Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Cutlers!

So this is Casey posting again since it has been such a long time I thought I would give a shoutout for Halloween!!! Happy Halloween and be safe! Kimber's characters ROCK!!!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


go check out the southwest deals right now!
they've got some sweet deals
$30, $60, $90 flights through february!
(phoenix to/from salt lake is $60!
idiana/iowa to/from salt lake is $90! come visit me friends!!!!!)
this offer ends today so go get some tickets and have fiun/surprise family!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pretty fall colors with...snow?

yesterday i played intramural flag football and had a blast.
and half way through we were accompanied by SNOW!
yeah, SNOW!
i thought and yelled "it's Oct 26, it should not be snowing!!
ha, snow is pretty, i just want fall to last a wee bit longer!!!

i curse the following 2 things on it snowing :
a) one morning a week or two ago i woke up and thought "it'll be so fun to see freshly falling/en snow outside my window in the morning!"
b) miss jenna masters said how she was enjoying beautiful weather in london while provo was enjoying snow and i thought to myself "whatever! we don't have snow"...that night it snowed
luckily it all melted away rather quickly

but here are some of my fall pictures of taken lately.
i love fall so much and am trying remember it very distictly bc arizona doesn't get this kind of beautiful

Sunday, October 24, 2010

a list of things on my mind

-casey and i saw the cutest couple in the temple the other day! imagine 2 super old, frail, wrinkley, hunched over, smiling people walking hand in hand, one with a cane, dressed beautifully in white. it was the most precious thing i've ever seen! as casey and i passed them i wanted to instantly be them so badly! all those years of experience, love, life behind them, time to go to the temple and not be rushed, and they still cherished each other- still best friends. i want to be them. i told casey probably 10 times during our little walk how i wanted us to be that couple someday! he smiled at me bc i think he secretly wants to too inside :)

-i've started playing flag football with some women in my ward this week! SO. MUCH. FREAKING. FUN. i'm no sports diva at all, but it's just so fun to get out there with other women in the ward to play sports, have fun, get a little bruised and just be together laughing! plus we've got some awesomely beastly girls on our team (which is a compliment) which makes us better and have more fun. i love love love love it. you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be doing this again. ps- another reason it's more fun to play sports like this than it was in young women's bc a) everyone wants to be out there playing together, not being forced b) people are better than they were when they were 12 and 14 :)

-i think i like the band never shout never so much bc sometimes they sound like my beloved format that no longer exists. listening to the format brings me back to jr high, which for me, actually had so many great memories. i love the format so much.

-i still love my carpet to be vacuumed like everyday, it's so nice to have our own vacuum again. i think that's what it'll feel like when

-casey, i'm sorry my feet are stinky :( it's not me. it's my dane shoes mixed with being very sweaty mixed with those one shoes i always wear lately bc they make my arches feel better, i sorry

-talking about shoes. In the past 4-5 months i bought my 1st 2 pairs of black flat shoes (i'm a brown shoe kind of girl but have most black jackets and no brown ones! it hasn't been working so well). i bought the 1st pair for my job. they're ugly-ugly old woman work style shoes to be exact, but they're incredibly comfortable and i love putting them on my feet. oh, and there was no breaking them in- they were miraculous from the beginning. the 2nd pair i recently bough were normal wear- closed toed black shoes to match my black jackets when it's cold. they sure are cute- but they sure do hurt! no arch support, super stiff, there's other problems with them too, i just can't think of them :) moral of the story: i prefer my ugly old work style shoes over my cute ones very much so. why can't they make oober cute comfortable shoes!?

-i love free samples. this week and last, i've gotten free samples in the mail everyday almost everyday! glad bags, kashi bars, laundry detergents, breathe right strips, ear plugs, granola bars, lotions, shampoos, pringles, chocolate, etc :) also, the free samples come with coupons which makes me happy :) you should sign up for them if you have the time bc getting free samples in the mail makes you feel so good!
-lately i've been craving fries! i've always loved fries but always stayed away from them because i know how bad they are for you (i'd rater eat unhealthy sweets than salts). for instance, i forgot to mention that when we picked up those ice cream cones at mcdonald's after nickel city last weekend, i asked for fries that moment, they were so good!!!! they seriously tasted better than the ice cream!

-the color combos [red, white, blue], [green and red], [purple and gold] make me very very happy

-i miss my nieces and nephews so bad! thanksgiving and christmas couldn't come sooner! we are so lucky to have at least 1 of them here in utah with us who i still wish i got to see more often! (soon to be a 2nd!). 

-everyday i love trees, grass, shrubs, flowers, sprinkler systems, and fertilizers more and more everyday!

-i want to watch hocus soon

-isn't it so annoying when you have a version of one phone and then they come out with a 2nd version of that phone and change around a few very important keys (like space bars etc) and you can never text right on that phone?

-we bought our harry potter tickets yesterday. yes,  a month early. we are so happy with our decision :)

-fall is the best. seriously. seriously! the trees are beautiful: red,orange, gold, and even the green as the backdrop. the air is cool and crisp just right for playing outside and dressing warmly. i think one of the prettiest scenes is all the fallen leaves on green grass. it's my absolute favorite. i wish byu grounds didn't clean up the leaves so fast, i want to play in them!

-i still want a pet. i would either love to have a cute cuddly kitty- i love cuddly kitties, or a fun dog- casey would love a dog. it would just be so fun! (no worries landlord, we won't)

-not to self- never let the dishes get that far behind again.

-it rained for so long today- from 10 am til 5 pm. it was so nice

-we've decided we really love this stage in our lives. us. school. work. us. no set schedule, just us running to a bunch of things we want to do  (which is way too much) and laughing (most the time) as we go. we thoroughly enjoy playing with other people's kids and pets right now, but for the time being it's better to just be us. we love it.

- has anyone come across the problem with macs not uploading pictures very quickly (or at all) to blogger?
-has anyone come across the problem with arriving at the maximum amount of pictures allowed on your gmail photo account for when you upload photos to your blog? wondering what i should do bc i'm getting real close... (nicole i know you had this problem awhile ago...)

Friday, October 22, 2010

pumpkin carving

i promise you'll  love me for sharing this with you

what's the worst part of carving pumpkins?
having to get out all the guts and seeds and yuckiness inside right?
i just want to break my spoon in half bc it barely does me any good!
it takes an eternity!

this year,
you know how a canning jar has 2 parts, the flat pancake part and the doughnut part?
use the flat pancake part to carve out the inside of the pumpkin.

do it,
you'll love me for this tip.
heck, i love me for this tip every time have to carve pumpkins!

good luck, let me know if you try it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


a saturday in october

we had quite a fun saturday.
it started with sleeping in way too long- which is always a wonderful feeling when you can do it together.
casey then made some scrambled eggs for us while i made some treats.
not too long after our late breakfast we got together with cousins for a fun little lunch.
i just love getting together with family, practically any excuse and i'm there.
we had lots of yummy food, lots of cute kids to entertain us, lots of catching up on all the families as well as the families that weren't there that we learned about.
casey is like the pied piper- i swear kids flock to him and he genuinely enjoys playing with them, it's always so fun to watch him!

and of course a little bit of the byu game.
we listened to the first half up to the last 5 minute on the radio with everyone and it seemed kinda good!
then we got in the car to go home and it went downhill from there, poor cougars.
after listening to the rest of the game we then cleaned a little bit,
went to home depot for part of a project i'm doing,
picked up crazy bread at little caesar's,
picked out pumpkins at macey's,
and then for casey's most favorite activity we've done probably since before we were married:
Nickle City.
to say casey was in heaven is an understatement.
for a date, we were going to play all types of video games and stuff.
casey went a long time ago on a date and had always wanted us to go, but it'd never worked out.
finally, he called it a date, invited another couple (the roy's), and suddenly i was willing to go
gaming isn't my thing- i'm close to being an anti-gaming person in fact.
it in fact was pretty fun, and it was fun to watch casey and how happy he was playing all these games for nickles.
i was done after an hours or 2, casey could have stayed all day long :)
after Nickle City, we went back to our place to play the wii game just dance  and picked up ice cream cones from mcdonald's for the heck of it.

it was a really fun saturday that i can assuredly say that we both had a great time doing all of it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cinnamon rolls

i love the bread machine i stole from mi madre!
it rocks.
1st use from the Cutlers:
homemade cinnamon rolls :)
the machine made the dough, and i then handled it with love and care.

2nd-  a loaf of bread!
no, probably not Haws-status amazing, but still yummy

my next attempt will be sis brinton's orange rolls

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


yes, that is correct.
me and mi madre hiked to the top of mt timpanogas a few weeks ago.
8.3 miles to the summit at 11,750 ft we were 2 proud girls.

one of my mom's goals this year, along with sky diving (which i shall be doing that with her too:) was to hike mt timp to prove that she's still awesome!
originally, a lot of us wanted to hike with her, one by one we all dropped out for multiple reasons until no one was going to be able to hike with her.
and that determined woman said she was going to hike it by herself still!
give me a break mother.
kirk called me, told me i had to do it with her somehow, so i got my work shift covered and didn't go to my grounds crew volunteer hours that week and went hiking with her!

rising at 4:45 in the morning, we were on the trail by 6!
the first hour or so was in the dark and quite chilly too!
the next 6 hours consisted of us climbing up that stinking mountain.
lots of talking.
lots of crazy mountain goats.
lots of trees.
lots of boulders (in 1 section:).
lots of people passing us.
lots of gorgeous views.
lots of beautiful colors.
lots of mountain goats.
lots of up hill mostly.
and then lots of too much downhill
we went slow but we enjoyed it and had a good time bonding together :)

 if you are a byu student and haven't hiked timp, you should, it's one of those cool things you can say you've done.
if you've lived in utah your whole life and have never hiked timp, shame on you :) do it, you'll love that mountain so much more after seeing the view from the top.
if you don't live in utah but visit often, plan a time to do it, you'll love it (after the fact:)
if you have horrible knee problems (cough cough you know who), don't hike it, you'll be miserable.

ps- we saw a man who ran to the top and down in probably 3 hours or less, disgusting.
then he said he was going to bring his family up to hike it with him the next day, gross
we also saw an 80 year old man hiking it by himself, props grandpa, props.

pps- we hiked up from the AG side just fyi

Friday, October 15, 2010


i love riding a bike to school.
it's the best thing ever.
my walk time is cut in half.
i feel healthier.
the wind blows in my hair.
it just feels better!

i have to pump up the bike tire every time i ride it.
i'm continually scared that a car will hit me.
i do not like riding up hill- death.
finding a spot to lock up my bike is sometimes hard!

it's not some incredibly cute/new/vintage bike,
it's a plain ol' red and black mountain bike with a seat that has a rip in it.
but i still like it.
all in all, i'd rather ride my bike to school than get a ride or walk.
that may change when it starts snowing :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

a byu win!

cougars finally had a good game, and during homecoming weekend!
we were so happy they won and played well too!
casey's dad came with us as usual and we also finally had exceptional seats,
10th row in the random student section thank you very much
the weather was beautiful, thankfully
players also wore bright pink tape, socks, rags, chin straps, Y's, and other random things to support breast cancer awareness. it was so fun to see them all with it on!
if you blow up the 2nd pic and look close you can see some of the bright pink
and, before the game casey and his dad went out to get some lunch like always.
1st game was J-Dawgs
2nd game was Costa Vida
3rd game was simply Panda Express :)
oh the traditions

Friday, October 8, 2010


"In God we trust, 
all others bring data"

-Dr. Hopkins, PWS 319 Turf Science

Thursday, October 7, 2010

look what we did :)

yes, that upstairs apartment/window belongs to us :)
happy halloween!
ps- it looks oranger in person