Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh what's in a name


a lot is in a little name!- even if it's only 3 letters (i.e. Bob:)
you know that book "how to win friends and influence people" by Carnegie?
he says that's a big step: knowing people's name!
everyone loves their name
everyone wants to hear their name
and it feels good when someone unexpected remembers your name (i.e.- our bishop from last semester?! amazing!)

i try.
but so many times i fail miserably.
but casey is good. i seriosuly don't know how he does it!

with our job we see a lot of people all the time,
let's be honest, pretty much everyone goes into the library at some point, and casey and i sit there and watch them (btw- please do not bring jamba juices or pizza etc- you cannot eat it. AND you can only eat in the snack zone, por favor y gracias :)

there's people i see and kinda know, sometimes i know their name, sometimes not.
there's even people i see and LOVE, most the time i know their name, but sometimes i don't!
i hate it!
why can't you remember their darn name kimber?

on another note, it's the 2nd day of school!
i am so glad i've reached the point where i literally am excited for my classes.
i love my major and want to learn more, the stuff is seriously so amazing!
casey on the other hand...organic chemistry and other mean/boring classes,
you can do it babe!
but we did get lucky enough to have our religion class together!
church history 1800-1830 from the infamous susan e black herself.
legend has it she wanted to retire a few years ago, an apostle called her up and said "the lord wants you to keep teaching" talk about pressure on not getting to retire, ha
but she's incredible
we are so fortunate to have LDS religion classes required in our education and have such amazing professors!
they are undoubtedly some of my most life changing classes

on 1 more note, casey and i did our first legit coupon shopping experience yesterday! so fun!
i'm so glad he does it with me b/c it's so much more fun together! it's like a treasure hunt!
should've spent $60, only spent $23 :)
got a few freebies, a few cheapies, and few just good prices on things we needed.
we were happy and pleased with ourselves!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

i missed you provo

it's nice to be home.

we had yet another uncomfortable card ride, ha
this only rates 3rd worst overall though.
we had 3 boxes of reeses puff cereal that kept hitting our heads,
it was annoying,
and casey's church clothes kept falling on us,
my feet were still on the dashboard the whole time, but for some reason it was just better.
it was pretty rainy so we kept seeing different pretty landscapes,
the sun was not in my face for 3 hours straight bc the rain clouds covered him.
the ride wasn't bad just LOONNNGGGGGGG,
the last 4 hours took forever, we just wanted to be home!!!
side note: i have way too many shoes, and i took way too many shoes with us to california too! for both drives to california and back from provo, the only way we could fit all my shoes in is if at the last minute we fit them into all the crevices! haha, so that's how my shoes worked, therefor all the shoes pressed against the window! i was so afraid we were going to accidentally roll down the window and i'd have to pick up a bunch of my shoes along the highway!!!
today we're moving the apartment all back into our glorified attic!
we missed it :)
we were fortunate enough to have casey's family members help us (grandparents and cousins, and my bro stepped in for a bit too), it was a HUGE help!
we took the kitchen pic after almost everything was done in the kitchen but casey insisted we still document it :)
at this point i don't think we had started on our bedroom!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

customer service

just a reminder to us all.

when you're calling/talking to someone about customer service stuff etc mainly about something you're a tad bit unhappy about,
i hope we all remember that they are most likely not your problem.
somewhere, someone else is, not the pithily little person who takes phone calls and stands behind the desk. 
do not threaten them.
do not yell at them
do not tell them all the dumb things you plan to do if you do not get your way.
do not be dumb.
again, they are not the cuase of your problem.

just sayin.

just sayin

when i go anywhere, I order what they make.
i.e.: when i go to a burger place i get a burger, not their tacos
when i go to a breakfast place i get breakfast, not a dinner
when i go to a snow cone place, i get a snow cone, not a smoothie
when i go to a cupcake place, i get a cupcake, not hot chocolate
you feeling my drift?
that's just what i do, thought i'd share.
i was just wondering what people do that!?!?!?!?!
many of you probably do and i'm just the weirdo, and you know what, that's ok :)

i love, love, love the new dark kiss flavor from bath and body works,
love it
go get some now!!!

arizona has way so many political commercials on right now!
i could give a few opinions on the election right now but won't :)

got my first class email today!
for stats :(
i was excited and mortified at the same time, ha

casey and i have gone to bahama bucks 3 times already,
he's obsessed.
it's funny

enough said

although a little monsoon here and there is making it way better!
i love hot rain.
i love a hot breeze.
i love the smell of the wet arizona desert.

and thanks mom for fixing my clothes, you're great

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


even though it's dang hot outside, we played outside :)
loved it.

casey and i are so totally in love with both these little girls. in love!
two year old girls are just the funniest/cutest things i swear!
annalee is learning so much right now and it's so fun to be there watching and helping!
she repeats the last few words of so many of your sentences/statements/questions with her own little questioning/cute voice- most hilarious thing ever!
and she makes so many cute facial expressions it's just too much fun!

and phoebe is adorable!
such a happy/smiley baby!
babies are just so cute in their own way! just sitting their, being all bobble-heady smiling at you!
can't wait to keep watching her grow!

and i love my dogs :) they're getting older, fatter, slower, stinkier and wiser. 
but i still love them

Monday, August 23, 2010

love my 'backs

soooooooo, we're in arizona like i mentioned before!
my dad was fortunate to get ahold of someone's d-backs' season tickets from a friend of his and we got to go the game with them! yay!
so much fun!

resons why the d-backs rock:
1. they have an indoor stadium (better name= BOB- short for bank one ballpark. now it's lamo chase field

2. they have yummy d-back dogs

3. they have an awesome-cool-sweet pool at the field. i would pee my pants if i ever got the chance to watch a game in that pool

reasons why the b-backs don't rock
1. their colors got changed to lamo red-white-black. boo. purple and emerald were so much cooler

2. they lost the game we watched, but pretty much won all the other nights
we loved singing "take me out to the ballgame"
we liked just chilling there together and talking
we like our seats
we liked the homeruns (all 1 that came from us)
umm, yeah, that pretty much sums it up

go 'backs :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

guess where we are?!?!


we drove all night long,
packed the car until there was not a crevice left to be packed,
had the most uncomfortable car ride ever!
this car ride was the most uncomfortable seating ever! remember the last car ride was the worst ever bc the way i felt. both dominate in their own categories :)
my seat was pulled up as far as it would go next to the dashboard, and the chair was literally angled at a 90 degree angle. death. ha, i rode with my feet on the dashboard the whole time bc even the area at my feet was totally full! ha! 11 hours later we made it to arizona at 4 in the morning!
by the time we went to bed it was beginning to get light outside! oh my heck! ha!
poor casey drove nearly the whole time bc he didn't fit in my seat!

so excited to be playing here for a week!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

she went to the temple and then she got married

this last weekend was our last in Roseville, CA!
it's a bittersweet time :)

ha, but for our last weekend of funnes in CA we were able to go to a close friend of mines wedding reception!
dearest andy seibert balsteadt!
she was andy the lifeguard at AG last summer
and now she's mrs. andy the wife!
we figured out her reception was only like a 2 hour drive so we decided to boogie on up!
so glad we got the chance!
it was fun to experience that part of cali,
a rural-country-hick-town part of cali :)
talk about the country!
ha! but it was a beautiful drive, a cute town (sonora), and a beautiful wedding day for her!
i'm so incredibly excited for her and glad to have another one of my friends joining the married club!

they're off to kuai! lucky gooses! i know they'll love all aspects of this weeks ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

chocolate for breakfast

remember how casey and i love cereal?
ya, like we do a lot.
the only thing i don't do for cereal is when it gets too sugarey.
 Kimber! too sugary!? what in the heck does that mean?!
yes, that's what i said, too sugarey,
i don't do chocolate for breakfast
  they were on sale.
casey was ecstatic.
haha, love that guy

Friday, August 13, 2010


no casey and i are not free from work yet, but
there is a free picaboo book offer online!
go check it out!
it's like the canvas-picture offer i told everyone about a few months ago where you pay shipping and handling.
you make/order a 20 page picture book that you design!
way cool, do it, offer ends i think at the end of the month :)

Sacajawea Jump!

well they did it! 
they did the sacajawea jump for an incentive this summer and it was a hoot!
for those not accustomed to summer sales programs- the management does "incentives" all summer long (daily, weekly, monthly etc) to get the guys excited and motivated to sell. we had a bunch during the month of July, one of which was if the office services their best month they got to do Sacajawea Jump! the Sacajawea Jump is where they put a whole lot of quarters and Sacajawea coins in a pool and then, in utter chaos, everyone jumps in to get as much money as they can! pretty savage and funny :) in total this year the pool held $500 in quarters and $200 in Sacajawea coins! cerrrazy!
I was casey's number 1 fan on the edge of the pool (of course!:) and it was fun to watch him and be there, I had heard about it before but never gotten to see it!
  look really close! you can start to see the plethora of coins in the pool!
you would not believe how many coins it really is! the search went on forever! it did not help that it was a night time and there was like a 7 feet deep end! the deep end was where all the Sacajawea coins were so that's where casey went the whole time- that savage! ha!
 some of the savages
casey was like a little kid on christmas day getting to finally get home and count it all!!
good news! work is ending a week earlier than we planned! YESSSSS!!!! (imagine that being said with the most enthusiasm ever, raising your arms in the air, head tilted back and screaming for joy!) can you tell we're excited?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the woodruff key

****warning picture overload****
what a family reunion!
the serge woodruff family minus a few
my dad's side (his brothers and sisters and 2 cousins) get together every 2 yearsish for a family reunion and it's just the best!
this year a large cabin was found at Bear Lake (northern utah/south idaho=beautiful!)
it had 14 bedrooms with multiple beds in each room!
 so much fun!
lots of great activities were planned,
most were able to attend (we missed those who couldn't come!!!),
lots of yummy food was prepared and eaten (thanks to Amanda!),
lots of babies to play with,
lots of pictures,
just lots of pure fun!

we got up to utah a day early to play with cute little abby(7 1/2 months)!!!
she's crawling and oobber cute!
we then met up with logan and blair for a sec at the logan temple on our way up!
we were so excited to play with annalee (2 years) and phoebe (3ish months)!!
once we all finally arrived at the reunion and got everything set up we hung out, caught up on each other, ate, played the game "do you love your neighbor" and just had fun together!
the next day we played even harder!
the fun included steal the bacon, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and other fun games!
and we had a fun water balloon toss in the field
and of course an awesome slip-n-slide!
we had tricks and trains
big and small kiddos too!
and more games!
we played the newlywed game thanks to aunt sue (casey and i may have won by chance)
and casey and i brought up the wii game just dance which was epic!
my cousin suzie taught us how to make these super cute headbands!
and played with all these cute girls!
casey and i did a bunch of the little kid games!
duck duck goose, red light green light, what time is it mr fox,
and at the end was a super duper totally awesome treasure hunt!
bear lake is also very well known for their raspberry shakes and we were lucky enough to be there on the weekend of their "raspberry days!" (it's like the town festival) such fun to all be together!
my immediate little family decided to take a little rendezvous to bear lake and try out the water-
fyi- if you ever try to go the beach at bear lake good luck! the whole beach is all private access or it's $5 per car load in a few areas!
we were lucky enough to find a private access where the owners let us walk through the marshy land to get to the beach! and what a walk it was! ha it was fun though and beautiful!:)
also we celebrated 2 birthdays!!!!!! amanda and brooklyn!
also had a camp fire and yummy s'mores!
and family pictures!
i was lucky enough to have all my siblings attend!!!
slowly but surely we are getting bigger!

other activities of the family reunion included:
women's circle
men's round table
children's craft
muddy buddy demo
eating lots of apricots
a game room which had ping pong, pool, foosball, dart board, basketball game thing and other games!
early morning brisk walks and kimberobics
listening to grandpa talk about granny woodruff and wilford woodruff
a wonderful testimony meeting
blanket stitching demo
morning and evening devotionals
looking through everyone's wedding albums
the missionary map
the family tree map
homemade kellogg ice cream
our awesome family reunion shirts
LOTS of cute little kids to play with- casey and i loved this part!

i wish so bad everyone was able to be there!
i wish so bad we could do this every summer!
i wish so bad it could've been longer!

it was really nice to have little to no cell service or internet access- really nice surprisingly for all!

i love my family,
i love my heritage,
i love the memories we made
and i love you all!

**family member wanting any pictures- you can download all of these pictures full sizes from the website i emailed to you all**