Tuesday, November 30, 2010


today i slipped on the ice straight onto my bum.
by myself.
it would have been funny if i was with someone,
but it was just pure stupid bc i was by myself.
i then went into our apartment with a pouty face blaming casey bc he wasn't there

today i forgot my keys to our apt AGAIN.
not exaggerating, casey and i have locked ourselves out about ten times this semester.
luckily our landlord is awesome and nice and lives 2 doors down and always comes and unlocks it
he also gave the old neighbors next door spares to the apt too. we know them too now :)
but since it has happened so much lately, i was too embarrassed to ask him for help... again.
so i went across the street to a friend's house and waited there for an hour til casey got home.
thank you amy brown for living so close and being home.

today i broke a nail.
as dumb as it sounds, i hate when that happens

today i realized that it makes me oober happy when i hear a friend of mine is
a) dating someone
b) engaged
c) pregnant
so keep 'em coming folks

today i saw that all the BYU christmas lights were up.
 it made me so happy.
today i decided BYU is the absolute best school ever (actually i decided that a long time ago;).
why? bc we're one of the only schools in the country who gets to put christmas everywhere around campus, say merry christmas to everyone, and bask in the christmasness of the season and not having to worry about offending people bc...we all have faith in Christ.
i just love it.

today i also decided BYU gets the best christmas trees award.
since they have millions around campus,
all can have awesome themes and unique touches.
it's absolutely magical everywhere you go.

today i came to school when it was dark (6:30 am) 
and will be leaving school when it is dark (12:30 am)
oh how we love work.
no, really.
true i did go home for an hour in the day.

today while at work, 
a girl was trying to turn in a bunch of books at around 8:00 pm.
the cart was full and i told her, with a straight face, we weren't accepting anymore books today.
hehe, i know. i'm mean :)
the look on her face was hilarious: pure worry.
i immediately told her it was in fact ok to drop off her books though.
it was quite the funny moment.

today, my mom did some of my landscape assignments for me:
she took pictures of bad landscape designs that cause problems with turf.
her pictures were spot on correct which equaled hilarious as well.
thanks mom.

today i saw one of my most favorite girls in the library and talked to her for a bit.
it made my day.

today i also planned a little get together with another friend for late december in az...
the excitement will only build from here :)

last but not least,
today casey and i did not have the will to do any of our assignments.
we did get them done
(kimber= 1 paper, 2 small turf projects, and 1 accounting quiz...not that i'm counting though...)
but not without a good amount of kicking, screaming, and biting.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the woodruff thanksgiving day in pictures

the woodruff thanksgiving day(s) in words

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving Day on Wednesday this year because of some scheduling issues with my dad's work. But it actually ending up working out perfectly that way! My parents, brother, SIL, and nieces came up in the wee morning hours of the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Everyone "slept" at my house for all 3 more hours of sleep we could catch and that was fun waking up to the cute little girls all smiley. Mon and Tue consisted of Casey and I going to school, studying, testing, and squeezing in what hours of fun with the family we could.

Other days also involved some incredibly yummy food prepared by Amanda (too many honorable mentions to start mentioning), lots of warm fires, cute happy little girls, "family bonding/games", a few movies, putting toys away constantly, playing in the snow with Annalee, the anticipation of the newest little baby arriving, a few naps, a lots of pictures, a very anti-climatic snow storm that prevented kirky from joining when it shouldn't have, black friday shopping, a hospital visit to the new baby (more on that later).

Overall, it was just a great, relaxing week. So nice to have family around. So nice to not focus on school.
So nice to remember that there are so many things to be thankful for in life

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

last week

like i mentioned earlier, we had so many things going on last week i didn't have a spare moment to blog!
the list goes as follows: 
4 test/quizzes for casey in organic chemistry (which=hard) and physiology (which=hard), he did fabulous.
5 test/quizzes for kimber in random classes
we tried going to fatcats for our free bowling bc the cougars scored over 30 points at their game 2 weeks,
they're dumb and didn't let us bowl bc it was past 9. boo

another night we went to texas road house bc it just opened here in orem!
pretty much we went so we just go eat all their rolls!
i'm pretty sure we got...8 batches...yummy!
and what we did order, we took home in left over boxes.
ps- texas roadhouse=fun suckers bc they don't let you take pictures inside except if the server is taking it of you. boo
but the cherry limeade and rolls made it worth it

then we went to the opening of HARRY POTTER!
we were beyond excited
we went with the best group possible of harry potter fans.
we're so happy nicole and brookie let us come along
activities included playing harry potter trivia and casting spells at other muggles.
the movie was wonderful too.
it stayed true to the book and did not disappoint a bit.
we loved it!

casey and i also had football games this week which we both lost :(
but, it was still fun to play!

i also had a relief society sleepover that i got to go to with the women in my ward,
seriously, such a blast.
best activity yet!
we stayed up way later than needed, played fun games, had lots of great converstations,
only had the fire alarm go off for 15-20 min, and just had the best time ever.
a cute girl in our ward, rachel, had a family cabin in midway we got to go to, no pic.
it was great to be able to just talk to all the women and not just for 2 hours and then have to go home.

Monday, November 22, 2010

365 days later

and we still love each other
i know, precious :)

we celebrated our first family birthday yesterday
and loved it!
once i get through the craziness of today and tomorrow i'll have lots of stuff to share from last week!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i jinxed my family

for christmas, birthdays and any other kind of holiday to celebrate, casey's parents were sweet enough to take us all on a cruise for christmas this year! we've all been way excited for awhile now for it
it was the one where you leave from san diego and go down to mexico (the mexican riviera i think?)
we were going to leave on Dec the19th, and get back on the 26th, 
it was going to be a blast!

then, like 5 days ago, i sent the family members this video.
it's of a cruise liner that went on that same kind of cruise we were planning,
but they had a fire in the engine room and were stuck out there for days with no electricity, lots of food rations, no running water, and a lot of other no fun stuff!

well, turns out that ship was going to be OUR SHIP!!!
guess what that means!?
cruise cancelled!!! :( 
wo is me, wo is me!
tragic/ironic huh?

so now, the family is facing a huge dilemma (no, not that big but you know how it is...)
the cruise line is of course being very nice and trying to be accommodating to passengers in exchanging cruise line tickets, and kinda helping w airfare etc.
so naturally, we're all freaking out a lot and trying to find another cruise to go on.
carribbean sound good?
don't mind if i do!

but wait.
originally, casey and i were going to drive to san diego making our trip only the cost of gas and excursions.
what does a carribean cruise mean?
 way cool? yes.
same price for us? yeah right.
now we have to deal with AIRFARE!
airfare = an arm and a leg.
 airfare = a good portion of tuition
airfare = rent for 2 1/2 months
airfare = a bajillion cute shoes i could have bought

we just keep telling ourselves "the memories, the memories, we'll make so many good memories"
today my mom told me "you can't expect memories like that with saving all your money"
breathe kimber, breathe :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our saturday

saturday was quite the eventful day for us
we woke up at 7 (on a saturday!? i know, terrible) to start getting ready for dancesport!
by 7:30 casey we were at the ballroom in the wilke and casey was practicing all his moves for his big debut!
he is in the beginning level social dance class here at BYU (and loves it:)
the 180 classes always compete cha cha, and casey did so good!
the 1st round had 12 heats of probably 20 or so couples in each heat, which, yes, was still long but so fun
the 1st time they stood right in front of me and danced but i just watched, i should have taken pics though bc in the next 2 rounds they were way far from me (casey said it was better floor space).
him and his partner were just having fun, which was even more fun to watch
after the 3rd round we raced to his intramural flag football game which means he missed the 4th round they had been called back to :(
casey was a little bummed out he couldn't keep dancing, but football takes priority, ha
luckily they also won their football game!
casey actually had a really good game with some key interceptions, catches, and flag pulling.
twas freezing but still fun to watch
(blogger is not letting me upload these pictures for some reason, mmeh)
after the football game, i drove 20 min to Lehi to work on a slave labot project for a class-
literally slave labor.
an hour later i drove back to dancesport to compete myslef in pre champ smooth, twas fun to dance.
after i competed we watched the colorado get dominated by byu in the football game.
then i drove back to lehi to keep working on that project.
at 5:30 it started getting too dark to work, so with half our project finished we left.

once home, it was only 6:30, but casey and i could have sworn it was 10:30.
so we stayed in, watched a movie, and just hung out together.

woo, what a busy saturday! glad that is over!

Monday, November 15, 2010

my november the fifteenth list

i want to put my Christmas decorations up.
i don't care what people say, i want to.
my momma has made it possible for me to have some really really cute ones and i want to enjoy them for more than 2 weeks!...i think i'm going to do it this week :)

i want sunday to come faster.
sunday will mean casey and i will have been done with this week (which includes i think 8 important quizzes/tests between the 2 of us, lots of work, lots of football games, rs activities, family birthday celebrating, landscape projects, etc)
but more importantly sunday means my mummy and daddy, brother, SIL, niece, niece, and brother will get here for thanksgiving! i'm so so so so so so so so so excited. i'm starting to get really ancy (ps- i usually get really annoyed and have never been into counting down the days til blank sort of thing, but i think that's what i'm kinda doing in my head this week :)

i want all my nieces and nephews to live closer.
it's getting ridiculous how cute they're all getting and how much i'm missing out on :(
i guess i'm lucky to have a niece (and soon a new nephew) who do live close.

i want to not have to to take economics.
enough said.

i want to get 8 hours of sleep every night.
no more, no less.
it always happens that i get between 5-6 hours one night,
and then next day i don't have to wake up early so i get between 9-10...it's not working out well.

i want to listen to christmas music.
oh wait.
i am :)
thanks pandora.

i want to be done with dance this semester.
now that dancesport is over, i feel no need to attend my dance classes

i want to watch lots of disney movies with my niece right now
it would be so relaxing and fun

i want it to snow.
i know, i'm weird.
but i really do, it's so magical to wake up to fresh snow outside our window, i just love it.
i just don't want it to turn into ice

soon i'll post about our weekend! it was such a busy saturday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grab That Flag KIMBER!! GRAB IT!

Kimber is in the middle trying to look at me these pictures do not do justice of how hard she plays!
She is looking at me again she is on the line ready to rush!!!
She cannot hide from me she looks angry GRR!!!
She needed a break so I got a close-up of our star Flag Football Player!!
So I don't know if I told anybody, but Kimber plays Intramural Flag-Football with some girls in the ward and it was the first game I got to go to so I took some pictures!! She is known for her lighting-fast speed and blocking abilities. She plays linewoman on both ends of the field (offense & defense) So it was so much fun watching her bump into people trying to get the quarterback she really takes it seriously!! On defense she gets to the quarterback quickly, but I personally think she doesn't want to her her fingernails haha. It was a freezing night and I was glad that their team won!!! They even had scouts there trying to scout out their team for the next game. I was like really man come on it is women's intramural flag-football. Some people take this so seriously. Like my wifey Kimber!!!!! The games I was not able to come and watch she would tell me all about it and how she grabbed this girl's flag. It is great!!! But the greatest moment I think is when she made this awesome one handed grab and took the ball for a touchdown. I think she should go out for more passes, but she likes to just rush and play where she is comfortable. Anyways Kimber deserves some praise and credit and so I am giving it to her because My wife is playing intramural football!!!! I never thought she would, but she has definately proven me wrong. Now she gets to dance it up all weekend at Dancesport Woot Woot! But this is a football post so we will stick to that. Anyways if this smile doesn't get you out to watch Kimber than maybe witnessing girls trying to grab a flag off another girl will and I think every game there is always a de-pantsing haha. Well I love Kimber she rocks!!!  Tear them up babe you gotta win the Championship!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

let's face it,

google docs = one of the best inventions ever.
i use it for so many classes.
no more "let's meet as a group to study and match up 50 people's super busy schedules to do so"
instead, "let's make a google doc, everyone add their notes to it and help each other"

that's grrrrreat!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

arizona treasures

have you seen the blog iheartmesa.blogspot.com?
i just found this blog and i love it! makes be want to live there again so bad!
(i wish there was some really good provo blog like this!)

also, if anyone knows the kuzdas family from mesa and/or their duaghter Heather Sutton,
she could really use a lot of people's love and support right now.
she was just diagnosed with a severe bone marrow disease (MDS).
i was so sad to see that this cute young mom whom i've always admired is now facing this.
read her story and learn how to help here

i just found these pics from our last visit to mesa
they made me so happy :)
we love bahamabucks (we also love that annalee [my niece] is content with just having her own little taste tester)

also remember kirky, mi hermano?

 well a year ago last sunday (oct 31) he got home from his mission!
that weekend was so much fun! :)
 the 6 of us all flew to AZ together for that quick little trip, so fun :)
in that short year we have officially added 4 more to the family:
casey, abby, phoebe, and tristan at the end of theis month :)
and a short year later he has turned into this:
cute, huh?

Friday, November 5, 2010


i put up christmas lights on the trees around campus
i got to celebrate this cute girl's birthday with 1000 of her closest friends. pizza pie buffet cafe rocks

i played flag football again with these girls and had a flippin blast (we won our first tournament game too!). our team name is hot mommas :)

casey and i learned a lot about each other and ourselves yesterday

and i have finally gotten the hang of foxtrot in smooth! it's like the epitome of jazz dancing which is the best! i love it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

twas a halloween weekend

and a fun one at that!
at first we didn't know what we were going to do,
ideas came up, we heard of things going on, plans fell through, but at the last minute we were still able to conjure up a mad weekend!
although it was a stormy night to begin, one of the activities we did was this provo text-or-treat halloween hunt,
we received clues via texting and went around to different well known spots around provo for candy, coupons, and goodies.
it was so random but so fun to do together!
and in the end there was a money balloon they popped and we got 6 bucks. awww yeah :)
we also popped in at a costume party from someone in our ward, it was a riot. we loved every second of it.
and for our costumes this year we went to savers and found some fun random goodies to go back in time to the 70's!

points of interest:
casey's awesome/creeper wig (he played with it all night twirling it in his fungers and flipping it out of his face- he loved it)
casey's eye-liner-chest-hair = hilarious. (no, not as legit as tim the wolve's but still awesome in itslef)
kimber's sweet/nasty "new" suit that can be used for 70's, 80's, and 90's
kimber's awesomely big hair pictures do not begin to show its awesome bigness
kimber's legit bell-bottom pants. sewn together with love minutes before our departure for the night (bad part- my zipper would literally not stay up for more than 5 minutes at a time...no not annoying at all)
kimber's sweet platform shoes 
oh, and yes, we carved pumpkins bc if you don't you're not cool :) jk
our pumpkin carving fest was awesome which means it was super fast...almost too fast actually.
carving pumokins as adults with the jam lid is the cleanest and easiest thing in the world