Monday, September 5, 2011

a guide to bahama bucks

if you've read this blog long enough,
you'd know that casey/we (casey is the fuel to the fire) have an obsession with bahama bucks.
we think it's just fantastic.
so here's our little guide to bahama bucks!
(they're only in AZ, NM, and TX, sorry UT fans).
go with a coupon.
they always have coupons floating around for that place.
they usually come in the regular mail, keep your eyes open  
(and tell your relatives/friends who live in the area to save them for you so you have multiple ones!)
our favorite one is buy one get one free :)
once you get there, get samples, lots of samples
(and if you have small children with you all they want is a sample, it's great!)
casey and i always get the same flavors,
we're creatures of habit (and we like "our" flavors the most!)
casey: half cream soda, half cotton candy.
kimber: half watermelon, half blue raspberry.
and you've GOTTA put the cream on top, it's like the best part.
we personally don't do a bahamaramamamas (ice cream at the bottom) bc we're still pinching the pennies.
also, don't forget your punch card!
we love our punch card and guard them with our life.
after you get 10, you get a free one, woohoo!
and the free one gets to be whatever size you want.
get the avalanche people. GET THE AVALANCHE. it's huge!

and with the punch card, if you go in the winter when it's cold,
you get multiple punches when the temperature is below a certain degree!
(i think 2 below 60, 3 below 50, ad 4 below 40 maybe?)
it's great.

and lastly, if you go on saturdays (their busy days, sadly, when you'll have to wait in lines),
they give out magic spoons instead of umbrellas!
they change colors whey they're cold and it makes eating your snow cone all the better.
(as a kid, we'd save them and eat them with our cereal:).
magic spoons are definitely worth the wait :)

here's a little video i've been compiling overtime of our bahama bucks visits.
we go everyday (excpet sundays) when we're in AZ so you'll see lots of outfits.

Bahama Bucks from Kimber Cutler on Vimeo.

have a happy labor day!
go to bahama bucks if you're in AZ!

ps- if you go to the BB on baseline and power in mesa, az, look for the ring swinging game in the corner ;) 
we just found it this last go around and love it. i stink at it 


Blair said...

What a fun video!! Good editing. (Except why do you ruin all of your beautiful pictures taken by your amazing camera by making them look old and crappy?) your mother agrees with me on this.

Shane and Clara said...

That is cute video.....i like the fast forward part with Logan and his girly's.

I wish I could go to sounds so yummy and refreshing! I may never run into one. :(