Saturday, February 26, 2011

we love powder!

sundance got about 2 feet of fresh powder before we went up there.
skiing in snow up to our knees was totally normal that day
and at some places where people don't go as much, it was up to our thighs!
pure delight!
we didn't take many pictures while we were out there bc it was kinda on the cold side.
parts on the back mountain were SO WINDY too!!!!
there were times when there was little to no visibility on the back mountain
sometimes it felt like we were skiing/boarding blind!
we did take a few pics at the end when we got close to the car
(the 2nd pic is casey up to his waist in powder!)

our last run down though i literally biffed it like 5 times (that's more than last season and this season combined! ha)
i don't know what happened, i just suddenly forgot how to snowboard!
casey was lucky to see all 5 and laugh his bum off :)

later that night we went to in-n-out, yum.
went to a byu men's volleyball game.
and then went to coldstone.
(can you guess what i got? somethings with oreos! cake batter:)
then we video chatted with some siblings pretty much the rest of the night!

right now we're watching the BYU v SDSU game
go jimmer!!!!!!!!! (he's just so fun to watch!!!!)
and eating our coldstone left overs while still in our pj's :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

random ramblings put into 1 post.

we go through phases.
food phases that is.
usually phases that involve crunchy things.
examples given:
sometimes we go through a sleeve of ritz crackers a day.
sometimes we go through gold fish like it's nobody's business.
sometimes i eat wheat thins it nearly every sitting.
sometimes we love cookies.
ok that one is always but you get my drift :)
it's funny how that happens but it always does
also, we are currently loving cuties and carrots (whaa!!?? where's this fruit coming from?!)

thank you for all the comments on my new haircut!
glad no one said i should've kept it long and was dumb to cut it:)
i did it curly for the first time yesterday and here was some of my thought process:, i feel like i have little to know hair when i wash it!
2. wow, i barely have to use any product on it now!
3. wow, it dries so fast!
4. wow it's so short!
5. Whoa! after diffusing it, it turned into this huge halo of hair around my neck!
6. curling it is kinda hard bc it's not so easy to get to the back!
7. it's so bouncy!
8. and cute!
9. oh look, it rained, and now it looks a freaking lions mane and turned into a frizball
10. i look like i'm 13 again and don't know how to do my hair. dumb.
seriously. boo on the rain part.


want to know what the main demographics of the library is like on a saturday night?
white males.
that's my conclusion.


it's quite yummy if you ask me.
i love hawaiian. mostly just the pineapple part of it, not so much the ham.
2nd to hawaiian is pepperoni pizza without the pepperoni.
i don't really like the perpperoni its self but i love the taste of the pizza with the juices of the pepperoni.
i don't like plain cooked cheese pizza,
it needs da juices :)
silly huh?

Monday, February 21, 2011

one sunday, we played in the snow together in provo

so this last week felt pretty much like spring had arrived, it was awesome.
then it suddenly snowed a lot of the day on sunday.
not much of a surprise for provo weather!
since church isn't til 2 stinking 30,
we took a walk and made a little video while we were bored before church.
warning: my outfit is super duper awesome/coordinated in this

Provo snow fun 2011 from Kimber Cutler on Vimeo.

music from Jeremy Larson "engaged" via a beautiful mess
free download here 

ps- side note about recording little home videos and watching them later:
when i re-watch things on the computer, i seriously laugh the exact same way (duration, tone, type, breaths, etc) as when i laugh in the video, so weird!
it's like an exact echo!

pps- blair, can you lip read what i'm saying at about 1 minute in the video when i'm bouncing my hair back and forth? 
kudos to you if you can! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's celebration

so for valentine's day i left for school at 8 am and then casey and i saw each other 8 pm that night.
cute huh?
we were too tired from our day to do anything special,
cute huh?
but on sunday i attempted to make heart shaped over-easy eggs which didn't work but the eggs were still yummy!
and we went to a baby blesssing!
and i made like a bajillion yummy heart shaped sugar cookies!
and we had a few couples over that we know to play games! (which was hilarioso)

and then on tuesday we got to watch this hilariously cute lil girl for a bit:)
we gave her suckers with with big lips on them,
she liked the sucker a lot.
we liked the big lips on her little face.
(is the picture on the right hilarious? that's her "smiling" these days: she closes her eyes and smiles, so funny)


Friday, February 18, 2011

a little list of lately

1. there was a bat in the library the other night
2. we busted a doughnut party in the library the other night.
3. casey and i decided we want to try to run a half marathon at the end of may with his brother in indiana! wish us luck! we really want to do it but don't know how the time constraints of school will effect us when we get to our long runs
4. the ray charles pandora station is probably the best station ever
5. it's crazy to think that when the weather is in the 40's, i'm feeling great!
6. the 2 of us have had oober busy weeks with 7 tests, 2 papers, and 2 projects between the 2 of bueno.
7. i finally finished my excel class! woohoo! i feel so inspired to actually use that program now!
8. no school on monday was the most glorious things ever.
9. ever since november, we have not had a dang pair of eyebrow tweezers at our house! it's getting kind of ridiculous. first, we forgot them at the cutler's house at thanksgiving, didn't get them back til the cruise, and then immediately after the cruise when we went to az we lost them there, and then casey got some for his birthday (from my mom bc she helped in the process of losing them) but then they accidentally took them back to az. we go long weeks of being eyebrow-hideous til we can find some relative's to let us borrow them while we're with them! ha, blah! i had no idea how often i like to pluck my eyebrows (nor did casey! ha)
10. sometimes i really wish that we'd be able to live in provo for at least one summer.
11. after our run today, casey and i realized i really only enjoy working out in groups: group fitness classes as well as running in a group! my whole life i've really always ran in a group (cross country and track). this is my first time really getting into running again and it's really boring by yourself! gonna need to work on that one...
12. egg burritos are often our go to meal when we're super hungry
13. i always have something lost: for the past few months my student ID has been lost more than it's been in my hand. a few times a week casey calls my phone while we're in our apt so i can find it. our 1 set of ear buds to listen to can't be found half the time. and currently, i can't find my keys. luckily the old couple who lives next door is friends with our landlord and has spare keys to all the apartments he owns. his name is Al and her name is Dottie, i'm always embarrassed to have to ask them to let me in when i get caught without keys! but lucky me they're retired, always home, and always nice :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to the chopping block round 2

wow, hello crooked-faced kimber...
so to say i was nervous is a GIGANTICLY-MONSTROUS understatement
my heart was pounding so hard sitting there in the chair, i was so seriously scared!
funny thing is, it was my choice to do, i was forcing myself to do it.
i've had long hair pretty much my whole life (the one time i did cut it "short" was in 8th grade and it was still like 2 inches longer than this)
long hair has just been my thing.
i was proud of it.
it was my status symbol of "look i have the patience to grow out my hair long and it's pretty"
it was time for a change.
so i told myself, you're going to cut it, and you're going to donate it.
stop being selfish and cut it off, it'll grow back!
i'm proud to say that i cut off 10 inches and will be sending it to locks of love this week :)
2 more things, just for the record that persuaded me to do so:
a cute friend i met in college, laura bayles, donated hers for a 2nd time right before she left on her mission.
her hair was beautiful and she was selfless.

i ran across this blog of a girl who was the same year in high school as i but at my rival high school (same age and recently married as i- for some reason i feel like i met her at one point too), we had some of the same friends (laura bayles and some others). she's currently battling brain cancer and reading her story really hit home with me. she's an incredible young woman, and i hope the best for her. i hope you will take time to visit her blog and keep her in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

to the chopping block

pictures coming tomorrow!

hi, my name is kimber

so his blog, is mostly about things we do, or that i think,
not much about what i'm like, that make sense?
(of course you'll learn about me through what i do and think but, ya know:)
a friend and cousin tagged me to list 15 things about myself that you might not know.
so here's a little bit about me: kimberly woodruff cutler
  1. i have all my wisdom teeth still in, like full on in my mouth, helping chew my food still. 
  2. chocolate chip cookies is my absolute weakness, i inhale those babies
  3. second to chocolate chip cookies is oreos, doesn't matter where we are, if there's a dessert that has oreos in it, i'm all over it: shakes, ice cream, pie, cake, cheesecake, etc
  4. i still wear a toe ring that my dad bought for me when i was in 7th grade. i've only taken it off in very rare dance circumstances
  5. i'm anal about which hand towel you use for your hands v. your face.
  6. i love math and numbers, i really do. to me, it just makes perfect sense and i love how there's an exact answer and you can prove how you got that answer
  7. i won the 100 m hurdle race for my region in high school senior year
  8. i wear special orthotics when i work out/wear tennis shoes
  9. my favorite movies are how to lose a guy in 10 days and hitch, i've watched both a billion times and love them
  10. i was engaged at the mature old age of 18 (gasp!) and married when 19
  11. i was always considered the molly mormon of my group of friends in jr high and high school
  12. i love milk. i think i've mentioned this before but i really do! milk at every meal and during snacks i say (plus it goes beautifully with a chocolate chip cookie).
  13. this isn't about me but it's from the repercussions of me: i love shoes. when casey and i got married he had 5 pairs of shoes (1 black church shoe, 1 brown church shoe, 1 sneaker, 1 croc sandal thing, 1 basketball shoe [all in pairs of course]). in the time we've been married, he now has 15 shoes...he now understand the importance of a love variety of shoes!
  14. i'm obsessed with looking at cookie decorating blogs
  15. casey was the 2nd boy i ever kissed

i challenge/tag a few of my freshman girlies to go ahead and try this too!
(if you haven't update in awhile, here's your chance!)
good luck! hope to see your posts!

freshman girls

had a few girls over last week for a freshman get together!
it's crazy, as i sent out the email there were like 8 girls i didn't send it to bc they're gone on missions and off to other places!
it really shocked me that i won't be seeing those girls for a very long time!

but the few that we did have was really fun!
we had yummy treats,
caught up on each other's lives,
and talked about jimmer and all that jazz.

i had such a great time with these girls,
and feel so lucky to be counted as one of their friends!

fyi for all your other girls we'll probably be having another one at the end march!

Monday, February 14, 2011

more birthday celebrating

so, as many of you know, i'm super into "couponing."
it really has become a new life style of shopping for us and i don't think we'll ever go back.
so, to continue our "couponing" traditions,
i mailed casey a list of places to sign up for that they give you free stuff on your birthday!
he signed up for a few of the ones he wanted, and this last week we got some emails for free food!
we used 4 of the things and did so on 2 different days.

tucanos meal: we did this one last year too

red robin burger (our server was a girl in our ward, twas fun:):
 after we ate there there, we walked around the mall for a little bit and bought stuff for me him :)

baskin robins ice cream:

del taco shake:

so we had a lot of fun getting all those free yummies!
the next my family happened to be in town for a baby blessing of my nephew.
casey went to the shooting range with all the boys that day,
he opened a few very sweet gifts from my parents: motorcycle helmet! woot woot! he'll be using that one a lot bc...sometimes he falls off:) and of course, bahama bucks card :)
thanks again so much mom and dad!
we watched a little of the byu v. utah game (go jimmer!) and then headed off to
Pirate Island
casey loves pirates :) remember captain sammy?
we were able to go with all the siblings up here along with a few members of my SILs family who were up for the baby blessing.
if you've never heard of pirate island in orem, it's a pirate themed pizza place with video games,
to say the least, casey was beyond excited.
and we had a lot of fun with abby there too, little kids really do make things so fun (especially when they're not yours, ha!)
amy rem: those are the pants i got at gap on friday! 10 bucks baby! glad you were there:)
  after pirate island,
we went back to my brothers house and played with tristan for awhile,
so cute! and watched a horrible scary movie. i loathe scary movies and they (scott, megan, and casey) always make me watch them! mmeh
(casey is still the baby whisperer: if no one can get tristan to stop crying and he can hear, he'll go in there, work his magic, and the kid will be asleep in 5 minutes flat. it's incredible to see! so glad he's the future father of my children! ha)
for the birthday cake, 
casey requested cheesecake!
i'm no homemaker of cheese cake kind of gal, so we picked a cheesecake blend up from the store.
all twenty four candles

my mom is taking the picture, she was there :)
happy birthday again lover! i hope you enjoyed your birthday week and all your extra special birthday treatments.
i can't believe this is the third birthday of yours we've celebrated together!
i feel so lucky that i'm the one who gets to be your wifey!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

birthday boy

it's someone's special birthday today :)
the ripe ol' age of 24.
handsome as ever.
funnier than ever.
my best friend.
happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

more on what we've been doing during birthday to come!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

soupa bowl sunday

so growing up...i don't really remember much about "super bowl sunday"
my dad and brothers aren't really into sports so it wasn't that big of a deal.
sometimes it'd be on in the background, but it didn't mean anything.
but now that i'm married to sports lover casey d cutler,
those things have changed.
we watch sports a lot at our house
so for the super bowl this year we gathered with a few of casey's grandparents and cousins.
and in the end, we didn't really watch much at all!
we ate a yummy dinner, visited a lot, played games, and just laughed.
we had so much fun together not watching the game!
kimber, casey, fran, grandpa, becca (fran's daughter) amy, rachelle, emma ruth, helen, conrad
and fyi the girl from the last post is in this picture (well half her face is in every picture), she's still beautiful :) 
 casey and i watched some of the commercials later that night and i thought many were a hoot!