Tuesday, June 30, 2015

hungry hungry hippos

I would say that of the time these babies are actually awake, they spend half to 2/3's of their awake time eating. THEY ARE ALWAYS EATING it seems like. Thus why I have tons of pictures of them eating :) I proceed:

They are fabulous eaters. Baby purees are the thing of the past. They just yell and cry the whole time you feed them those because it's not fast enough. I usually give them sticks of food like sweet potatoes, carrots, and fruits. Or mash stuff up like peas, avocados, beans. They nearly always have meat in some form if it's just deli meat or dinner meat and we also try to feed them bits and pieces of what we are eating for dinner. They mush prefer the food on their plates and stuffing it in their own mouths. Granted it's way more messy but oh well. That phrase "before one is just for fun" for eating solids is RUBBISH. These boys are starving monsters and eat so much food. I honestly don't know when to stop feeding because they're often so happy in their high chairs!

Monday, June 29, 2015

little things in june part 1

diaper mail from target, goooood day
With 3 kids in diapers we go throughout these fast. 2 more boxes were still on their way.
An insanely rare date night with Casey love. He's just the best.
We always want to go to cold stone but it's too far away. That night it wasn't and we got some yumminess!
Family history event at the church where Max accompanied me and played with toys amongst the aging crowd.
A beautiful new chalkboard Casey and his friend, Josh, made me, WAHOOOO!
White washing
I have hopes to put inspiring words on it for our family for years to come.
Some really awful rice krispy treats Max helped me use. Don't use low fat marshmallows- they don't melt! I also used a box of stale rice krispy cereal that there wasn't even enough of so we had to add stale chez cereal. And then Max poured milk into the rice kris pies as they cooled down because DUH! Cereal needs milk!
Frog legged Quinny just drinking his bottle.
Max was thrilled to play with our neighbors cute little kitchen sink.
A little Dr's check up (healthy boys, just were cranky for no reason!), were hilarious in front of this mirror.
It's like he goes to school all day, comes home to be dad all evening, and then studies once the kids go to bed or something. Why the heck is he sleeping?!
More of Papa's birthday card
All his yummy puffs stuck on his chubby arms, couldn't quite get the hand eye coordination to his mouth.
That little dish washing station from earlier sparked Maxson's interest in heeling with real dishes and he's actually been a huge help!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Little things in May

a. Picking up dad from school
b. Trying on mom's rain boots
a. Bath time snuggles
b. beebeeeeeeez
Babies like to attack Max when he's eating.
trading family beds
Bryson working on stealing choo choo trains.
The triumph of putting 3 toddler beds in their room! Wahoo! We tried everyone in the same room for one night, but it didn't work very well, we'll try again in a few months.
This is how our bedroom is set up with the 2 baby's pack n plays. Cramped quarters I tell ya
A. Swipers on the sidelines ready to swipe at a moment's notice
b. Max has willing taken over the job of door opener and it's super cute. Every Sunday without fail, he runs to open the door for us.
Sunday dinner, rainbow carrots and steak.
Memorial Day at the cemetery.
a. Take Maxson to Joann's was mistake. He ran a muck. Definitely worse than being at Toys R Us since this stuff is not all in boxes, it's practically fair game to this kid. He was super thrilled about the comic hero fabric.
b. And then super happy over masks and boas.
a. Once he found the olaf umbrella I was on board too since he constantly shows interest in ALL his friend's umbrellas and non broken umbrellas are never found at garage sales.
b. Proudly walking to the car with his new umbrella while the sun shown down bright.
a. Bryson
b. Life with 3 littles ridiculously close in age always turns into a mess.
QB in their Hawaiin get ups
a. Bryson
b. grocery shopping with the family, Quinn sat in the cart with Maxson and it was super stinking adorable. I help Bryson in the baby carrier.
a. Plays hard. Sleeps hard (with toys surrounding him ready to suffocate him at the drop of a hat)
b. Twins very eager to explore Maxson's room since they never get to be in there usually.
a. Naughty two year olds make me so frustrated sometimes.
a. Got our 2014 family album from Blurb!!!! Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 280 pages. I know, kinda ridiculous but you do what ya gotta do. Found a 35% off coupon which made the book a great price. So fun to finally have it to thumb through!
a. Prepping for Papa's big 60th birthday by sending him life size hugs in the mail
b. A rare occasion of a wild child taking the time to cuddle- mostly likely due to waking up extremely grumpy from and nap and strangely wanting to be held, but I'll take it

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A two year old at the dentist: recipe for disaster

Almost a month ago Max biffed it while just plain running one day and broke off a 1/4 to 1/3 of his front tooth (see in the left picture?) It hurt him quite a bit and looked awful, I was seriously devastated over my baby's adorable little smile! (Also after falling and getting hurt like that, it has definitely changed his immediate reaction to when he falls now, he used to immediately get up and not think a thing of it, now he cries each time he falls). So to the dentist we went. The dentist was great and we got scheduled to get a crown on it one month away which was fine since it wasn't hurting him.
Fast froward about 3 days and he started crying every time something would touch his tooth and especially when he was eating, it was so sad. That dentist we saw couldn't do anything about it for a month the way his schedule worked out. So we went to a new dentist the following day. That one said she'd put a crown on it right then in there in the office without being fully sedated. Either way the dentist did it, it was really awful. Max had laughing gas and was in one of those restraining things screaming and crying the whole time but since he was in so much pain it kinda just had to get done ASAP. I left the room and when I came back his head was wet from fighting them and the restraining thing so much and crying and his face was red like an apple. Once he saw me he just started crying to go home over and over. It was traumatic for both of us and I hope I never have a 2 year old have to have an experience like this again. It was so so sad.

He fell asleep immediately on the way home and took a 3 1/2 hour nap. Once he woke up we went to McDonalds and got him ice cream like I had promised. He woke up happier than ever from his nap and  the fulfilled promise of ice cream just added to it.
Casey's dental school people say he's too young to remember this traumatic experience and I sure hope he does, because I won't, but I sure hope he does.