Monday, August 15, 2011

happy birthday to you.

dearest kirkypoo,
it's your birthday!!!!
you're an old man now!!!
you're back in arizona!!!
i miss you!!!

remember how you were the messiest of all of us siblings growing up?
mom took the best pictures of you growing up. aka- reallyawesomepictureswhenyouaredirty.

we always stuck together bc it was the 3 big boys and then us little ones
(you were only 3 1/2 years younger than scotty but we still did lots together, to me, you were still part of "the brothers")
look how cute you were when you were a baby!
ps- see papa holman below? his birthday was on the 7th and he would have been a 100 years old!!!

remember when we had to drive 15 minutes south to go see all our friends in high school?
and you always drove the car?
and i always fell asleep in the car on the ride home?
and you would always hit the breaks really hard so i'd fall forward?
not so funny then, but funny now :)

and look at you now?
as cute as ever.
how in the world are you still single?!
that's right single ladies who read this blog!
just let me know.
lara, how about you be first?

so happy birthday kirky!
can't wait to see you next week!!!!

ps- remember when i waited 8 months to get married so you could be at the wedding?
yes, that IS how much i love you.
glad you were there :)

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