Thursday, December 18, 2014

A couple Christmas outings

WE MADE IT TO ARIZONA!!! Holy cow that was the most stressed, traumatic, painful, eventful, crazy trip/plane ride ever. We survived and are here though, so absolutely insane! More on that craziness later. For now I have a couple posts I've been working on in the past little bit while I mustered sometime here and there I'll finish them up and post them over the next few days. Here's one!

So the hospital I gave birth at does an annual Miracle on 70th street event each year (the hospital is on 70th street). Our first year here Max was born on the day of the event! The second year it was not even on my radar to go. And here we are with our third year and we went ahead and braved it with our newborns! We figured we wouldn't know anyone there therefore no one would ask to look at the babies and they wouldn't get sick.

They had a little breakfast which included fountains of wretched juice and huge cupcakes for nutrition, ha. They had a little craft making section, a music room, Santa visit, Mrs Clause reading books, real reindeer outside, and booths of local doctors, dentists, pediatricians to acquire new patients and giving out swag. It was really fun and I'm glad we went (Maxson was honestly enthused over little of it). As always the babies shocked me and didn't make a peep the whole time. Maybe I should bring them places more often ha. 

We drove around to look at lights one night. Didn't quite find any super spectacular houses but anything even small caught Maxson's attention and he oohed and ached over it asking for "mowr mowr?"
Not exactly a Christmas outing but the matching bibs seemed like they belonged in this post.

It's been fun slow Christmas season for us!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A birthday fit for a 2 year old.

The days leading up to Maxson's birthday I kept thinking "I have nothing planned really. Nothing." Ok, I did have his presents in the basement but nothing beyond that. The combo of newborn twins and Max is draining me of nearly all my energy, this birthday was gonna be a super duper relaxed one which turned out fabulous in my book. And luckily my son was turning 2 and thus had no expectations, wants, wishes, etc. Let's be honest he had no idea what was going on all day and why, bless his heart for his simplicity.

As soon as Maxson went to bed the night before we got to work putting up the birthday decorations: streamers, signs, balloons, and faces of 1 year old Maxson, we felt all sneaky putting them up, it was so fun.

Well soon after Max woke up the next morning we got him to go downstairs and his face was full of wonder and excitement, so awesome. He was most excited about the balloons on the floor for sure and 2nd came the awe of little Max faces all over the walls "Maaaa! Maaaaaa!"

Breakfast was the ultimate (frozen) pancakes topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and 2 candles. Again his smile made you feel like a million dollar parent. I thought to myself why do I not do this every morning, he's so happy!

When we began singing happy birthday to him he looked at us with a closed mouth smile and then put his head down all shyly, it was dang adorable. We loved it. Maxson ate all 3 pancakes with no complaint or coaxing (woah, that's not normal. Usually he eats half of 1 and the rest ends on the floor).

Max helped me make his cake.
We took some pictures of the babies and Max upstairs and Max showed me how he can climb almost out of his bed to turn on the lights
I tried getting a cute picture of Max with his monkey but it was a no go, they were all blurry because he moves so much. I contained kept Max in his crib with food while I took pictures of the babies. 

Then came lasagna with a candle on it for lunch
Then came nap time. I finished up wrapping his presents in the basement and got a little bit of dinner ready.

Soon after naps I was in the process of watering down the juice Max wanted (hello, that's not new, kid). Well epic tantrum of all tantrums ensued for 1 whole hour and continued to escalate for various reasons because of baths, monkeys not allowed in baths, mom going downstairs, diaper changes, having to put a diaper back on because he wouldn't get in the bath. I've never lost my patience more with that child than I did in that hour, sadly.

Somehow I got him calmed down. Dad finally came home. We ate dinner, mac n cheese for the birthday boy because he never gets it at our house but inhales it at other people's houses. As soon as dinner was over we opened presents! Giving presents to a 2 year old has to be one of the best feelings in the whole world. His face LIT up with each gift, so excited over every little thing. Oh how I love that child.

 The Dr. Drill n Fill set (a play dough dentist set) was by far his most favorite thing. He and Casey have played hours on it since. It's pretty adorable. Casey unknowingly would use huge dental words to try and teach Maxson what he was doing, stinking cute.
And lastly, CAKE!!!!! Our friends next door came over and joined us on this part, they brought over a mylar balloon which Max is still obsessed with and a sweet new hot wheels car. Again, when we sang happy birthday to him he got all shy, turned around and put his head in the wall, so cute. He did a great job on blowing out the candles all day and it was so cute to watch. I put M&M's on the top because he's obsessed with them.

Max, Julie, and Grace enjoying (only the frosting on their) cake.

It was such a fun birthday. It was great to do special things just for Maxson because it was his birthday. I was surprised that it was the day that he caught on to repeating that he was "TDDDOOOOO!" when asks how old he was. He would also hold up one finger and then look at it and try to figure out how to get one more finger up but it ended up all fingers would come up and he just couldn't do it out, so darling.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

More holiness give me.

I remember the day I learned we were having twins I could not stop thinking about the song More Holiness Give Me. I've no clue why that song, actually I do, it probably was Heavenly Father's way of telling me why I'm having twins.

I know it may seem a little early to be making New Year's goals but I'm going to say now that this song and it's words will be my personal theme for the year 2015.

Today I re-read the lyrics and listened to a beautiful rendition by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
video here if you can't see it. lyrics here

  1. 1. More holiness give me,
    More strivings within,
    More patience in suff'ring,
    More sorrow for sin,
    More faith in my Savior,
    More sense of his care,
    More joy in his service,
    More purpose in prayer.
  2. 2. More gratitude give me,
    More trust in the Lord,
    More pride in his glory,
    More hope in his word,
    More tears for his sorrows,
    More pain at his grief,
    More meekness in trial,
    More praise for relief.
3. More purity give me,
More strength to o'ercome,
More freedom from earth-stains,
More longing for home.
More fit for the kingdom,
More used would I be,
More blessed and holy--
More, Savior, like thee.

I know it may seem a little early to be making New Year's goals but I'm going to say now that this song and it's words will be my personal theme for the year 2015.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I'm just so tired

My mom is in town this week. It's like a burden lifted from my back with all the help she has given. But at the same time, she's lifted the burden from my back and I feel like I've completely fallen to the ground, flat on my face, tired from carrying it.

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's a mental thing. While I was by myself, I HAD to take care of us all, I HAD to get things done. I didn't have time to just sleep when I needed. I just put one foot in front of the other and kept going. Now that she's here and I don't have to do it all it's like I'm completely exhausted everyday and I think to myself "how in the heck was I doing this by myself before?"

Maybe it's like the story Elder Bednar told of the truck needing to carry a load to be able to have enough traction to go. Maybe I need this load of caring for these twins to create more traction for myself to get things done and not be so lazy.

"Sometimes we mistakenly may believe that happiness is the absence of a load. But bearing a load is a necessary and essential part of the plan of happiness"

Just a thought…

Tonight as Casey and I were talking we realized how much we are rocking it in the parent department. It was 8:30 pm Max was still super wide awake and happy and crazy and of course was holding a cookie in his hand (because I'm a weak parent and give into his wants lately because I don't have the energy to fight him anymore, when will that will power come back?????!!!!!!!)

The babies are beginning to wake up more, which is making it harder to please them. It takes a little more effort on my part to coax them to go down for sleep. At least today, it felt like there was COMPLETELY no schedule or rhythm to the day. They were on opposite schedule. One would want to eat after an hour and a half, and the other was content until 3 hours. One would take a long nap, and the other just a short cat nap. I just kinda felt like a parenting fail today.

I mentioned to my mom and a friend today that I kinda feel a little gipped having twins. You don't get to spend that constant one on one attention with your baby just staring at him and cooing at him. There's no relaxed lay there in bed nursing him (well you can do 1 but then I have to turn and do the other probably crying baby and worry if the first needs to be burped, needs more from a bottle, etc). It's just so intense and in your face. I think the rest of my babies are going to seem easy breezy compared to this.

My mom mentioned that was how she felt when raising her 4 little boys: every stage was just so in your face intense, it was hard to enjoy it all. I want to be able to enjoy it. I don't want to be overwhelmed. I want to be able to step back, take it all in, and see the joy. I think having this blog as a writing space to reflect is a big help to be able to do that.

I didn't mean for this to be a depress-a-post. I know I'm so lucky to be a mother to twins, not many get to and it truly is really fun. I think some days will feel overwhelming like this but I just can't let it roll over to the next day. I need to make each day a new one and not let the past day reflect on the current. It's ok to not feel on the ball everyday. It's ok to feel tired. But each day is a new one and with the Lord's help I can make it through (happily).

At the end of (the rough) day today, my mom and I were changing the boys' diapers getting them ready for their last feeding before bed. As I was holding Quinn like a puppy (that's what I call it when your hands are under their armpits, their shoulders are scrunched to their ears and they have no where but to look at you and just hang there, you know that hold? back to the story…) as I was holding Quinn like a puppy he began putting weight on his legs and standing for a few seconds!!!!!!! Something new and exciting from this baby!!!! He's growing! He's learning something new! He's waking up! We're getting somewhere! And then Bryson did the same thing with my mom! They both are putting weight on their little legs! It was like a bright shining star from a kinda gloomy-get-through it day. Those few seconds of standing made the whole day of hard mothering worth it.

It truly is the small things that you can find such great happiness in!

Small things also like BOTH BOYS slept three 4 hour stretches last night, Let me tell you, those two 3 hour stretches of sleep for myself felt so fantastic.

Now a couple pictures because we all love pictures:

This is Maxson pre-toddler bed transition, he was able to grab the pack of wipes while trying to wind down before bed, pulled a bunch of them out, and fisted them while going to bed, that goober. It was super cute when I walked in and saw it (this is also when he was turning on the light, that's why the light is on in his room ;)
 Guess whooooo!!!!!! Look close!!!!!!!!it's Bryson
 The other baby.

That's it for pictures because I'm tired and want to go to sleep.

Farewell all ye well rested readers.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Share the Gift

Being secluded in our home due to having a newborn has created a little different Christmas season for me. I feel like I've kind of been removed from the hoopla of Christmas busy-ness. BUT one thing that I've not been removed from is all the beautiful messages and videos shared online about the true meaning of Christmas. I've fallen in love with a couple of the beautiful videos my favorite is the Share the Gift Video:

It's only 3 minutes! You can take 3 minutes watch it!

I've felt the overwhelming love of my Savior Jesus Christ envelope me this year through various personal issues I've gone through. I've learned I am never alone and that someone else truly knows EXACTLY what I'm feeling. He's been through it all and He will help me get through it all. Because of the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ I can be a better mom. I can be a better wife, daughter, and friend. Because of my Savior Jesus Christ I will be a better person.

This season I will Share the Gift by by teaching my children about the birth of our Savior.

For family night this past week I began teaching Maxson about the nativity story with the Little People's nativity set. I think the only thing he caught onto was that one character was called "beebee," he likes babies :) I think he understood that the baby was important. He also liked putting the baby on the top of the nativity. And although Maxson can't comprehend the importance of the nativity story at this point, I will continue to teach him at the cradle side of the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for him.

Christ is the ultimate gift that any of us have ever been given. If you have any wondered if you are loved or important or of worth I promise you that you are and if you take the time to learn more about Jesus Christ you can come to know that same truth.

Merry Christmas my friends!

Learn more of my beliefs here

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to feel like an awful parent 101

Make him sit on Santa's lap.
I kid you not I've never felt more of a worse/guilty parent in my life. I vow never to put a screaming child on Santa's lap. (Max wasn't screaming. He was actually super cooperative and didn't cry at all, he was just as hunched over as much as possible trying to stay as far away as possible from this guy. His face got more sad and more scared as the seconds passed by. I felt so terrible watching.)

Thanksgiving 2k14 with los Bundys

We were lucky enough to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner with pretty much the coolest family in our ward. Seriously I love the Bundys. Allison, the mom is one of my all time favorite people. Their family is hilarious and lively. It was just a wonderful Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to spend with them.

 Each year they add what they're thankful for to this tablecloth. I absolutely loved it. They started it back in 1999 I think and they're still going with it! We got to add ours to it too!

 The wonderful dinner. Max ate 1% of what was given him and 200% of the "juice"/sparkling cider that was given to him, blah.
 The group

 They actually have twins too! Jake and Sam are 10 years old and I got to be their scout leader for awhile. Super funny boys and it was cute having the twins hold the twins.

All day long Casey and I kept talking back and forth about what we were thankful for, big ones for me for this year included

-my wonderful little family: Hardworking Casey, hilarious Maxson, and 2 new healthy babies- Quinn and Bryson
-health insurance
-good friends
-my Savior Jesus Christ

We have been oh so blessed and are ever so grateful for what we have been given!

Happy late Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Twinsies: 1 month

Here's my cute babies who are getting bigger and bigger. Oh man how I LURVE them so much!
I really do just want to eat them sometimes.
(QB, FYI- I almost always try to put Quinn on the left in all pictures and Bryson on the right and they will for sure be like this for their monthly pictures)
My only complaint at this point: SLEEP!
Ha, sometimes they're not so great at cooperating with each other and me at eating and being hungry at the same times every night so it's like I'm up every hour, it's killing a little ha. Luckily I have super nice friends who rotate at taking Maxson in the mornings so I can keep sleeping, bless their souls.

1. They've switched to Size 1 diapers
2. They've begun to grow out of some of their newborn clothes.
3. These boys have some STANKY gas, especially Quinny.
4. They eat a million times a day and also sleep a million of the hours a day it seems like.
5. I feel like Quinn eats more than Bryson. I give them 2 oz of formula after most breastfeeding sessions and Quinn often eats more.
6. Bryson's head is more narrow near the eye area
7. Both boys have tiny calicos near the front of their hairline.
8. Their eyes are beginning to look more blue and not just dark
9. Bryson's nicknames: Bry Guy, Brysy Bry
10. Quinn's nicknames: Quinny, Q


Bryson: 7 lbs | 20 1/2 in | 14 in head
Quinn: 7 lbs 7 oz | 20 1/2 in | 14 1/4 in head