Friday, November 21, 2014

5 years

A very joyous and happy FIVE YEAR anniversary to us!

Holy heck, I really am baffled that it's been 5 years.

I think what I'm most surprised is where we are now 5 years later.

You know how you always fill out those goal lists of "where will you be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years etc?" If someone had told me I'd have 3 kids I'd give them a deer in the headlights stare and shake my head NO WAY! But here we are; 3 kids in 5 years! Along with that is 2 bachelors degrees, 7 moves, 2 cars, 3/5 of dental doctorate, and so much more but those are the big things that come to mind (mostly that 3 kids thing is the HUGE surprise)

Casey took his test this morning (he didn't fail, wahoo!) he came home and we popped in the that dusty wedding video of ours. Let me say it was the best. Gooey cheese all around and we were swimming in it. While we watched our skinny, young selves smooching it up the TV, Casey rocked/bounced Bryson and got him to sleep, I kept putting the binkie back in Quinn's mouth, Maxson was cuddled at my side entranced by this "movie." It was as ideal as I could ever picture spending our 5th anniversary. 2/3 of the way through Maxson got bored and began begging/whining for a "baaahh?!!! baaaaahh?????!!!!" (translated bath). We told him when the movie is over. He then began whining/crying "awwwww dun! awwwwww dun! awwwwwwwwwwwww dun!" (all done). Quinn woke up crying and I tried cuddling him close to me and after awhile gave him to Casey to rock and try to get to sleep while I kept pulling Maxson away from the eject button on the XBOX that was playing the movie. Nearly as soon as the movie was done both babies began squeaking and squawking in hopes to eat.

Like I said, it was the best 25 minutes of our morning watching our wedding video while living our crazy lives.

I love you babe, XOXO
engaged 2009

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The official lowering of the standards day

The grandmothers are all gone.

Culture shock.

Baptism by Fire.

A buckets of cold ice.

Those phrases just briefly  describe what my day was like.

Casey got back from the airport with Maxson at 1 pm. Maxson decided to take his wonderful 2 hour nap during the whole car ride so he could be wide awake all day long to play with me aka make mischief and kiss babies.

This is all that went down during that first hour of home alone with 3 kids under 2.

-Changed Maxson's diaper 3 times, 2 being the not so easy ones.
-Changed 3 poopy diapers on the babies
-Max has a mini throw up
-Both babies screaming while I got set up to nurse them

-WHile sitting and nursing I can only barely see Max in the kitchen on a step stool very interested in something on the counter. His little finger begins rubbing something on his face. It's shiny. Finger disappears with more substance on finger and finger goes in mouth. I ask him to show me what he has, he shows me his finger and there is some gooey substance dripping off. Although I want to jump up and stop the madness I have 2 babies sucking away on my chest. He continues I continue. I chose to laugh instead of scream. I coax him to come over to me telling him "you can watch a movie on the iPad!" He eagerly comes to me and I slowly smell intoxicating yumminess from him. Bath and Body Works shower gel was the weapon. It could have been worse. Fr the next 15 minutes until the babies become drunk in milk Max watches Frozen and I hope that the shower gel bottle is not tipped over and still standing up right. *Update* It was upright hallelujah ;)
Max: 1
Kimber: 0

Funny moments during the rest of the evening.

-I thought sharing a bowl of pasta with Max would be easy (1 dish to clean instead of 2, not forcing him into his highchair etc). WRONG. It went well good awhile until I had to keep getting  up to coax babies to keep sleeping. Whilst I was up, Max decides to pour my (large) cup of milk into the bowl of pasta and all over the table.
I'm smiling like an idiot because I don't realize what the rest of the day bring. Said pasta below

Max: 2
Kimber: 0
-During a feeding session Max gets ahold of my hospital water cup (the HUGE kind with the straw) and dumps it all over the floor. Think flood during Noah's time in the kitchen. He begins to roll around in said water like a pig in a pile of mud laughing. He is in heaven. While I try to clean up the mess he runs away and runs back into said water pile gracefully falling like a penguin on ice (on his stomach) and sliding in said water. He is even happier than before. I may or may not have peed my pants from laughing so hard.
Max: 3
Kimber: 0
-Change AT LEAST 8 more poopy baby diapers
- Change twins outfits twice due to spit up
- Because the twins slept terribly the night before, I had a horrible night's rest therefore today's milk supply is low. Therefore after nearly every feeding they demand more meaning I either have to go unfreeze milk (which takes FOREVER while babies are crying) or grab some formula. We do both. Babies keep begging for more than they would normally eat I swear. It's exhausting.
- Babies cried a lot more than usual today since they didn't get their ideal "hold me" time :( Poor babies
- While changing baby diapers on the couch Max keeps bringing over baby bottles of soapy water in hopes to feed them said bottles. Water is nearly dumped on babies 3 times

Max: 4
Kimber: 0
- During bottle feeding, diaper changing and baby soothing, Maxson continually brings a stool into kitchen to get into a certain cupboard he never has before. In said cupboard he finds food coloring drops, sprinkles, Casey's deodorant, a bag of Halloween candy, containers of salt. Let your imagination run wild, dear readers
Max: 5
Kimber: 0

Tears shed by babies: A billion (babies this young don't actually shed tears yet but if they did…you get the point)

Tantrums thrown down by Maxson: probably 5

Prayers said by Kimber: 2 (there should have been more, only while writing this do I realize that)
Picture below is a calm between the storms

We made it. Only 2 1/2 weeks until my mom comes back (cue ugly cry face)

BTW- Casey was around to help out during some of this. He has a big fat ugly test tomorrow that he might fail because I needed him to help us 4 helpless/mischievous/begging/needy should out this evening. The tear count would have been upped via Kimber if he had not been around.

Here's to hoping the babies sleep better tonight.


PS- Andy, tonight I scheduled my massage after reflecting on how much fun I had today. I love you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a lesson in photography

You've probably read time and time again little photography tips to improve your photos. I swear they're always the same: use natural lighting, know your camera's settings, and try to get distracting things out of the background.

Here is a prime example of watching your background. Luckily the nurse took 2 photos in just a little different position so we did get a good one to choose from. That would have totally stunk if there was only the "bad" photo from below to chose from. The nurse taking this picture probably only moved one step over for the different pictures.

Moral of the story: WATCH YOUR BACKGROUNDS!

Twins? Nah...

They don't look like twins at all said no one ever
Q, B
 A few people have said they can't see Bryson's freckle/dot under his eye, this is what I'm talking about my friends. Some ahem grandmothers ahem have said that this dot will fade/disappear. They are wrong. You watch, it will only get darker.

 Q, B 
On opposite sleep schedules, sigh. At least it's always the same eating schedules!

I love that they look different yet similar yet sometimes totally the same and other times totally opposite.
This twin journey is such a blast!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Becoming a mom round two

Man, becoming a mom the second time around is AWE to the SOME. Le'me essssplain.

Fact: babies cry

Fact: since first time moms really don't have anything else of dire need most of the time to attend to, when a baby makes the smallest cry they jump to the rescue (ok maybe not all first time moms but I sure did. My baby is not perfectly content? I shall rescue you my beloved first born child! Fear not!)

Fact: Second time around and baby(s) cry this is how it goes down:

(the following is less than 30 seconds)
baby: squeak
kimber: sit
baby: squeak cry grunt a little
kimber: glance at the baby but continue sitting (first time mom jumps to the rescue)
kimber: sit
kimber: sit
baby: silence

Babies just make sounds and cry a little when they sleep and, for me, that first time around being mom I would just swoop in and try to give him a binkie or pick him up or whatever. Not only do second time around moms get this but also literally cannot run to the rescue of the squeaking babies because they are in the middle of something else with their toddler, food making, or mess clean upping. Second time around is great.

I was very religious with keeping track of Maxson's schedule. Eating time/lengths, sleeping time/lengths, diaper changing etc. I was totally on top of it all. And that was ok! To be honest as a first time mom you're just coming from no where so writing it all down and keeping track if it is super helpful.

This time around it's easier for me to accept sleeping vs not sleeping times. Babies will sleep when they are tired. They will let you know if they're still hungry and the list goes on. I feed the boys and pretty much let them be awake or asleep whenever they want, it's grand and way less stressful.
 Bryson in stripes, Q  in elephants.
(humility comes natural my friends)
 Bryson, love this sweet little face so much

 Max after the children's museum. We love putting mustaches on him.
Q, B

There's a lot of other awesome things about being a second time mom. But I want to get this post done and go binge read on a new favorite blog I found: camppatton. Go take a looky and if you never come back to look at my blog I will understand.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Cookies, sharing, and not sharing

Grammy made cookies. 

Grammy gave Maxson cookies and milk.

Maxson devoured the cookies happily and kept asking for more and was soooo happy.

Then Grammy asked him to share a bite.

As any wise toddler would do, he quickly refused, giving her the death stare in return

We asked him to share with monkey.

He happily obliged, that stinker, because monkey doesn't actually take anything ha.

Then Grammy shared a cookie with him.

He was happy again.

He shared that cookie with grammy.

The end.

For the record Maxson is usually very good at sharing. Take Sunday, he shared his pretzels, cheerios and even the coveted fruit loops  with little Julianne George behind us all of church.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Facts about Quinn and Bryson

Bryson, Quinn

-Those first 2 weeks was CONSTANT PEEING while diaper changing. Constant I tell you. Probably 3 times a day at least per boy! I don't remember it being like that with Maxson haha.

-Speaking of diapers, we go through 16-20 diapers a day between the twins. Insane right? Throw Max in there and I'm a professional diaper changer.

- If one is happy and sleeping, you can bet the other one is going to be giving you a hard time. (How in the world do I have 2 hands to blog right now with everyone else being gone? I'm boggled. Actually I keep having to get up and re-settle Bryson as I write this. And now that Bryson is completely settled finally Quinn is beginning to squeak, ooy).

- It does not matter what goes in who's mouth or nose because they're going to dang share it all. Pacifiers, bottles, nose bulbs. All that matters is that you as the parent stays sane.

-They squeak. They are definitely squeakers when they're not pleased with something going on. And then those few times where we've waited way too long to appease them boy howdy are their little cries loud.

-They totally sound the same. It's hilarious when they happen to make the exact same cries or noises at the exact same time. Makes me laugh.

-When they're completely lying still and their faces are totally at rest, they TOTALLY look like identical twins. But as soon as they're awake and using their face muscles they have differences. It's like their overall expressions are very different.
Quinn, Bryson

-Quinn's face always looks a little more red than Bryson's

-Both of Bryson's eyes have clogged tear ducts :( Meaning he pretty much always has goop in his eyes that we're trying to clean out. Quinn's left eye is the same thing

-They very much enjoy sleeping on the boppy pillow. Even more than the boppy pillow would be in someone's arms.

-They both have runny or plugged noses :( It's the saddest thing ever. They stayed clear of catching it from Maxson the first week home but then it was inevitable they got it. Pooey. I feel so bad for them. I feel like we're doing everything from saline drops, snot sucking, humidifiers, smelling Casey's mom's essential oils, being propped up to sleep. Next we should stick them in the bathroom while someone takes a cold shower and I'm thinking about buying one of those nose fridas.

That's it for now, a baby is calling.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Morning routine with newborn twins

Wake up. The boys aren't on a eat-at-this-time schedule, they just go more along the lines of it's-been-2-or-3-hours-feed-me schedule. So wake up time varies. No matter what their wake up time is though, I'm exhausted usually in the morning. At the maximum I've gotten to sleep in 2 hour increments. Breastfeeding these two is so worth the little sleep but oh man it is sure is hard. Glories be to my mom for being here. She completely takes care of Maxson and I'm so beyond thankful for her help. Whatever time Maxson wakes up at, she gets up with him and then I just keep sleeping until I need. Sometimes I've gotten up at 8 and other days I've gotten up at 10. I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

But whatever time we do start in the mornings I nurse both in bed. I still have to sit up propping them with my enormous set up of pillows. Usually they choke on milk this time of the day since your milk is fullest in the morning. I feel like they don't nurse for very long because they get so much so quickly that they quickly give up/get full too quick. Usually near the end of breastfeeding them or after I'm done Maxson will wiggle his way into our room. He comes boisterously bouncing onto our bed exclaiming "babies! babies!" As I continue to nurse, Maxson does things he shouldn't: find my makeup bag, drink out of my water bottle, climb on Casey's dresser drawers to reach hand sanitizer, etc. I usually yell to my mom or Casey to come intervene. We change diapers at this time (usually we do it before all feedings but this feeding I choose to do it afterwards for some reason…). Sometimes we have to change clothes in case they've peed through or sweated and made themselves damp. We transfer everything downstairs: nursing pillows, water bottles, babies, any dirty laundry, the infant attachment to the pack n play.

Once downstairs we get the babies all situated, usually they just keep sleeping (completely soundlessly during the day more so than the night, I swear). I refill water bottles, say hello to Maximus, chat with my mom for a second. I'll then grab some form of breakfast and take it upstairs with me; here is where I multi-task to the utter maximum. Using a hands free pumping bra (a NICU nurse told me to just take an old sports bra and cut holes in it, works like a charm and WAY less expensive!) I simultaneously pump, eat my breakfast, put on my makeup, and listen to a conference talk. I'd lie if I said I wasn't proud of myself during those 15 minutes.

After pumping, I bring all the stuff downstairs (hoping Maxson doesn't get to the milk before I do…not going to lie, it's happened a few times…). I put just a little of that expressed breatmilk into 2 bottles for them so I can mix it with their vitamin (so annoying that their vitamins have to be drunk with milk instead of just a straight form like the Vitamin D drops). I put 1 ml of this vitamin in with about 10 ml of milk and just let it sit on the counter until their next feeding.

Finally my morning routine is done. In just over and hour Quinn and Bryson will be hungry again and it's back to diaper changes and nursing.

Although it feels like I do that exact same stuff everyday (I do) sometimes I can throw in a few variables here in there. Yesterday I walked to the tractors with Max (Yes I walked and didn't have to drive us in the car! I felt so youthful and fit and full of energy now that I'm not pregnant!). We also took a quick trip to the library. One day a friend knocked on our door and said she was playing the backyard with her kids, she offered to have Max come out and she'd watch him too but I wanted to join and we got to talking and it was so great. I do try to sit a lot and blog and go through pictures. That's what are mornings consist of for the time being.

Man, these babies sleep so much! Aside from nursing because they practically sleep while they nurse or they may be awake too, they sleep what seems 22 hours of the day. Babies are so cuddly and cute and adorable. We are soaking up our time with these tiny babies. Without a doubt Maxson agrees. I am always so surprised at how sweetly he treats these babies!

 I hangout like this as much as I can. After nursing them I somehow juggle them up on my shoulder to burp that together. I never have enough hands to gather burp rags so my shirt always turns into their burp rag. Ahh, this too shall pass.