Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Good things to come

This video was meant for me today

I feel like I constantly have other wonderful more seasoned moms who have walked my path "Don't you give up, there is hope to come!" and I appreciate their words so much for I am needing to hear them a lot.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quinn vs Bryson

Let's have a little comparison of the two, shall we?

Bryson LOVES to swing. He's always the first to run to the swing and stand there and beg me to put him in

Quinn is so good at realizing exactly when Bryson says he's all done with the swing and running over to me so he gets a turn on the swing.

Bryson loves to dance, you start signing or turn on any kind of beat and he starts bouncing away

Quinn LOVES cell phones, mostly fake ones still, and loves to just pretend to talk on them all day long.

Bryson loves to scream. Like insanely high pitched shrill kind of scream.

Quinn loves to mimic said shrilling scream but just can't quite get ear deafening enough, luckily. They think it's hilarious

Bryson is often the first to be found most mischievously searching around the bathroom for makeup, sticky products, and toilet brushes

Quinn FREAKS out if I'm leaving somewhere and he's not 

Bryson LOVES to take off his diaper. He always has pants on because if not, his diaper comes off ASAP and purposely pees

Quinn is very good at coming to me to ask fro help and get what he wants

Bryson loves to try to hug and kiss Quinn and then hold onto his clothes and not let Quinn away.

Quinn does not love being hugged and kissed by Bryson and then screams when Bryson holds onto his clothes

Bryson is very good and mimicking words, I mean he doesn't say them well at all but he puts lots of effort into trying to mimic it

Quinn is loves open mouthed kisses

Bryson puckers up and makes the kiss sounds

Quinn is often the child found first running over to ride a new bike

Bryson has the cutest little dimple and closed lips pucker smile, makes my heart so happy every time.

Quinn is so good at just laying there to get his bum changed, so kind and easy to mama


They both LOVE babies! Like all up in their business every time they see one.

They both love Max and follow him around.

They both want to be held all the time and cry about it all the time.

They are both really good sleepers, and sleep about the same amount of time for naps and nights, they're are just so dang great.

They're both really cute and love to meet new people and wave hi and bye.

They are both really getting into stranger danger soooooo that's not so cool, but whatever we'll get through it.

They both are super great eaters and eat about the same things.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Easter was wonderful. I'm so happy for a special day each year to really reflect on the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The children were a thousand times better at church that day. We had a pleasant day searching for Easter eggs, taking pictures, and it ended in a most wonderful night of Easter dinner at our good friends home with children galore, wonderful food, and good conversation. My how it was a wonderful day.

 This was really how pictures went.
 Bryson, 17 months! Hey freckle :)

 Maxson 3
 Quinn, 17 months
 Time for the Easter egg hunt! Max followed a trail of cotton balls to the front yard where the Easter baskets were and there was an Easter egg hunt!
 The excitement was extremely tangible and I loved every second. Holidays are truly getting better and better as this boy gets older.

 Let it be known, the Easter baskets only had books and 1 ball each, haha, but I'm glad he was so excited.
 AND the Easter eggs only had chocolate teddy grahams in them because Max had WAYYYYY too much candy in the days leading up to this.

 Bryson and Quinn were stoked for the balls, ha

Happy Easter my friends, if you haven't yet gotten to watch the church's Hallelujah campaign go do so!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

One of those Sundays

Other choice titles: Screaming Sundays, My Last Day at Church, Delighting in ruining Mom's Sabbath, Terror Toddlers at Church,  Children not Welcome.

If I didn't have a testimony that the church was true, the gospel of Jesus Christ was true, and that going to church was important. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN MY LAST DAY GOING TO CHURCH. I kid you not.

It started last night. Really it started last night because it had been building up from the previous 2 weeks. Casey has been a work horse to school and studying lately and I have been going solo a lot more in the day than usual. The past 2 Saturdays Casey has been studying all day long so I feel like I haven't gotten a break at all.

So in comes Saturday night. I'M FREAKING DONE. 6:30 we put the kids in the bath to find that all 3 are poopy. Why the freak did Max poop his pants? Never happened before, ugh. Quinn had apparently been poopy for a long time and his bum was all red now to show for it.

Max wouldn't stop screaming because he wanted to watch a show and not go to bed. I'm scrubbing poop out of his underwear, all 3 kids are crying or screaming or trying to get out of the bath and I've freaking had enough. I just couldn't take it anymore. I threw the (mostly all cleaned off) underwear at Max and walked out of the bathroom (crying too). Luckily Casey was close by, stepped in and did the next hour's worth of putting kids to bed by himself and cleaned up the house while I laid on my bed and tried to cry and sleep and forget about it all.

When I got up to brush my teeth  I found poop on a towel in the bathroom. Why is there poop on a towel? Turns out Max pooped in the bathtub as well, Casey cleaned up a little bit of it but  had to continue helping get the kids to bed and now there were still a bunch of poo particles all over our bathtub. Gross. So much for me wanting to take a nice calming bath that night. Add deep clean to the bathtub to my Monday to-so list.

Alright, so now to Sunday. As always, lots of tears all morning long because no child gets adequate individual attention EVER.

I woke up at 5 am to Max watching TV downstairs and probably ate something that I have no clue about. Marched him back up to bed. Woke up at 6:30 to Max again downstairs watching TV for who knows how long eating who knows what. When I came down to him dripping out of his mouth was some gooey substance I had no clue what it could be.

Force him to turn off the Tv and he has a screaming cat fit of wailing and gnashing of teeth. I put him in his room which makes him scream harder, he begs for Daddy and says he doesn't like me and only wants daddy. I agree with him and tell him Daddy is gone at church meetings. Cries harder.

Lots of tears the next 2 hours as we try getting ready for church and feeding people breakfast and make a complete disaster of the house. More tears, more screaming. Unending. Diarrhea from Max, more tears. By the time we leave for church a bomb went off and you're having to step over huge mounds of STUFF to get through each room.

Make it to church barely on time (but on time! let's see the positives here!). Babies are awful. Screaming yelling, wiggly, trying to get out of the bench, won't stop crawling all over me, pulling my necklace hitting my face, flailing to get off my lap, screaming because they want their apple sauce pouch now but it's not until after sacrament. Max was probably naughty doing something ,who knows what. Casey takes Max to the bathroom and a baby runs after him, the baby left is scream crying during the prayer in my lap because he wants to go too.

I follow Casey out with screaming baby. We all come back in to the meeting. Kids are calmed-ish down with something. Sacrament starts and babies start scream crying again to get out and hitting me. (By the way, I have never been so abused in my life as I have when being a parent. The kicking, hitting, biting, crying, screaming in my ears, etc, it's never ending).I go to the hall with the first baby. Casey follows soon enough with 2nd baby and Max. Begin tears.

I can't do this again. Church is so freaking hard with 3 toddlers. The babies won't go to other people like they used to. When I come in eye sight they just start crying and reaching for me again. Even when people want to help the babies won't let them. Max has been so clingy lately when we get in group situations which also makes church harder.

We sit outside as a family until the sacrament is over. A dear friend sees my struggle and takes one of our babies along with her 4 month old baby back in to sit with her family. Casey takes Max and 1 twin back in. I stay in the hall and cry a little more, compose myself, try to listen a little and get my self back inside to the battleground because that is where I'm supposed to be and I am still needed inside.

It goes ok for a little while with 1 baby not being in our row and not being able to see us. Granted snacks have now started too which helps for sure. I don't remember exactly what I did during this speaker but it wasn't just sit there and listen. I don't remember hearing much at all of the speaker just helping the 2 kids we did have.

For the final speaker the other twin joins us back in our row. More screaming, fighting over applesauce, hitting me and each other, trying to escape out of the pew, throwing toys hard at the people behind us, just trying to freaking survive. It was awful just awful I tell you. At one point I take Max outside to go to the bathroom again and when I come back in Casey and a dear friend are both at the back door of the chapel each holding a baby because they FREAKED out that I was leaving and they weren't.

We made it through another sacrament service, barely, (let's be honest, last week's ward conference we only made it to the sacrament until we had to take the kids out during it, and knowing it was going to be a way longer meeting we took the kids to the Primary room, run and walk and play the whole time while we listened to the speaker, we didn't even try to keep them in the chapel). But after the meeting ended I was just done. Done with babies being so awful and crying and hitting and trying to get through this meant struggling week after week with no end in sight.

A close friend asked "is it one of those Sunday's?" and I answered every Sunday is one of those Sundays. It's never easy. They're all hard. They're all stressful. I just can't do it anymore. And there I was, that crying idiot mom at church who couldn't just laugh it off and cried because being a mom was so gosh freaking hard. I mean, who does that? Really? At least when you're pregnant you know you have to do THAT for 9 months, with these toddlers and knowing we want more kids there is not end in sight. It never ends. It seems like it's never going to get easier. It may be 5 or 10 years before I don't have toddlers sitting with me. NO END IN SIGHT.

After trying to control a little cry fest I run to the bathroom trying to compose myself because, hey! I need to go teach 8-11 year olds the gospel and red crying eyes would be quite a bit of a distraction during a lesson and the last thing I needed was "Sis Cutler why are you crying?". Of course lots of (wonderful!) friends see I'm crying and ask to help which makes it worse because I'm trying to compose myself and talking about it will only make it worse.

I get through my teaching hour, all is fine.

I get to the 3rd hour to find Max didn't go to sunbeams because he was too emotionally attached to Casey and wouldn't let Casey leave him (super  new and weird behavior from Max being clingy and shy). I go find Casey who has Max in the clerk's office with him, switch him for a baby, bring him back to Primary, learn my wonderful neighbor willingly took Bryson because he loves her so much. Max is clingly-ly sitting on my lap (doesn't EVER sit with his sunbeam class now), he's acting really strange. He decides his tummy hurts and he's going to throw up. I get Casey and we leave church early. Luckily Max never throws up but we conclude on the car ride home that those early morning "treats" Max was eating were fiber pills, thus the diarrhea from earlier, thus his endless toots during sunbeams, thus his tummy ache. Ugh.

We 5 go home and sleep it off.

I cry because church was so hard. I cry because I'm crying over being a mom. I cry because I just want a break. I watched this conference talk from Elder Holland , it helped, it also makes me cry more. I didn't know how much the atonement and grace has to do with motherhood. I thought that's mostly for sinners and mistakes, not being a mom. But it does.

And before I really dozed off for my nap I reflected back on WHAT DID YOU HEAR AT CHURCH KIMBER?

I heard something about angels... something in a song...something about angels among us. I looked up the hymn numbers of what I vaguely remember we sang, I only remembered the numbers because I thought it was strange that 3 of the 4 songs we sang were between like 110-120. I picked the one maybe that those words were in and I read:

Come unto Jesus; He'll surely hear you,
If you in meekness plead for his love.
Oh, know you not that angels are near you
From brightest mansions above?

And i realized I did have angels around me during church. They were angels in the form of some of my dear friends. Those who tried helping with my kids. Those who asked if I was ok. My 3 year old who was a lot better during sacrement than I probably give him credit for. And my dear angel husband, who never just signs off and is always there to catch the pieces when I can't take it anymore. Those words rang true to my heart as I dozed off to sleep.

And fear not, I will be at church yet again, next week, screaming toddlers and all.

(Encouraging words not needed, I'll get over my tears and try to laugh through the pain more next time. No pity necessary. I wrote this down mostly so I could laugh at it in 10 years (hopefully))

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Mom, Wife, and friend you'd dream of!

There is no special anniversary, birthday, or event that finds me posting today, however I just haven't felt like I have posted in a while. After changing two dirty diapers this morning that were very overloaded and having a child who insists on waking up at the butt crack of dawn. I decided I needed to write down a lovely post for Kimber, who has to deal with these three little hoodlums all the time. I guess four if you include me!

She slaves away picking up the room a million times to find it messy again 15 minutes later. I know most moms deal with that, but I can see it get disheartening and even having the desire to clean-up when I am around because I clean it up and its dirty the next moment. Shes a saint! Good Woman! She deserves a date night to her favorite restaurant and one that has good chocolate chip cookies. The weather is finally warming up so at least the kids can play outside and we can be a wee bit happier and than the kids turn into zombies.

Although She complains that when she leaves and comes back that the kids don't get all excited for her, they do just in a different way through a sort of crying mayhem than a DADDY's HOME! We all really do love Kimber at home she makes us happy! She makes us satisfied! She makes us food! Ok ok ok... Kimber May your Saturday be ever happier and we at your home want you to know we love you!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The juggle

No one prepared me for REAL motherhood. Those intense but everyday moments of motherhood.

A couple weeks ago Quinn woke up sick from a nap.

I kept Quinn in the boy's room with me so I could keep my eye on him while I changed the yucky sheets on his bed, changed his clothes, gathered anything else in the room that needed to be washed, and wiped down the mattress pad.

Amidst this I had originally closed the door and locked it leaving Maxson and Bryson out of the room so I could focus on the mess ahead and Quinn. Of course those other 2 boys are having a fit I left them out of the room. Through Maxson's frantic tears he goes down stairs finds a knife and is then able to unlock the door happily allowing himself in to the throw up room so now I have Quinn's mess as well as 3 needy children all in one small room.

I go to put Quinn in the bath, rush downstair to get a couple oils, Lavender and Wild Orange, to put in the bath with him. Of course when I get up there Bryson is trying his hardest to get in the bath with all his clothes on and Quinn has pulled out his yuckified stuffed animal from the basket of things I need to put in the laundry.

So we start the bath with just Quinn to have his own alone time. Bryson and Maxson are dying to get in but I talk in them out of getting in with Quinn enough to wait a few minutes.

I get Quinn out. Let the bath drain, refill it for Maxson and Bryson. Go downstairs to get Quinn a cup to throw up in. Try to get Quinn dressed I can tell he's starting to not feel well again. As I sit outside the bathroom door watching Maxson and Bryson in the water continually asking Max not to do this or that (dump water on Bryson's head, use tons of soap to make bubbles, taking toys away from Bry, etc) Quinn is in my lap pale as a ghost throwing up a little here and there as I keep comforting him.

Once Quinn's episode is done I go in the bathroom trying to crouch enough to make it comfy for Quinn to cuddle me while dumping the throw up in the toilet. Of course Bryson needs to get out of the bath tub and come look in the toilet and cup to see what I'm doing. So as I'm trying to cuddle with sick Quinn with one hand, pushing wet slippery Bryson back in the tub with another as he is grasping onto the cup or toilet to get a better look and I'm trying to flush the toilet as fast as I can before it touches anyone and then rinse the cup out to be ready for the next episode on Quinn, and surely Maxson is doing something I don't love in the bathroom.

It's that moment that i'm like "No one prepared me for this. No one told me I would literally be juggling throw up, sick children, and slippery fish children all at the same time and no one would be around to help."

When your first child is sick everything you do in life revolves around that one sick child. Your day and tasks stop all to comfort that little one.

Enter more children and one sick child and the day keeps going. Everyone else still wants to be fed and making messes while one just wants and needs to be cuddled and loved and held and for time to stop for them. But it can't.

The struggle of the juggle is real.

You press forward.

You keep going.

You get through it.

In the moment you do what needs to be done and as much as you can, and then afterwards looking back at it you're like "Woah, that was tough stuff and I made it through!"

That's it.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

An inaugural VLOG for my BLOG

Things are getting a little changed around here! I've started a new public instagram account, @sliceofkimber as well as joining in to sharing doTERRA essential oils! Hold the phone, hippie oils? I know, right?! But just hear me out! It's a lot of new stuff and feelings and opinions behind it all so I wanted to share it video style with you all!

So head on over to sliceofkimber on instagram, you can see my February oils promo, ends in just a couple days! And all next week is HAIR week on the gram with a few special contributors sharing their expertise knowledge! It's going to be really fun.

ALSO I've joined the world of periscope, it's kinda fun :) So go over there and find me @kimbercutler

If you want to learn more about oils (like I said, just give it a chance! Just listen to a class once!) Drop me a message in some form and I we'll find a class time that works best for you, just you and me chatting or a small class or whatever. I'm flexible if you're flexible. Remember oils ARE NOT just for hippies. They're for normal people like me (and you!) and I promise you can find a use for them and need them in your home for one reason or another!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In the picture

Here's the last week's in the picture series!

My first mall walk with the boys went splendid
The next day was warm enough to go to the park! Heart emoji's for days!

Breakfast in the morning, unsuccessfully keeping my cereal away from the babies.

Shadows. those are 2 babies.

Max and Casey were out of town so I got to bond with the babies on our walk!

Max still MIA, babies LOVE the diffuser...too much sometimes.

Late night Sunday selfie.

Digging holes!

Helping mama sew a new throw pillow cover!