Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Easton at 7 months

He's a fast crawler! Follows the family wherever we go. He started super legit crying right after 6 months, he's the best.

Pulls himself up to standing position.

LOVES mom, to the point of hardcore mama's boy and cries when I give him to other people at first or if someone else is holding him and he sees me: tears. Ha, man that baby!

He's a big eater. Seriously eats so much! Nurses, sometimes takes more bottle, and then baby food and lots of snacking in between. He's such a darling baby!

HIs giggles can get out of control with Max and it's so darling. he loves giving a attention to his brothers when they're interested in him.

He definitely loves swimming. We just brought him in my mom's pool this week and he's ALL for it. Granted it's nice and comfortably temperatures water but he loves spashing and being in it always trying to crawl out of the house if people are in there swimming.

One time when he was really upset while being watched by Logan, he found my nursing cover and that comforted him, ha. Sweet/silly boy.

Great sleeper taking 2-3 naps a day and wakes up once at night, I really need to kick that habit.

Learning how to give kisses.

I'm still so overly obsessed with my cute little baby.😍