Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the calls.

a few last things of indiana!

remember that family we love and went swimming with all summer?
and love their kids?
 and adore their parents?
like i said, luckily they're moving away the same time we are, bc that would be terrible if only one of us is moving away.
but one last time, we love them:
boo for a blurry group picture:( mmeh
and casey, the baby whisperer

since before i left to az, casey began growing out his beard!
his caveman/mountainmann beard!
the pictures don't do his blondish beard justice, but it was thick and there, promise.

looking at him now, i feel like i'm married to a little baby face husband!!
as much fun as it was having it around, it's fun to see his smooth face again :)

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Megan said...

We love the Cutlers!! Alison said that her student teacher reminded her of Casey--I asked why and she said because they have the same type of hair on their face:) haha