Monday, September 30, 2013

going on a bear hunt, in a corn field...

so last weekend we went camping with friends and had a splendid old time. it was quite the different adventure than what our last camping trip was like. my cute friend was the master mind behind it all. we drove just beyond the city limits and after passing corn field after corn field, we arrived at our camp site. we pitched tents, everyone cooked their different dinners over the fire and let the children run wild. in my case children running wild really meant making sure maxson didn't crawl near the fire. after dinner was settled we devoured tons of smores and tons of delicious cobbler. those of us who stayed the night put the kids to bed in the tents and sat around the campfire until late in the evening laughing at favorite movies, high school memories, dating stories, and funny things kids do. it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
 photo IMG_3502_zps8e0fdbc2.jpg
 photo IMG_3474_zps6a193113.jpg
 photo IMG_3470copy_zps9f2e8f08.jpg
 photo IMG_3461_zps776ce09f.jpg
 photo IMG_3457_zps6d92cc32.jpg
 photo IMG_3454_zps0ea7d15a.jpg
 photo IMG_3482_zps0c3bf73e.jpg
the weather was fantastic all evening and then at night time it took a u-turn. thunder, lightning, rain, rain and more rain. luckily we stayed mostly dry and completely warm. maxson did great snuggling with us half the night and pretty much nursed whenever he made a peep so as not to wake up the camp. probably his most favorite night ever. however he did wake up at around 5:30 and think "hey! let's get up and play!" we both laughed it off and i think he finally fell asleep around 6:15 or so.
 photo IMG_3503_zpse5cf736b.jpg
in the morning we stood around the campfire, warmed up our egg burritos and made a little hot chocolate
 photo IMG_3504copy_zps583fcf20.jpg
 photo IMG_3495_zpsf54e2c37.jpg
 photo IMG_3516_zpsec617ed4.jpg
yay for camping at least once this year!

if we're to go again we either need a bigger tent or we can't sleep on an air mattress in order to save room for a pack n play.
we shall see :)

and like last time, a few points not to be forgotten:

-casey still had to get up in the middle of the night to the cold rain, haha
-neither of us slept from about 3:30-6 though we were laughing together most of the time, such a funny night.
-in the beginning casey said we were just sleeping on the ground, i insisted we bring the air mattress. in the end we both got our wishes. although we had an air mattress it's next to worthless and deflates during the night so casey end up practically sleeping on the ground all night, heh heh.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 items of business

firstly and most importantly:
the great maximus is standing by himself!
it's so fun watch him balance and wiggle back and forth, we love that munchkin.
 photo IMG_3429_zpsf63c8181.jpg

secondly, due to recent requests
i'm offering mini photo sessions for the holiday season!

30 min.
at least 15-20 specially edited photos

dates and locations:
arizona (mesaish area) Oct 19 and Oct 21
utah (provoish area) Oct 23 and Oct 28
nebraska (lincolnish area) Oct 1-Oct 14 and most the month of November
november may be coldie so i'd shoot for october if i were you.

as always, families is post-grad schooling: ask me for special pricing

Saturday, September 28, 2013

a peek into last week

some of my favorite pictures are the ones i take on a moments notice.
real everyday things.
like looking outside to see a few of the husbands outside talking while watching the children, all for no reason.
 photo IMG_3262_zpsd9db9597.jpg
a giggly boy in his high chair.
the 2 top right teeth are in as well as the 2 middle bottom, the two top left have officially popped through today as well!
 photo IMG_3277_zps7a7afa7e.jpg
popping his knee up while eating
 photo IMG_3268_zps5e1ad241.jpg
easy frittata with the over abundant supply of tomatoes and bail on hand.
 photo IMG_3265_zps9a2e3882.jpg
quick and easy baby entertainment:
1. the dishwasher, he loves when i have to put things in it
2. our front door. he looks out the window for at least an hour total everyday. who knew watching the outside world could be so enthralling for a little one. i will make sure our future home has a window like this babies can peek out of. cars are constantly going by, people walking to school, neighbors coming by talking to him, we both just love it. i especially love how he has to stand on his tippy toes to look out :)
 photo IMG_3258copy_zps9dca3a0b.jpg

also as i side note: i wanted to put it out there that WE ARE A PRO-VACCINE family and we loved how this article says it. i urge other pro-vaccine families will voice their opinion too.

AND i listened to an incredible rendition of i need thee every hour. i think i'm going to start singing that song when i'm having a difficult time with maxson in the middle of the night.

i watched this video which reminded me of why to use paper towels instead of hand blow dryers. ewwwwwww.

AND tonight i'm headed to a church meeting especially for women to strengthen and uplift us as daughter's of God. you can/should watch it live here too! (it starts at 6 pm mountain time 9/28)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Motherhood is wonderful. You get to grow a person  in your body, feel the progress, bring that little one into the world, worry about their every need, care for all the details of their life. In return they smile, and giggle for you, growing into a human being with a personality and feelings and in turn love you. It's such a joy, so fulfilling.

But sometimes, motherhood is hard. Sometimes that little baby loves you so much that as soon as they see you they come crawling to your feet to whine and beg and crawl up your leg until you'll just hold them (they do not do this to anyone else). Sometimes they can't quite communicate their needs and very loud, unhappy sounds ensue. Sometimes cleaning up the same mess for what seems like the billionth time that day is pure exhaustion. Sometimes they think it's funny to grab onto your hair and pull it out which really hurts. Sometimes wrestling that baby for a diaper change for the 5th time that day is a dreaded task and you rock paper scissor your spouse to see whom will have to get on their own big boy/girl pants on to conquer that 20 pound baby. Sometimes they decide napping is stupid and fight and fight and fight you to go down until they win. 

But sometimes when you're exhausted and you want to just give yourself a 10 minute break you throw that baby in the bathtub hoping it will contain and entertain them long enough to recover yourself. You just sit outside of the tub close your eyes, relax and let the water splash on you without a care. And then out of the corner of your eye you watch that wet baby crawl all around the tub with such excitement slipping everywhere and in that moment's eye you remember how fun motherhood really is. And you continue to laugh as you watch that baby try to crawl up the backside of the tub where it's rounded but since there's no traction or hand holds they fall backwards like a penguin on their tummy and slide all the way to the other side at least 10 times not giving up until they get up.

Yes it's days like that that makes motherhood wonderful

 photo IMG_3870_zpsf319601e.jpg

Sunday, September 22, 2013

applejack festival 2013

so an hour away there's little city called nebraska city with a not so little orchard called kimmel orchards that has the cutest applejack festival at the beginning of every fall. people come all over to pick apples, watch a parade, shop around the local booths and enjoy time with your family in the sun eating bushels of apples. the experience of walking up and and up and down all the rows trying different apple species to find the perfect one to pick seemed almost magical.
 photo IMG_3309_zps3b754865.jpg
 photo IMG_3301_zps52c64c4a.jpg
it's quite convenient going with tall men who can pick out the most perfect apples from the tip top of the tree
 photo IMG_3316copy_zps42d12490.jpg
it was enchanting to just look out and see trees and trees and trees full of little red dots
 photo IMG_3318_zps5941238f.jpg
 photo IMG_3343_zps5be5665f.jpg
we were fortunate to get to go with some of our very favorite neighbors whom are also in dental school.
fyi- this momma is super mom, literally. she's a mom by day, and a PA at the hospital at night. when does she sleep????? yeah, i don't know, but she never let's the lack of sleep get in the way of making memories, participating in fun, or planning the fun. we love this family so very much!!!
 photo IMG_3329_zps3b4e1413.jpg
 photo IMG_3345_zps4a73ff2c.jpg
 photo IMG_3362_zps6a3721fc.jpg
 photo IMG_3356_zpsc376b402.jpg
 photo IMG_3371_zps5e0121a4.jpg
 photo IMG_3391_zps1460dca2.jpg
 photo IMG_3395_zps5d08a51b.jpg
if you ever go apple picking we recommend bring a pocket knife so everyone can try those yummy apples before loading them in your bag
 photo IMG_3377copy_zpsbf8394e2.jpg
 photo IMG_3380copy_zps37f63778.jpg
 photo IMG_3386_zps3376a88f.jpg
we loved all the apple taste testing BUT the grapes kind of stole the show. we happened to walk into a bunch of grape vine rows and went to town. when you popped one of those babies in your mouth, it literally tasted like a burst of grape jelly. but really good natural amazing grape jelly that felt perfect. our little family was overwhelmed by their goodness! especially maximus, he continued to whine for more and more and more!
 photo IMG_3363_zps237fcae2.jpg
 photo IMG_3368_zps7aafb5a3.jpg
not maxson's most photogenic picture...hahaha.
we were laughing so hard at his face
 photo IMG_3384_zpscb6fce66.jpg
what's really funny was that the first apple type we tried we all loved.
but we had to spend over an hour walking through the rest of the orchard tasting at least 8 different other kinds to make sure that was our favorite. sure enough, it was!
 photo IMG_3412_zps04080be9.jpg
 photo IMG_3408copy_zps3e7de6b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3398copy_zpsdfd7c457.jpg
 photo IMG_3399_zpsf811430a.jpg
maybe better than the apples: the apple cider doughnuts THEY WERE AMAZINGGGGG!
 photo IMG_3416_zps716c398f.jpg
 photo IMG_3410copy_zps4b170bf4.jpg
 photo IMG_3305_zps62f6ca17.jpg
 photo IMG_3294_zps14b48eba.jpg
we now have apples coming out of our ears.
i'm trying to find as many apple recipes as i can without only making apple pie (because making apple pie from scratch scares me).
we shared this candy apple pie with friends and it was spectacular :)

if you have any yummy apple recipes i'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

pictures on life lately

dental BBQ
last year we got all the LDS dental students together and had a little bbq in someone's backyard.
so this year the "2nd annual lamb roast" was planned!
it started out as just LDS families but we all can't help but invite our friends who aren't LDS, so it's really just a BBQ for dental families
last minute it got moved to our backyard but turned out just fine.
all those families are such quality  people.
these truly are lifelong friends we're making and we absolutely LOVE it!
there were so so many DANG good desserts this year. like seriously, that turned out to be most everyone's main dish they kept going back and back and back for.
bravo friends.
 photo IMG_3246_zps6aed607d.jpg
watermelon eating
 photo IMG_3247_zpsfcad5592.jpg
all the LDS dental wives in casey's year
 photo IMG_3240_zps197595b4.jpg
as the sun slipped away, some folks went home for the night, some stayed with their babies all night, and some went home (aka across the street) to put their babies to bed and brought the monitor back over so we could keep playing corn hole.
yay for the life of dental families!

the park.
we have walking group Tue/Fri at 9 am.
it's good for the kids.
it's good for the moms.
maxson is apart of the baby group that plays on the blanket or is pushed in the swings.
if i let him loose on the sidewalk and playground he goes CRAZY with putting all things rocks, sticks, and leaves in his mouth. when does that end?!?!?!?!
 photo IMG_3210_zpsaef51656.jpg
 photo IMG_3231copy_zps606b8b2f.jpg
 photo IMG_3226copy_zps7800327b.jpg
our view everyday out the front window.
 photo IMG_3235_zps3a5f764e.jpg
playing with toys.
i just recently divided all our toys into 3 piles to rotate through.
best decision ever.
a) there's not nearly as many toys to clean up
b) there's not nearly as many toys stored in our little toy corner cluttering up the room
c) he plays with those small amounts of toys longer now giving them more attention
d) each weekish it's like he gets all new toys again!
i think we are all loving this.
 photo IMG_3252_zps87215397.jpg
 photo IMG_3193_zpsfa640346.jpg
the morning after a rain storm
 photo IMG_3148copy_zps8a6388e3.jpg
maxson makes some of the funniest faces these days
this is only a small glimpse of the face i love that he makes.
add squinted little asian eyes and more puckered lips.
he often makes a grunty ooooh sound on this one
we love it.
 photo IMG_3128_zpsdaa86d3b.jpg
also he does a hulk like face.
he tenses up his whole face, neck, arms, and fists.
his eyes get all watery.
and it's like all his muscles are going to explode.
he does both of these often, just for fun, at the most random of times.
not sure if he's trying to tell me something, ha
 photo IMG_3121_zps65915c96.jpg

and that's that friends.
it's been rainy-overcasty lately, fall is here.
i just hope it doesn't get too cold too soon!