Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Casey Cutler interview"

husband did a little radio interview with the local Green River radio station this last week!

 in their words:
"Casey Cutler is Green River's all time yards and touchdowns leader. He chatted with Nick Andrews this past Thursday."

they talk a little high school football and BYU football

click here for the sound bite

love you sweets!

ps- we are back in PROVO!!!!!
we feel home.
but the whole part about the renters staying in our place for the summer and not moving out until Saturday night does not make us feel home :(
cue temper tantrum: "i want my home and all my stuff back!!!"
cue large alligator tears
cue bitterness that we rented our place out for the summer

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Brittany said...

Pretty cool. :) We miss you guys!