Monday, March 19, 2012

provo utah bucket list: hiking the Y (one last time)

did i mention we don't have school fridays?
well we don't.
it's the best part of our week.
3 day weekend, ALWAYS!?
uh, yes please!
so we slept in a bit on friday morning, as always (but also because we stayed up for hours thursday night backing up our pictures/music/documents etc, jeeze, that made my computer run SO much faster! but i was also completely scared while deleting the pictures! luckily it worked, plus there's pretty much a back up on facebook/my blog)

back to hiking the Y...

i persuaded casey into going getting up and actually going.
the sun was out and it was a crazy beautiful day.
it was 65 degrees when we got in the car... halleluiah.
i forgot how steep that mountain is.
it's not even a full mile up, but jeeze, it sure is UP.
not kidding you, after the first 2 minutes my heart was pumping.
we walked and walked and walked.
surprisingly, hand-in-hand most of the time.
we talked.
we laughed.
we whined.
we dreamed.
we planned.
twas a great little hike for us.
i told casey my top 2 best moments of the week:
1. a completely unexpected little necklace from him. sweetest moment.
2. buying my first child, a very nice sewing machine for an amazing price.
he told me his top moment:
1. getting a 100% on a world religions test he barely studied for
and his top not favorite moment:
1. that moment during the football game.

we huffed an puffed our way up the hill.
i was completely inspired by a family in front of us:
a mom, with 3 little kids, ages 3/4-8.
woah. i want to be that kinda mom.
they seriously did awesome.
an old man with an arm in a sling passed us...kinda made me feel like a baby.
saw an old high school friend coming down the mountain as were going up.
anytime a dog passed us i wanted to stop and love it.
but then we finally saw the white plaster on the mountain.
a light at the end of the tunnel.
i always forget how beautiful provo is.
i know people complain about it a lot,
but it sure is a beautiful, unique place.
provo will always have a special place in my heart!
but really, snow-capped mountains, a large city, a blue lake, and BYU.
i love provo.
the way down was seriously worse than the way up, it's so steep you're forced to run but don't really want to because you're about to slip form the steepness.
isn't it so true that when you're going, up, you wanna go down,
when you're going down, you wanna go up...

after we rested from our hike,
we took our free, semester bowl at the BYU bowling alley.
we miss bowling class.

then we went to applebee's with a gift card that's been in casey's wallet for ages.

then we worked all friday night long.
i watched almost all of the 1st season of downton abbey... :)

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