Saturday, April 30, 2011

valley of the sun

some of our activities in arizona:

we played jenga one day, we forgot how much fun that game is.
as soon as i took these 2 pictures, it fell:)

we did a tiny little celebration for phoebe's first birthday!
she is so stinkin funny and cute!

annalee learned that there's not only fun games on the iPad but kimber's phone too.
i can't believe how much she knows when it comes to technology!

as you can see from the photo above, we put her hair in curlers.
if i do so say myself, those curls were the cutest things i ever did see.

casey insisted we go to bahama bucks everday, everyday. ha,
few understand how much casey loves his bahama bucks.
casey always gets cream soda and cotton candy and i blue raspberry and watermelon

we went to baskin robin's 31 cent scoop night while we were there,
can't get better than 3 yummy scoops for 93 cents!
we played at the park and wore out the girls

and lastly a few randoms:
1. we did a lot of running while we were there, which was so nice, my mom came along with us on her bike, and one day annalee joined us in the bike trailer.
2. i saw lots of sunscreen in the stores, i love sunscreen! sunscreen means summer!
3. we visited my nephew tristan in utah on our way to WY
4. casey and i watching the royal wedding in WY :)


today we:

-woke up at 4:40 am
-drove 12 hours from AZ to WY, yes we're sick of driving already
-went from 90 degree weather and sun to 30 degree weather and snow
-watched the royal wedding, so beautiful in every way!
-caught up on the last 2 episodes of the office, how sad!
-were stopped once, but no tickets, yay.
-took a quick pit stop to visit megan and tristan
-will go to bed past midnight

pictures of az activity to come

Thursday, April 28, 2011

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

so many other great little things have gone on too!

1. we love doughnuts lately. love them. thank you krispy kreme doughnuts for existing.

2. we finally did our free bowl for the semester.
we both did horrible, but it was a nice break in between packing.

3. i love curlers lately. love them. sponge, or hard. yes please.
4. packing. boo. we made cookies in the middle of it.
5. once the az family got here we showed my niece, annaleee, all the flowers, it was fun.

6. more in-n-out happiness along with driving driving and more driving.
we took my brother's dog down to az for them

that's that.
we're currently in az visiting family.
soon we'll go to wyoming.
and after that we're off to indiana for the summer!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

happy easter

i love easter time so much.
we are reminded of the miracle of the resurrection of our Savior.
and that it is because everything that He has done for us, we are able to live again as He.

my mom was always great in the fact that she had great traditions for us that time of year:
week long of activities to remind us of what happened during the last week of Christ's life, dying eggs, palms around the house, easter egg hunts, easter pageant and other fun little things!

other than being able to reflect upon the resurrection story, the only tradition we kept this year was with casey's family, the cutler side: easter on the hill.
easter on the hill apparently has this long fun history that luckily keeps going,
but bc the hill has had bad weather the past few years, the cutlers have mixed it up a bit.
we go to an aunt and uncles house, cook hot dogs and smores over the fire, have easter egg hunts, and sit and chat with each other.
as usual, we had much fun with all!

this year we tried our best at easter bunny teeth and boy was that a hoot!
we also had the easter egg hunt where uncle mark hid the eggs incredibly hard like always, it was so fun running around trying to find your egg!
and then the eldest cousin, brooke, had a little golden egg easter hunt for all the parents. again, so much fun to see them all racing around for an egg :)

happy easter to all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

graduation time and skydiving!

so first and foremost, my brother, scotty, graduated from byu this past week, yay for him!

it was very fun being able to have the whole family together. i love it when we get the chance.
it's a hoot to see how all the little kids interact with each other :)
amanda and abby are missing from the picture bc abby was taking a nap

and, most excitingly we went skydiving!
ever since my mom's birthday last year, she said she's been wanting to go.
originally i think it was just going to be her and i but then casey and i got married and casey wanted to go and one by one the rest of the family jumped on board too!
we've been trying to do it for forever now and finally got to!
it was completely exhilirating and if you want to go you totally should.
we loved our experience!
although you had to sign your life away, we all lived to tell about it:
toes over the edge, back flips, 60 second free fall, freezing air, endless spinning,
the whole she-bang!

and because grandpa was with us,
we had to head to in n out immediately following our adventures to celebrate.
love that place :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

coming up

some posts to look forward to:

and so many more random things :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love Letters #2

Hey Kimber!!

So you are running and burning off calories
I'm sitting here gaining calories while eating cookies!

I am glad we got all the big stuff packed and taken to the storage
My arms and body is sore and exhausted
Your so cute and lovely and I'm glad you are strong!!! so you can help
Can't you wait for the summer! More babies to play with and fun!
I love you good job will all your finals!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


that's right finals are over!
here we come summer/indiana!!
i'm in the super exclamationy mood right now :)
casey wasn't cooperating with my picture wishes at the moment

here's some links for your viewing pleasure if/when you get bored!

how awesome are these people? husband and wife team who are legit rock climbers. watch all their videos when you get the chance. the alska trailer looks awesome!

go mitt!!!

my pinterest account. eye candy galore. i love that website

almost there

here's to the last day of finals!
monday i pretty much took 4 (why?!)
which leaves 1 last one for tuesday!

the first pic is a small view of a project i worked on today for hours upon hours.
happy to be done!
and the 2nd is my everyday view from the design studio i'm in nearly everday of my life (cluff building yo).
i love that room.

ps- can i just mention how much i loathe working til 2 am at the library?
no bueno.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the week

what a week it has been!
we are officially done with classes and have just 4 days of finals remaining.
at least i have finals remaining.
but only monday and tuesday!
casey somehow has no finals and pretty much has not had class the last week and a half.
lucky lil boy.
we've been working our tails off at work too.
we started the adventure of packing up the apartment, wooo. 
but we've been taking breaks as needed, at least i have, ha.
i went to lunch with some of the girl's i work with.
i got together with a few other girls in the ward for a girl's night where just chatted away.
i spontaneously met up with 3 other girls i worked with while at aspen grove (AG).
those girls are such a delight,
they bring back great memories of that summer.
the next day 3 of the 4 of us met up yet again for a little frozen yogurt.
one is now engaged, as of a month ago, so we had a lot of catching up to do :)
sprinkles, yumm

and together casey and i were able to get together with some of his mission people,
which was a blast. the smith's, who opened their home to us, were so so sweet.
we had the infamous "spud burgers" with flaming sundaes to finish it up!
see the little flame at the top!?
we also got together with a few people in the ward for a tiny little bbq.
the weather was incredible and i could not soak it in enough!
i love the warmth of the sun,walking around with no shoes on the grass and cement, the smell of the bbq, needing sunglasses bc the sun is so bright, and just sitting in the grass with friends.
it was just so wonderful!

thank you summer for finally coming!!

btw- i'm kinda obsessed with all these trees blossoming.
they are the most beautifully, joyous things that utah has to claim.
when casey and i are driving around provo i'm constantly mentioning to him, "we are so lucky to live here, it is so pretty!"
every time he agrees too, we really are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place during our college years!

Monday, April 11, 2011

a murder and a mystery. accompanied by dinner

after endless time thinking about doing a murder mystery dinner,
we finally did it with my cousins this weekend!
and all 9 of the utah cousins and their spouses came for the event (i believe this is the 1st event where everyone came!)
it was "adults" only (except nursing babies were welcome:) that's kinda weird that i'm part of the "adult" group now. for as long as i can remember i've always been the little kid/teenager!

the theme: murder on the high seas.
date: october 29, 1929
(left to right)
Crispin Croissant: Lorin and Debbie
Ivanna Perloff: Vance and Teresea
Irma Slute: Ryan
Lady Trixie Highhorse: Suzie
May B. Wright: Rob and Jenny
I Roger Seemein (Host): Casey and Kimber
Rex Autobahn: Scott and Megan
Dianne (Di) Wrector: Brigham and Michelle
Con Damasses: Rob and Kammy
Charlotte "Lotta" Greanbaaks: Weston and Amanda (who are poopers and refused to have their picture taken).

appetizers, dinner, dessert, and mocktails were provided by all.
we dined, clues were introduced, and we then pointed fingers at who killed the captain.


we had a lot of fun being together and acting out the story.
everyone did so good at their parts and really played it up well.
there were some great outfits out there too, thanks for dressing up!
can't wait til we can all get together again next time!

and sidenote:
i was really proud of our outfits,
it took me forever to get mine put together but the different pearls, head band, and slinky dress were so fun to wear. and i do love putting sponge curlers in my hair!
casey was the 1st mate on the ship so we put a krispy kreme hat on him with a sailorish shirt and white pants and called it game :)