Saturday, March 26, 2011

you complete me

he's back.

i'm a very happy girl to say the least.

our reunion was joyous.

Friday, March 25, 2011

one cute girl.

so before casey and i left for all our trips,
we had a little play date with our abby.
we hadn't seen her in forever it was ridiculous!
we missed her so much!
we live only 15 minutes away but our nights never match up to play together.
we all met up at mickey d's (abby loves the play place there),
chatted it up,
took some pictures,
laughed at how cute and silly she is,
and gawked at how much she's changed since the last time we'd seen her (3 weeks ago is a long time for us)

i'm SO glad i'm an aunt before i'm a mom.
being an aunt is similar to that awesomeness of being a grandparent.
i love my nieces and nephews SO much, i joy in their growth and their cuteness so much!
it's just beyond wonderful.
i love them all so much :)
so dear brothers and SIL's (really all SIL's bc my brother do'nt read my blog) thank you for your cute kids!

and thanks amanda for setting up the play date!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

provo apartment for rent

here's the dealio.

if you know any married couple who can fit either of these 2 situations,
please send them our way!

scenario one:
willing to buy our spring/summer contract.
$500/month + about $50 utilitiesish.
furniture included if wanted (table, chairs, dressers, tv, desk, night stands, couch)

scenario two:
looking to buy a year contract.
$600/month + about $50 utilitiesish.

2 bedroom (it's really a very nice sized place).
internet included.
has a dishwasher, swamp cooler + lots of fans, heater, washer/dryer downstairs for individual pay
block and a half south of brick oven.
truly, a very darling little apartment.
very open.
very bright.
great ward.

we would really like to move back into this apartment once the summer ends,
but can't find any takers for that AWESOME price to move in for just spring/summer.
but we would still like to help our landlord rent out the place this late of notice at full price.
so either scenario will work we guess...

so please, keep your ears alert and help if you can!

contact at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tijuana Mexico

I had to leave this

So I could drive through this blah!!!

So I could get here

And work in here

and also HERE!
Oh what a trek so I went through Sacramento as many know to get to Mexico for my dental trip. I started at this little clinic and moved to the University clinic here on Tuesday. I saw some crazy things that definitely solidify why I am choosing Dentistry, but it is so tiring as well. So much work bouncing back and forth I just need to take a nap haha. Early to bed and early to rise is such a true statement it could make me healthy, wealthy, and wise. Kimber got back from her trip and it stinks to still be away, but it is all for a good purpose. I need to take a picture of wear I am staying and the sweet family that is letting me stay with them. They are awesome! Love ya

Sunday, March 20, 2011

quick update!

i'm still in chicago.
casey is driving to mexico today.
byu won FIRST place in our competition overall here at student career days in chicago for the green industry/landscaping industry,
which is a HUGE deal, and super exciting!
go cougars!
where's waldo kimber?
i got 7th place in my individual competition and my partner got 1st! woohoo! go turf/weeds!
this is the trophy byu won, not me personally :)

last but not least,
happy birthday grampa!

so many more photos to come of this chicago trip!
and lots of whining from kimber as we now approach the 2nd week's time that i haven't seen casey!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On the Road again!

This is me after a very long blizzard drive through Northern California to get to the Hunts house
So I am on my way to Mexico for a Dental trip and on my way I wanted to see our little family in Sacramento, CA THE HUNTS!!! So I left on Friday hoping I would get here at 9 in the evening what I found was that a blizzard in the mountain pass of Lake Tahoe got in my way. There was a 40 car pileup so they closed I80 which was only an hour from their house. I ended up having to go around so instead of getting there at 9 I got there at nearly 1 o'clock in the morning. MISERY yes it was horrible, but I was greeted by some friends/family that waited up for me it was AWESOME! I love these people!
This is one of the cute girls I came to visit on my way to Mexico ADDY!

Taysin ( i probably spelled that wrong)

Friday, March 18, 2011

valley of the sun: part 2

friday i did wedding activities all day.
saturday i did family all day.
loved them both.
let me share a few more details about my trip.
friday, i woke up at 4 am to go to AZ. fun...
then i was on a go go go that day,
plus i stayed up late just talking the night away with mi padre, good father-daughter bonding,
we're really good at that.
so saturday i slept in a wee bit, but only a wee.
because you see, there were things to done, that were just so much fun!
(i'm rhyming, teehee:)
once we all did get ready for the day,
we went to the alhoa festival at tempe town lake!
so. much. fun!
anytime i'm around polynesian families i just want to be one of them!
so loud, so fun, so family oriented, just such a blast!
 we watched a lot of different polynesian dancing (hula, tongan, tahitian, and other awesome stuff)
can you say i want a trip to hawaii right now?
we walked around to all the booths, talked, watched, got some sun, and just had fun!

after the aloha festival we came home and just enjoyed ourselves.
picked lemons, played with Tazzy, played with the girls
this is my dog tazz, i don't think i've ever introduced tazz to the blog.
she's awesome.
she loves people.
as you can see from above of her getting in ALL the pictures we were taking outside, love her :)
she loves to be happy/spaztic.
and she LOVES the tennis ball to be constantly thrown.
she's gotten to the point where she'll retrieve the ball and come back and literally put it in my lap to throw again.
she really has so much energy for life and i love her.
a few months ago our other dog, her mom, zuka passed away.
it's really taken a toll on tazz and i can tell she's a little more lonely now which is said,
but whenever there's people around she just loves it,
i can't imagine going home and not getting to greet my dogs in the backyard.

other notables:
-blair, my SIL, is an awesome running partner, i wish i always got to go running with her, 5 miles is a breeze when you're just chatting away the whole time.
-running in AZ is WAY easier than in UT, loved it.
-i got to run in shorts and felt the heat against my skin when running, best feeling ever.
-phoebe, my niece, is walking and it's so dang adorable
-annalee has been sick for forever and it was just so sad to see her all congested!
-i had to get up at 4 am sunday to drive home, wow, can you say early yet again.
-my brother, kirk, is still single and ripped as usual. if you're a cute good mormon girl give me a call, i'll hook you up :)
-my dad is going sky diving with us
-my mom has an insanely awesome electric juicer which makes making lemonade SO much faster/easier/doable.

til next time az, til next time
ps- thanks mom for taking care of me while there, you're so nice :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. patrick's day!

picture of grandpa holman and logan years and years ago during their celebration.
cute huh?

i'm in chicago right now!
hopefully we'll get to see the river turned green today! 

don't get pinched! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

valley of the sun: part 1

so the whole point of this AZ trip was to see miss amy lee berry become
Mrs. Amy Lee Berry DeCeuninckVanCapelle.
(yes i copy an pasted that last name from facebook).
i was so happy i got to be there for her wedding!
she was stunning, and the day went beautifully!

and lastly, we were all just super happy brooke was able to come at the last minute!
slowly but surely friends around me are getting married and it just makes me happier and happier every time!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bball in the VEGAS!

This Guy somehow found some dip n dots, which is like an ice cream in pebble form. I love this food along with Bahama bucks, which is my favorite, but this is a great alternative when B.B is not around.
This is the crew who made the trek down to Vegas town for these awesome games! We totally have enjoyed the experience Friday by far has been the best day with the Men's night games. Insane! Derek, Dad, Mark (Uncle) and I
This Guy was sitting like 2 rows in front of us keeping track of the points til Jimmer beat Danny Ainge's record and he definitely did it scoring 52 points. He was lights out and I loved it. This was probably the most intense game I have been to it was AWESOME! P.s. the building was packed scalpers were selling tickets at those seats in the top for 150 a piece nuts huh!
I don't know how to use this blog stuff very well so I posted all our events with the pictures need less to say this has been an awesome experience and tomorrow should be awesome with the championship game and than we are going to walk down the strip to see all the lights at night so pretty fun huh!!!??? What are great weekend! I do miss my wife though so I will see her soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

going home.

that's right ladies and gentleman.
i'm going to be in AZ today.
so happy.
i looked at the weather and kind of forgot what i'm supposed to wear for 70/80 degree weather!
so happy to go back to the sun!

amy's wedding.
family time.
2000 word paper :(
study weeds and turf in AZ

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 married couple, 2 different places.

where's kimber today?
that's right, the testing center.

where's casey today?
in las vegas cheering on jimmer and all them cougars in the mountain west conference tournament.

something is not fair in this situation...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dearest friends,

i'm really not that blog savvy when it comes to blogging,
but i do know a few tips and tricks to share with all 10 of you that read my blog :)
a) probably like many of you, i have run out of space on my gmail account photo limit i originally started to blog then since i had a 2nd gmail account i just used that one to post pictures with, but now that my camera makes my pictures a much bigger size to save as, i'm already halfway through my new gmail account's photo capacity! what?!?! ya, so if you're having this problem i have resorted to this method. it's pretty easy (this also enables you to have HUGE pictures on your blog if you've ever wanted that, it's a tinge outdated but still works great)
b) if pictures are just hard to post already, make sure you have updated your blogger editor. see directions here.
c) a little while back i was fed up with having to put in a verification word when i wanted to comment on blogs, i soon realized my blog made you do that! i personally think that if you don't have a bajiillion readers, you don't need that tool. to change it go to the settings tab for your blog, click the no box by word verification near the bottom. again, just a suggestion :)

d) more on commenting: when someone wants to comment on your blog, it's really nice to have a pop-up window for them to comment with instead of the whole screen changing to a specific url for that post. again, if you go the the settings tab and then comments tab, the third area down let's you choose the option of what happens when people comment, just a suggestion. it's nice to just keep reading the blog where you originally were :)

e) lastly, you know how it's convenient to have your blog set up to email you when someone comments (you should do it, it's really convenient), love it yeah? you know what else is convenient? when that someone has enabled it to so that you can email them back once they comment! cool huh?! most people have not done this, it's easy, i believe you go edit your user profile and select the box "show my email address" near the top. it's a super awesome option and i think you should do it :) then if i get an email from you (question or a hilarious comment i want to reply to) i can easily hit reply and email you back! love technology :) i changed mine a long time ago to this so didn't quite remember how to do it. i played around with a few things and i think that's how you do it. if you know that this is not the right way, let me know and i will change it:)

how do i know all this?
a) i had way too much free time on my hands last summer to search blogs and stuff and learn more about blogging
b) i have way too much time a work now to search the internet and do the same thing.
take your pick :)

if you have any suggestions for me about blogging, let me know!

happy blogging!

ps- awesome article on courageous parenting here. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

small recap of the weekend

our sunday started out awesome:
we learned our car got broken into:
shattered window,
stolen itouch,
stolen phone.
i am not fond of mean people who do mean things :(
what is their problem?
if you need to get ahold of me, email/facebook me til otherwise noted.

our sunday truly did end out awesome though:
a wonderful 3 hours of church.
an organized house.
home teaching families over for dinner.
sugar cookies.
the movie ratatouille.

happy belated birthday to crazy cammy!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

mexico found its way to provo, who knew!!!

i had heard from a few guys in my major that the (ghetto) supermarket in provo called rancho market
actually has some insanely good mexican food inside!
like, the grocery store has a little restaurant place in the back,
so on thursday
we went,
we conquered, 
and it was insanely delicioso!
we couldn't believe how good it tasted, really,
and their "meal combos" are ginormoso!
we split 1 and had leftovers for a full dinner the next day.
it felt like we were back in mexico:
people speaking espanol left and right,
crazy cool mexican packaged cookies, crackers, and other foods,
TONS of fresh/weird meats,
tiny aisles,
and latinos everywhere!
ha, we were literally the only white people in the place.
favorite part: the tortilla maker guy in the back- happy smiley just tossing the tortillas everywhere!
we couldn't help but smile the whole time at the atmosphere and the feel.
go try it out sometime!

for dessert we hit up macey's and got us some  50 cent ice cream cones.
casey got cherry dipped (gross)

we love provo.

on another note:
we got shutdown hardcore friday night:
tried seeing tangled at the BYUish movie theater: sold out
drove to the dollar theater to see tangled: sold out all night
went over to get coldstone: the line was out the door and we're impatient people
drove up to university mall's coldstone: again, line out the door.
drove to smith's to get the movie red bc we saw it in their redbox earlier that evening: casey went in to come out with no success.

we hate provo

at that time we decided
a) so glad we're not single anymore to have to worry about dates going as planned and trying to impress the other person but instead being able to throw a fit get a little grumpy bc what you wanted to work out totally did not.
b) go home and give-up

casey actually ended dropping me off at home while he wen to see if the redbox at 7-11 had red.
he came back with the movie and hot chocolate.
i threw some of them pillsbury dough boy cinnamon rolls in the oven, and we called it a good night.
after the movie ended i fell asleep on the couch, cuddle up to casey while he played video games til 2 am
all in all, friday night turned out good.

isn't it funny

isn't it funny when you know a girl all growing up/meet her when she has her maiden name, and then she gets married, and her last name changes, and for the life of you, you can never remember what her new last name is? goodness, i hate that. or once you do remember her new last name you can't remember which one is her maiden name vs. married name? hate that too.

isn't it funny, though, that once a friend of yours gets married you can automatically connect that new spouse's face to your friend's face? without a 2nd's thought, you accept that new person's face as being apart of who your friend is.

isn't it funny how when someone close to you has a baby, it's hard to believe they actually are a mom (or dad) and have their own child! it takes me forever to fully accept that they're an actual parent with this new human being they fully take care of and that their life revolves around? it seriously takes me 4-6 months (and that's when i consistently talk/see them).

isn't it funny that when you're around a specific group of people/person due to work/living/school situations and you love to be around them, no matter how hard you try to stay in contact with them afterward, it's just never the same. hate that.

(lastly, this one may only pertain to me) isn't it funny when you realize you tend to consistently read people's blogs who either a) you know well and love/like or b) have something that you don't have. i realized this about myself the other day and don't know if that's a good or bad thing...

Friday, March 4, 2011

midway ice castles

so a little unbroadcast utah fact:
ice castles in midway!
so awesome!
my VT (visiting teaching) companion, rachel, told us about them at our last RS activity
so we took the 20 minute drove over and oogled, ahggled, and were amazed by their awesomeness!
we first got a little BYU creamery chocolate milk for our ride,
to say i love that stuff is a huge understatement!
i wish i could have it ever day! (i nearly did freshman year! ha)

we timed it perfectly to be there right at sunset so we could see it a little in the daylight as well as in the evening when they turn the lights on everywhere!
we loved it!
they're absolutely stunning and magnificent! their size does not disappoint either
it reminded me a lot of kartchner caverns in AZ, anyone been there?
it's open til tomorrow (Saturday March 5) so go check i out if you live close enough by,
totally worth it!
info here.