Friday, September 5, 2014

29 weeks pregnant with twins

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and definitely feel like I could be 38/40 weeks pregnant. Apparently MANY people I run into agree with me ha. You wouldn't believe how many comments in the last week I've gotten of the following:

When are you due?
Not until November 5th, but I'm having twins!
(Shock) Twins? Well yes I was guessing that.
You must be so uncomfortable/you look so uncomfortable.
I bet you are so ready to be done.
Two more boys, your hands are going to be so full!

Blah, I'm already done with those comments and I'm not even into the 30 week area yet, ha.

On the there hand, I do GREATLY appreciate those strangers that come up to me and say "You look so cute!" I want to squeeze those people as tight as I can with a beaming smile and tears in my eyes and say "thank you, thank you!" But instead I shyly say "Oh well thank you, you're so sweet, but I actually have a long ways to go since I'm having twins" (while I keep my distance mind you) and then if they're super spectacular people they'll say "You look so good for having twins." Those people are zeeee best!

At our doctor's appointment last week at 28 weeks we had a growth scan. The boys are doing spectacular. They weigh about 2#11oz and 2#9oz. Good job boys for staying the same size, that's muy importante with you two! My blood pressure was miraculously low (probably because I was lying down for my 30 min ultrasound and then they took it. I passed my glucose test with flying colors. It was just so great for Casey and I to see those boys wiggling all around, it felt like it had been so long since we had. It's crazy when they do ultrasounds you just see a bunch of circles at first (multiple elbows, hands, feet, heads, bellies, knees) it's just a jumbled mess. They were both head down at the 28 week appt. It was just such a great appointment. Every week I continue being pregnant I am just so grateful and overjoyed. Preterm labor signs are scary and I whole heartedly do not enjoy them…

But Friday I woke up with some strange symptoms I hadn't had before and a very sore belly in general. We went in later that day for a quick appointment just to make sure all was still alright. My doctor concluded I'm just getting bigger and heavier and stretching more, it's just kind of the way it is and it's ok, just take it easy when I could. Glad I had that reassurance. The boys were both breech 10 days after that last appointment ha

I was complaining to my doctor that I just feel tired and at a loss of energy a lot and wondering if I was missing a nutrient somewhere. She replied "Nope, your hemoglobin levels came back fantastic. You're just literally growing 2 full babies in there, that is a lot of work! Your body is just working really hard!" I appreciated her answer and at the same time wished there was a nutrient I was missing so that I could have a new burst of energy.

Speaking of nutrients, remember how much I love milk? Well I think my milk intake increases while I'm pregnant because I drink so much at every meal ha. These babies are gonna love milk in all forms!

I also had a dream the other night about the twins. The main part I remember was that they were EXCELLENT at nursing. Hoping that dream was a little insight to my future because that dream was so comforting.

My belly literally feels like a watermelon. The other day I had 2 watermelon in my grocery cart and a lady told me I looked as ripe as those watermelons, ha. Funny thing is when I was picking out those watermelons I thought "I think I am bigger than these…" Whenever Max sees me putting the lotion on my belly he takes some, lifts his shirt up and follows suit. I probably seem very lazy to my family and friends and Casey but I just can't do it all anymore. I am fully aware, grateful, and ok with my friends helping chase after Maxson when I cannot, they are the best.

Sitting down and getting up seems like so much effort.

I have been wearing a belly/back support and it's been making a WORLD of difference! My back is no longer in pain, just tired from all the weight, but the no more pain part is WONDERFUL!

Have I mentioned how I have the fan blow directly on my at night? No covers. And it feels great. Casey on the other hand is freezing under the covers, ha. My 2 personal heaters are working overtime. Sleeping is getting rather uncomfortable though...

It is fun to be pregnant, it's such a special feeling. So much movement inside your belly all the time, kicks, punches, bulges, arching backs, roundhouse kicks, hiccups, etc. Just lots and lots of moving. When I look at my profile in the mirror I'm just amazed at what my body is doing. It is stretching so much to accommodate these growing babies. Organs inside are moving out of the way to make space. My body is feeding these babies and helping them grow! What a miraculous gift I have been given as a woman from our Father in Heaven. I have been entrusted to grow and care for these 2 babies. The gift of creation is such a powerful one, I feel very inadequate once I truly begin thinking about it.

BTW there are apparently 2 humans the size of butternut squash inside me…these squash were huge...


AN Petersen said...

You are adorable. I wanna see a comparison picture of you at 29 weeks with the twins and 29 weeks with maxson. That would be fun.

Melissa Phillips said...

You are the most adorable and perfect twin carrying mama. People have a funny away of talking to pregnant people. Awkward! I can't wait until you have these little guys. Keep restin' up!

Suzanne and Nate said...

You look so great Kimber! I'm sorry I don't tell you that more often. And I especially love how you are still so stylish during your pregnancies, you are the cutest! It's fun to hear about your twins too, I can't wait to see those handsome boys.

Cherri said...

Yep pretty cute, maybe big but cute big.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Not saying this because I think you need it, you really do look amazing. And your perspective is even more amazing.