Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happiness has arrived!

this is my 2nd year i've made our "family photo albums" from MyPublisher and am so happy with the result!
the quality is absolutely wonderful.
i love the layouts and options.
i really do just love it all!
at the beginning of each year they have this smokin' deal for their 100 page photo albums,
i put mine together pretty quick (blogging about your life and making collages before for those posts made it a zip).
we were so excited to get it.
we sat down and flipped through the pages reminiscing over the past year's events:
oh, that was so fun!
oh my gosh, remember when you did that?!
i loved that trip.
i love that picture.
oh, i miss them.

those were all very common phrases, but so true!
making the album is like making a present for yourself, and then they wrap it for you and you get to open it!
it's the best!
i don't do writing in the books,
i may go back and add in my own cute stickies/notes and stuff about events later,
but for now, i like the crispness of the photos on white.

if you're wanting to make yourself an album,
definitely consider MyPublisher.
they rock.

(plus, is you sign up with them and say cutlercoupon referred you, i get a $20 credit to my account which would be cool too, but not necessary :)
for your own comparison sake if you order from them,
i paid $45, i think, with shipping, for a 100 page, high quality book,
again, that's a crazy awesome deal, so if you get close to that #, do it,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Brian Regan.

last october we bought out tickets to go see BRIAN REGAN in january!
that date in january has finally come and we had such and incredible time!!!
the journey to the concert was, stressful, to say the least.
teeth were bared, a few tears were shed, but we FINALLY found a parking spot.
parking downtown slc (when you have 10 minutes til your event) is terrible.
BUT, we made it, with time to spare!

we were beyond excited to be there.
joe bolster opened for brian regan and was indeed hilarious,
but once brian regan came on the stage our smiles were ear to ear for the next hour and a half.
it was just the best.
he is so funny,
his material is everday funny stuff that he exaggerates and it's SO TRUE!
for our future benefit and laughing fit.
here we go!

taking the christmas tree down.
the new year's moment and celebrating your life like new year's every moment: crazy
remembering people's names, has a j and a c...good luck
dancing, strobe-light dancing
the first words on the telephone
the feather pen
marching band...marching accountants, loop holes with no red flags
fixing the house, only knowing to point and mutter where it's broken.
telling people how to fix your house, the tool belt
greetings at a party...chest bumping some lady, homes/watson
getting older, small talk with doctor that you're in pain
guy on the camel- people throwing stuff at him
running for president, cain having to explain
no jokes at the airport
longevity analysis...not worth it to eat healthy
the other people named brian regan: convicted felon, screen writer
102 dalnmations
hair on the middle of his forehead
UPS again- people shake their head when he does it "wrong"
trying to understand mortgages, like a magic trick
checking in for a hotel room- zippitydooda and yippeiokaya...crazy guy always gets a room
guys don't talk about life while golfing, gary dating anyone?
octopus have 6 arms, 2 legs, lots of bad habits to ensue
when singers talk about why they wrote sad songs, awkward.

if you get the chance to go to a show of his, pay the money and GO!
so worth and such a great memory for us!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Casey Post #4 BYU VS ST MARY'S

BYU Vs. ST MARY's: This game had to be the worst officiated game I have ever seen in history, even worse than some of my high school games when we played on the road in freezing Wyoming. I wouldn’t say BYU played amazing, they played pretty bad too, but I believe the Refs never allowed them to sustain anything throughout the game. This statement about the game was hilarious because it was so true, "it's not easy to make 22,000 mormons upset, but that's what happened tonight."-KSLradio. They have it spot on I mean when 22,000 LDS people start throwing things onto the floor multiple times that caused a technical foul to be called on BYU form their fans; the game has to be pretty bad. My dad came up for the event and I hope he enjoyed at least the food, we went out to Costa Vida and then the three of us went to the game. Dad stayed the night and attended church with us the next morning and I think it was the first time he had been to church here, and I think it brought him back to his younger years will all the couples holding hands and just showing PDA in church. We had a great weekend and I am glad my dad came because it is always fun to have family around.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

babies babies and more babies!

remember when i mentioned how FOUR of my sister in laws were pregnant a few months ago?
guess what?
there are actually FIVE sister in laws pregnant!!!!
all due about the same time crazy enough!

let's go through the list shall we?
I believe we shall :)

mrs. amanda will be having a BOY in april
mrs. blair will be having a GIRL in march
mrs. megan will be having a GIRL in june
mrs. camille will be having a GIRL in april
mrs. kerri will be having a BOY in april
i tried linking up to where it was announced what they were having,
sorry if you can't see blair's, it's on her facebook. 

wowza, right?

and to add some fun to the mix miss whitney will be marrying into our family, via kirk, in march too!

we are so completely thrilled for all these girls, all 6 of them!

we're kinda obsessed with all our nieces and nephews :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


1. tristan is ridiculously adorable.
2. we finally got some good snow in provo, yay!
4. we bought ourselves bowling shoes for our anniversary. yayyyyyyy.

did you know i love chocolate chip cookies?
i LOVE chocolate chip cookies.
if i could only have one dessert the rest of myself, it'd be chocolate chip cookies.
i don't make them very often anymore because i totally gorge myself on them.
literally, i make myself sick because i eat so many.

but anywho, here's some of my basic tips and tricks for cookies!

 my long time go-to recipe has been the nestle toll house recipe.
always stellar.
(i do often add just a little bit more flour than what it calls for, maybe an 1/8th of a cup for 1 batch).

when ever it says butter, always use crisco, the yellow baking crisco.
it makes all the difference.

semi-sweet is the popular choice for cookies.
but, milk chocolate chips are EVEN BETTER.
try it.

lately i've been using cookie recipes that use vanilla pudding powder as an ingredient.
super yummy!
again, try it.

last sunday we made 2 new cookie recipes.
here's my verdict:
1.  pretty normal. nothing overly amazing about it. i had to add like 1/3-1/2 c more flour to make it more fluffy and once i did that it was much better.
i'd make this recipe again but not next time.
2. surprise ingredient: cornstarch. turned out incredibly yummy, i'd say. fluffy and chewy. very much enjoyed. we liked this one so much and will for sure be trying this one again!

if you have any strong preferences on cookie tips/recipes, do share!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casey Post #3 What would Tazz do?


So it was a nice week not having to go to school on Monday because of Martin Luther King Day. I don’t know how I am making it through this last semester because honestly I am ready for my undergrad to be over. Alright, so Kimber told me to talk about one thing so I will tell you about a funny saying that I came up with as a rebuttal to any of her trying to make me think she is right; and yes she is always right. So whenever I do something she doesn’t like or a difference that she has with something I like to do AKA: Videogames, Fantasy Sports, etc… there is always a reference to what would Jesus do coming from her. Yes, I know I know Jesus probably wouldn’t have played video games and he may have only saw a play of the Super bowl, but I could never find a rebuttal for this statement. We were in Arizona last weekend and Kimber’s parents have a dog named Tazz, she is a quite interesting dog that always just loves to whine at the back door until you let her in. She wont even fetch her ball anymore when the back door is open she thinks she is going to get locked out, it is a horrible game. You know sometimes a little annoying kinda stinky so you don’t want to pet her a whole lot, and so I got the bright idea to tell Kimber, well what would Tazz do? I think Tazz could care less, but to whack your face with her massive tail, eat anything in her path, and just want to be inside, when she is an outside dog. This phrase will always make us laugh and especially when I hear that phrase What would Jesus do? I will always think of What will Tazz do? Isn’t this rebuttal the best, c’mon, Tazz is almost like a little child innocent, carefree, really doesn’t as long as she receives a can of anything she can gobble up. I think it is pretty great!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

more tids and bits

from the telefono:

dental school celebration day:
krispy kreme doughnuts.
that's right, we celebrate with class.

some more pics from courtney's wedding.
it was really fun, i got to wear a different dress each day i was in az :)
a dress without  tights!
my legs were jumping for joy in all their freedom happiness!!!

the drive back to UT was cray to the Z.
rainbows, crazy fog, and snow.
speaking of lots of driving, we are almost through with our books we wanted to listen to,
any must reads out there?
we've listened to hunger games and eragon lately,
but we have tons of driving in front of us this year.

i don't think i took any pictures of just hanging with the family in AZ crazy enough.
it was nice and low key.
playing with the girls,
2 bahama bucks trips,
ya know, the usual.
but it was a gorgeous 70 degrees out.
my arizona weather did not disappoint.

ps- we're really not home that much,
so because we're not home much at all, we don't really turn on our heater, as crazy as it sounds.
but the other nights we were home all night, twas wonderful.
so we brought out the wine and fancy dishes and turned that heater on!
do you how good it feels to get into bed and see the temperature is 65 degrees in your room and not 55!
big difference people, big difference
(will this change our heating behavior? probably not.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

feeding the ducks.

so last week, abby came over and we played.
we had a grand old time too.
she just cracks us up.
when she was over, we went to the duck pond.
remember last time we went to the duck pond?

so we braved the cold and took our walk.
it was so fun watching her and those ducks.
she loved chasing them and was just so carefree.
i wish i could just bottle up that energy she has and use it for myself at the gym.


provo people:
go feed those crazy ducks that stay in provo during the winter,
they need their food.

and from the phone:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a wedding in the desert.

we got to go back to az for another beautiful wedding in arizona!
my dearest, most beautiful, friend courtney got herself married the judson the judge!
so happy we got to be there for the weekend.

first of all,
i love my friends.
they freaking rock, really.
some people don't always have the best feelings of their jr high/high school years,
but i?
yes, people, even jr high.
because i seriously had the best group of friends ever.
such a strong, great group of kids, we honestly had the best time together .
and even though i didn't get to go to the same high school as these kids, they included me in everything.
they were the best.
sometimes i feel like i went to mesa high too
but i'm glad i didn't bc i found some other seriously awesome ones at red mountain that i'd have never given up :) 
we've now gotten to the point where nearly all our guy friends from high school are home from missions,
this was really the first time i've seen a lot of them!

but the weekend was great, courntey's wedding went perfectly and was simply beautiful!
these 2 boys, mitchell and kelly, were a freaking crack up the whole weekend. missed these 2 so much.
they were "bridesman" and filled their roles perfectly.
they're the best paparazzi ever.
and kelly is gonna be working with us this summer, woot woot!

other tids and bits:

she had an afternoon reception.
best idea ever?
i think so!
i honestly don't know why more people don't do it.

color: jewel tones and gorgeous

food: soup bowls/soup and 8 different yummy cakes to choose from.

on judson: we approve.

i now welcome you, courntey lowery, to the blog.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2nd week class post; ARIZONA

For week 2 of my little class blog, I think I will talk about our little trip to Arizona that we are taking late this evening. I am pretty excited to start listening to the last Eragon book, Inheritance. I hear it is pretty good, but may surprise us at the ending. No matter it is fun to take these road trips with my sweetheart. She really wants to help out driving, but ends up sleeping most of the way anyways. We are excited to attend a wedding of one of our good friends. Also, We love spending time with our little nieces down there, and cherish every moment of Bahama Bucks we can ingest. I will someday own a franchise of that Heavenly place. I know a Dentist owning a snow cone shop?! It doesn’t make sense does it? I love any opportunity to spend with family, and it will be in the heat instead of the cold.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


this might be my new favorite picture.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

little love letters.

dear school,
1 more semester at BYU with you and then we are FINISHED!...i don't know if i can make it though, i don't have near the motivation i started out with freshman year

dear valentine's decorations,
thank you for keeping our home happy and joyful. after taking down the christmas decorations, i looked at our house and thought wow...this house is so boring. before the christmas decorations were officially put away we had you plastered all over our walls.

dear ear muffs,
you're my 1st favorite winter accessory i own.

dear white puffy parka,
you're my 1st favorite winter clothing i own.

dear glenda,
you're still our favorite person living in nebraska right now.

dear cuties,
i love you dearly. i am determined that one day, i will have a whole tree of you in my backyard.

dear hunger games series,
thank you for accompanying us on our roadtrips to montana, arizona, and wyoming. all those miles were incredibly more bearable because of you.

dear inheritance,
please don't disappoint. k, thanks.

dear money spent in 2011,

dear cousins,
how doe we always have so much fun together? i mean really, it's just a hoot with you guys.

dear avacado,
you were brilliant on my buttered toast with salt atop you.

dear mother nature,
you should really think about snowing more often, come on now.

dear landlord and old neighbor next door,
i can't believe at least 1 of you is always home to let me in the house when i don't have keys, it's an absolute miracle every time. thanks for having a spare.

dear bangs,
some people don't recognize me at first, i kinda feel like a spy with these babies on my face.

dear vitamin C chewables,
hands down, you get the award for yummiest vitamin ever.

dear casey cutler,
you're the best. did you know that?

and just because i miss summer:

Sunday, January 8, 2012


For my last semester I am taking an English class that requires me to make a blog post every week of at least 150 words, and with this being such a blessed week I decided I would post about some things I am grateful for. The first and foremost of importance is my wife, Kimber. She has always been a supportive spouse with all the optimism in the world. She is a wonderful woman and I am glad to call her my own. I am grateful that I have been accepted to dental school, and that the Lord has provided a way for us to go to Nebraska and spend the next 4 years of our lives. I know that that is where we are supposed to be and that we will be touched and will be able to touch the lives of others. I am excited and am grateful for the endeavors we will experience in our future. I am grateful for my testimony of Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior. I am grateful that we have living prophets, the scriptures, and that we live in America.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

if you're happy and you know it...


HE got into dental school,
SHE got bangs.

we're making big changes over here people!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the best phone call of our lives.

We are thrilled to announce that 
Casey has been accepted to the University of Nebraska's Dental School!
He will be part of the graduating class of 2016!
 i don't think this day could be any better!

this morning, Monday, January 4, 2012 at 10 am,
Casey received a phone call from an unknown number.
he answered, and realized it was Glenda.
Glenda works with the admissions committee and students applying for dental school, she's the median for the two.
as soon as he realized it was her, he knew there was only one reason she'd call: an acceptance to the school.

a little background: the school accepts 4 "WyDent" applicants a year, this means the tuition for these 4 students is a little different than normal, better than normal.
these 4 students are accepted Dec 1 and pretty much never ever say no.
so once Dec 1st passed, we both concluded that we'd put Nebraska to the side, and start hoping for the other schools.
when she called this morning, her words were "this hasn't happened in years, but the committee got together again, your name was discussed and they gave me the go ahead to send you an acceptance letter for dental school!"

like i said, best phone call of our lives.

casey tried calling me but i didn't answer ( i was at home, in bed still, debating on going to a class i was debating on dropping). 
my attitude and mood were just blah, not good, not bad, just blah.
i looked at my phone around 10:15,
saw 3 missed calls from casey, and 2 texts from him.
one said "i took the keys, hope you don't need the car to go anywhere" and "CALL ME!!!!!"
i thought nothing of the 2nd text,
I actually thought he wanted me to call him so he could remind me to bring him lunch today...haha.
i called him back, he explained Glenda from Nebraska called, and they've accepted him!
at first i was completely shocked, just stunned, no emotion other than surprised really.
then i started crying, bawling to be exact, knowing this only happened bc it's the Lord's will.
after i got off the phone with him, i was then elated and completely ecstatic as i realized we were going to dental school this year! we are actually going!
then suddenly i was scared, nebraska=cold, windy, flat, no family/friends, and 3 years of wyoming to come after dental school...
i quickly got over scared and just started crying again,
tears of joy.

after casey took all the tests, turned in the applications, and had the interviews, we knew it was all in the Lord's hands.
there was nothing more we could do other than depend on the Lord and have faith in him.
the last few months, i've thought of the saying that we need not fear things, but have faith in them.
we've had no idea what we were really going to do with our lives once graduating from BYU other than dental school.
we thought well what if we don't get in... and at that moment, we'd say to each other, well, we just need to have faith in the Lord, that whatever happens, happens because that's the Lord's plan.
as soon as i got off the phone, i prayed.
i prayed in earnest thanksgiving.
our prayers of the past year had been answered.
that was the only thing i could do: pray.

so proud of casey and his hard work!
we are excited to be 2 of the newest corn husker fans in the fall!
and excited to know what exactly we're going to be doing with our lives after BYU!

i am also excited to now be able to justify my future purchases of flannel sheets and more cute boots! 

a HUGE thank you to casey's brother, cody, a current dental student in indiana, who coached him through nearly every step of the process, you gave him tips and pointers at each step.
to our parents, they were so kind and always optimistic through all these months,
and lastly, amanda, thank you for helping improve casey's essay a MILLION fold. 

iphone picure dump overload

here's a hodge podge of phone pictures.
arizona and wyoming.
we be having fun with the family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

when the clock strikes 12...

you open a bottle of bubbly/spicey and KISS!!!
and wear really cool glasses and hats.

leading up to midnight we played a bumload of games,
a bunch of games that had us laughing til our bellies hurt!

2012 is going to be an exciting year for us.
moving away from utah,
and so much other fun stuff!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st annual crazy cutler games, minute to win it style.

new year's eve
first part :)
i decided we should institute the crazy cutler games for when we all get together at the holidays!
the cutler family has got some serious craziness going on and i wanted to harness it.
everyone was so willing to play and the competition was on!
we played a series of games vs each other and it was a hoot the whole time!

i conducted the event and played the video for each challenge before they began.

we played a bit dicey.
object: balance 5 dice on a popsicle stick that is held in your mouth
tayli and nan/mom rocked it.

object: transfer cotton balls from one bowl to the other using only your nose which you can dip into vaseline.
casey vs karlee.

object: inch worm a bath mat across the carpet around obstacles not hands allowed.
mom c vs cody
object: balance 6 nails on a string.
casey and dad c vs camille and cody

object: get 6 ping pong balls out of a tissue box that is attached to a belt.
by far my 2nd favorite one of all, shaking that box on their booty around!
mom c vs tayli

object: hike 10 toilet paper rolls into a hoop/frame with your partner
casey and dad c vs tayli and cody

object: by tilting an ironing board, get a golfball into the designated area.
casey and mom c vs camille and karlee

object: while holding a spaghetti noodle in your mouth, string 6 penne pasta noodles onto the spaghetti noodle.
tayli vs dad c

object: move a cookie from your forehead to your face using only you face muscles.
SO FUNNY, we were all laughing so hard!
dad c, casey, camille, and karlee.
little jaden got in on the action at the last minute,
we put the cookie on his forehead,
he'd try looking back at it til it fell off his head,
pick it off the ground,
and eat it.

it was such a blast playing together!
i'm hoping the crazy cutler games will continue for years to come!!!