Tuesday, April 10, 2012

provo utah bucket list: museum of peoples and cultures.

we went (all 100 ft away from our house).
we conquered (all 1 room of museumness it had to offer).

ha kinda a bust bucket list item but we still had fun making a trip out of it.

it's a free little museum from BYU.
the only room they had open at the time was about south american people and their culture of clothing.
fun to walk through.
we could see the room they were working on and it had something to do with cool masks.
so it's fun little museum you just gotta try, i say, while you're in here in provo!


Shane and Clara said...

Wow, how many more bucket list things do you have before you leave? I know its getting close. You have done so many fun things there in Provo. Many of which I had no idea about and I totally wish I would have been more adventurous while going to BYU.

AND YAY for YOU! :~)

Rob and Kam said...

You guys are so cool....Rob and I should make a bucket list. It would probably motivate us to get out and do more things.