Wednesday, June 30, 2010


can i just say, i love costco.
yes i do.
i love nearly everything about it.
most of all when i shop there i look at all the possibilites i could buy of things and get so happy! but then i realize either my tiny family of 2 will get sick of all 100 lbs of it before it is gone or it will go bad before our tiny family of 2 can eat it all up.

also, i see everyone's carts around me OVERFLOWING with food and things and all i buy is 1 cantaloupe (which 1 package is three cantaloupes). i kinda feel like a poser in costco if you know what i mean :)

is anyone else noticing costco is really into organic things lately? i guess that's good right?

costco gets me excited for when there's a big family around and lots of eating going on and i can buy huge and large quantities of yumminess.

yay :)

costco was one of the best wedding gifts we got,
thanks B. and J. P. :)

too much fun- times 2

and then saturday we spent all day in the SUN!
green river wy has these "days" called flaming gorge days.
it's kinda like where they city puts on all these fun events:
parade, concerts, sports, like a teeny tiney city fairish style but not a fair.
it's kinda a big deal i think :)
last year our visit fell on the same weekend!
and last year casey played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament 
and so this year we just had to keep the tradition alive!

we were incredibly more prepared though this time around!
LOTS of water, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, folding chairs, snacks, lunch, and a book for myself to read between the hour and half breaks!

casey and his team did really well again this year and it was so fun watching him play!
and it was so fun to have the whole family there!
and this year not only did casey play b-ball, so did his brother derek (they actually played each other!) and his sis tayli played volleyball! so fun to be there with everyone!

the brothers
the team!
yes, my husband is awesome and wears ghetto cut off shirts for team unity :)
the devoted fans
the crowd at the volleyball park!
tayli's volleyball team
tay has the green/blue shirt
entertaining the little ones

then that night to wrap up theweek we had a fire in the backyard and watched the blindside out there! what a blast!
our seating arrangements:
chairs and the tramp with lots and lots of blankets and pop corn!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

too much fun

oh goodness, i wish i were still on vacation!

even though our time in WY was short it was SO  fun!
you can only imagine all the pictures that were taken with 4 wives obsessing over pictures!
i'll try to narrow it down to just my favorites but i do have SO many favorites!
here's the first little bit!

bubbles :)
cute little babies were everywhere! well 3 to be exact
above is Treyson (2 1/2)
below is Jaden (9 months)
below is Porter (7 1/2 months)
they were all so cute and so fun to be around!!!!
a good ol' game of catchphrase in the front yard
CROQUET!!! i love and hate this game so much
casaey and i were the last 2 remaining "poisons"...and i won :)
casey turned into a real WY man again and didn't shave for half our time there ha
miss karlee jo and myself
grandpa and jaden

Saturday, June 26, 2010

oh yeah

family+vacation+finally getting to take a long break from work

we've been in good ol' WY all week with casey's family and been loving every second of it!
lots of pictures,
babies (both happy and not)
and much more!

pictures to come once we are back in CA!

Friday, June 25, 2010

weekend 7

sing the following:

"if you're going to SAN FRANCISCO!!!"

yes, we took a little trip to "happy" san francisco :)

we loved it.
we loved the company (each other).
 we loved the sights.
we loved the weather.
we loved the food.
we loved our little trip
we did not love the lines, traffic, or money spent, but the before mentioned aspects over-ruled the latter

getting our tickets for the BART
it's like a little san fran subway system
so excited to be on our way!!!
riding the imfamous red streetcar trolleys!
we waited FOREVER for this ride!
i just love the streets! steep hills with cute colored houses, same architecture, different details, so cute!
looking at the golden gate bridge from municipal pier
 captain sammy and his prate friend
fresh sea food everywhere!
 we were able to take a super fun segway tour of san fran!
figuring this would probably be our only time to get to ride/play on these and we got a tour of the area
two birds with 1 stone
these things were so much fun!
absolutely amazing how they work!
our feet and legs were a little tired by the end from just standing in one place for so long
cool alcatraz in the background with our awesome segways beside us
who knew this awesome place was in SF!?
yeah, this random roman architecture place showed up on our tour and we were amazed by it!
felt like rome again!
we had yummy clam chowder breadbowls for dinner,
i spilt mine all over the front of me, it was pretty ridiculous
to end our fun day together we went and saw WICKED!
we just loved it!!!
so there it is, weekend 7 was spent in san francisco!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

oh the irony

every time i have to go to the dentist i ALWAYS  say in my mind and outloud multiple times the same ol' thing:
i hate the dentist.
 let's just say we never had the best relationship growing up bc we saw each other way too much.
how ironic is it that my husband wants to be one.
oh the irony

Sunday, June 20, 2010

savor the moment

this summer casey and i have been continually pausing and thinking,
"you know, we should appreciate this, this is going to be our only time together like this"
1. immediately being able to leave after church. very little waiting is involved, and the two of us walk to the car happily holding hands and buckle ourselves in. no chasing or running around the church building is involved:)
2. being able to pack 1 suitcase for our trip, last weekend when we went to Tahoe, we had 1 little duffel bag with everything we needed, it was great
3. being able to stay up way too late together watching movies
4. sleeping in together. i can probably say that sleeping in together is one of my all time favorite things. second to that is the time between actually waking up and getting up, when we just lay lazily in the bed laughing and talking and cuddling.

we do enjoy the company of each other quite a lot :)

sparkles are everywhere

"When we look for the worst in anyone,
 we will find it.
But if we concentrate on the best,
 that element will grow until it sparkles"
-Gordon B. Hinckley

is it just me or do we all fall into this rut?
i'm going to work on concentrating on the best this week!

there is a bush of lovely gardenia flowers by my front door.
they're so pretty and they smell sooooo good!
i LOVE flowers!
ok, true i already concentrate on the best in flowers but still :)

next goal: concentrate on the best in people

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i heart technology and my family

i do!
i just love it!

the other day i chatted with my mom for an hour on the phone (which isn't rare) but we really had no purpose for talking, we were just talking like always, i loved it! and i love her!

the other day i video chatted with with my BIL and SIL on casey's side for another hour or so, again really no purpose talking, we were just talking! it was so fun!

somedays i get really cute pictures of nieces texted to me. they're my favorite texts of my day!!!!!

yesterday was annalee's (my neice) 2nd birthday! and i got to watch her open all her presents over the video chat/cam! i felt like i was there and got to watch all her cute expessions and she'd come up to the computer and show me her gifts and talk to me! so cute and i absolutely loved it!

i love the fact that when i'm away from family we don't have to feel like we're that far apart all thanks to the WWW and gmail chat and phones (maybe pictures too but that's a different story)

when i start really thinking about it i just get so happy at the thought of being with my family forever!
they're the ones i want to be with and now play with all the time!
i've made some fabulous  and amazing  friends throughout the years that i absolutely adore, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you're not alyways going to be able to keep in touch or spend time with eachother as much as you'd like. with family, family is first and you're never not going to see them or know what's happening in their lives, i just love it!

i love my family.

and our families are for eternity."
M. Russell Ballard, Nov. 2005