Friday, August 12, 2011

little love letters #4

dear casey, thanks for being hilarious. you make me laugh when i tell myself i'm going to be mad and no one will change that, and then you change it and i laugh lots.

dear arizona, i love you

dear hot steering wheel, why do you have to be so dang hot in the summer! i burned my little digits driving that steering wheel in az!

dear phoebe, thanks for dancing on the coffee table for us during so you think you can dance. you are the cutest little dancer

dear bahama bucks, in a dessert throw down between you and anyone else, you'd win anyday, at least if casey and phoebe were the judges.

dear brooke and amy, being around you two on the wedding day was an absolute blast. i heart you.

dear indiana, in less than a week's time we will be leaving you for our homeland, aka the provo bubble! you sure have some nice people who live here. in some ways this summer did not turn out how we expected it to, but in other ways, it completely surpassed what we thought it could be.

dear glorified attic in provo, we miss you. we're glad we can still call you ours in the fall.

dear fireflies, i wish you lasted a little bit longer. you were so fun. i didn't get enough of you

dear goodwill outlet, you are the best second hand store ever. we will miss you greatly.


Anonymous said...

i love everything about this post (especially the bahama bucks being the best part..if it were up to me it would win too!) we need to double when we both get back to provo town!

west coast girl said...

cute blerg, cute post. couldn't agree more - AZ is Hot, but Bahama Bucks makes it worth it. miss that place... ;)