Wednesday, August 3, 2011

iphone pictures

top left: does anyone else DRIP bobby pins and earrings?
i find/lose them EVERYWHERE and hate it!
i was cleaning our dresser the other day and found these under a stack of papers.

top right: sleeping husband.

bottom left: my view on a run.
the corn fields are getting SO TALL!
that's not a pic of a corn field but i still wanted to tell you that

bottom right: friends.
yummy italian
a great night.

finally, a beautiful indiana thunder storm i could enjoy!
there hasn't been too many day ones this summer and if there is, i'm inside working or it's a tornado warning.
but i was driving home through this one and loved every minute.
i sat in the car for awhile and just listened to the thunder, rain, and lightning.
so heavenly.
and then a great sunset followed it up.

ps- if you're reading this i'm in AZ!
yay for friends getting married!
yay for family!
yay for swimming!

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Brittany said...

Yay for Buca! That pic is really cute, would you mind sending me a copy? :) I'm sad you guys are leaving soon. Come back and visit!