Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pumpkins, cornbelly's, and costumes

we had the lovely tayliann cutler and her dear, dear friend come join us saturday for halloween!
we carved pumpkins, visited the grandparents, played mario brothers, and went to cornbelly's.

carving pumpkins is just plain fun.
it's like the one "artsy" activity that everyone always does together.
tayli: WYO (heart). cody: RIP. kimber: pirate. casey: cat/transformer/robot
as you can tell we don't plan out our pumpkins too well...

after scrounging around for our costume we finally were set as super heros!
random shiny fabrics and costumes from casey's mama,
gloves (i lost mine at macey's, stupid),
lots of wankified "sewing"
and most importantly emergency blankets from macey's! (they kept us warm all night:)
and making little masks with holes in them is not as easy as you'd think.
casey's eyes were too far apart and mine were too close, jeeze.
real superheros change in the back seats of cars on the way to their destination
lastly, we made it to cornbelly's for the night.
our activities consisted of going through 5 different haunted little mazes.
some were pretty darn jumpy, but we had loads of fun!
we also just walked around the place and admired the fun festivities going on everywhere.
this marks off another bucket list item too!
FYI- when weird/scary looking people chase you with things that sound like chainsaws, it really gets your heart a pumin'
highlight of the night: when people asked to take pictures with us,
i kinda felt like a celebrity!
halloween 2010 here
halloween 2009 here 

ps- my other favorite part about halloween: being texted pictures of nieces/nephews dressed up.
melted my heart into a puddle of happiness.
we got to see one of them in person on friday:
little red riding hood.
and then we tried to take a picture with her and this is what happened.

pps- happy birthday brooke!


Jacie Saltzman said...

i am 60% sure that we saw u at cornbellys? haha we were all there for suzies birthday shindig and i saw some people in some costumes strikingly similar to what u guys had on....

Nicole said...

lol, I love you guys! Your great and your adventures always bring a smile to my face!