Saturday, March 31, 2012

provo utah bucket list: ride tandem bike together/walk down university ave and center street in the spring or fall.

2 bucket list items with one stone!
friday was a gloriously nice day here in provo (saturday as well but we're talking about friday).
firstly, we rented a tandem bike and began learning how to ride that thing together.
boy, were we laughing our heads off the whole time!
have you ever ridden a tandem bike with someone?
ha, you definitely have to get used to it.
i rode in the back (because the seat was shorter) and felt like i had absolutely no control nor could i see much,
suddenly the weight of the bike was going one way but i wasn't doing it!
ha, no control!
starting and stopping was a joke, we were just laughing.
talk about being in sync with someone else,
we learned lots about one another.
and i learned to give control over to casey completely on that bike.
who knew one little bike ride could also help me in my relationship with my husband!
oh, goodness.
and much of the time we were laughing at that whole "tour de family" talk from john bytheway,
you know that one, yes we were laughing.
and then while going on a little uphill, i didn't push, and it was much harder for him,
and then he didn't push and i could barely do it myself
i was laughing inside how john bytheway talked about how some members actually petal backward!

we will most definitely be riding a tandem bike together the next chance we get :)

so where did we ride this bike?
we went all the way down university ave and center street looking into all the shop windows, admiring all the fun shops, counting how many foreign restaurants there were, and being surrounding by beautiful  blossoming trees!
lots of pink and white, we just loved it!
there are so many fun shops in "downtown" provo (some i don't know how they stay in business)
but it was just son wonderful, and i feel like i know provo a little more than i once did!

we also stopped by the old provo tabernacle because a bunch of people were standing around the fence.
so we joined the crowd and there was a mini tour going on of excavation/archeology site!
very cool indeed!
there's a big old building they found there underground and lots of fun artifacts to look at!
apparently the old church building was torn down after a little earthquake, since the tabernacle was unaffected they kept that one and took down the small building.

on our way home we stopped at provo bakery and split a doughnut.

on the way home i tried to be the driver of the bike...yeah that didn't happen.

but we had such a wonderful time.
yay for provo and tandem bike riding!

ps- we've been watching general conference all day!
it's been so wonderful!
we'll be watching it all day tomorrow too.
if you have a chance, you should watch it too!
in UT it starts at 10 and 2 and can be found on KSL
in AZ it starts at 9 and 1 and can be found somewhere on TV...forgot which channel.
or you can go the easy way and watch it online here!
happy conference weekend!

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