Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a wee little baby/Maxson's newborns part 2

8 days old.
so adorable.
so wonderful.
so kissable.
so perfect.

when we got the rest of these pictures back i was SO increibly thrilled.
i couldn't believe he was so small just a little bit ago!
my tiny baby has already grown up so much!
tear tear...
these pictures are so beautiful and i love every one.
i can't believe i was able to pair it down to just these few,
because in the photo book for 2012 there's nearly 20 pages of them!
again, why have them done if i don't get to enjoy them anywhere but on my computer?

(and maxson's newborns part 1 here)
 photo IMG_1759copy_zps84a4837b.jpg
 photo IMG_1769copy_zpsec8d81ea.jpg
 photo IMG_1773copy_zps77bc2d45.jpg
 photo IMG_1778copy_zpsbf7d7f56.jpg
 photo IMG_1806copy_zps6c84eb60.jpg
 photo IMG_1842copy_zps090be3f9.jpg
 photo IMG_1886copy_zpsaf0ef967.jpg
 photo IMG_2031copy1_zps21be5d78.jpg
 photo IMG_1786copy_zps69b09024.jpg
 photo IMG_2211copy_zps7ba1c753.jpg
 photo IMG_2251copy_zps401a188a.jpg
 photo IMG_2357copy_zpsafce8258.jpg
 photo IMG_2429copy3_zps191ae5e6.jpg
 photo IMG_2550copy_zps550e4433.jpg
 photo IMG_2454copy_zpsbd86dead.jpg
 photo IMG_2577copy-1_zps44bc0c99.jpg
 photo IMG_2583copy_zpscc916586.jpg
 photo IMG_2604copy1_zps2b3d0b2f.jpg
 photo IMG_2097copy_zps9d2b83e0.jpg

a huge thank you to oh snap! photography by monica.
if you're in the lincoln area, she is wonderful!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

back dated posts

two hips and a hooray for kimber!
but my fingers seriously need a computer break.
the book is GINORMO long.
but i decided i take a gajillion pictures during the year and do what with them?
put them on my blog and keep them on my hard drive.
that's about it usually.
so if i'm going to make a book i don't want to skim out a bunch of pictures i love just because they're not as high quality or edited or photographed perfectly.
i want to have them in the book because i want to remember!
so if you ever come to my house, please feel obligated to look at the album (once i get it:)

i've decided my new year's goal is to take less pictures.
sounds weird, right?
i've decided that i of course can take all the pictures i want but only keep maybe the best TWO of each shot instead of saving all 10 of them.
so i'm going to be better at truly purging the pictures i want to keep (aka that are photo album worthy).
also, i want to try and keep up on the current year's photo book at the end of each month or at least every other month.
long shot but worth a try and less daunting than the whole year at once!

but while going through all of last year,
there were a few different occasions that i never got around to putting on the blog that i wanted to!
and because i want to maybe print out this blog someday, i do kinda want them in chronological order, so here ya go:

one of my bff's weddings here
maternity pictures here
progression of the baby bump here
christmas in wyoming here

do enjoy :)

and just for funsies, a photo of me and my favorite child:
 photo IMG_1142_zpsb244e83c.jpg
why yes i am eating the last piece of mouthwatering oreo pie out of the pan, thank you very much.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

a father.

i saw this video today and had to share it.
it is so beautifully done
and so dear to my heart right now.

or see it here

as i'm finishing up the month of december on our photo album and love going through the pictures of maxson.
i love seeing how he's grown and remembering when he was like this or that.
but even more, i love seeing the pictures of casey and maxson together.
i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, faithful husband and father for my children.
i see in the pictures the tenderness casey has for him as he holds him so closely and protecting.
my heart continues to spill over in gratitude and happiness looking at those moments.
 photo IMG_1973copy_zpsc48a0c42.jpg
 photo IMG_1989copy_zps6052e75d.jpg
 photo IMG_2053copy_zps0994ef51.jpg
 photo IMG_2025copy_zps296c6238.jpg photo IMG_2267copy_zps274d6f2b.jpg
as i put maxson to sleep each time for naps or bedtime we're constantly singing different songs about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and their love for us.
it often brings me to tears knowing just a little bit ago, this small spirit i'm rocking to sleep in my arms was in the presence of our Heavenly Father and His love for him and me is more than i can fathom.
as parents, we are the lucky ones to get to teach our children the most important things in life:
that their Father in Heaven loves them and they are a Child of God.

there's so much to learn in this life and with our Father in Heaven, all things are possible with his love.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

please don't interrupt...

finished through the month of April finally,
and igh-yigh-yigh.
i always forget what a long process it is to put the book all together.
and with a newborn,
it's making the process even L O  N   G     E      R.
on my to-do list for pretty much everyday in novemeber was "start photo book" because i knew it'd be so hard to do when the baby got here,
and boy was i right...
why did i not follow through with my good intensions?
yes, my pages are picture heavy, with little white, oh well, they still turn out beautifully
 photo ScreenShot2013-01-22at100353PM_zps73b5cb8f.png

i've decided to use blurb this year, even though it'll be twice as expensive if not more.
it's SOOO nice not having to worry about a 100 page limit.
so now i can make some pictures really big, i'm loving it.
plus i don't have to skimp on the pictures i love!

thus far i'm loving the blurb book making program,
you can manipulate ALL the layouts to exactly how you like and then save that layout too for future ones.
it's really quite simple.
and did i mention how i love that i can do more than a 100 pages?

through all this though, i'm pretty sure my thumbs will for sure have arthritis or carpal tunnel in them soon enough, blergh.

and to add a time crunch to all this, there's a 20% off coupon that ends on the 28th for blurb...
yeah, only 20%, that's the most they do. how lamo is that?
so if i continue at the rate i'm at (1 month a dayish), i will be finished by the 30th...oh great,
let's hope for a few boring months in there?...
though even if there are a couple boring months with fewer pictures there's always june that had hawaii and then decemeber which introduced maxson (that precious little baby:) and christmas which i haven't even blogged about yet which will make the editing and choosing pictures process LONGER.
and usually casey is the type of person that when he comes home from school he'd watch maxson the whole time if i really needed him to,
but 3 tests and 1 quiz in 3 days isn't helping my situation very much...
come on long naps maxson!!!

anyone want to make my book for me?

Friday, January 18, 2013

happy weekend!

our activities for the weekend:

casey-studying for an anatomy test
kimber- cleaning up the house (swore i just did that like a day ago...)
maxson- be cute:
 photo IMG_6334_zps2597b6f5.jpg
 photo IMG_6332_zps6520588d.jpg
 photo IMG_6333_zps4f953f2c.jpg

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

staring at these raindrops is most definitely one of maxson's top 5 favorite things.
changing his diaper can take up to 15 minutes we want,
because he'll just lay there and stare at the raindrops for forever.
sometimes we take him in here for no other reason than to just look at the raindrops.
laying here is also where we're bound to get lots of happy noises and smiles.
9 times out of 10 they turn a sad face into a happy one.
i feel like i should put raindrops up all over the whole house,
but we don't want to wear out a good thing.

so glad i made this project,
and so glad my mom actually hung it up for me when she was here, ha.

PS- i entered this giveaway at the smallfryblog for essential oils.
do any of you use them?
when i was staying at my inlaw's house over christmas they were using them like crazy and it really got me interested!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

gummy smiles

best thing ever?
getting your new baby to smile!
it makes you feel like a million bucks as a parent.
we are going on week two of getting these smiles and it makes our hearts melt!
we pretty much try to get him to smile at every awake/happy moment possible.
and he's cooing like crazy.
i am so in love with every new thing that happens with this boy!
i never understood when others talked about their cooing babies but now i do.
his non crying/burping sounds are the cutest things ever.
smiling and cooing have a direct correlation, 
so we always get the two cutest things at the same time.
keep them smiles coming, baby!
blurry pictures or not, they're still his smiles and i still LOVE it
and i want to call him "toothless" now :)

and we finally got his little pouty face on camera!
we've only seen it a few times but that too is the cutest thing ever.
love those little lips in all their forms.
and next you can see one of his new favorite positions,
what is this kid thinking?

and just because i love his little cheeks :)

one day i'll do a post that doesn't directly correlate with maxson...but that probably won't be for awhile :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

our view

the momma's view:

the daddy's view:

on an unrelated note,
i am currently debating on what to do for our 2012 family photo album.
remember 2011's?
well i love my publisher, i really do.
their quality, their prices/coupons, their set up, it's great.
one draw back: you can only do 100 pages.
and for 2011 i had a hard time cutting it down so much, but had to...
and now we have a child.
december alone will be ginormo.

so this year i'm thinking about using blurb.
you can do up to 440 pages (not that i need that much)
but their prices/coupons aren't nearly as good,
and their overall book sizes are either too big or too small.
oh what to do...

Friday, January 11, 2013

party over here

i do believe.

watch my bother scott, to the left of my mom and his son.
little ruthie at the far left has got some dancing moves.
kirk and whitney, bottom right, don't move their heads a bit.
my mom uses her arms and not just her face.
my dad doesn't do silly.
the 2 and 4 year old girls on the bottom left didn't get the memo apparently...


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

to birth a child.

Little Maxson arrived in our lives on December 1, 2012 at 10:34 am in his own perfect way. Here's a condensed version of how it all played out!

Monday, November 26 we had an appointment with my doctor, Terra. I knew a week prior to this appointment that she was going to be out for surgery beginning the next day to get her tonsils out which meant the chances of her delivering my baby were very low, boo, because we loved her. At the appointment she declared I was still dilated to a 1 (I had been since 36 weeks) and stripped my membranes. She also told us that there may be a need to be induced the next day because of a few medical things. We were both thrilled and disappointed to hear that. Thrilled because we'd finally be having our baby the next day! Disappointed because I didn't want to be induced. We had been doing the home study hypnobabies course for the past few months and I was very eager to labor in the birthing tubs at the hospital and do my own thing etc etc. I had conflicting feelings about being induced: 1) being induced leads to pitocin which leads to an epidural which could lead to a c-section which I of course did not want (that's how the "natural birthing" world brainwashes you) 2) lots of people are induced, get epidurals, and everything is fine and they deliver vaginally and it turns out great! So there we were.  But if I was needing to be induced for medical reasons, I was just doing what was safest for me and our baby, it wasn't my "selfish" desires wanting to be done being pregnant, right?

Tuesday came and the results of my blood work weren't in. Crazy disappointed. No baby.

Wednesday morning came and still no call. We figured since my doctor was now out of the office maybe no one was really looking out for me so I called in and asked. I talked to Terra's nurse who got my results, showed them another doctor there, who then said my results were not in the range of need of medical inducement. Hello crazy disappointing! I was supposed to have this baby Tuesday and now I'm not going to at all?! I was mentally checked out yesterday and here I was with this big old basketball in front of me and sure I was now going to have a 9 pound baby. But then again, this was good, right? Because now I could have the natural labor I'd been preparing and hoping for. That's what I kept trying to tell myself.

After a few hours of mulling it over , praying, and talking to Casey we decided to schedule an appointment on Friday, his due date, with one of the other doctors to see where I was and see what they said about induction then. On the phone the nurse said that with this appointment, an induction couldn't be scheduled til after I saw that doctor which wouldn't be til Monday. And then in my mind I was thinking "I don't want to go overdue!!!"

So Friday, November 30 finally came around, and once Casey got done with school, we headed to our doctor's appointment. As soon as we got to our room with the nurse, she checked my blood pressure, which she found to be sky high, and it was baby time from there practically. She checked both arms to make sure it wasn't a fluke and then a second nurse came in to verify as well. The doctor came in and announced "Alright! Let's send you to the hospital and have that baby. The only way to get your blood pressure down is for you to have the baby." She checked me and I was dilated to a 3 and stripped my membranes again to see if she could get any of them chemicals going naturally. She also strongly encouraged we go straight to the hospital, which meant no going home to get bags.

Again, our emotions were a) YAY we finally get to have the baby b) YAY I'm not going to go overdue c) BOO pitocin

3:30 pm checked into our hospital and meet our most favorite nurse
4:00 pm learn what's gonna be happening such as blood pressure readings every half hour, constant monitoring, and needing to stay lying down in the bed the whole time to keep blood pressure down, boo.
4:10 pm begin pitocin
4:15 pm I remember I haven't eaten and our nurse let's me order room service, so glad I got some food
5:00 pm our neighbors bring our bags to us in the hospital
5:00-9:00 pm switch off between watching season 6 of Friends to laugh and lighten the mood or listening to different hypnobabies tracks to help calm me.
8ish pm because my blood pressure kept creeping up and up the midwife and doctor both agreed i needed magnesium. magnesium is supposed to calm your muscles. pitocin is supposed to help contract them. at this point i was sure i was going to have a c-section and was incredibly worried.
9:00 pm  the midwife came and broke my water (remember my doctor was out? they asked if I wanted a doctor or midwife in their office to deliver, I didn't mind either, so they sent over the midwife which was so great for my situation).
PAUSE- water breaking=most uncomfortable/weirdest feeling ever. it's like i couldn't stop peeing my pants for 30 minutes, weird...
10:00 pm contractions began getting real hot and heavy. so by 10, knowing i couldn't move around to relieve any pain or help him progress further, we decided the epidural was a great option (side note: i'd love to have an unmedicated birth at some point in my life, but it was not destined for this birth). long before i ever entered the hospital i kinda knew if i was going to have pitocin, i'd also want the epidural. short labor=yes i'd like to try unmedicated. long labor=yes, i'd like to have some medication. i also asked for it this soon knowing it'd take awhile to actually get the epidural administered.
11:00 pm the very kind anesthesiologist came and did his job. **note** epidural was WAY less painful than any contraction i was experiencing. at this point i was a 6. my epidural was fabulous; i could feel my toes the whole time but was perfectly numbed
11pm-8 am i was sleeping and totally out of it. the magnesium makes you feel like you're experiencing a hangover (at least that's what all the nurses and people kept telling me that's what i was feeling like [and man, if that's what a hangover feels like, why do you crazies go out drinking to experience one of those by choice?!]). i was still present in the situation i was just so tired though, it was hard to keep my eyes open and all i wanted to do was sleep.
6:15 am i had progressed to a 10 but they wanted to wait it out a little while to see if the baby would drop anymore by himself.
8:15 am the midwife advised the nurses to start directing me to push, a resident was also there and was a lot of help during this whole pushing.
9:15 am the midwife came in joined in on the party
10:15 am i was so done. sure, the epidural numbs the pain, but pushing for two hours was the most exhausting thing i have ever done in my life (worth it? well, of course. but still exhausting). i remember asking "can't you just pull him out?" the last 2 hours casey and the nurses were constantly supportive and encouraging telling me how well i was doing on each push. so each time they did say those kind words, i really thought i was close and i'd push harder and better and they'd cheer on more and more, and it was this continuous circle for 2 hours. i didn't know it had been 2 hours and funny enough i never stopped believing all those around me, luckily so. and unlike some say when they have an epidural it was hard for them to know if they were pushing or not, i felt it was easy to direct my pushing. 
10:30 am when i was telling my nurse i was so tired (remember, magnesium, still going through my body trying to relax my muscles [brain included]) and couldn't do it anymore she announced the midwife and others were putting their scrubs on and it was time (unlike the encouragement/pushing circle, i really didn't believe her)
10:34 am our little boy finally came into the world, healthy, happy, and face up. this face up business was what made it take FOREVER. the midwife said most women can't push a baby out like that and it does lead to a c-section. i will take pride in myself for that fact, thank you very much. and many of the nurses said that if i had had a doctor other than my original one, they wouldn't have had the patience to let me push so long with such little progression, for this fact i'm thankful for the midwife. 

i remember sitting on the bed, looking over the heads of the people working on me to see a glimpse of my baby boy. my eyes were little slits, i was so tired it was hard to keep them open and see. i saw flailing arms. i heard his cry. and then a nurse moved out of the way and i caught the whole sight of him. at that point is when i finally relaxed back into the bed, tears filling my eyes, so happy my baby was here. (i also immediately thought, woah, he is so big). i couldn't believe he finally was here. i was so tired but i had done it. i was a mother and my first child had just come into my life. i just continued to lean back and soak in this first feeling of motherhood. utter joy and happiness filled my heart.

they brought him back to me rather quickly all bundled up to keep him warm and cozy because that poor boy had one heck of a long time being squozen. i was so happy to be holding him, i had dreamed and wondered for so long what he'd look like and now i knew. casey and i just kept staring at him and he stared back. it was the most wonderful feeling ever.

sadly, because i was so tired i could only hold him for so long before it was too uncomfortable. for the next hour they stitched me up while casey sat on the couch holding our son. i kept looking at them, longing to hold him again. but i also loved watching casey hold this newborn baby so close to him, so protective, so loving.

they finished and everyone whisked out of the room to leave just casey and myself to be with our new baby. it was so perfect getting to finally be in the room just us 3. it felt so right.