Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dear anthropologie,

dear anthropologie,
why is everything in your store so pretty and SOOOOO TERRIBLY, RIDICULOUSLY, UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE!?!?!?!?!

as i was looking at like every category on the site, my thoughts ranged from "oh this is cute" "oh, love it" "goodness, that's adorable" and "that would look great in my house" (but a few times i thought "pshhhhh, i could make that" pshh, i could find almost that exact same thing cheaper" or  "actually those are ugly (the rugs)") And then i thought, hmm, maybe someday if casey and i have sufficient funds for our family i can spend a little extra here and there on clothes, shoes, accessories, and cute things for the house at anthro. and then i was like "ok kimber. let's be real. are you really going to spend large amounts of money on things like clothes and hosue stuff or save that money for trips and experiences and traveling with casey and family (and kids)? yeah, you can bet which was my answer. 

moral of the story: you're dumb anthro. it's not me, it's you. we can never really be friends. sorry  

oh yeah, one more,

dear ikea,
you're more expensive than i thought. boo :( 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

have you updated your blogger?

i have and blogging is so much easier
i've been surprised to learn how many people have not switched!
i didn't find out about new blogger til i asked my SIL blair, she showed me the light :)

as you know i love putting up pictures,
new blogger doesn't make it a freaking nightmare to do it!
you'll love it! i swear!
(if you don't love it you can always change it back, but i highly doubt you will)

  1. Go to Customize or New Post (wherever you can get all those tabs to change your blogger stuff)
  2. Go to the big tab Settings
  3. Go to the first tab on the left called Basic
  4. At the bottom there's a section called Global Settings
  5. the first category is Select Post Editor
  6. Then click Updated Editor!
it is SOOOOOO much better
i haven't figured out how to do videos though (if you do please tell)
tell me how it works for you and if you have any other tips for blogger!

ps- casey sold all of his video games!
good job lover!!!!!!!!!
this is him "testing" them all
at times i would say "casey, i think this one works... :)"

casey's "reward" for selling them all?
he just ordered a wii,

and rockband for it...
that's my husband

Friday, January 22, 2010

a little milestone

happy 2 months to us!

here's a sneak peak of what we got today!

other great things that happened on this date of our little milestone:

(1) casey found our pots and pans! we thought we had lost them (ones that he got as a grad present years ago) and have been using old ones of my mom's for quite sometime now bc we couldn't find them anywhere! but casey looked once more at his old place and found them way up high in a closet! so hooray to new pots and pans!
(2) the frame of our little futon broke. boo :( but casey found a free futon frame on craigslist after looking for a few days and picked it up today! hooray! now he's trying to take it apart as i type this because the sharp turn coming up from our stairs was just too sharp for the couch :( boo. but casey is doing great trying to learn how to use his new tools! i keep hearing grumblings of "this is stupid! how do i use these?! hehe"
***update: i just tried helping casey put it back together int he family room, that was a joke! we put it together backwards! so tomorrow we'll start all over again with it :)

(3) i went to gold's gym today and got an application. yay for me :)
(4) we got to see our wedding day photos on an online gallery today! loved them! i'll give you the site/password soon :)
(5) bought casey some birthday presents today that he's a gonna love!
(6) casey texted me today saying "get me a gym membership for my birthday. all these health classes i'm taking make it seem like i'm going to die soon"
(7) i have a little pea plant growing in my window sill for my living with plants class. i feel like a proud mom as i look at it each day!

that's it
we're really tired right now.
i'm going to go snuggle up next to husband and fall asleep.
good night.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

boxes...actually files of memories

i was going through pics tonight,
found some gems,
wish i was there for these two:

and have i mentioned how wonderful my brothers are?
i sure think they are great, my dad too :)

and my husband? yes i love him :)
he's the best part of my life
and i get him for eternity :)

ps- looking at all those pictures realllllllllllllllly makes me miss summer
it'll be so much fun when it's back!

finally, a step in the right direction

if you know me very well,
you know that i've been dying to be a group fitness instructor at a gym for years now.
i know i can do it.
i pretty much already have with kimberobics the past year or so.
friends tell me i should all the time.
i've had lots of experience with it with classes i've taken, dance workouts, track workouts, etc.
i just been telling myself i can't really find the time to do it or
they probably don't have room for me or
i have no inside connections with a gym or
all that nonsense

today i finally did something about it
i went into the provo gold's gym and asked how to become a group fitness instructor!

but then they told me i have to go to the orem gym where the corporate office is.

but i'm doing something about it and i am so happy!
i want to start getting paid to workout while having fun!!!!!!!

PLUS! tonight after that whole thing i was looking around at my old gym's schedule online (they have the best classes and schedule! so many i LOVE  it!) and there was the name Kimber for an instructor for a class! i've seen Kim, Kimm, Kimmy, and Kimberly before but never Kimber! my little heart jumped for joy! it's possible! one kimber can do it! i can totally do it! i am now determined to see my name as an instructor for a class on a piece of paper. you watch friends, one day soon, and i mean SOON, it's going to happen!

goal to self: tomorrow, drive to the orem office and start training to do it :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BYU intramurals- week 1

so this was our first week of the new intramural season up here at BYU!

Basketball: casey's team ravaged the poor, scrawny group of freshman boys. i felt so bad! no one likes to lose and it think it's worse when you lose by 40 points! yes, the score was 75 to 35. it was really fun to watch casey play though. i'm amazed how much i love to see him out there playing, laughing and having fun with his friends! there's a smile he has there on the court that just warms my heart :)(yes, precious and sappy i know) hey honey, how about more basketball, less video games? yeah? (i know just kidding casey, you don't really play them ever anymore...especially since they're all sold!) I was asked to be scorekeeper bc i'm the only weekly, dependable support that team has right now haha, but i'm not very good at it, maybe after 5 games i'll be better. it's good and bad doing it bc it makes me pay attention to the game the whole time, but then again, i can't pay attention to casey as much as i'd like or cheer on the team. oh well :) it was a good, rather funny, yet sad (for the other team),but definitely more funny game overall.

Intertube Waterpolo: yes we are on an intertube wateroplo team and totally stoked for it! we couldn't go tonight bc it was during casey's game. boo. but next time i will tell you all our crazy adventures!

Last of all, it is Tuesday night. have i mentioned why i don't tend to like tuesday night? well i'll tell. tue nights casey goes into work at 9:30 pm and gets out at 12:30 am. yes this means  i have to fall asleep alone :( boo. then he comes home, while i'm sleeping, and he goes to wake back up at 6:15 for work from 6:45 am- 2:00pm. yes, this also means i wake up alone. the loneliness does not end there folks. wed nights i don't see hime til 8 or 9 pm. boo yet again. so there it is, that's how we are separated for 24 hours of our week. oh, and yes, that's the end of my pitty party :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

skiing adventures

We had so much fun this last saturday!

highlights of the day included
{1} Aspen Grove reunion
{2} cross country skiing or at least the attempt of
{3} night skiing at sundance with the Cutlers!

Cross country skiing at AG!
we laughed so much!
neither of us were any good and we (mostly i) fell so much but even casey had his falls
the scenery was beautiful
we even got to see janell for a sec out there!
and the scenery was beautiful!!!!!
loved it!

then immediately after cross country skiing we went skiing up at sundance with the CUTLERs!
such a blast!
casey and i have been lucky enough to have season passes 2 years in a row now!
we have so much fun every time we go up there
we both agree that we are so much better bc we get to go every week :)
this was our first experience night skiing at sundance and we approve.
although the back mountain was not open, it's still fun enough!
the company was the absolute best part!!!

the trip consisted of casey, kimber, mom c, dad c, derek, emily,
tayli, karlee, rachelle remsberg and her friend ryan!

ps- casey and i definitely slept 11 hours that night :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sinful obsessions

one last thing to mention about the honeymoon,
we we seriously obsessed with these 2 items of food on our trip and spent way too many pesos on them.

nutella crepes with bananas inside...
unbelievably yummy- like nectar to the soul
we bought one every night we wer there
nutella is amazing and now we must have it at our apt at all times

and these super yummy pringles...yummy:)

i now understand why obsessions are bad things
but we truly were obsessed with theses
and still with the first

last faves of honeymoon

these are some of my last favorites from the trip!
i still look through these pictures all the time, i love remembering the details!
oh cancun we miss you!

hope to come play with you again!!!

we'll call it our lover fern!

recognize this?

it was once our christmas tree!
so apparently it was one of those "living" trees- it's in a pot as you can tell
we couldn't bear to throw it away and kill it after christmas!
so our plan was to bury it somewhere,
well it's winter,
the ground is hard,
we don't have a shovel,
nor know of a spot.

so til then it'll be our little "lover fern/tree" til the spring!
hahaha, i smile every time i look at it

happy getting ready for valentine's day! and casey's birthday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kimber Withdrawals

So I have been working pretty much like 12 hours straight without being able to be/ talk with Kimber. I have seen her very briefly when she brought me a sack lunch and then other than that I haven't seen her at all since last night at like 8, but it seems a lot longer because of school and being busy. Needless to say I am having Kimber withdrawals and miss being with my wife. I can't wait for the weekend so we can be with each other again. Love ya Babe!

Monday, January 11, 2010


i can  honestly say casey and i are both wasting our time in our most favorite ways right now!
2 different activities.
still sitting by each other.
enjoying the company and the activity to the fullest without not being together.

  i: looking through lots of craft blogs wishing, i had a sewing machine
and feeling inadequate bc i pretty much never ever do all that cute stuff
casey: playing all his long treasured video games before they leave him forever,
he's trying to beat as many before they sell on ebay this week :)
thank you lover for selling them :)
you're making wifey happy
and then when you sell them we can use the money to get a wii!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

familys are forever

i saw these pictures as i was flipping through christmas
and i just want to say, i love you family
(this was the sibling gift exchange)

in a matter of 1 minute

oh so silly :)
thanks for the pics weston

what's in a name

many of you may not know, but i changed my major to Landscape Mangement
i really love it so far
i want to learn to design/architect landscapes :)

so i'm in all these plant, soil, tree hugger classes
i say tree hugger in a good way though bc they're crazy about trees
but love even more to study them
so trees have been largely on my mind lately.
then the other night i went to ballroom tryouts for team
(so so so so so so so so so relieved i wasn't having to tryout again)
and my friend was trying to remember my full name:
kimberly woodruff cutler
we came up with little things to help her remember the whole name:

kimber is like timber
woodruff, ya know, wood
cutler, cut the wood

it's official.
i am inherently a tree.

over and out from timber wood cut

I'm so confused...

i thought birds flew south for the winter.

but then i keep seeing this this week:

why are ducks living in the snow!?

then yesterday i saw a huge flock of birds (geese maybe?) flying north
it's even colder up north you silly birds!

 then today i saw an even bigger flock
like at least a hundred or so
all flying south!

make up your mind birds!
it's confusing me!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

St George/New Year's Excursion!

like i mentioned before, we went to st. george after christmas with casey's family!
we had lots and lots of fun!
activities consisted of lots of cards games, other games, video games, movies, eating out, "shopping" but not buying, laser tag, mini golf, first night, sparklers, fireworks, and lots of laughing!
so glad we got to spend some of our time with the cutlers during break!
can't wait to get together again!

the gang minus tayliann
doing what we do best- loungin!
card sharks!
lovin texas road house's jukebox!

a pre-birthday celebration for tayliann! 

the cute little baby Jaden!

mommy and baby! 

avatar in 3D!

laser tag!

oh happy day! a new year is on its way!

does anyone else love this game!!!! you  know, bop the alligators!

st george first night! this was a huge chalkboard to write in

goodbye st george 2009!