Thursday, December 16, 2010

last day

today is the last day we have to deal with this

and tonight we'll be on a plane toward this

to go to this for a week

this has probably been out most stressful week of finals in our lives.
i don't know what we've eaten all week.
maybe pizza, cup of noodles, lots of junky food, cereal...that's about it.
we're ready to be fed again.
little to no sleep all week
work shifts til 2:30 in the morning.
worked 7 days straight at the library.
tons of laundry that needed to be done before the cruise.
head aches from studying too much.
but enough of this crying fest.

we're surviving.
we both have 1 final left.
neither of us have packed for this 8 day cruise of ours, but guess what?
it doesn't matter!
tonight, no matter what is or isn't accomplished,
that plane is leaving to ft. lauderdale and we'll be on it!

merry christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

we are sinking

other than the fact that i love this video and it's hilarious,
casey and i wanted to share this video because we are "sinking" too much and literally sinking as well!
at least that's what it feels like.

we're drowning in finals.
i have 8 total this week
casey has 4 total this week (2=horribly hard)

statistics is killing me right now (right along with church history)
casey has been on o chem for the last 6 hours. after 3 days of working on that review...he's half way.

thursday night CANNOT come sooner

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the final touch

Our Christmas decorations are now complete!
Facts about our tree this year:
-it will only be up 1 week for us to see/enjoy...sad.
-it is fake...sad, i know, but it was a wedding gift last year and still works wonderfully
-our "star" on top is a compilation of star ornaments we had
-ornaments are from my childhood and we hope that next year we can get casey's too!

i really do wish christmas season lasted longer, 2 months would suit me perfectly :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 scenarios

A) you study really hard for a class the the 1st half of the semester,
do really well on tests,
slack off the 2nd half of the semester bc you think you're smart and understand this class,
and struggle on the last half of tests

B) you halfheartedly pay attention/study for a class 1st half the semester,
do average/border-line poorly on tests,
struggle the last half of the semester to do amazing on tests,
to miraculously pull out an 89.5% to get yourself that A- (or B-/B/B+...all are of differently important values)


why can't I ever learn my lesson?


Monday, December 6, 2010

a christmas party for the grose microbiology labbers

dr. grose that is.
casey participates in a research lab with a group of students for dr. grose (far right in pic) where they research a cure for cardio-myopothy...sounds scientific, eh? ha.
so the professor set up a christmas party/dinner at her home for all her labs students.
significant others joined the lab people for a  yummy spaghetti dinner and a white elephant gift exchange.

it was fun meeting everyone he works with there and learning of all their inside jokes.
plus i scored these awesome sock.
yes, that is faux fur at the top :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

freshman girls

fact: byu freshman year = awesome
fact: i love all those girls with all my heart
fact: we have lots of fun together
fact: we had lots of fun together this last week (of the ones who got to come:)
we have a little tradition that every time we get together we go around the circle catching up on everyone's lives. there never ceases to be exciting things going on.
we also talk about hilarious memories from freshman year...oh the memories we have :)
 i can't believe so many of these cute girls are going on missions! i think 8 from our floor alone!
i'll miss them all so much but i know they're all going to be incredible.
so jealous of you girls!

we'll be setting up another one of these in january,
hope we can see the rest of you cute girls!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

divine comedy

divine comedy is just that: comedy that is divine!
it's a group of byu students who get together to make clean, hilarious comedy skits/show
in their words " Divine Comedy provides a gentle satirical look at student life at BYU and LDS culture in general. Also, we do other silly stuff that we think is funny. Your mileage may vary."
last night casey and i got to go to their show again and laughed our bums off.
they never disappoint. never.
once the show was over we looked at each other and both said our chest hurt so much bc we laughed so hard for such a long time!
the line was ridiculous long to get in (tickets are always sold out within 2-3 once they go on sale) but somehow we still got really good seats which provided us about a thousand glow sticks, candy, and close-up funniness :)

here's a sneak peak at what you're missing if you've never seen one of their shows

Friday, December 3, 2010

let them eat cake

ok, so other than the fact that the origin of that phrase is horrid,
i do love cake :)

in fact we ate the top of our wedding cake last week!
and guess what? it was totally yummy still!!
crazy, huh? it was so yummy a year later, i really wish i remembered how yummy it was the day of!

remember how absolutely beautiful our cake was?
if you wanted to contact the woman who did our cake,
find laura bayles on facebook, it was her mom :)
worth every penny.
one of the best things we chose for our wedding day

ps- you see in the top 2nd pic that sliver of cake that was pre-cut before we got to cut it?
casey decided that as soon as it was defrosted he was going to cut into it and eat himself...
i threw a fit and stopped him till we had a camera :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


i love my friends.
the other night nicole and brookie came over.
we video chatted with a miss amy berry who just got herself engaged to her previously returned missionary, precious, huh?
(i.e.- middle picture, she is showing us her ring after i asked her to)
it's a riot when we get together.
even if through the internet.
we all have strong personalities and get along perfectly.
i just love it/them
even if i am a FULL head shorter than the other 3.

ps- casey= our paparazzi as needed.

we went to wyoming and didn't get stuck in a snow storm when traveling to or fro

so, i mentioned before thatfor the days leading up to thanksgiving and a little bit after,
my family was here in provo with us.
but since everyone left friday afternoon, we drove up to wyoming to be with casey's family!
it was a nice break to be in good ol' wyo with the fam, so nice.
we played games, slept a little bit, watched a lot football, played a few video games, and ate a little :)
we were so happy to be with them and get away!
plus, they are at the end of re-doing stuff in the house (carpet, walls, sinks, counter tops, and other floor areas!) and it all looks great!
we also stopped by brad's office to talk about a little about life insurance :)