Thursday, November 29, 2012

40 weeks and still pregnant.

instead of writing a post of how bitter and depressed i still am (which is a draft in blogger actually)
i will write a post of things i have loved while pregnant.

1. satin sheets.
they make ALL the difference when sleeping.
at the end of this pregnancy i'm constantly having to switch from side to side in the middle of the night.
when you have all that weight on your stomach it takes ALL your effort to turn.
satin sheets help you totally slide from one side to the other.
heavenly i tell you.

2. very fashionable compression socks.
made all the difference in the size of my feet at the end of the day.
there finally were no creases of skin on my ankles at the end of the day!

3. maxi dresses
it's so nice not having tight clothing under, on, or above your belly.
not having to pull at clothes to make sure nothing is showing or tight or unflattering on you

i only bought this one shirt and 1 pair of maternity jeans for my "pregnant" wardrobe.
the shirt is seriously so comfy and perfect every way.
it's long, soft, perfect amount of ruching on the sides to make you look cute.
plus, wearing the black made me feel much skinnier than i probably was.
if you're not going to "buy" any maternity clothes, take back what you said and at least get 1 black and white fitted maternity shirt with elastic sides.
you can wear them with SO many things and their fit makes you feel so good.
an absolute pregnancy wardrobe staple in my book.
plus they're usually cheap.

5. casey.
sorry don't think you can get yourselves this model but maybe you can find something similar

6. a large water bottle.
and i mean LARGE.
you'll be drinking so much water the last thing you want to do is fill up my bottle every 30 minutes.

that's it for now.

send all your "get out baby/go into labor" thoughts my way and i'd surely appreciate it.

and if you'd like to leave any tips on how i can coax this baby to come out, i'd appreciate that too :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"we know you're in there!"


our new favorite phrase whilst talking sternly to my stomach:
"come out!
we know you're in there!"

it hasn't been working...

39 weeks

let's continue to over hope that the next time i post it will be a real picture of this boy...

PS- also, you know the great thing about taking pregnancy pictures often?
you go back and look at them and it makes you feel good about yourself now seeing yourself so much smaller back when you "thought you were so big."
example: i remember the 30 week picture thinking "i'm so big! blah, i'm only 30 weeks, my friends are smaller than me, i still have 10 to go, mmeh, mmeh, mmeh."
i now look at that picture and am like "woah! I was still so little at 30 weeks! kimber, you look great!!!"
so ladies, if it's just to make yourself feel better at 36-40 weeks, do take pictures, you will appreciate it when you truly are ginormo:)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

last essentials.

last night we had our final "what else do we need for this baby" shopping trip.
other than actual baby/post pregnancy essentials,
we picked up ourselves "look we had a baby!" treats.
casey's choices: beef jerky, licorice, zebra cakes, fruit gushers
kimber's choices: pirouette's, gatorade, kit kat bars
together choices: blue berry muffin tops, chocolate covered granola bars, orbit gum

we figured you only have a first baby once so why not celebrate (with treats {don't judge our treat choices})!

we also picked up a frozen oreo pie for a happy 3 years to us and happy pre-baby.
it's pretty dang yummy if i do say so myself.


happy THREE years to us!
 and now it's time for us to have a baby!

wedding pictures here and here
honeymoon pictures here
other anniversaries here

Monday, November 19, 2012

still kickin'

we are currently tip toeing around the end of this pregnancy!
i stepped up to the 38 week box and am so ready to have this baby in my arms already.
heavenly father was so wise when he made women pregnant for 9 months because once you hit that point, you are done and would so rather have the baby out than in.
9 months is the perfect amount of time when you can finally say out loud i'm ready for the baby to be here and you have no fear.
i'm still so very grateful that i do have this little babe inside me though.
it's kinda bizarre to think there's a full grown baby in my stomach just forced to stay in there, ha.

when i roll (literally, i have to roll out) of my bed in the mornings there's a long mirror right in front of me.
and every morning i look at myself and think "woah, my belly is so big! when did that happen!?"

38 weeks 2 days

this baby is more than welcome to come anytime after tuesday afternoon (actually we'd prefer him to come on friday for various reasons:).
tuesday afternoon is when casey finishes his anatomy final for the semester and can finally be depended upon to come back to me whenever birthing this baby begins!

beyond pregnancy, nothing really is going on, ha.
i've finished up pretty much all the projects i've been wanting to do.
i've done a bunch of freezer cooking to prepare for the months ahead.

i do wish there were more fun things and pictures to share at this time...but there's not.
soon there will be a plethora though!
and i can't wait for it!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

at the temple.


you can't really see our faces, but i still love us.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

long time no see

gosh, a whole week since blogging.
there's one for the record books.

what has been going on lately?

in words:

1. i've turned into what seems a widow.
terrible anatomy tests/finals=endlessly lonely wife.
i will be much happier when thanksgiving hits.

2. numb finger tips all the time.

3. getting all my last projects done around the house.

4. weekly doctor appointments.

5. cold days, oddly hot days, crazy windy days, crazy cold days.
we've had it all this week (except rain and snow).

6. very swollen feet all the time.
why wear shoes when you don't fit them?

in pictures (not just from last week):

maybe you'll see me blogging more the rest of the week...maybe you won't.
we'll all just have to wait and see!

(and yes that is an eye open in the 2nd sonogram picture you see.
we saw him  blinking during our appointment last week, way cool...)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

a few things

1. we watched the movie Up! last night, talk about a bawling hot mess for the good first 15 minutes of the movie...geez...don't watch that when you're 9 months pregnant. other than that, such a good movie...

2. went to costco today. love place.

3. remember my very talented SIL who made me this beautiful quilt, has this awesome blog, and runs this wonderful etsy store? well if you have a minute would you go vote for her quilt on this site for me? scroll down til you see entry number 457 for amanda and click the star. the more the merrier :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

a baby shower!

my very sweet friend, katie, and next door neighbor was so kind and thoughtful enough to throw me a baby shower before baby boy came.
she herself is just 4 weeks behind me with her 2nd baby girl!
it's been so fun being pregnant together and experiencing all the same stuff.
so many very sweet girls came to the shower and it was so fun.
i'd only been in lincoln a little over 2 months but i truly felt like these were all my real friends who came,
and let me tell you, they are such a fun group of gals.
it was so fun to sit and chat with them all about babies and pregnancy and life.
i just love when we all get together.
a bunch of of the girls helped katie with the food: popcorn because i in fact was ready to pop :)
we had 5 different very yummy kinds that i kept eating and eating and eating.
it's like i was pregnant or something...
there were also three different kinds of the most delicious cake pops.
and little babies on everyone's laps.
and to top it all off, she did the most darling job with the balloon decorations everywhere.
i loved it!

 photo IMG_1725_zpse95806a4.jpg
 photo IMG_9420_zps38e76b82.jpg
 photo IMG_9416_zpsfed1a12b.jpg
 photo IMG_9417_zpse834779c.jpg

thank you katie for the wonderful shower!
and susan for the pictures!
and everyone else for helping and coming!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

november has arrived!

do you know what november means!
it (should) mean the birth of our baby boy!!

we are so overly excited.
at the beginning of this week,
our dental school friends had their twins eleven weeks early.
a. scary they're so early, luckily they are doing great
b. it made us super jealous and we really really wanted to have our baby here already!

clothing consists of casey's shirts and my favorite PJ pants if i'm home.
dresses if i'm going out and about.
occasional pant/cute shirt sightings have been rumored to appear every once and awhile.

fingers/hands are crazy numb at random times.
super annoying.

back pain=gone, hallelujah.
i never thought it'd go away.

red face/acne= cleared up lots.
another big hallelujah.
i was worried my face was going to be forever scarred from it,
but one day i looked in the mirror and it was back to what it was from the past years.
oh joy (that may sound vain, but it was really important to me!)
sure it comes and goes even still but at least i know there's hope.
maybe i will turn back to what i once was like before all these hormonal changes!!!!!

clothes are washed and folded in drawers.
baby's room is not anywhere near finished but there's definitely more organization in there than there was before.

we just are so excited for baby boy to make his entrance this month!
(and to be able to sleep on my tummy, pick things up from the floor, not breathe hard when trying to put on shoes/change sleeping positions, not have my heart race when i lay down, i could go on but won't...:)

here i was at 35 weeks 2 days.
tomorrow i will be 36 weeks which means officially 9 months, unbelievable!
i can totally do 4ish more weeks.
big thanks to casey, my wonderful assistant to assisting and making me laugh.