Wednesday, October 12, 2011

provo utah bucket list: feeding the ducks at the duck pond

#1 reason i love tuesday and wednesdays: we don't work.
those 2 nights are pretty much the only nights casey and i don't work and don't have plans.
those days feel marvelous.

so today we kinda just chilled.
worked on the puzzle.
organized our little place.
made chocolate chip waffles.
and randomly decided to take a walk because the weather was just splendid.
on our way out i thought "let's go feed the ducks while we're at it!"

new found pleasure: feeding the ducks at the duck pond.
i was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was.
it was like being a kid all over again and being thrilled that all these ducks would come so close to you!
the challenge: trying to get the bread to the duck you want it to go to
the comedy: casey chasing away the mean ducks (i'm chuckling right now just thinking about it).
he'd just chase the mean one around the walking area til it flew back into the pond, calling it names.
too funny.
i was amazed at how close the ducks got to us! we could feed them straight from our hand! 
(i didn't because, eww, that's gross).
but they were no stranger to strangers for sure.

we will undoubtedly be going back again soon bc we had such a hoot doing it!

ps- top left picture, on our walk to the pond, this HUGE duck was randomly on the street and started chasing us!
(imagaine a duck like the duck joey and chandler have on friends)
it was literally about to bite casey!
i don't know if it was someone's pet or what but it was blocks away from the pond.
it freaked me out and bc i freaked out while casey was on the phone he freaked out,
needless to say, we took a different street home.

people of provo: go feed the ducks.
you'll have a blast.


Jacie Saltzman said...

i used to go by the duck pond every single day. and i havent been since they completely changed it all!! its so fancy now! i must go!

LaraMackenzie said...

duck pond = not gross anymore. good idea. ps. cute new banner for your blog! ah!

Cherri said...

remember the Venice pigeons that freaked you out.... LOL and the Paris ones too!