Thursday, August 30, 2012

cheeks and chins

while in indiana, i got to take a few cute pictures of baby brielle!
she's got some crazy cute cheeks and double chin action going on.
the funnest part was this girl was SO happy in the mornings right when she got up.
smiles were given everywhere.
why is it we get such satisfaction from making a baby smile?
here's a little peek of what i've been looking at...

my SIL put the rest on her blog.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i don't know what to call this post.

going to get something fixed/done on your car is like going to the dentist.
you go in for a "cleaning" thinking/hoping you're spending x,
but they ALWAYS seem to find something else that's wrong
that cost lots more money.
(it may not be like this for some people at the dentist, but for myself, it is...and lucky me married a dentist. at least we won't have to pay lots for all my cavaites anymore!!)


here's a memory from carefree days before we were married where the last thing i had to worry about was car repairs (or pregnancy acne...)
thanks wyoming for always being windy to make my hair look like a model.

this week we are painting dressers (yipee!)
making our house a house of order (or attempting to do so)
and packing for ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

baseball and baby bumps.

so technically, it was softball.
but last weekend the stake had a coed softball tournament.
casey was super pumped for it.
(let's be honest, anything sports, casey is pumped for.
still can't believe i married someone who's so in love with sports).
so, the tournament.
they won 1, lost 1, and the other team forfeited 1 (but they still played a practice game during the hour).
it rained during 1 1/2 games.
rain is so annoying when watching a game.
luckily it did not rain during lunch.
the brilliant woman in charge of lunch organized only hot dogs to be served.
it was A MILLION times easier for the set up and options.
seriously, so wise.
i tried watching a few kids during the games while their parents played.
they pretty much all got hurt on the bleachers at some point but whatevs...
the people from the ward who did come play were awesome and made it tons of fun.
can't wait til next year when i can play!
i use the term play very loosely because i will in actuality be little to no help to the team plus we'll have a 9 month old not to watch...
(that sentence seems SO CRAZY!!!!!)
we shall see.

and to top it off, here i was that day.
26 weeks plus a few.
(i feel like i've been in the 20's FOREVER)
white maternity shirt- courtesy of goodwill. i love those scrunched side shirts, they're my favorite. i have 1 :(
red nebraska cornhusker sweat pants- courtesy of nebraska
blue BYU flip flops- courtesy of where my true love to football will forever live.
(i think the 2nd pic i'm looking at the children across the street, but it was the most in focus picture of the batch...)
can you spy a belly button that is beginning to pop out?
i need to remember to tuck my bum under during pictures because i feel like it makes me look way bigger than i am.
i just am trying to remember to tell myself i'm grateful i do look pregnant and not just like i always eat big lunches.
plus, i'm short, i have no where to hide this boy.

kicking has yet again exponentially increased this week.
if my computer is resting slightly on my stomach he can kick it major so it jerks.
kicks have been so forceful lately!
sometimes it really hurts!

we got a crib this week, YAY!
now just to set it up.
it's fun slowly getting little baby things over time.
gives me moments of great excitement!
now i just need my majillion dollar rocking chair, right, casey!?

and sidenote-
casey has officially finished his first week of dental school, yahoo!
he comes home for lunch everyday for an hour (which i love).
he got to play practice with a drill twice last week.
he's been overloaded with anatomy class.
everybody continues to tell him how terrible the first year is, how fun :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

cereal to bikes

life of lately is wonderful.
it truly is.
i live in a place i (already) love.
around people who are awesome.
we are doing all the things that we hoped for at this stage in life.
casey's loves school.
baby is kicking tons and growing rapidly.
i always have things to do, and legitimately do.
projects, errands, friends, etc.
i really feel so blessed right now.

some random things as of lately:
1. we love cereal.
if i could live off of one food the rest of my life, it'd be cereal.
did you know pretty much ALL the different cereals list SUGAR as their 2nd ingredient!?
that means sugar is the 2nd most prevelant thing in cereal.
try going to the cereal food aisle one day and looking at them all.
even most the "healthy"/horse food ones has sugar as the 2nd ingredient (or 3rd).
we were laughing the whole aisle and couldn't believe our findings.
i now understand why my mom only gave us "special sugar cereal" on sundays when we were good at church.
no wonder i like cereal so much...

2. i bought our first pair of clothes for baby boy the other day (at full price, gasp).
i first went to the store, saw these, loved them, texted casey a picture of them to show him how cute they were, and left the store.
they didn't leave my mind for thext few days so i went ahead and just bought them.
i love them so much already.

3. so lincoln isn't that widely populated with LDS people.
but our list street is.
and it's full of young families.
and bonus, there's a few more young families in the surrounding area.
i've gone walking twice this week with their little walking group and it's a blast.
tons of children, moms, laughing, crying, stories, etc.
it's just so fun to be around all these ladies (and so many strollers!)
i am the only one without child at the moment so it's fun to just watch it all unfold before me.
such a great group of gals, and kids.

4. lastly, casey.
he rides his bike to school so it takes only, like, 3 minutes to get there instead of 8.
it's awesome.
i love watching him go (if i get up early enough) and come home.

i definitely have more fun things to blog about but it's easiest to do these small events instead of big...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

a nice, new, pretty, white coat

on friday, during casey's orientation, the parents and spouses had their own orientation.
a few hours of what to expect, why you're spouse/child is awesome for getting in, Q&A with D2's (year 2 dental school students), history of the school, etc.
then there was the official forth bringing of the white coats.
i was a super awesome, prepared wife standing in the back center with my camera ready to take some darn awesome photos.
i clicked furiously away as the presenters placed casey's coat on him on the stage.
i thought to myself "i love my camera, it takes pictures right when i want and it's just so great"
as he began walking off the stage, i looked down at my camera to see the last picture i took to see a my display showing "no camera card"
oh well, life can't be perfect :)

the weather was beyond wonderful that day.
after we walked home from dinner we all just hung out on the porch, wonderful neighbors included.
a spontaneous dinner in the front yard ensued.
no cute table cloths and organization, just natural fun.
texas caviar, baked potatoes, and lemonade.
and cute little julie, our neighbor, was the entertainment.
she's precious.

Friday, August 17, 2012

24 weeks and i promise to start doing more posts about other things in my life soon...

here is our picture at 24 weeks (although today i'm 25, i'm just glad i've been taking these puppies on time!)
at 24 1/2 weeks baby boy decided it was time for a kicking fest.
it has been so fun feeling SO much movement.
and my belly is constantly moving from the outside and it's not once and a while little kicks,
it's like kicks over and over in the same area.
you can really see a little wave of movement these days!
it's all so exciting!

i've also learned it's really hard not to judge/compare yourself against others while pregnant.
i feel good/okay about myself because, well, i am pregnant!
but it's so EASY to look at someone else who's due before you and think "i'm totally bigger than you!" or looking how little someone looks who's weeks behind you and wonder if you looked that smal x weeks ago.
it's SO hard not to compare.
i need to work on putting those thoughts our of my head and just be happy i'm pregnant and healthy.
there's a baby in there for pete's sake!

i went shopping with my friend katie the other day and we were looking in the baby section and i was just so overwhelmed!!!!!
what do i buy!?
what size clothes in what season?
is he going to be on the bigger side or smaller side?
boy oh boy we have only just begun (i've bought like zero things for this boy).
but in the end, all will be well,
he won't care what he's wearing.
all that matters is he's warm and loved.
(but making the outfit way cute is a bonus of babies, right?)

casey had his white coat ceremony today for dental school!
so official.
his parents are in town and it's just so fun.
can't wait to share pictures!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

first day

casey left this morning for his first day of school!
it's not the official first day, (just orientation) but it seemed official to me.
he woke up early,
as did i, to iron his shirt (pat on the back for the good wife because that's not going to be happening for long at all...)
it was a pretty casual occasion except that he was leaving for school!
and crazy enough, this was the first time i wasn't going to school.
now that part was awesome.
he's the best sport ever.
a few days ago we were driving to a 1st year dental school student get together and we were talking how school was starting this week for him!
i got so excited and was telling him how i was going to take pictures and he was like "ok!"
i love that man.
so pictures were taken as he walked out the door and off into the street to campus (less than 5 little blocks away)
can't believe dental school is here.
IT"S HERE!!!!!
at this time last year we were setting up his interviews at all the different universities and we couldn't believe that part was starting.
we're now just THRILLED to be here at the beginning of these 4 years in NEBRASKA out of all schools.
we live crazy close to campus.
we have awesome neighbors.
an awesome ward.
a really great school (with a small class size which rocks).
it's just all so wonderful.
the Lord has blessed us so much and we are beyond grateful for His tender mercies in our lives.

here's to 4 years of dental school!!!!!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

the eagle has landed

i introduce to you,
our new home.
(the windows and door not blurred are ours:)
moving in has been a beast.
needing to BUY all your furniture makes it hard to actually put boxes away.
we've been so amazingly blessed with wonderful help/friends in the ward.
our neighbors are the freaking bomb, i love them so much.
my back flipping hurts.
the streets are pretty much all on a grid systemish. love it.
the weather has been great.
we are so busy everyday, feels so good.
i'm closing in on 25 weeks preggers.
our kitchen and bathroom is the tiniest thing ever.
i have so much more to share.
not enough time to do so.

ps- an epic fail to kimber for posting only 3 times and august is nearly half over.
that's the least i've blogged ever!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

well, hello 23 weeks

don't i look much bigger on the right?
i personally think so...they were taken within seconds of each other.
it's all about the position and angle i guess...

about being pregnant:
1. lots of kicking lately, it's so fun. i just love it.
did i mention yet that sometimes i can see my stomach actually move when he kicks?
love that.
the kicking has moved on from flutters and to kicks that feel fun!
2. back pain...still terrible.
i guess it may be getting a little better.
but i'd say i'm pretty dang lucky if that's my only legit pregnancy complaint.
(please do go away after being pregnant!!!!)
3. some of my shorts aren't fitting anymore...that's disappointing.
but some still do which is cool.
4. can't WAIT to get back to all my clothes in nebraska!
i'll have so many more choices, yayyyyy!
5. the acne (my 2nd and last pregnancy complaint) might be getting a little better.
i'm trying a combo between coconut oil (thanks jessie!) and a face wash (thanks brooke!)...
go away red face! go find some teenager to torment!
6. no pregnancy cravings...
7. i love sleeping (but is that really a pregnancy thing? that's like an always kimber thing...)
8. bending over to get things is getting a little tougher.
ha, there's definitely not nearly as much room now as there once was before and it's only gonna get less roomy!
9. we're just so excited for baby boy.
we've gotten a few gifts from him from family and it's like christmas opening them up and imagining a baby, MY BABY, in these little clothes!
we feel so incredibly blessed with the thought of having a baby this year.
i turned to casey tonight and said, what's 40-23?
that means in 17 weeks, we should have a baby!
golly that seems so soon!

we've officially moved away from new jersey!
we're temporarily visiting (hot, sticky, humid) indiana and will be moving into our nebraska place this week!

ps-laura, we watched the business of being born like you said and it truly WAS great to watch!
thanks girl!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


have you ever heard of evernote?
it rocks.
i first read this post and was sold on the idea.
here's the gist:
it's like an e-notebook.
and within the notebook can be different categorized notebooks.
my main reason wanting to use it was for RECIPES!
i feel like i just have recipes everywhere.
pinterest, google docs, regular docs, recipe box, recipe books, blogs.
they're just everywhere and never 1 great central place to find stuff, or search for that stuff.
so with evernote, i have a "recipe notebook" that i can search by words, ingredients, titles, labels,
it's so great.
if i try a recipe on pinterest and like it, i add it.
same with friend's recipes, books, and ones i've always used.
i'm slowly building my recipes because i do have lots in my old school box i have to put in by hand,
but it's been great.
also, if you're a mac user, you can sync your computer, iphone, and ipad together.
it's wonderful.
try it peeps if you have time.
you'll love it.

(i also do have other awesome notebooks, maternity, church, crafts etc, i love it)