Saturday, September 3, 2011

bucketlist check off: seven peaks

water parks = happiness.
when you're with a fun husband and cute nephew it gets even better!
we went to seven peaks and it was great!

so there's #1 checked off our list.
casey had never been.
i'd only gone once when i was 16,
but they have a bunch of new rides that are really good at giving you terrible WEDGIES!
ya, worst wedgies of my life!
but going down some of those slides really gives you a thrill!

glad we got to go for a quick 4 hour day.
this is definitely an activity all need to do before they leave the provo!

ps- next camera investment: water proof camera case for my point and shoot.
that baby would undoubtedly give me some happy photos.

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Cherri said...

Always love all the blog infor.... another bucket list idea.... a Manti temple session (only other live session) and or Manti temple pagent (can't remember when it is)