Friday, September 30, 2011

it's game day

it's friday, friday...
but really, we're are so happy it's friday!
today's friday means gameday:

we're trying to celebrate games days in the cutler household by making everything better/more fun that day.
cougar pancakes.
we've also decided that we will never have normal looking pancakes again.
they must always have at least food coloring, sprinkles, or awesome shapes added to them.
yay for pancakes.
especially cougar pancakes!

this coming weekend includes:
listening to a prophet's voice.
my brother coming into town with a special friend.
meeting that special friend.
sibling dinner.
drive up the canyon.
working (boo).
cleaning the car,
homemade kettle popcorn.
cinnamon rolls and/or lion house rolls (thank you bread machine!)
workin' on the puzzle.

yay for general conference weekends!

update: gameday rocked it today.
we love you riley!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


yay for learning your SIL is pregnant (i have so many SIL's you don't know which one, heh).

yay for visiting your cousin who just had her baby less than 24 hours after the event.

yay for waking up strictly at 7 am with no pushing snooze for the first 3 weeks of school.

yay for it being the 4th week of school and pressing snooze every.single.time at 7 am.

yay for cousin dinners.

yay for professors being incredibly merciful after receiving a horrible test grade.

yay for starting a 1000 piece puzzle with casey.

yay for pretty nail polish.

yay for a Relief Society broadcast that was so beautiful and perfectly put.

yay for the temple.

yay for intramural sports.

yay for miss katie g. who went and got (free) coldstone ice cream with me where we could relate on every basis.

yay for communication in marriage. it works much better than not.

yay for a bicycle that makes getting to class and coming home so much faster.

yay for seeing fall slowly creep down the mountain.

yay for seeing the good in life.

what's your list of yay's?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ode to Kimber!!!!

Hi my name is Casey and I approve this message P.S. that is from a song and I thought I was funny! Anyways so this is Ode to Kimber about the rememberrings of yesteryear!
Remember being here where we spent a Holiday in the sun and enjoyed family and fun with games and great food, oh ya remember the sickness we felt ye not that fun to remember
Remember when we bought you this Hat! Yes you could not resist getting just one you needed 2. It looks cute with this outfit sure does! Ode to Kimber!
Remember when you looked at the camera with this face? I can't remember why you were giving a pouty face, but hey this is the Ode to Kimber so it doesn't matter all that matters is we change it to a smile!
Remember when we wrote our names on the crazy wall of the little deli we ate at downtown Indianapolis. These names will probably sell for millions of dollars one day maybe not to the public, but to our sweet future kids!
Who doesn't remember the Jimmer! Remember how fun this year of basketball was even though we didn't go to many games at home we watched him on TV. Remember when we made it to the sweet 16!
Remember this family! Oh how we loved spending time with them in our summer of being away. Didn't they bring just a fun time to our summer!
Remember when we were away for a few weeks and I was trying to learn how to be a dentist and got to see so much crazy things in MEXICO Oh ya I don't speak spanish!
Remember how you love to sleep it doesn't matter where or when, if you can get a spare moment you would love to fall asleep.
Remember when Jaden would eat anything you fed him, what a fun time and oh how I miss this little boy! This past summer came and went and now its us again! Oh remember
Remember when we got married and committed to spend eternity with each other no matter what circumstances arose, thick and thin we are for each other What a great moment in life, an exciting adventure starting a new, wouldn't it be nice to relive that exciting time again!

Oh the Ode to Kimber Remember Remember the times we've spent and for the future adventures we will experience! We have so much in life to experience so lets live it happy as can be no matter the cost that love may be!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

my major rocks.

last week for our plants diagnostics class (aka memorize weeds, insects, diseases...oh wait i'm so ahead of that game!) we drove an hour away to the church farms in delta, ut to do some disease research on their corn crops. our caravan consisted of four 12 passenger vans. i was the front van with our professor. after we began the 10 minute off-roading excursion to the crop, one of the vans got stuck in a big old patch of mud. so everyone, including our professor, got out and started pushing that thing out, ha. took us like 15 minutes to get it out, but it sure brought some laughter. but really, all our professors are so awesome, down to earth, great people, who really have a passion for what they're teaching and love the students. i know this may seem odd, but i truly have a testimony of byu. no where else, can you begin class with a prayer, have your professor relate academic studies to gospel principles during a lecture, or have your professor openly talk about his mission to the whole class. i love byu.

secondly, i'm in the landscape management presidency and it rocks.
the people rock.
we have a blast together.
one of our presidency members is missing here, but oh well :)
if you're in slight contemplation of choosing a major, look at ours, it's the best.
plus, our professors are superb at networking for us and everyone graduates with a job who wants one.
the people are all just so great in the industry.
the above picture is us all laughing.
why are we laughing?
charley (bald guy) and i were arguing in the picture before this and then we all laughed how the picture before this one would actually look like we're arguing, oh goodness... 

lastly, the LM students have the wonderful priviledge to clean one section of the football stadium after football games.
as horrible as it sounds, it actually is fun with everyone.
everyone works so hard and we laugh and have a ball together.
plus, there's always great food afterward.
it's just dandy.

but next time you go to a byu football game, pick up yo trash people!

peace out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

firstly through sixthly

first things first:
sweet new watch company, check them out!
casey and i both have 3 of their watches each and love them.
you can change out the band and face colors as much as you want.
they're doing a giveaway on facebook right now for 3 watches so you should go enter!!!
ps- if you do buy any from their website, make sure you've liked them on facebook and followed them on twitter bc both give you $5 off coupons!!!

more free stuff at byu/why byu rocks:
A. free bike tune ups.
B. free muffins and bananas for no reason.
twas great.

babysitting rocks when it's your own neice/nephew.
there's just that added bit of fun, know what i mean?

the byu game last night was quite fun if i do say so myself.
more to come on that later.

we won our girl's flag football game this morning,
it rocked.

it's saturday,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

brushing your teeth and vegetables.

last night, as lay in bed, i admitted to casey that i had't brushed my teeth.
you know what he did?
got my tooth brush, put toothpaste on it, brought it to me while i lazily remained in bed, forced it in my mouth, and turned the power on so it started splattering all over my face.
that there ladies and gentlemen, is a man who deeply cares about oral health.
casey 1. kimber 0.

tonight, i force fed casey sweet potatoes and broccoli (that were quite yummy, might i add) while we sat and watched our favorite show.
i literally had a fork up to his mouth with a sweet potato on it,
and each time he would give his best 4 year old idontwantoeatthisfood face.
he would also say in his best pouty voice "no, i don't like vegetables..."
but alas, the sweet potatoes and broccoli were gone.
casey 1. kimber 1.

i think we're just gonna make great parents someday.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

texas caviar

i would love to share our family favorite recipe of texas caviar with you!
(i'm also inclined to do this bc often when i'm away from home and i want to make this, i don't have the recipe, but now it'll be on the blog where i can always get to it!)

i got this from my mom,
who got it from our neighbor,
who probably got it from someone above her too!
it's a woodruff family favorite.
it's eaten/made at nearly all of our family functions:
christmas, reunions, the dunes, weddings, etc.
you name it, it's most likely been there.
if the family is together, someone wants it to be made.

it's a bean/salsa/mix of veggie dip thing that's super yummy!

Chop the following and mix together:
    2 cloves garlic
    2 cups tomatoes (about 5)
    1 green pepper
    5-6 green onions (1 bundle)
    2 jalapenos
    1 can white shoepeg corn (drained)
    1 can mexicorn (drained)
    2 cans blackeyed peas with jalapenos(rinsed and drained)
    these cans are hard to find, if you can't find them, get 1 can black eyes peas and another bean can, black or kidney
    8 oz. zesty Italian salad dressing
    Cilantro to taste.
    1 packet of powdered Italian dressing

Serve with chips, quesadillas, or on top of rice.

I think it tastes better the 2nd day, and it will juice up a bit itself when sitting after awhile, so don't add too much of the Italian dressing, I usually use half the bottle and add however much powdered Italian dressing i think it needs

Monday, September 19, 2011

happy monday

a little bit of lately to start off the week!

starting top left going clockwise:
1. meli, the weenie dog, chasing the laser pen. why are dogs/cats so obsessed with those things? who cares, it's one of the funniest things ever.
2. the sky on our drive home from wyoming.
3. casey playing intramural football. they won. i also won my game last! go kimber :)
4. went golfing last week with the landscape management major on the mountain. twas grand.

1. driving.
2./4. trying to decide what we should be for halloween :) my MIL's costume box is superb.
3. painting new furniture that someone in provo donated to you. more to come later on that!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

another reason why it's great to be going to BYU

you know what's awesome about going to BYU?
there's free food somewhere nearly always.
you just have to make and effort to stand in the really long lines for it.
well we finally did, ha.
the business school had their "opening social" (and bc i'm a business minor i was technically invited:)

we went.
we ate. (insert how much we heart j-dawgs, snow cones, and cotton candy here).
we conquered.

snaps for the marriot school of business.

(i hope you all enjoy the top right pic of me stuffing my boca:)

my advice to anyone at BYU or wanting to go to BYU:
make the effort to participate in the free things on campus bc it won't last for long.
and they end up being fun.

ps- we saw the cutest 2 year old boy running around the field aka it looked like our future child:
platinum blonde hair.
BYU football jersey.
running with a little football.
it kinda melted our hearts.

**plans for our staurday**
collecting our bountiful basket.
going to a baby shower.
tailgate with the ward.
BYU v UTAH football game!

happy saturday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the moments that matter most.

this hit home for me today.
home you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

back when we went to arizona

hey, remember when we went to arizona like 3 weeks ago?
i do.
i have pictures to prove and ones i wanted to share.
want to take a look?
k, cool.

i know, mostly just more in-n-out and swimming,
the usual az stuff,
with a few pictures of granny and papa added in there.


i bowled a 143 today.
i felt like a rockstar.

casey bowled a 196.
he felt like a rockstar.

thank you byu bowling class.
you are a rockstar

the end

Monday, September 12, 2011

back when we went to iowa.

remember when we went to iowa?
i do.
well i took more pictures than i shared that one time.
so guess what?
you get to see them.
treyson, being thrown  into the sky.
these last pictures represent our visit perfectly:
constant motion :)

yay for family!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

happiness is:

- playing cranium with people who are really funny aka casey, scott and megan
-racing a weenie dog in the dark of night across the field while the weenie dog chases the laser pin light
-meeting up with cousins who are awesome
-going to baby showers where you learn so much
-watching byu football
-painting furniture
-casey playing intramural football
-meeting up with friends for lunch and having endless things to talk about
-crock pot meals
-gorgeous utah weather
-riding your bike down from campus (down=no work bc there's no uphill:)
-seeing a ferris wheel on campus
-being able to work together
-knowing that fall is just around the corner
-looking on pinterest for great ideas (if you would like an invite, please ask, bc I can send you one!)
-married friends in your ward who are awesome
-chocolate chip/m&m/oatmeal cookies that you have to eat a million of bc they're so yummy

Friday, September 9, 2011

happy birthday to you.

dearest biggest brother,
it's your birthday! yay!
you're one year older (don't worry you're not too old) and very mush wiser!
you get the award for having some pretty dang cute pictures with the parentals.
remember that one time you rode my tiny motorcycle after your mission in moab
and just about died doing it?
i wish you'd tell that story more bc it's the funniest thing ever.
and bytheway thank you for always being funny.
sometimes when casey and i hear someone being funny we say, that sounds like weston.
we both wish we could tell funny stories like you.
so you get the award for brother with the best story sharing skillzzz.
and thanks for always being the cool big brother we all wanted to be like.
you were pretty good at that too.

happy birthday weston!
hope your day is filled with abby kisses!!!

ps- thank you for having cute little girl who we smother with our love,
for we love her dearly!!!
(and her being a rockstar at facetiming is an added bonus)

Monday, September 5, 2011

a guide to bahama bucks

if you've read this blog long enough,
you'd know that casey/we (casey is the fuel to the fire) have an obsession with bahama bucks.
we think it's just fantastic.
so here's our little guide to bahama bucks!
(they're only in AZ, NM, and TX, sorry UT fans).
go with a coupon.
they always have coupons floating around for that place.
they usually come in the regular mail, keep your eyes open  
(and tell your relatives/friends who live in the area to save them for you so you have multiple ones!)
our favorite one is buy one get one free :)
once you get there, get samples, lots of samples
(and if you have small children with you all they want is a sample, it's great!)
casey and i always get the same flavors,
we're creatures of habit (and we like "our" flavors the most!)
casey: half cream soda, half cotton candy.
kimber: half watermelon, half blue raspberry.
and you've GOTTA put the cream on top, it's like the best part.
we personally don't do a bahamaramamamas (ice cream at the bottom) bc we're still pinching the pennies.
also, don't forget your punch card!
we love our punch card and guard them with our life.
after you get 10, you get a free one, woohoo!
and the free one gets to be whatever size you want.
get the avalanche people. GET THE AVALANCHE. it's huge!

and with the punch card, if you go in the winter when it's cold,
you get multiple punches when the temperature is below a certain degree!
(i think 2 below 60, 3 below 50, ad 4 below 40 maybe?)
it's great.

and lastly, if you go on saturdays (their busy days, sadly, when you'll have to wait in lines),
they give out magic spoons instead of umbrellas!
they change colors whey they're cold and it makes eating your snow cone all the better.
(as a kid, we'd save them and eat them with our cereal:).
magic spoons are definitely worth the wait :)

here's a little video i've been compiling overtime of our bahama bucks visits.
we go everyday (excpet sundays) when we're in AZ so you'll see lots of outfits.

Bahama Bucks from Kimber Cutler on Vimeo.

have a happy labor day!
go to bahama bucks if you're in AZ!

ps- if you go to the BB on baseline and power in mesa, az, look for the ring swinging game in the corner ;) 
we just found it this last go around and love it. i stink at it 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

bucketlist check off: seven peaks

water parks = happiness.
when you're with a fun husband and cute nephew it gets even better!
we went to seven peaks and it was great!

so there's #1 checked off our list.
casey had never been.
i'd only gone once when i was 16,
but they have a bunch of new rides that are really good at giving you terrible WEDGIES!
ya, worst wedgies of my life!
but going down some of those slides really gives you a thrill!

glad we got to go for a quick 4 hour day.
this is definitely an activity all need to do before they leave the provo!

ps- next camera investment: water proof camera case for my point and shoot.
that baby would undoubtedly give me some happy photos.

bucketlist check off: bridal veil falls

the saturday before school began we were sitting around doing nothing.
so out of desperateness to not be lazy,
we got our booties off the couch and drove up the canyon to bridal veil falls!
(everyone, bridal veil falls is the pretty waterfall that you see on the right when you drive up provo canyon).
we thought it was going to be more of a hike than it was but it was still pretty and we can still say that we did it!

yay for a cool refreshing mist at the top!

after our "hike" we decided it'd be wise to feed ouselves
at red robin with a gift card :)
man they have good burgers.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

since school began

1. what i bought at the grocery store late saturday night: marshmallow matey's (we've got to survive people!), milk, peanut butter, jelly, wheat thins, bananas, and carrots. that is correct people, we've been living off of cereal and pb and j's this week. we rock.

2. we're in a bowling class together together (we love it). going through the class role the 1st day the teacher calls
"casey cutler?"
"kimber cutler."
"...are you two brother and sister?"
"husband and wife..."
ya, we rock.

3. remember how much we love our apartment and practically sold our souls to get back in it for this semester? we forgot how horrible that place is in the summer and late august/early sept = summer! that dang atti turns into an oven!! ha, but we're surviving with 3 fans placed in all the windows and a swamp cooler that turns our bedroom into a little ice box! we can't wait for fall/winter!

4. more on our humble attic: i think a bomb went off. with school and work, there has been no time to unpack and organize. we actually ate our cereal the first 2 days with the same spoon and large fruit bowl bc that's all we could find! if we do need to find something (usually in the wee hours of the morning when we're late to school), we tear through boxes like it's christmas morning and leave quite the noticeable trail...

5. we love our jobs. we most definitely missed our jobs. worst part of our job: seeing people you know but can't remember their name! it's so embarrassing and i'm horrible at it!!! and trust me, i see tons of people. if they don't remember my name, i've got a badge on so they don't have to feel stupid like me. but seriously, give me a break people!!! (espeacially you people i' haven't seen in 2 years!). all that matters is that i remembered them and my (fun) experiences with them, right?

6. do you remember years ago when i showed a picture of our new bed and it was on the ground? well guess what?! our bed isn't on the ground anymore! we don't have to live like savages!!! yay for our landlord buying a bed frame, and most importantly, a queeen box spring that splits apart so it fit up the attic stairs!!!

7. fact: for the first time ever i dropped a class bc the book was too expensive and i decided there was too much work in there that i sincerely did not want to do. heh heh.

8. today i was 10 minutes late to class bc i thought i was going to ride my bike to school and when i got on my bike both tires were flat. boooooo.

9. in the 1 hour's time we did have to unpack, we stopped and looked at our photo album from last year for 20 10 minutes. i am so excited for fall!!!!!!

10. this morning when i left for school, i woke casey up for a kiss, a prayer, another kiss and a goodbye like usual. but today after he said goodbye, 45 seconds later while i'm rustling around in the room he started mumbling goodbye again in his sleep. another reason how he keeps me smiling and happy when he doesn't even try to. thanks dearest husband of mine.

ps- why do i have time to write this when my house is a disaster and homework isn't done? waiting between classes thank you very much