Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the clock is running!

swim swim swim GASP!
swim swim swim GASP!

so many things to do with so little time left!
we're supposed to leave tonight to start our journey to AZ for the
but honestly don't know if I'll get everything i need to do before then!

mmeh...father time should slow down just a wee bit for me today

ps- 3 days til our wedding day!
pps-I don't know what i would do without my mom and i really shouldn't be complaining, she's the one really getting all the wedding stuff ready-
she's so amazing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love to see the temple

It was so beautiful!
Both mine and Casey's parents came up to be
with me which was wonderful!
And I had all my brothers there with me,
which was so special!

Right before we went in it was snowing bunches and it was
SO beautiful!
And then we came out afterwards, it was
beautiful and clear and pristine!

I loved the feelings I felt throughout my time in the temple and I can't wait to go back again.The Draper Temple is beautiful inside and has a whole different meaning to me. I'm so grateful for the the time I was able to go inside to make more covenants.
I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to go again!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a night of mourning

tomorrow (Wednesday 11/11 [ironic date for the amount of stress for it eh?])will be death for me:

7 am- get my toosh out of bed and get ready for the day
8 am- dance class
9 am- Net testament
10 am- team dance class
11 am- dance class (at 11:11 am I will make the 1st ultimate wish of the day)
12 pm- american heritage
1 pm- marriage enhancement class
2 pm- lunch with cousin from far away
3 pm- dance practice
4 pm- biology class
5 pm- go to the testing center and take my mean american heritage test that I will stay up all night studying for tonight- literally, all night
6 pm- testing center continued
7 pm- still testing center- my bum will probably be numb by then and I will be hating America and Dr. Pulsipher (ok, maybe not the America part)
8 pm- meet for a RE-DRAFTING of a group project that's absolutely stressful
9 pm- re-drafting continued
10 pm- STILL re-drafting our dang paper to perfection (although it will still get a B no matter how we write it or what we write about)
11 pm- go home and study for New Testament test with Casey (at 11:11 pm will be the second ultimate wish of the day [my most favorite person will be with me on this one!])
11:59 pm- a quick kiss good night

Thursday will also be slightly deathful:

7 am- dance practice
8 am- come back home and get ready for the day
9 am- health center class- because I don't know how to be married
10 am- health center class cont
11 am- health center class cont
12 pm- go take New Testament test
1 pm- FAMILY GETS IN TOWN! (tentatively)
it gets mushy right here, but all I know is that I'll be pretty dang busy with fam and temple stuff shopping- this part will actually be a good part
5 pm- meet with Eng group to start a NEW super fun Englsih project that I'll most likely come to not love so much :)

But I'm excited for the days after Thursday, I'll have my ballroom competition all weekend long and I get to go through the temple for the 1st time! It will be a wonderful weekend of family, the temple (which I'm so happy for), and dancing!

PS- 11 more days :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

just around the river bend!

Next week...


And can I just tell you how happy I am that this isn't me? (below)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a night on the courts

The other night we went on a new adventure.
Since the courts are literally across the street where I live,
we finally decided to take advantage of it! We had an absolute blast!

PS- I absolutely won, no doubt :)
She Only Wishes!!! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

cupcake happiness

Casey+cupcakes+Annalee=new best friends

simple as that :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

our trip to AZ

Here's some of the fun activities of Arizona!
Scott, Megan, and Scott riding in a golf cart

Gifts from Mexico (compliments of Kirky and my parents!)
this SUPER cute dress for Annalee

Casey's Mayan dentist carving/replica
and my 100% unique to Oaxaca Mexico black pottery

Scott's beating instrument

The intense spinning tops war!

Grasshopper shavings!
Yeah, we really ate it!
They tricked us and said "try it and guess what spice this is"
lies lies lies...that was no a spice!
it was an insect!

My wonderful bridal shower put on by my maid of Honor Courtney!
(she's the beautiful one to the right of me)
thanks so much again Courtney!

And these are some lovely ladies who came to it!

Yes, this would be my mother and I dressed up as toilet paper brides.
Haha, lovely I know!

More wonderful people who came!
Amber and Sis Walker!

And after all the presents had been opened, I remembered Casey was my favorite and best present above them all :) Thanks baby

This is our beautiful little Mexican baby!
Cutest outfit EVER!
She pulls off mexicaness so well might I say

I don't know how, but my mom is SO creative!

My wonderful cousins!
April and Colleen!
(acknowledgments to Jenny and Danielle who are missing in this!)

First Sunday dinner all back together!

I wish there were more of Kirk!
He's the main show, and he barely got in any of them!
I'll get more pics from my mootie later :0
Hoped you all enjoyed seeing our AZ trip as much as we enjoyed being there!

2 years later...

It finally happened!
Brother is home from his mission!
It was seriously so much fun getting him home
best weekend of the semester, yet!

This is a pic of all of us in the elevator at the airport going to wait for Kirk,
Seriously, so funny.
Love jokes of H1N1 :)

This is another super fun pic of most of us coming from the far land of Utah to greet our wonderful Kirky to come home from vacation with mom and dad

And our cutest friend of the weekend:
Isn't she darling?
Well she's even better in person!
We had so much fun with her and it was so fun for Kirk to meet her.

More grrrrreat pictures to come later :)