Sunday, November 27, 2011

highlights of anniversary day.

bowling (class),
j-dawgs (lunch),
awful waffle (lunch/dessert)
so yummy!!!! go try it yourself asap! those crepes with nutella and bananas made us feel like we were in mexico all over again!!!!!!
chili's (dinner)

i remember my wedding day and during the reception thinking how i loved casey way more then than i ever did when we were dating, and that at some point that loved would be something more but i just didn't understand at that time how i could possibly love him more than i did at that moment.

and now i look back and see that our relationship is so much more now than it ever was then, we truly are one unit and i love every aspect of that. our love and commitment is deeper now than it ever has been and it will only grow form here.

i would not have wanted to spend these last 2 years any different.

love you sweets.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


it's what matters most.
i just love this picture of the group.

Friday, November 25, 2011

giving thanks.


i'm thankful:
we are in montana with family celebrate thanksgiving.

for my husband, and best friend, who is almost always with me, who makes me laugh all the time, and who cares about everything i do and feel.

for the gospel, it bring joy and purpose to my life knowing i'm a daughter of God and that Heavenly Father knows who i am and loves me.

for my education at BYU, where the spirit can guide myself and my professors, where we can talk freely of the truths of the gospel during educational study.

for nature, for winter and summer, fall and spring, for sunsets and sunrises, nights and days. the song for the beauty of the earth holds a special place in my heart.

to have my nieces and nephews, they make me so happy and i love them to bits!!!!

for nail polish, who a little bit of color on our fingers could bring so much joy?

for hot chocolate, because when you're frigidly cold, it warms up your whole body in an instant.

for phones and video chatting, when you're away from family, there's nothing better than those 2.

for this blog, it helps me write down what's going on in my life so i can look back at pictures and words and remember all the good, and some silly stupid things, in my life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

if these pictures, don't make you laugh,
then you need to lighten up.

casey about to break this tricycle
white/chinese looking babies
squished baby faces
that my mouth can look that big
apparently i can give a pretty mean mama-roar-bearing face, so watch out yo!
funny babies
the fact that scott dressed up as a clown one time
half indian, half white, fully nakie babies
casey's face

thank you for humoring me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

11.21.11 aka our family birthday

today, we are 2 years old together,

what are our plans?
and work.
how romantic!!!!!

one day we'll do something super awesome,
til then,
we'll be celebrating low key, at home, in school, and at work.
2 hips and a hooray for marriage!

ps- remember how last year we ate our cake!?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

the golden state.

so we had the lucky opportunity to go to california this last weekend.
i'm, surprisingly, get used to long car rides and not hating them so much.
the trip consisted of 10 hours to LA, 3 hours up to Fresno, 3 hours up to Sacramento, and 10 hours back to Provo.
listening to books is the only way to travel, people.
this time we listened to Brissinger (almost done!), the E-Myth (done), and Freakanomics (done- this book is really good and so interesting).
so where were we at 11/11/11 11:11?
Casey: in a meeting at USC
Kimber: getting us out of our hotel.
i've concluded that doing things by yourself is not fun, ha.
i felt like rachel, from friends, when she goes out to eat by herself and feels silly after doing it,
i hear ya girl.

we got to stop in Fresno for a few hours and visit some of my family!
casey, as usual, had all the little ones squealing in delight the whole time.
the Kellogg's are such a fun gang :)
darling aunt wendy sent us away with the most incredible homemade bread ever.
family is awesome.

we then headed back up to Sacramento!
good at times, lonely at times, but still a great summer for us.
our favorite part: the Hunts.
casey met them through working up there and hit it off with them.
we love them so very much to say the least and were excited to spend part of a weekend with them!
such a kind family who are a great example of love to us!
we went to tayson's socer game
we did anti-gravity yoga.
andrea is a freaking  pro at it, she's such a good teacher,
working out in these hammocks is so incredible,
it stretches you more than you've ever stretched before,
you can get a full body workout by doing something that is usually only a leg workout,
thery're fun to be in,
and they're SO relaxing to just lay in.
if you EVER get the chance to try it do it.

and in celebration of mccade's 18th birthday, we had a feast of champions:
steak, crab, potatoes, and salad,
everyone was stuffed to the brim the rest of the night
(tummy aches from nearly everyone ensued as well due to us devouring way too much, goodness)
cute, little addy did not want to move from casey's lap.
you dare try to move her, you will get a mini tantrum that only casey could soothe.
it was precious.

it was a short trip to Cali for us, but still so fun nonetheless.
we'll sacrifice long drives to see family and friends any day.
always grateful for the memories.

Friday, November 11, 2011

cool, not cool.

cool: the beautiful leaves.
not cool: when it's freezing but there's no snow.

cool: there's only 1 full week of school left after this week til Thanksgiving break!
not cool: all your professors decide everything is due before Thanksgiving break!

cool: casey bowled a 188 and 170 last week in a row!
not cool: those scores counted as casey's "handicap" for our team's new score when we compete against other groups. can you say that's impossible for us to win any game now?

cool: tissues with special softness in them so it doesn't hurt your nose
not cool: using crappy toilet paper when you run out of said tissues so your nose is red and tender.

cool: traveling
not cool: millions of hours in the car, blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

cool: being able to work the late night shifts at work that are easy
not cool: having 8 am class 4 days a week (i may or may not be arriving later and later to those classes...)

cool: stickers from the doctor
not cool: doctor exams

cool: going motorcycle riding
not cool: being sore for days and days after

Thursday, November 10, 2011

another secret that's not so secret anymore.

my brother, kirky, is engaged!
we are absolutely thrilled for kirk and whitney!
whitney is the cutest little thing, and it will be so much fun to have her in the family.
casey and i got to be the paparazzi during the engagement too!
it was s special and it was beyond beautiful outside too.
they'll be married in march in the mesa temple!
yay for weddings!

and yes, this was one of the secrets i mentioned i had a while ago,
lucky me has known for quite sometime :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

valley of the sun

november is RUNNING by us!
we are back in provo for a few days and will be out on our way again this weekend!
last week and this have been super wacked out schedules with trying to do homework and class assignments early,
missing school, 
changing up work schedule,
driving way too much,
flag football games.

we are always thankful for the opportunity to travel during the semester,
let alone to family!
arizona welcomed us with her best fall weather: sunshine and 70's/80's.
oh how i was in love,
we brought a little of utah with us though.
fall arrived in the form of the box, a box full of beautiful leaves!!!
ha, the girls didn't know what to do at first with all those leaves,
but soon enough they were jumping in them and throwing them everywhere.
i'm going to miss fall the most when i leave utah.
one of the days we had mini wind/dust storm roll in.
with no kites to be found in the house, we concocted our own:
we call them bag kited.
trash bags, ribbons, and string.
as white trash (literally) as it looks, we had fun and were amazed those things took flight at all!

on saturday though,
we packed up the whole gang and drove to the dunes!
my favorite.
getting back out there riding just felt so wonderful.
i'm always a little apprehensive about riding again,
pretty much it's just the fear of wondering if i can still remember, ha!
and every time, it all comes back, just like riding a bike.
as i was riding, i thought, gosh, i've been riding by myself since i was 8.
i hope i always get to do this.
casey sported his new motorcycle gear, looking as hot as he possibly could.
he also rode the motorcycle in the dunes for awhile this time around too!
note: motorcycles are my favorite, but if you're not used to it, it's pretty difficult in the dunes.
he was a rockstar.
each time he fell he got straight back up and kept going.
i loved watching him, but was amazed at how much i worried!
it gave me a glimpse into parenthood!!!
i knew that i knew how to do it but he needed to learn how to do it himself,
even if he did fall on easy and hard parts,
but each time he fell,
he understood why he fell and tried not to do that again.
oh parenthood, let's wait a while, shall we?
the little girls came with us too and they were so much fun to have around!
we built lots of sand castles,
hiked to the top of the smaller dune in front of the camp,
and best part:
when you'd come back from a longer ride, they'd run up to you and give you hugs and tell you they were so glad you were back!
so much love from such little people :)

we loved every part of it while there :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

some joys of life in provo.

so, fall has been beautiful,
what's new right?
we're trying not to take fall for granted because, sadly, this could potentially be our last beautiful fall!
all the time when we're walking/driving around we'll say to each other "look how beautiful the leaves are!"
everyday i walk around campus and provo i fall in love with nature.

we also had the prophet come speak at devotional this week,
it was wonderful.
it was a full house and experience i will never forget.
  thousands of 20 something year students, gathered, excited, and eager, to take an hour out of their school day to come listen to one old man.
but he's not ordinary old man, he's one of the most beloved old men i know, millions love him.
he's the prophet of our church, President Thomas S. Monson.
an organ started playing, and the conductor raised his arms,
at once, all the thousands of these students that gathered began singing Press Forward Saints.
it was beautiful.
i will never forget those moments of sitting there in the Marriot Center at BYU.

additions of our week:
1) we waited a little too long to do laundry over the past weeks,
so the dryers wouldn't dry it all, mmeh.
actually, it probably would have for $20. i can't wait for my own washer and dryer!!!!!!!
so we hung it all over our house.
so savage.
oh how these days we'll remember...
2) i made boring shoes not so boring, snaps for kimber.

and guess where we are right now?
i'll give you a hint:
the high for today and tomorrow is 84 :)

can you say hello arizona?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pumpkins, cornbelly's, and costumes

we had the lovely tayliann cutler and her dear, dear friend come join us saturday for halloween!
we carved pumpkins, visited the grandparents, played mario brothers, and went to cornbelly's.

carving pumpkins is just plain fun.
it's like the one "artsy" activity that everyone always does together.
tayli: WYO (heart). cody: RIP. kimber: pirate. casey: cat/transformer/robot
as you can tell we don't plan out our pumpkins too well...

after scrounging around for our costume we finally were set as super heros!
random shiny fabrics and costumes from casey's mama,
gloves (i lost mine at macey's, stupid),
lots of wankified "sewing"
and most importantly emergency blankets from macey's! (they kept us warm all night:)
and making little masks with holes in them is not as easy as you'd think.
casey's eyes were too far apart and mine were too close, jeeze.
real superheros change in the back seats of cars on the way to their destination
lastly, we made it to cornbelly's for the night.
our activities consisted of going through 5 different haunted little mazes.
some were pretty darn jumpy, but we had loads of fun!
we also just walked around the place and admired the fun festivities going on everywhere.
this marks off another bucket list item too!
FYI- when weird/scary looking people chase you with things that sound like chainsaws, it really gets your heart a pumin'
highlight of the night: when people asked to take pictures with us,
i kinda felt like a celebrity!
halloween 2010 here
halloween 2009 here 

ps- my other favorite part about halloween: being texted pictures of nieces/nephews dressed up.
melted my heart into a puddle of happiness.
we got to see one of them in person on friday:
little red riding hood.
and then we tried to take a picture with her and this is what happened.

pps- happy birthday brooke!