Friday, September 13, 2013

a magical shower

this last week i got to help throw a shower for a friend who will be expecting her baby boy any day now!
they are some big harry potter fans at that house,
so a harry potter baby shower was the most brilliant idea.

thought a few of you would enjoy seeing some of the pictures :)

the invite we sent out:
disclaimer: i got this idea from a gal on pinterest and designed up a similar one
 photo HPshower_zpsc3eeaf95.jpg
 photo IMG_3155_zps5e3c43a7.jpg
 photo IMG_3166copy_zpsdd96fc26.jpg
 photo IMG_3182_zps78a15bb5.jpg
 photo IMG_3167_zpsc3aa0f22.jpg
 photo IMG_3180_zpsc929033b.jpg
 photo IMG_3178copy_zps6f00a055.jpg
 photo IMG_3165_zps910d6ff4.jpg
 photo IMG_3152_zps2842209a.jpg
 photo IMG_3177copy_zpsd3f7f60b.jpg
 photo IMG_3189_zps533c03d9.jpg
 photo IMG_3184_zps3fba0453.jpg
 photo IMG_3183_zps7090d340.jpg
 photo IMG_3191copy_zps4592407e.jpg

we had so much fun throwing this together.
all the food and drinks were brought by other friends which took SOOO much pressure off me to focus on decorations and a clean house.
my co-hostess brought all the fun/pretty baskets, tablecloths, and platters for food plus those awesome HP cookies.
and multiple neighbors were constantly bombarded with my texts like do you have a cauldron? do you have the harry potter books? do you have tall candlesticks/holders? do you have a witch's hat? do you have any HP type decorations?
oh AND my wonderful next door neighbor used her silhouette to cut out the harry potter letters and bats, saved me so much time!
and shout out to casey for helping keep my sink clean the day before and day of :)

happy baby time jessie, can't wait to meet stockton!


Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

This is freaking awesome!!! Well done, well done!

Brooke said...

Love this so so much! I'm thinking I will need a Harry Potter themed baby shower one day ;)

Jessie and Austin said...

It was perfect! Thanks for send good labor vibes, I want him out! :)


Melissa said...

Ugh! I want those bats!! How fun.

What did you use for the soda labels?

Nicole said...

I love it! But you forgot to name the cookies after Harry's nickname for his scar ;)

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Very cute Miss Kimber!! My boys are just now getting into Harry Potter. BTW I love the name Stockton

Kirk&Whitney said...

fun! Whitchcraft? WHITney mustve been on the brain :)

Cody and Camille said...

Everything looks so awesome!!! Great job on the decor, it's perfect! Love it all.

Purposely at Home said...

what a clever idea!

i hope you're having a happy day. :)


Cherri said...

That looked soooo fun!

The Blackwelders said...

Fun!! PS I was expecting the baby to be named Severus

Megan Woodruff said...

umm so i need this. yup. someday i will have a harry potter party just because i want too :) it was very cute and you did great!

zerry ht said...

Nice blog!! Loved everything arranged. My sister is expecting a baby. Planning to organize a baby shower for her at one of Venues in San Francisco. Will have those broomsticks for the party. All her and my friends will be invited there.