Saturday, May 29, 2010

sacramento temple

we had the chance to attend the temple today!
it was such a wonderful experience, and i love getting to go to a new temple!
loved being in there with my sweetie and seeing his smile.
it's one of the few places to relax and just ponder, without any distractions, together.
and yet again, quite a small temple, but we loved it!

the temple is on about 48 acres i think, and has beautiful landscaping,
i'm just loving all the landscaping here in CA, loving it!

casey is doing great just chugging along, i'm doing better at keeping myself occupied and not getting so bored, and also learning how to make my job more efficient.
(as of right now i'm reading the help and loving it, and am currently on a lot of waiting lists for the books a lot of you recommended!)

if you have time i highly encourage to look at this blog! it is one my most favorite friends, nicole, and her adventures in africa! (one of the friends i mentioned before) she's over in uganda for 9 weeks volunteering (with a friend,it's of course apart of an actual volunteering organization too)! what an amazing opportunity huh?! she is an amazing girl, and i think her blog is going to be quite a fun read, so do visit!


wouldn't this be heavenly?

if only...

Friday, May 28, 2010

best meal of the day...

why do i say this?
because breakfast foods often = sugar and that just makes me happy
it's like the main meal is dessert.
i love it

Thursday, May 27, 2010

decorating opinons

so, this is my own perosnal opinon
not trying in anyway to hurt your feelings.

vintage can look cute,
way cute.
i agree with everyone on that point.
went to an antique store and wanted to purchase many a cute things
didn't though bc their price tags are not so cute

but sometimes it gets out of hand,
like that room looks like a yucky old person's house look.
like you just bought a bunch of stuff that's horribly, terribly used look.
getting my drift?

so, next time you or i, feel like decorating a room/adding stuff to it
let's ask ourselves, is this cute-old or ugly-old?

white rooms are beautiful.
white sheets.
white compforters.
white pillows.
white rugs.
white chairs.
white curtains.
the whole she-bang,
it makes a beautiful combination for a room.

but let's be real here.
it's not going to stay white for long,
it's probably going to become off white,
and you're going to have to work on cleaning stuff a lot more.
the combo just isn't realistic, sadly enough.
so dear white rooms:
our relationship is never going to work out,
it's not you, it's me

pictures via here and here

Monday, May 24, 2010

what we did this weekend

we went bowling
casey preparing to do his bowling fred-flintstone-style preparation that he always does
ps- i hate  "cosmic bowling"
you can't see anything,
it makes you dizzy,
i just don't like it at all
 above is our group, 3 of the guys casey works with.
i'm glad they came bc for once i didn't have the lowest score :)
haha but they still had fun and just laughed at their gutter balls
it made it easier to laugh at all the many of mine!

ok, so also we have been so lucky to meet the sweetest family ever here this summer
we've now been able to hang out with them twice and it's been a blast!
it's just so wonderful to take a break from bugs, work, and selling
they have the cutest kids and are just so fun!
we got to go to church with them today and afterwards we ate dinner, played games, had dessert etc
so grateful we met them
so even beyond them being so so much fun,
the mom has this new anti-gravity yoga room in her home
picture this: cirque du soleil+yoga
yes this means crazy awesomeness
here's some of our fun pictures of messing around with them
this is their adorable 2 year old we love to play with
 you can also search youtube to look at some fun videos of it :)

...trying to think what else we did...
went to chile's
made a really yummy pancake recipe for breakfast
we've maybe started to, just a little bit, hopefully gotten ourselves into a routine of making ourselves get up even after 99% of our body says no to working out in the morning
been able to listen to our book (the lost symbol by dan brown) a lot this weekend
video chatted
and uh, yeah that's about it

hope you all had a fabulous weekend
we'll be back for more later!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

we did

11.21.09+6 months= 6 month family birthday :)
i heard someone call it that and we've now adopted that language because we thing it's cute
hip hip, hooray!

i know it's not really that monumental but, it's fun for us to celebrate

celebrations included,
a. kimber refusing to get up this morning to work out with casey even after all of his pleadings, so he crawled back into bed :)
b. work work and work
c. lunch at a local mom and pop mexican restaurant called mexican delicious haha

d. more working (though kimber's was intermingled with a ridiculous amount of time blog stalking...ehem)
e. eating ice cream out of the carton together for dinner

this is happines
happy anniversary babe,
best 6 months of my life thus far :) 

ps- in the background is the desktop computer that i bang on sometimes when it stops working and makes me super mad, literally, i've nearly done exactly what this guy has done...or at least the hitting all the keyboard keys really hard part :) happy to say mine and the computer's relationship's is getting better as each day passes

Thursday, May 20, 2010

as of lately,

-casey's pump up song this summer seems to be bad romance by lady gaga
-i hate chess, and i volunteer to play it every sunday,
why kimber, why do you play that game after losing every single time?
-casey and i played tennis the other morning, way fun
-i'm not motivated to work out like ever,
or do kimberobics bc there's no one to do it with,
i'm much too addicted and dependent on working out in group settings!
-cooking is so much easier when i have meals planned out in advance!!!!
-did i mention my bro and SIL are expecting? we're way excited for it!
-i need a haircut, still!
-the weathering has been so beautiful
-i have a million stations on pandora right now
-i hate desktop computers
-i found a super cute dress on sale, but it had no sleeves at i made it into a skirt :) yay! thank you old navy for having the best clearance section
-casey already has a really bad farmer's tan, teehee
-sticky notes stick to everything!
-i really like having a kitchen with lots of cupboards and a big bathroom and closet :)
-i really want a garden someday
-i'm already ready and excited to go to our family reunions this summer
-i finally got rid of the travel bug for a few months
-i am back into coveting a nice camera to take more better looking pictures of everyday events so when kiddos come around i'll be ready to
-i finally got a library card!!!
-wow this list starts with too many i's, bleh, hello self centered kimber
-the asians we work with are funny
-fruit is soooo yummy, especially all kinds of melons
-one and two of my high school friends are having wonderful things happening soon
-3 of my friends are going to africa this summer!!! one is already there, how stinkin cool is that?!
-the last four lines did not start with i
-i'm over and out now, time to either read or blog stalk, one shall win

adios xoxo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a new way of shopping

so i must share this with all of you!
this picture was taken at a grocery store where they had this huge section of the store dedicated to buying food like this through a dispenser!
however much you wanted, by the pound!
you name it, they sold it like this,
coffee of course,
and so much more!
pretty much anything dry

i didn't buy anything that way but next time i will.
this was bizarre to me, but maybe it's not to some of you!
i just thought it was kinda fun :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

 Russell Crowe= best robin hood ever

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the other day i called annalee, my neice,
on the phone she was playing with at that moment.
to her utter surprise the phone started ringing for real and she got to answer it!
and then it was for her!!!
and it was BIBER!!!!!
my mom texted me the pic of her talking on the phone
moral of the story:
it was cute.
she's stinkin adorable.
and i miss her.

Monday, May 10, 2010


casey and i are savages.
did you know this?
well we are :)
and we are proud of it.

last week we went to the grocery store to pick up oreo ice cream
on a week night after a long day
we are obsessed with all things oreo, did you know that too?

so on our way home we really wanted to eat it!
right then!
in the car!
but problem: no spoons :(
solution: be savages
bite around the edge of the container
once no more ice cream can be reached that way,
casey used his fingers,
yes we are savages.
teeth marks can be seen in the back left corner still
we thoroughly enjoyed are savage, ice cream eating car ride

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mommy day!


i have been blessed with beautiful examples of mothers in my life
i'm so lucky to know and have so many amazing women in my life teach me

my own, wonderful and sweet one.
i see myself become more and more like her each day,
and you know what,
that makes me really happy :)
i am who i am because of her.

my husband's wonderful, sweet mother
she teaches me new things about motherhood and my husband everytime i'm with her
and she taught her son so well, he was so lucky to have this wonderful woman raise him.

i see my SIL's and cousin's with their kids all the time and hear them talk about them and i hope to be what they are and to be able to teach and love my children like they do theirs
i'm so lucky to watch first and then to do like them

i've been blessed with wonderful grandmothers,
grandma holman,
granny woodruff,

and casey was lucky to learn from
grandma jo
and grandma christensen

there are so many more beautiful, kind, wonderful, amazing, talented women 
who have taught, guided, befriended, and nurtured me
so i just want to say
thank you.
thank you for being you.

happy mother's day!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

a time for reading

it's summer time.
which means worktime
and with this job, it means reading time.

i'm taking a trip to the public library, hopefully soon, but am stumped with what to get
any ideas on good books you've read lately or not so lately?
i haven't read in ages it seems like bc of school but i'm ready to get my read on

so please, share with me your goods!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busy busy busy bodies!

well folks, we made it to cali!
we had such a fun time last week in arizona visiting my side of the family 
we played much too much with little miss annalee
and the adorable new phoebe!
here are some of our activities!

played with annalee... a lot and we loved it!!!!
i was "biber" or "K! biber"
and casey was "asey" or "C! asey"
we trued teaching her the "k" part of our names and she couldn't put the "k" and the word she already knew together, so cute!
but she's learning so much!
it's so fun to teach her knew things and hear her parrot us!
i love this age!
she's hilarious when you say smile!!!
 pretty much our day often evolved around
when can we play with annalee?
when is her nap?
when can we pick her up?
you know :)
casey taught her how to sword the store
we also taught her the "okey pokey!"
and we loved hearing "no! annalee (very mumbled) do it!" 
we learned she loved getting her nails painted!
what a girl!
we did them blue and changed to pink after a few days
whenever she wasn't in the talking mood, i just asked her about her nails and she got all super happy and then played with me :) loved it
i've never heard the ABC's so much as i did when we were with her
we also sang like a bajillion songs to entertain her in the car haha
went to bahama bucks and loved it!
casey loved it so much we went 3 times in a week, goodness

we also met this cute little girl!
miss phoebe!
you just got to love holding a newborn!
proud mommy and sister
proud aunt and uncle too!
we're so lucky to have 3 cute little nieces on my side!

climbed kamleback mountain in phoenix with my mom!
i haven't done that hike in awhile and goodness there are BOULDERS!
it's not a hike, it's like a boulder climb!
haha, but fun memories still

went to the Gila Valley Temple walk through!
it's smaller than it appears!
but it's so pretty inside!!!!!!!
we were so lucky to have blair, annalee, and phoebe come with us at the last minute!
to say the least, annalee was quite entertaining through the "reverent" temple :)
but we did all enjoy the plentiful amount of cookies at the end
everyone minus mom

had to go motorcycle riding!
i don't know why but i still say motorcycle riding even though i was the only one on one, everyone else was on quads etc!
casey had a little/big oopsie daysie and has some new battle wounds
you gotta learn somehow huh? :)
everyone minus mom again, poor mommy
i think the arizona desert is soooo pretty :)
and it was wonderful, everything was blooming!

oh yes and casey did his first balloon job with us,
this was his new hairstyle :)
funny the day my mom needed help, it was 3 jobs...that turned into nightmares!
you may like balloon drops, but we do not :)
a first in my mom's balloon career, it was triggered early!
luckily i saw it and ran up the ladder to save it before all the balloons came out! goodness!
to see how one of the proms turned out, visit here

 we had a wonderful time in arizona and were sad to leave!
we're safe in sacramento with lots of bug guts on our car to prove it,
getting into the gist of our jobs,
our apt is awesome and we love it,
someday we'll go shopping for food too :)