IMG_3552_zpseee3ca31.jpg
the rest of the evening was filled with firework fun from small to big. most the little kids were not so keen on it at first but after 10 minutes warmed up to it. maxson surprised us by the end of the evening he finally wanted to hold a firework. such a sweetie. he parked himself on my lap during it all, very unusual behavior for him to sit for so long, ha.
 photo IMG_3566_zps660d2ad5.jpg
 photo IMG_3591_zps0929f8b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3570_zps0322383c.jpg
 photo IMG_3573_zps94b489d4.jpg
 photo IMG_3580_zpsea0b0710.jpg
 photo IMG_3599copy_zps00abd652.jpg
casey had lots of fun with the fireworks again this year. each year we learn what things to buy and not buy with our little budget. it's fun for me to watch that cute husband of mine have so much fun with it. he's gonna be such a perfect dad to all these boys

ps- the goo sparklers are illegal in nebraska this year, how lamo is that?