Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Halloween!

Well Halloween is only a week away so we figured it's time to

we picked at our pumpkins at good ol' Macey's and got some seriously great ones!
Step 1: find some fabulous pumpkins

My brother and sis in law, Megan and Scott, decided they wanted
to do pumpkins too!
So we went over to their house and started working!

Step 2: Plan your fabulous pumpkin designs

Step 3: cut off the top (this was probably the hardest part for the 4 of us!)
"Is this vegetable? or a fruit? It's a really hard fruit"-Scott

Step 4: take out all the yuckies inside!
(tip- use the flat part of the top of a canning jar and the insides come out like magic!
easiest pumpkin carving part ever now!)

Step 5: start a carvin!

These are our make-shift candles :)
birthday candles burn quickly haha
Final Result!
We were so proud!

And here's all of us and all of our pumpkins!
We all agreed we've never ever ever spent soooo much time carving pumpkins!
(Scott's was so intense and legit-scary with all the teeth!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday I was fed up with school.
So as Casey and I were walking into the library I said,
"Casey, let's quit school. It's hard and I don't want to do it anymore
Let's become hippies and live on our love!
People have done it before! Why can't we?"
Then the girl in front of us, turned around, made eye contact, and started laughing.

Haha, ok so maybe school isn't all that horrible
but it sure feels like it a the moment!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


true love :)

haha, no but really guys it's true!
when i first got this card from some cousins of mine {Jim & Jan Long}
i thought "oh it's so cute! and so true!"

then later as casey and i were shopping around for an apartment,
we joked and laughed about how a ring is like a down payment...
in a marriage!

you need a down payment on a house to signify you're fully committed
and ready for the long haul

you need a ring to signify you are fully committed
and ready for the long haul

can i just tell you that we laughed at our little idea for quite awhile?
i know, we're dumb :)

it's the amusement in the small things that's the best eh?

haha, well here's some more of the small things we've been experiencing in october

conference with myself, casey, scotty, and megan

so fun having them with us, conference has so many great memories for casey and me :)

to buy or not to buy?
the latter won, haha, jeeze
he looked like a yellow marshmallow!
{a very cute yellow marshmallow though :)}

yet again, to buy or not to buy?
ok, but we were serious this time, haha
we really DID like these!

registering at target!
the very hard decision in deciding which pillow is best

homemade smiley pizzas!
we tried changing our ways, and opted out of the $5 pizza one night
and bought a pizza kit!
it seriously was so fun!
homemade (well, kinda) has its own yummy touch

we went to casey's mission reunion for good ol' harrisburg, pa
it was fun meeting everyone,
they couldn't have had better things to say about my casey!
i was so happy to be his new and final companion :)
these are our fun friends from his mission, kelly and tim

iLOVE polaroids

Monday, October 12, 2009

the little blue house

we did it!we did it!
we officially rented our first apartment
it's just perfect for us and fits all our needs
we are so excited for it
only 6 more weeks and then we get to live in it,

these last pictures are of casey leaf hunting for me.
fall colored leaves are just so lovely!
he was so sweet to climb up all 42 trees that i wanted him to
so we could have thee perfect leaves

Friday, October 9, 2009

the leaves have changed

here's the 2nd set of our engagements!
some of our favorites
It was so beautiful up in the provo canyon
red, orange, and yellow...

we had a blast taking pics with my brother weston (check out his beautiful blog!).
good old scott, megan, and meli were able to join and laugh with us too!

we're still loving engaged life,
things are coming along nicely and decicions are finally being finalled!
i don't think there'd be any progress on this whole thing without my mom
and my lovely SIL blair helping mommyo
they have seriously been making this planning work!
so thanks so much guys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to state that it has been officially over a year since Kimber and I went on our first date. It started with BYU football and conference. It was so wonderful to be able to go to conference yet again with my sweet Kimber. It has become quite the tradition and I don't know what we will do once my Dad can't get the tickets anymore. Haha I guess we will see what happens when that comes around. But we loved Conference and there were so many talks that touched our hearts. Life is great and we only have a month and a half til we get MARRIED!!!!! Yay! Not only are we so close to being husband and wife, but we have had a lot of fun activities with family and each other. We went to Kimber's opening dance social, where we ate dinner and played some games. My favorite part had to be the food, but also, this little picture because I am totally dressed up like a sailor and I think that it is hilarious with my outfit! Something I am so grateful for is that Kimber is so wonderful in making dinner for us most nights. It is so nice to have home cooked meals! She is just so wonderful and we love the time being able to eat and talk at the end of each day.