Tuesday, December 6, 2011

provo utah bucket list: slc temple lights (with cousin dinner)

sunday, we also crossed another item off the list!
we actually had a cousin dinner in SLC that night so it turned out perfectly!

firstly, this cousin dinner:
oh goodness, i love being with family,
it is always such a blast!
everyone in the utah valley was able to come accept for 1 family (they were sick),
plus the dinner just happened to be planned on a weekend our cousin and her family from tennessee was in town!
all together, i believe there were 18 adults, 17 children, and 1 baby on the way!
it was so fun being together and watching all the cute little ones just running around and playing.
i love family.
my cousin, suzie, also instigated a few games for us all to play which was a hoot, as always.
catch phrase and werewolves.
it was perfect for our size of group and with all the kids in the middle playing and making their own noise.

after the get together,
casey and i headed over to the temple to see the lights.
we were a little worried it'd be terribly busy due to it being a sunday night and after the christmas devotional,
but to our surprise, it was nearly empty!
seriously, there was nearly no one there,
it was perfect and beautiful, (and super cold)
the only other time i've been to the lights was my freshman year with our ward where we were hurried and it was terribly busy,
so this was a much better experience!

if you've never gone, you should :)


Nicole said...

Ah, how I miss those family dinners! So fun! Kimber, I think we have matching jackets, mine goes mid-calf, and it kept me oh so warm in Idaho, LOVE IT!

Shane and Clara said...

awh, family get togethers....Lorin and Debbie are so sweet to always get you all together, WE MISS OUT!

Its good to see pictures of you all. I have seen the lights at Temple Square when we used to live there BUT, Oh how I wish we could take our kids. Maybe someday.

LaraMackenzie said...

You two are so cute. Kills me.

Brittany said...

Oh, how I love going to see the lights at Christmastime on Temple Square. Sure wish we were going this year!