Sunday, September 26, 2010

weekend did's

what a busy friday and saturday we had!
here's is the low down:

7:30-1:30 pm- went to a golfing tournament thing for my major to meet/golf with a bunch of employers!
fun indeed and i improved my game of golf indeed. poor casey had class and research during that time
2 pm- dance class
3 pm- go home, meet up with casey, take a short nap
4 pm- dance class
5 pm- drive back to the golf resort and go to an opening social for my major with casey, twas fun :)
7 pm- race around getting ready to drive up to Bountiful to go to my cousin's reception (Steven Beckstrand)
i know, horrible blurry picture that i didn't realize was so horrible but i still want it documented.
so excited for these 2!
9 pm- on our way driving home- we realized we didn't really have any other plans for the night so we stopped at the Bountiful temple bc it was just beautiful there on the hill in all its whiteness. i love how vibrantly white the temples are in the night. we walked around and just talked and laughed like we were dating. good little memories we made :)
on our drive home i fell asleep pretty quickly and casey was the good husband a drove.
he always drives and i always get to sleep! sorry love, but thanks for driving
once we got to orem he decided it necessary to stop at the new winco in town!
we have testimonies of winco from CA.
he picked up lots of cheap granola and of course his chocolate covered gummy bears.
i stayed sleeping in the car while he went in :)
i was pretty much a walking zombie after the car ride home and fell immediately to sleep again.

i was able to go to a fun baby shower in the ward in the morning and take a fun saturday test at the testing center.
during that time casey took his 1st practice DAT test! crazy days coming ahead of us!
casey's dad arrived soon after all that was done and we went to yummy costa vida for lunch.
i then drove them to the byu football game so they could get there sooner, 
came back home to drop the car off and walked to the game to meet them!
dumb game. they lost.
going to the rs broadcast would probably have been a better use of my time...lightning will soon strike me 
immediately following the game though we had stadium clean-up.
yes, that means we cleaned up the trash in the stadium (east bleachers). yuck.
again, for my major. 
casey was a good husband and stayed to help me. it was more fun with him there :)
we were exhausted and starving by the time it was done but we still had to walk 20 minutes home!
the walk home was pretty funny though, i can't even recall what we were laughing so hard about except for the fact that we were! i love those times.
we got home put our stuff down and raced out the door to the car to realize we locked ourselves out of our apt and the car keys still in the apt, haha, luckily we could still laugh at this point and weren't mad :)
coincidentally our landlord was outside at the time randomly and let us back in.
we then were able to get keys to our car, race to little caesar's and get pizza and crazy bread. so worth all $5.
after scarfing down all food imaginable, we played just dance, watched a movie, and stayed up way too late.

all in all, i think we can say that we enjoyed our friday and saturday.

ps- i'm very grateful that i you can have the capability to create a mormon tabernacle choir playlist on pandora :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

couponing with the savvy shopper!

This Picture makes me so happy!
as you can tell from my way too huge of a smile face that makes me look chinese:)
do you know who she is? you don't? well you should bc she's one of my all time coupon bffaeaeae's :)
no really, her, her site, her videos, are partly of what really helped me to learn how to coupon shop!
and she's one of the all time queens of it! 
i just can't say enough, really, she's incredible and what she does and she's so cute and fun/funny!

tonight i got to go to a coupon seminar she put on here and provo,
and i still learned some awesome tips after all i have already learned!
i just loved every moment!
i had a huge silly grin on my face like the whole time!
seriously friends, DO IT, learn!
this woman has a freaking store in her basement of cheap stuff bc she's so amazing at couponing!
i want to be her someday!
sorry all my sentences end in (!), i'm just so so so so happy right now

and owe so much of my/our new found love and passion to her :)

ps- i think this is the 1st time in my life where i met someone i felt like i totally knew but had never met in real life/slightly idolized and so i was in slight awe/overly excited when i met her. and now i slightly feel like a stalker :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I've learned about myself lately

-I do not like being alone even the tiniest bit anymore. Not at all.
-No matter how much I try bacon, mushrooms, olives, and pickles, I cannot like them for the life of me. I want to, I really do, but I just can't.
-When I don't have meals planned in advance, cooking is a burden. When I have it planned cooking is enjoyable and then Casey can do it with me.
-Routines are good.
It's not worth saving money buying text books online if they're only going to show up a month after school starts and you've missed all that reading
-Our job truly rocks.
-I love milk (2%). I love love love love love it. Not nearly as obsessed about it like Annalee, but I love it when I get my milk. I'd literally drink it with every meal.
-I love Sunday walks :)
-I do not pick up after myself...and I don't even realize it! Casey is helping me remember to put something away that i literally just used!! I'm so dumb- I don't know what has gotten into me lately.

In other news, today's weather was heavenly. We woke up to thunder but no rain came until about 2 in the afternoon so it was beautifully overcast with a little breeze and barely dropped temperatures, so nice.

So for daily praying, Casey and I decided that instead of consistently asking each other "Who prayed last, is it your turn or my turn?" that instead, we'd just take odd vs even days. So that's what we do. I'm even bc I like even numbers. Casey is odd bc that is what was left over :) So yesterday in the morning we said, hmm what day is it?...It's Sept 21! Happy 10 months to us :) We had a quick little kiss and then went on to prayers. It was nothing special except that it was fun acknowledging the fact that it was.

The other day, this woman got mad at me at the library bc the sign above our Library Security office says "University Police" (bc we are a department of them)...she was mad bc the sign was "misleading" bc it wasn't the University Police headquarters...lady, it doesn't say headquarters. Unnecessary attitude was given.

That's it for now from this side of the fence :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pirate Soup!

So we had this amazing chili that Kimber made yesterday and it was quite tasty I would have to say. She is quite the chef! So I figured I would have to put a blog post since it has been a while since I have. Life is so busy we just have a hard time keeping up with everything. This year seems to be the year of making the most of our time. Yesterday was Sunday and we love to go for a Sunday morning walk (hehe), also we went and picked Flowers yesterday, which I am sure Kimber will post a picture sometime. I think the funniest thing is that I have a black eye from FLAG FOOTBALL!!! I mean come on Flag Football. It doesn't quite make sense. Well we love being back in Provo. We love BYU football even though it is on a rebuiliding time. We love our families and are happy to be married. Tomorrow it will be 10 months. Congrats babe! Love ya

Saturday, September 18, 2010


yes, football season has started for all
all are an aspect of our home right now

college football:
BYU football! not like there's really that much to happy about it about though, poor cougars
but we still watch, support, and cheer for the boys!

professional football:
casey keeps track of it for his fantasy team which leads to

fantasy football:
he's obsessed. it's annoying

intramural football:
casey has had 2 intramural games so far and they've been great!
they have won both so that's good for all of us :)
he's on a team combined of missions comps and other people's random friends
above is some of the team.
they decided to be super cool and wear legit jerseys.
they like it, ha
and it just so happened that when we were in wyoming a few weeks ago, the cutlers happened to have a university of wyoming jersey that says cutler! so casey uses that! love it :)
i'm amazed at the beauty of this place, how gorgeous is the scenery just around the intramural field?
we feel so lucky and blessed to be here in provo together these few years.
and this last pic was from today's game:
casey got a hard hit on his face! hopefully it doesn't turn into a black eye
who thought flag football could get so physical?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

from drab to fab

this last weekend, we also took our first leap into re-doing something!

from this (yucky old pink)

to this (yes we do love BYU)

the lamps were a hand-me down from casey's parents.
we found new lamp shades for $1 each at D.I.
and deep blue pray paint at RE.STORE in Orem for $2

it was a really fun, relatively small project we got to do together
we both organized pieces of it, casey did the spray painting, i re-did the lamp shades bc they didn't really match (but we made it work) and we both were so happy with the finished product!

yay for us!

we feel like we have new lamps now!

side note: casey and i shopped at Ridley's today for double coupon Tuesday.
should've spent $52.
only spent $7.71

to byu students, former byu students, or anyone interested in byu

did you know there are now TURTLES in the duck pond south of campus!?!?!?!?!?
umm yes!
how cool is that!?
there's probably a dozen of them too!
i heard they got put in at the end of the summer and are definitely fun

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a plethora of friends

once of my absolute favorite parts about being back in utah is having a plethora of family and friends around! life is just better with people you know in it!
this last week was kind of a celebration of being back in provo with friends and family it seems.

exhibit a
miss brooklyn kellogg's baptism
brooklyn turned 8 during our family reunion but luckily she didn't get baptized til sept so we got to go!
ps- their backyard is theeeee coolest place ever!
exhibit b
get together with freshman girls
this was an absolute hoot! we got about 15-20 of the girls to come over to my place and we just sat around and talked, laughed, reminisced, and learned new stories from current and past years of everyone! i just love all these girls to death! i hope we can continue doing get togethers while we are all here at BYU!
i'm so dumb and didn't take any pictures! but here's some past ones of freshman year for a little bit of memory's sake :)
i know, this pic is not the most flattering of everyone nor does it include everyone but it does include many and watching the bachelor together was such a joy of freshman year!

exhibit c
AG girls
some of us girls who worked at aspen grove last summer got together bc it had been too long!
again, we laughed, talked, reminsced, and learned about everyone's lives!
we were sad kathryn and lindsay could not come though, boo. and again, too much fun was happening and no pictures were taked so here are some past ones!
not flattering pic of us but it's only missing courtney slade from our little get together
this was august scary movie in the park:) so fun

exhibit d
more cousin fun
me and 2 other of my cousins often are able to get together for fun, food, and games with our 3 husbands!
last night was no exception, intense cath phrase (casey always causes trouble), funglish (oober fun), and things (always connected w great inside jokes for future occastions)

exhibit e
footbal with the cutlers
went to the fist home game of the byu football season and casey's parents were able to get tickets too!
loved the game, the feel, the environment, everything about it!
and we also went to j-dawgs! best hot dogs in provo!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

thank goodness it was friday!

one of the best friday afternoons in a long time fo us!

it kinda stinks that we aren't done with school til 5 pm on a friday :(
usually you barely have any classes on fridays, but not for us this year.
i have class from 11-5 with one 1 hour break.
casey has class at 10 and then does research til 5.

so to celebrate being done with another week of schools we

a) went couponing at target:
the following pic was paid for with less than $3, should've been 17 :)
4 packages of oreos for the price of one!
b) we then met up with one of casey and my's most favorite people of all time!
the incredible, lovable, adorable andrea hunt.
we seriously love her to death! she is the mom of the family in cali that we became such good friends with this summer and we love them all to death! she was in slc for an anti-gravity yoga (if you EVER have a chance to do this, DO IT!) session training and came all the way down to provo to visit us!  we cannot begin to say how much we adore her, we were so excited to meet up with her! we ate at iggy's sports grill- way yummy and fun!
c) also that night we were thinking/wanting to go camping but in the end decided we just weren't prepared to go- so we improvised and camped in our apartement! loved it :) and we of course had to have oreos and milk while camping
we just loved our friday, it could not have been better!

btw- i'll try not doing too much of this "look-what-amazing-deal-i-found-now-b/c-i'm-really-into-couponing-thing." but just my last for couponing and questions for you?
1. do you live in the utah area?
2. do you want to get free and practically free things?
3. do you want to coupon?
k, here's the deal: the utah couponing queen (the savvyshopper) is doing a free workshop in provo on sept 23, totally go if you want to learn how to start doing this, i promise it'll pay off! just go to the site and sign up to say you're coming! i will see you there!
another ps on couponing- i use the hip2save website mostly, every once and awhile i'll use the savvyshoppers too but i love love love hip2save. they're both great for different areas :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

pepper spray round dos

my oh my!
i'm realizing there's quite a bit i'm needing/wanting to catch up on! goodness!

so...pepper spray training...

here's the low down:
casey was my moral support and "partner" in this (thankfully).
my heart was pounding leading up to it the closer it got!
i knew it was going to hurt but i knew i was going to do it bc everyone always does it!
i closed my eyes, covered 1 eye, and then they sprayed!
btw i wore that awesome turban/scarf on my head so it didn't get in my hair and make my eye/face hurt again in the shower
like casey did, immediately after it happened i hosed my face down with cold water to get as much of it off my face as possible but sadly enough it had already gotten in my eye and started burning! after the water, the best thing you can do is air out your eye til it feels better. although my eye felt back to normal after 15 min or so, my face did not! imagine thee worst sunburn in your life on half of your face...that's about what it felt like, burn baby burn! i looked like two face pretty much: half of my face pretty darn white and the other fire engine red! ha! but at least now casey and i can say we have been sprayed by pepper spray! why would you ever need/want to be able to say that...i'm clueless...but we can :)
the last pic is of all the new library security people who were recently hired and got sprayed.
why we made a pyramid...i don't know...a team united and bonded by mutual pain?

ps- this all took place in provo at the lds motion picture studio...who knew they had that in provo!? i didn't! it was way cool to see the place!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

so remember how we're  both security guards at the HBLL now?
remember how when casey became a security guard he had to go through pepper spray training?
guess who else had to do pepper spray trainng yesterday?


 ha, when e get the time i'll upload pics and the story!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

did you hear about the Cutlers?

anyone can visit us at the library Mon and Tue nights together, and Thur afternoons!

mis amigos

visited a few friends lately!
we got to have the tim and kelly hunsaker over for a quick visit!
tim and casey served together in PA on their mission and they got engaged/married around the same time as us
we had so much fun! we've missed them!
 before we left az we were able to see my close friend amy and her lover tim (1 2 3 TIM!)
tim just got back from his mission so it was fun seeing those 2 together
 and then once we got to BYU we had to reunite with brooke and nicole asap.
love love love  these 2 girls! we missed having amy there though!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

today i

had a guys ask a question to me and say "i feel like such a newb but where is the JSB?" haha.
covetted all the food i saw being eaten (ie. sprinkled doughnuts, taco bell, jamba juice.
saw a guy open a few doors for a blind new blind student.
thought about what we could be for halloween this year 
ate trix ( i know cereal what a surprise huh?).
caught 2 people making out in the library.
badly wanted paradise bakery cookies
organized the last of our room!
saw someone pick their nose.
have seen not so cute outfits.
have seen really cute outfits.
have seen lots TOMS.
worked 8 hours.
i can't think of anything else to add to the list so i'll end it there :)

have a lovely thursday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


the result of recently moving in and unpacking but not fully unpacking so your house is a constant mess, school, lots of working  late hours, and no planning=
little to dinner or pure crap food

our dinner menu over the last weekish
Fri 8/27- i don't think we ate dinner...snacks in the car?
Sat 8/28 breakfast and lunch provided by casey's grandparents...maybe cereal for dinner
Sun8/29 string cheese and cereal
Mon 8/30 cereal and goldfish
Tue 8/31 Little Caesar's
Wed 9/1 J Dawgs