Tuesday, February 21, 2012

provo bucket list: provo printing museum

#12 visit the provo printing museum.
very cool place indeed.
the provo printing museum is way cool.
it's the most complete working printing press in the world today!
we went through 4 different rooms.
the first was where our tour guide told us all about the johannes gutenburg's printing press.
all the technology and methods that went into it.
you've all probably heard that they're individual types, the ink, yada yada yada,
but in this tour he SHOWED us they made each little letter,
with heating the metals, pouring them, carving one out, imprinting them and all.
it was really very fascinating actually!
i can't believe he ever figured out how to do it.
and did you know they're called "uppercase letters" bc the capitals were always held in the upper part of the case and the lower case letters were always on the lower half of the case.
cool, eh?
also the printing press was first patterned after that of an olive press, again, cool eh?

the 2nd room we went into was all about the declaration of independnce and constitution.
the printing press was the exact dimensions, settings, and style as that of benjamin franklin's.
(the owner of the place is friends with the smithsonian's head guy and gave him all the measurements and pictures)
i guess i never really though that in the beginning era of america they used the printing press too,
it just passed my mind, 
but it was so fun to look at all the types and imagined what it must have been like.
we are so fortunate to live in this day and age with computers and printers!!!!

the 3rd room was all about the book of mormon
and how the printing press paved the way for the book of mormon to be published.
it truly was inspired by the Lord!
he went through the whole process again showing us details of how it was exactly done.
we were also lcuky enough to have a tour of the original book of mormon printing place in palmayra IL this summer!
we were so very fortunate to have our very own guided tour of the place!

the final room was all about the printing press in utah in the early years of the church.
they even had a similar one to that of which president monson used when he was a young man working in a print shop with his father!

overall, we loved our experience there.
the provo printing museum is definitely a hidden gem in provo and more people should go and see it!

it was just on center so we had a nice little bike rode down to it :)

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