Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Easton turns 1!

Easton turns 1!!!! how in the world did my baby turn ONE! He is so so loved in our home! He is the best little addition to our family. Always falling us all around. Wherever the crowd goes he follows! He's a full hearted equal opportunist: if anyone else is doing it, he demands to as well! He tells you exactly if needs aren't being met, ha. If the bottle is on the counter, he yells and cries and makes you get it down NOW. He is obsessed with milk. His little baby walk has sped up into a waddle that wants to run that is so adorable. The only thing that slows him down is his footie PJ's on hard floor. He's so vocal. Making so many noises, you repeat back and repeats back with gusto and more voice imitations. He knows where his nose is and tongue. Waves bye bye and night nights making voice intonations. He's finally sleeping through the night about 11-12 hour stretches without needing milk. Sometimes he still does but he's made such great progress. He's been a champ car traveller: falls asleep and transfers easy to his crib. He loves his mama, and I him. He laughs so much with Casey. He runs to the front door once hearing a knock or doorbell, so adorable. It's really so so darling how he follows all the boys around the house. He definitely believes in equal opportunity, if the boys are doing he is too! If they're on the tramp, he belongs out there too! Lately it's been getting colder, and I don't let him on the tramp with the big kids and he gets so mad inside crying. He's constantly wanting up on your lap for you to just hold him so he can see what you're doing, he's a doll. He and Max are such good friends, they sit in the car next to each other and Max is always helping him and playing peek a boo, or talking jibber jabbers sounds back and forth, they adore each other.

I am so so so happy Easton is apart of our family. He makes life better!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Kerri and Chris came down as well as Grandma and Grandpa Christensen! Wednesday I felt like I was cooking all day between getting Thanksgiving food prepped,  salad swap for friends, regular dinner, ha but Casey was home so it was much more enjoyable!

Thanksgiving morning came and it seemed like the family was coming later in the day and since we had REALLY nice weather we went for our own little family turkey trot up and around the neighborhood! The boys rode their bikes a ton (the twins getting on and off when they felt like it of course) Max the whole time, and Easton in the triple stroller. Casey listened to music. The parent not pushing the stroller was in charge of encouraging the twins to keep going, haha. It was so much fun to be out and active with our little family! Every time I said "turkey time!" the kids were supposed to come back to me and go "gobble gobble gobble" in a circle, it was pretty funny. We ran a little over 2 miles all together. I'm grateful for an awesome husband who gives into my silly antics and traditions :)

We got ready and loaded in the car to go over for Thanksgiving! There was SO much food it was crazy! They must have been cooking all yesterday and today it seemed like! The sides are always the show piece in my book. Brad made a great stuffing, Tayli did a million rolls, Derek and Karlee did the green bean casserole, I did the sweet potato casserole, there were so many delicious side salad type things and so many pies! Mostly all store bought but still really good! I made a really yummy cookie pie and a chocolate pudding cream pie! Both were favorites for us all! They also made the strawberry pretzel jello casserole thing and that was SOO good!

We all went to Harrison park (the special ed one that is super fun for the kids) we all walked there because truly the weather was amazing! And played for a really long time! Took some silly videos and pictures and even the adults played on a couple silly contraptions. There were so many great conversations had all day with all the adults around. The kids were pretty good at playing with each other a lot of the day and it helped that Grammie bought a new really hot wheel toy that they all played with.

It was just a genuinely happy Thanksgiving day all together!

The next day was Grammie's Christmas party which is always so fun for the kids! I think it's a lot of prep for Brad and Nan and their family but it's meaningful to the kids and I think they'll remember doing it year after year! Afternoon came and there was still lots of playing outside time! All the kids went in the hot tub with Derek (the previous night it was Casey and all the kids), just lots of great sitting and chatting. Dinner was delicious leftovers from Thanksgiving our favorite! And more PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE

Saturday morning I had my Santa Photo shoots that all went well. The Price's came for the last session of the day. All my boys went to Home Depot for their craft, we try to always go to those and it's so much fun for the kids every time. I'm so very grateful they put those on! I honestly can't remember much of the day. A Christmas movie perhaps? I know I made Hawaiin haystacks for the gang. More hot tub but this time I got in with Easton and then Grammie and Kerri followed us out to with Evie, it was a party indeed!

Being around family at the Holidays is just so special. That's what they holidays are for family time! It's a lot of effort for everyone, ESPECIALLY the main mom in charge but I'm so grateful for Nan's efforts and my own mother's efforts all these past years. I only have good memories of Thanksgivings!

We also did a thankful tree in our home with the boys! We tried each day to write things we were thankful for on leaves and tape them up! It was sweet to hear it all. Here are what our leaves said this year:

-daddy and his job and mommy (B or Q?
-scriptures, church, calling, visiting teaching, Bryson (K)
-for Jesus creating all of us (M)
-milk and naps (E)
-mommy cleaning up, daddy getting a motorcycle (Q)
-daddy unplugging the toilet, a family forever (M)
-birthday, Maxons, TV, pictures, doors, donuts (B)
-healthy family, CHM, vaccines (K)
-pictures on the wall, beds God made us, preschool, nathan, Dax, Brylee, Aidyn, Hendrix, Katherine (M)
-Jim and Jan and new clothes (B)
-Casey's job, Rock Springs, Overland ward (K)
-daddy building a bench (M)
-halloween stuff in the house (B)
-milk and Sippie cups (Q)
-food (M)
-facetiming, Granny Woodruff, Grammie Cutler (K)
-clothes (M)
-Heavenly Father gives us a sister (M)
-daddy goes to work and earns money (B)
-Atonement and Eternal families (K)
-night nights, beds, blanket, room (Q)
-Jesus and the gospel (M)
-Jesus, sports, and job (K?)
-diapers, washing machine, diaper cream, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste (K)
-Jesus built our homes (M)
-coloring books, crayons (B)
-Jesus gives us families and the whole world and temple and churches and food (M)
-Mrs B. (M)
-library, gymnastics, race center, good friends (K)
-Granny and Papa, Grammie and Grandpa Cutler, FaceTime (K)
-dad make the trampoline, heavenly father let plant grow in the summer and rain and we clean up the yard
-Casey, Bryson, Maxson, Quinn, Easton (K)
-Mom, dad, settlers, married (M)
-mommy and daddy (Q)
-Maxson helps me (B)
-Amazon, instagram, smiths (K)
-Bob and owning our house (K)

Maxson turns 5!

Maxson turns 5!

He is a special boy, he's truly a very loving boy. Takes care of others needs, is thoughtful, can be super loving, can focus very well and is a deep thinker. He's growing up so much, it's just crazy!

Just yesterday he asked me "Is God going to give us a sister?" In definitely caught me off guard. I answered "I sure hope so! But I don't know. Our next baby may be a boy or a girl, but you can pray for a sister because God answers prayers sweet boy!"

Another day we had a conversation about Sis Huff (his primary teacher) Max tells me "Did you know Sis Huff's Dad died? How will she get a new dad?" From there we had a little discussion on eternal families and heaven and waiting and it was a sweet, but quick little conversation we had together.

Another day during a prayer, Max gives such sweet prayers so often, Casey and I are always squinting our eyes open to look at each other with a little smirk with a "did you hear that?" during his prayers, he's really so so sweet and thoughtful. Things he's said during prayers lately:

-Grateful me and my brothers can be on the same soccer team together
-Grateful we can be a family forever and mommy and daddy were married in the temple
-Please that we can have a baby sister
-Grateful our elf can go bak to the north pole to talk to Santa and come back

I know there's more adorable things just can't think of any!

So he was super excited for his birthday! He saw it on the calendar way long ago and was just looking forward to the day for months! On his birthday morning he woke up and I happened to be awake trying to shew the twins back upstairs into bed at 5:45 am, he came down and I got to see his sweet face of excitement as he looked at all the decorations and his presents! I gave him a big hug and said "Happy birthday sweet boy! Now go back to bed" haha.

One the light in their room turned green we all came downstair to open presents! He was such a sweet boy excited for each one no matter how big or small.

We made waffles for breakfast because he loves waffles! And even put mini M&M's on it, lit candles and sang happy birthday/let him blow out the candles as many times as he wanted. We then got to cleaning the house and getting it ready for his friends to come over for his birthday party! He's never been such a fantastic cleaner without complaining before lol, he even started BOB fo me! he just kept asking are my friends coming over now?! (and the count down was like 3 hours haha)

His friends came over for a super hero party! Everyone was supposed to wear their favorite super hero costume and there were some cute kids! Max invited, Adyn, Brodie, Crue, Adalyn, Serenity, Owen, Meitzen and of course Bryson and Quinn (those who couldn't come were Kelly, Nathan, Mason, and Dax.) So there were a lot of fun kids! When they got here they jumped on the tramp for a long time and played in the bounce house. I led them through "Super hero super hero come alive" and then all the balls on the tramps were bad guys they had to run away from. We came in and had pizza I had picked up from Papa Murphys. I squeezed all the kids around our kitchen table and the twins were SO eager to sit on big chairs with all the big kids, it was one of those mama heart melting moments where they wanted to be big like everyone else, it was so cute haha.

Next we opened presents, then they all got to be Hulk and smash down a wall of bricks they had to keep building over and over (at this pint max was being a stinker and not participating and being pouty and that made me frustrated.) At the perfect moment Casey came home from work  and I prepped him how to be a bad guy and then told all the kids that a bad guy just robbed a bank and stole a bunch of money! Their eyes were huge (the twins were so into it) and I told them if they see a bad guy to drag them over to this chair and tie him up! At the perfect moment Casey came in with the Hulk mask on yelling he just robbed a bank! The kids were so cute all on him like flies trying to drag him over to the chair, so funny. I then gave them all a little pack of streamers and they wrapped Casey to the chair, it was just so so so funny and fun for the kids. I'm glad Casey got to be apart of the party!

They jumped on the tramp and bounce house for a while and then came in and had cake and sang to Maxson and then back out jumping and left! It was a wonderful little birthday party and I'm so glad to we got to celebrate Maxson with his friends!

We had a little down time and watched Boss baby. The kids kept eating pizza and cake all day, and then we went for a quick look at the festival of trees at a local bank. Nothing quite compared to Utah, but still fun for the kids! When we got home we let the kids stay up a watch some small Christmas movies while eating popcorn and cereal. They all felt like it was so special and it was a great night to end with all our boys right around us. I love our little family. And I love that we have been blessed With mAson as our oldest child, he really is such a great one!

Also he was so eager to measured on the growth chart for his birthday! He's right under 4 feet!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

11 months of Easton

SO much happened between 10 and 11 months for Easton. the biggest: WALKING! On Oct 20 I think he took his first steps and within a week he was truly walking wherever he wanted. He's just the stinking cutest.

I feel like last month is when he he learned to wave hi and bye to people.

He gives the biggest kisses!

He is obsessed with milk and his bottle! LOVES both of them oh so much! It's adorable and funny to watch him walk around the house with his bottle going to town on his bottle of milk.

I think he's for sure my pickiest baby eater yet. Like seriously kid?! Just eat what I give you! Ha, don't get me wrong he does eat a lot of the food we give him, but there's a lot he chooses not to eat ha

He can constantly be found wondering wherever his brothers are. He's our little shadow always.

He babbles all the time and it's so adorable to listen to. talks and talks and talks

He had his first Thanksgiving and Halloween! He slept through Thanksgiving and was a warm baby kept from being frost bitten cold at Halloween.

He loves other babies. Others his age or a little older or a little younger. He instantly talks and talks to them hugs pulls kisses brings toys to. He's just the stinking cutest with other babies.

He still does is his scrunchy noses heavy breathing through his nose thing and the rest of us family members mimic it too bc we think it's so adorable.

Long live baby in the Cutler home! (bc Easton is already changing into a big baby! I can't believe my BABY Easton is changing from my tiny baby

He loves pulling all the ornaments off that tree! Darn that baby!

He is super good at stairs and heights

He always spits out what's in his mouth for you. It's so incredibly helpful!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

8th anniversary !

This year marks our 8th anniversary!

It feels like it's far and few between the times where I'm not nursing a baby or quite pregnant that we get to go somewhere alone so it was extra special.

A huge snowstorm came in Friday, the day we were meant to leave for Provo, darn it! Lucky we were able to make it work that weekend or I would have been oh so sad! So instead we left Saturday morning after we dropped all the kids over at Brad and Nan's house , they were so sweet to say yes to watching the kids for us. It really meant a lot and we are so grateful they would do that ofr us.

We had a wonderful drive down to Provo! We mostly just got to chat and chat and chat, UNITERRUPTED catching up on small things we wanted to tell each other, stories, thoughts, opinions, I could just talk to Casey all the freaking day long. I love that man.

We got to Provo and started at Sweet Burrito, a new place and it was really delicious! It's often hard to talk Casey into going and trying a new place but this one was a definite winner that we'll come back to! We parked in Casey's favorite parking spot for the BYU football games, and then walked to the BYU bookstore to look for a Christmas present. Then walked over to the football game! I've loved getting to go to the football games with Casey again, this year and last. It was just hearing about the experience of the football games casey had with each of the kids; he's such a a fun dad and you can can tell from his words that each boy and him had such a great time together. BYU football is totally crap this year, ha. But we still love trying to cheer them on. We left right before half time. It also was FREEZING! We were in the shade at first and I was dying, once we moved to an area of sun it was much better. Got our beloved cougar tail but we couldn't even eat it all! Go cougs. Better luck next year though, ha.

We quickly went to the temple and did a sealing session which was fun! I love getting to do temple sealings for our anniversary month to remind of us of the words!

We picked up some quick things Sam's Club.

Dropped our stuff off at the hotel.

Ran over to Olive Garden. Casey was so happy for that chicken alfredo and breadsticks and salad! And it really was super good! I trie the Zupa Toscano soup this time around and it was awesome. While sitting at the table we answered random couples questions back and forth which is always fun to get to know each other more.

We quickly ran back over to BYU to catch the basketball game! We got lucky and some random guy gave us sweet tickets. Row 9 and nice padded seats! Again, the team wasn't so hot but it's alwsways fun to just be there cheering on BYU.

Came back to the hotel and I was so stinking tired from the day's activities! I got 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. that felt stinking amazing. We did church in Evanston back to our kids and our marriage/love cups were definitely filled up. So happy I got to spend som alone time with my wonderful eternal companion. How I love him to the ends of the earth!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

10 happy things

1. When Bryson and Quinn pretend to go on trips with luggage, adult shoes, hats. They go on missions, church meetings, dates, grammie's house, school. When Bryson tells me he tries to suppress his smile so much and his dimples are so apparent. Quinn has that deeper voice with furrowed eye brows and a serious face. They love playing together

2. Today the 3 boys played doggies. Crawling around then house like a dog, up and downstairs, into other rooms, they played so well together, I don't even know what they did they just played!

3. Casey teaching the boys how to hit balls today. Each one taking their turn getting up to bat, SO excited when they actually hit the ball. This is what all my parenthood dreams are made of, playing baseball in the backyard with your small children! It was magical

4. When Max takes Easton on the tramp all by himself to play with. Easton loves all the attention Max gives him. Except Max doesn't love all the attention Easton gives him i.e. getting into his toys he's playing with. Max carries Easton over to me and exasperating says "you deal with him!" They are the best

5. When Casey comes home from work the boys often hide and then everyone tries to scare each other. Casey does such a wonderful job at coming home so happy to see us, even if he's tired. He's just the best dad and husband

6. My robot vacuum, seriously it has changed my life and 100% made my home cleaner! I love turning that baby on sitting back while it cleans the downstairs!

7. Reading my scriptures so much more during the day! I love understanding the stories better/again, following characters and lineage, knowing Im doing what I am supposed to each day and going to bed happy and not feeling bad. I love the way I feel all day long!

8. My mom texting me stuff during the day that she's thinking of me. I'm so glad I get her as my best friend. We're lucky to have each other!

9. Watching Easton walk everywhere! After a week of learning to walk he just took off and he's everywhere! I love being surprised every time I see him toddle into a room! He has the sweetest smile

10. Watching shows with Casey at night, I love that we can find stuff we like together :)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween was just wonderful with my littles. Holidays are so much more special and magical with children around! I loved every second! It started out with Grammie and Grandpa's ward trunk or treat.  That was the first time we got to dress up as aa family and it was so fun. I'm so glad the boys talked me out of the costume I wanted to do, instead we were the Avengers! Casey-Hulk, Kimber- Black Widow, Maxson- Iron Man, Bryson- Captain America, Quinn- Spiderman, Easton- Thor. Everyone was so stinking cute in their costumes (thanks Goodwill finds!). I loved that the twins caught onto the phrase "avengers, Assemble!" but would say " Abengers, assemble!" The kids loved their first chance of trick or treating (in the freezing cold) to all the cars!

While Casey was out of town with Max in Utah, i took the twins and Easton downtown Rock Springs to trick or treat around there, it wasn't a cold day so that was a relief. We happened to meet up with the Barrows which made walking around so fun. By the the end (not even finishing all the businesses) Quinn and Bryson were saying "I'm tired, I want to go home" haha, so we stopped. That's so cute about little kids and trick or treating. Kids are too tired to get tons of candy, ha!

Sunday night we carved pumpkins at the in Green River with the family, Tayli helped us and it was so fun. Watching then boys pulling out all the guts, making fun eww and gross faces, Easton constantly picking up knives and wanted to be in all the action sitting on everyone's pumpkins, Tayli cutting a huge hole in her pumpkin cutting out her ghost on accident, after mAx carved his pumpkin all by himself! he then claimed my pumpkin as his, lol. I love the smell of carving pumpkins :)

On Monday, we all got to go to Maxson's preschool Halloween party where they sang the spooky ABC's, the creepy crawly spider, dead bones, 5 little pumpkins. I love his little preschool and he does too! We were lucky that Casey got to come too.

Monday evening we made dinner in a pumpkin and invited the Luthi's and Larson's over. Everyone was little skeptical of dinner but it tasted delicious.

And then to Halloween day! We made mummy hot dogs, did Halloween handprints on our canvases, and then got ready for trick or treating, the main event! Unfortunately it was quite a cold and windy night! But we did an intense round of tri-ward trunk or treating at our church, I got to hand out candy and it was so fun seeing all the trick or treaters come by and happily hand out candy! Once the kids got too cold, they got in the car with me (I was actually in Emily Jenkins car because it's more fun with a friend) and LOVED helping hand out candy! We then came home, and took the kids just to about 8 houses on our street to see some neighbors, it was the most GORGEOUS sunset! But so windy and cold, the kids were practically crying because their hands hurt they were so cold, so we made it down to the Larrsens and came back home!

After back the kids dumped out ALLLLL their candy and boy was it a lot! Not quite sure what we're going to do with it all! Easton kept swiping suckers and walked around with one in his mouth and holding another in a hand haha, we'd take them away but he kept finding more suckers to swipe! I took the big boys to to the fire station for their large size candy bar which they loved and we picked up some Little Caesar's pizza. The boys ate way too much candy and went to bed way too late but we all had a very fun Halloween day! Casey and I watched the Nightmare before Christmas (my first time ever watching!) and called it a night. Except we had so much fun looking at facebook and instagram of all our friends cute costumes! There were so  many cute family themed ones, I loved it!

Happy Halloween!

For me, Halloween is one of the BEST facebook days of the year. Unlike mother's day when it's pictures of everyone's mom or Easter when it's pictures of everyone in nice Sunday clothes, Halloween is when everyone posts their FUN and DIFFERENT and WITTY and SURPRISING Halloween costumes! It's like a surprise everytime I open my newsfeed! I absolutely love it! People are so creative and kids are adorable and adults can be hilarious. Here's some of my favorite local friends cute costumes I couldn't help but share and remember!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Easton 9 and 10 months!

His big mile stone at 9 months was going down the starers by himself, seriously such a rockstar child! I barely spent any time with him, he never had a bad fall, he just did it when we'd turn around! He always yells at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come get him or to help turn him around to come down.  I got lucky with that one!

A week before 10 months we stopped nursing :( Big sad face over here. I totally would have kept going and tried (hey fenugreek!) but my body was just not making such milk for him and he's just be frustrated and nurse, and look up at me and cry in frustration and go at it again and not get that much, made me feel so bad! My kids are always great nursing babies, it's me that's the weak one! So I nursed him one last time during our utah trip and that's been that. I've almost always had to supplement him with formula after nursing which stunk. It was only after I truly stopped nursing that I realized, ok Kimber, you actually were making milk still on each nursing session! Im definitely having to feed him twice as much bottle or even more to make him happy.

And now 10 months!

-2 top teeth are barely starting to peek through, the two on the right
-He's a loud talker and just babbles and babbles and yells for attention, that cuteness
-got 1 ear infection at about 9 1/2 months
-can turn around at the top of the stairs and come down all by himself
-is mostly sleeping through the night. Sleep training was hard, I hate hearing him cry but I was done waking up in the middle of the night for a 4:30 am feeding, I knew he didn't need it. Sleep 9-11 hours at night depending on when we put him down.
-crawls fast
-Adores Max and Max him. Max gets the baby and just takes him on the tramp to play with him, they're so darling
-takes 1-2 naps a day
-great car sleeper and transitioner to the house
-just so so so stinking adorable!!!!!!!!