Monday, August 22, 2011

packing and driving = worst part of summer

packing=shoot me.
i never can beleive all the stuff we fit in that car.
poor husband has the toughest tetris game of his life.
see the top right pic? yeah i think i brought out at least another half that much.
but we fit it all in!!!
i've become much more efficient at this whole packyoursummerlifeintoonelittlecar gig.
aka i put my shoes in his shoes and rolled his ties into my shoes.
go me.
and while husband was busy tetrising it all into the car,
jaden was on the sidewalk pulling out all the shoes and putting them on his feet!
what a big help.

and then onto the driving.
the confoundit driving!
5 hours to iowa and then another 23 hours to AZ with NO STOPPING!
except for a) potty breaks b) gas c) treats d) all the above
i don't know how we did it.
starbursts helped much (thanks kerri!)
and so did a little penny surfing.
kansas did not help.
kansas was as boring as a white sheet of paper, and it took FOREVER!

see the dumb cowboy hat behind me?
yeah that fell forward and hit our heads about 51038320 times.
and to make it worse, we didn't even go to a rodeo this summer so i didn't wear it!
how LAMO is that?!
the drive took forever.
luckily i have nearly perfected my sleepinreallyuncomfortablepositions skills and slept for at least 11 hours of the drive.
i'm a rockstar like that.
once we saw the AZ cacti though, i was a happy camper.

ps- see the bottom right pic of the blue mirror?
can you guess why our mirror was blue with a hint of red?
yes, we indeed had not 1 but 2 visits by the friendly policeman on our journey.
i was stopped first in whocares, kansas.
results: warning for a broken brake light, WAY TO DANG GO KIMBER!
casey was then stopped aobut 2 hours later in whocares, oklahoma.
results: warning for a broken brake light and going to 46 in a 40.
this is our first official summer with no tickets
knock on wood, we still have 10 hours left to provo! yikes!


Nicole said...

lol, I loved that you got pulled over twice without tickets... I have been pulled over 3 times... each time they tell me my headlight is dim... something to be said about having something not quite right on your car :) Drive safe to Provo! ps. I can't believe all that stuff in your car, love it!

Nicole said...
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